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The following story is fiction about girl/boy spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  You should read Part 1 at DatingSpanking1.html and Part 2 at DatingSpanking2.html first.

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Dating and Spanking – Part 3/3


It was fascinating when my BFF Iris told me that her strict dad had spanked her boyfriend Robin with his pants down because they returned late on their date.  It got better as she elaborated and I’m sure that I turned green with envy when she told me she also had actually spanked him.  It is something that I have wished to do for ages that I could not do to my big brothers although I’ve been watching our parents strip and spank them for ages.  A few times Iris has been lucky and has seen one of my brothers get his worthless tail well-roasted.© YLeeCoyote

Things got even more captivating when Iris told of having spanked both her boyfriend and his kid brother Justin on the same day.  That I wanted some of the action is the understatement of the year.  On our first afternoon date I got to know both boys but there wasn’t any spanking.  Robin had been a good boy all week and there was not anything to have earned Justin a spanking either.  I was forced to bide my time.

And wait I did for the boys were well behaved for the next three weeks.  Then I got an idea from that fount of all knowledge – the internet.  I had been reading about spankos – those people who are into spanking one way or another – and learnt about ‘maintenance spankings’.  Those are spankings that are given as physical reminders to behave properly or you will suffer a good hard punishment spanking.

I talked about this with Iris and we agreed that the boys were slipping and needed reminders to get back on track before they crashed and earned hard punishment spankings.

It was a rainy day for our next double date so we went to the movie at the mall.  The boys wanted to get their paws on us but we told them “No way.” but we were not stopped when we put our hands on them.  We both enjoyed that and, obviously, so did the boys.

After the movie it was ‘Spanking Time’ so we found a family room at the other end of the Mall and all of us went inside.  Iris checked Robin’s notebook and I questioned (grilled) Justin about his behavior.  The boys had both been maintaining their good statuses but there were definite signs of them starting to slip.  Iris and I explained about maintenance spankings and how that would help prevent them from getting nasty painful punishment spankings by keeping them on track.  They quickly understood how that worked and agreed to getting them.  Later I thought about that and saw that they might have liked some auxiliary things we did with them.

Iris dealt with Robin first since there was only one bench.  Robin just stood there with his hands on his head as Iris opened and lowered his jeans and underpants.  She guided him over her lap and got a good grip on his waist before starting to spank.  She just spanked him with her hand until his tail turned a deep pink and reminded him that if he slipped and messed up then he would get a really hard painful spanking.  She jerked him off as previously and then helped him dress.

I repeated everything exactly the same way with Justin although this was a lot more fun for me than just watching.  This was the first time I really was spanking a boy and my system just revved up.  I could even feel that Justin was reacting the same way.  When I got him up, he was most erect so I lead him to the urinal and standing behind him jerked him off.  He quickly exploded with great pleasure.  As I pulled up his jeans he said “Thank you.  Thank you that was wonderful.”

We then went to the food court and the boys treated us to snacks.  I confess that I really could not think of anything but my spanking of Justin and how it made me feel.  I think that the boys were distracted has they were sitting on their rosy bottoms after having had orgasms.

Later when I was in bed alone, I replayed the wonderful events and got off several times.  Naturally, I thought a lot about spanking Justin (or any other boy) over and over.  I did not just think about ‘good boy’ spankings but real ones.  I wondered if they would be more fun for me.  I’m sure they would not be for the boy.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was surprised by the IM from Justin on Saturday morning.  It was brief.  “I double plus ungood. Help.”  Clearly he needed and/or wanted help from me and that certainly meant a spanking.  I texted back asking if he could meet in the park and he quickly replied with a place and time.  I confirmed it and put my heavy back hairbrush into my purse.  Just doing that gave me a delightful tingle between my legs.  I could hardly wait the few hours until we would meet.

When we met it was clear that he was distressed.  I had trouble understanding exactly what happened but he had greatly, although unintentionally, offended his brother who would not listen to his apology and pleads for forgiveness.  Perhaps if I would help then Robert would be more receptive he said.

That could only mean one thing as I certainly did not have any power of verbal persuasion.  “So you think a hot red butt will convince your brother that you are sorry?” I asked.

“I hope so.  I really hope so.” he replied sadly.

We needed a private space so we checked out the maintenance yard we had used before but there were workers about so we headed to the composting yard which, happily was deserted.  I couldn’t find a place to sit so I could have Justin over my lap as I would have liked.  Being resourceful I decided that he would just have bend over like in many stories.

We got lucky when I spotted some branches they had just been dumped and realized that Justin could make a switch for me to use.  I told him to do so and got a very satisfactory “Yes, Ma’am” as he did so.

I found a nice tree which Justin could hug bent over and I ordered him to lower his jeans and grab the tree.  I pulled down his boxers and gave him a couple of hand spanks as hard as I could just to see my handprints.  They looked positively beautiful so I took a picture before continuing with my hairbrush.  I whacked every bit of his sorry butt over and over until he glowed like Betelgeuse in Orion which I recorded.

Justin remained bent over and hugging the tree.  The hairbrushing had left him sobbing.  I practiced with the switch a bit.  Then it was time to use it.  After a few cuts I actually felt sorry for him but I steeled myself and gave him the full dozen which left him crying.  After another photo I allowed him to stand and dress.

Justin dressed very slowly and then thanked me for punishing him.  That, I must say, was weird.  I sent a note to Robert explaining that his kid brother was very sorry along with pictures of his glowing hot red butt in penitence.  A few hours later I heard back that the sacrifice was successful.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 24, 2023

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