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The following story is fiction about teen/teen spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  You should read Part 1 at DatingSpanking1.html first.

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Dating and Spanking – Part 2/3


Robin, my two-year older brother, and I share our bedroom.  I’m at least advanced in puberty as he is for he is a bit behind while I am definitely early.  One night as we stripped for bed I noticed that his butt was bright red.  Robin did not want to explain so we dueled.  That, for us, is wrestling and, as usual, I had him in a standard schoolboy pin with my hard cock in his face in short order.© YLeeCoyote

He quickly owned up to the horrid event.  “I got Iris home late on our date and her father spanked me.”  After a while he convinced me that it was really OK and not abuse since the man was an old-fashioned father and he wanted to continue to date Iris who was “an ever so fantastic girl”.  My besotted brother even explained that “If her father had spoken to our dad, then I would have been grounded for ages.” and as he had a couple more dates without any spanking I concluded that he was right.

However, his butt caught my eye a couple of weeks later as it was fiery red once again.  I immediately wondered if her father had spanked him again but I soon learnt that was not the case.  I was surprised to learn that it had been his girlfriend Iris who had roasted his bottom.  He explained that the reason was so that she would not tell her father about his misconduct.  That certainly was a surprise and it happened again the next week.  This got me wondering about two things – first, spanking my brother and, second, being spanked by a girl.  The former was easy to fantasize about and it always got me hard.  The latter was a mixed bag as I couldn’t figure out if I wanted it or not but it was pretty much out of my control so I decided to work on the first scenario.

Unless my brother was a bottom spanko just telling him to get over my lap was not going to work so I had to figure out a plan.  Robin solved my problem one Friday after school.  He dumped his backpack on his bed and when he was in the john I saw the big red F on a test paper.

“I’ll have to tell Dad about this and that means you’re grounded for the weekend and will miss that party tomorrow, Robin.” I told him holding up the damning paper.  He turned a bit green.  “Well, if I spank you then I won’t tell but you take your chances on Dad finding out.”  I waited a bit and suggested that he drop his pants and get over my lap.

Of course, he objected but I pointed out that it was my duty to tell unless he was punished with a spanking to clear the slate.  (Please note that this was not blackmail but a nicer option.)  We volleyed verbally a bit and I won the point.  I was sitting on my bed and he got over my lap after dropping his pants.  Well, actually over just one thigh as I put my other leg over his legs to make sure he stayed in position.  The blank canvas I was then looking at was certainly a beautiful sight.  I gave it a good rub to make sure it was nice and smooth before giving him the first spank with my hand.  I hit hard and saw my handprint emerge in a luscious pink.  It was certainly a thrill and I got fully hard despite the unpleasant sting in my hand.

I spanked hard for a few minutes until he was fully light red and then I reached behind me for the flip-flop I prepared.  He gave a howl when he felt that as it hurt a lot more.  The leg lock was a wise precaution that proved necessary for he tried to escape the greater pain.  It was not long before his bottom was deep red and he was sobbing.  I stopped and let him up.  Robin immediately did a spanking dance to entertain me.  My cock was not the only hard one in the room.

It was a most memorable experience.  Happily after that I managed to spank him every couple or three weeks but I’m getting ahead of myself.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a Sunday afternoon and Robin had a date with Iris again.  What made it special was that she had suggested that I join them in the park as she wanted to get to know her boyfriend’s little brother.  It was a very pleasant start of the afternoon at the band concert although it was clear to me that Robin did exactly as his girlfriend directed each and every time.

I was not expecting it but soon we were behind the maintenance shed after some time enjoying the park and each other.  Robin took out a little notebook and Iris inspected it.  She quickly announced “Robin, you have earned a spanking.”  Then she found a place to sit and patted her lap.  I was surprised that Robin went over and dropped his jeans and briefs and lay over her lap without the slightest hesitation.

After a few spanks with her hand as I watched in amazement, she switched to her hairbrush and reduced him to a crybaby in just a few short minutes.  She was terribly effective – probably much more than I was.  After she got him up she gave him a hug and though his tears he thanked her for spanking him and promised to work harder.

“It’s your turn, Justin.” she said.  I was shocked and let her know it.  But she had a whole phalanx of words that knocked me over especially that I did not have either the right or authority to spank my brother and that I would be in deep doodoo should my dad hear of it.  She countered everything I said and, unfortunately, soon my jeans and boxers were down and I was over her lap just like big brother had been to my great surprise and dismay.  I totally missed that those exact same arguments she used against me would apply to her spanking us as being equally improper.  As I said, she spewed a torrent of words that quite over whelmed me.

My shock was just starting.  This was my first real spanking and it was from a girl about my age.  I envisioned that she saw exactly what I saw when I had Robin over my lap.  Then the spanking started and so did the pain.  Spank after spank landed on my butt and each one hurt more than the one before.  I started to beg but then she switched to her hairbrush and we moved to a new level.  Just like she had done with my big brother, she quickly reduced me to a blubbering baby with a fiery hot butt.

She stopped me from pulling my jeans up and she warned that this would seem like a birthday spanking if I spanked Robin again.  “If you think he needs a spanking, then you tell me.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” I said surprised at my submissiveness and unusual vocabulary. And that was just the first of an avalanche of orders like she had already imposed on Robin.  With my tail on fire and my pants down I could not resist her commanding presence and soon was promising total obedience.  It was only hours later when I was in bed that I began to sort things out and did not like the results but I knew that I was trapped.  I could not understand why I was so hard, since it was not anything like I normally jerked off to, but nevertheless I had a tremendous wonderful climax.

I was very confused boy with red hot tail.

End of Part 2.  Go to Part 3

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