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The following story is fiction about domestic spanking.  The story contains scenes of a spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The story was inspired by the drawing by K. Birk who now has a gallery at  Unfortunately, the drawing was deleted by Tumblr and it not on

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Daughter Helps Out


It was a very hectic morning in the Metcalf household.  Mrs. Metcalf was running late with the lunch dishes yet to be done before she started making dinner for her in-laws expected in the afternoon.  Even after almost two decades of marriage she still was sensitive to the constant criticism of her mother-in-law.  Little Mickey had been difficult as he could not go out because of the weather and the TV was in the repair shop.  She had parked him in a corner until she calmed down enough to spank him good and proper.

It was then that her teenaged daughter Lindsey entered the kitchen.  She saw the possibility of help.  "I'm running late, Lindsey, would you please help me out for your grands are due in a few hours for dinner and there is lots and lots to do."

"Of course, Mother." the young lady replied in a blink of an eye to the woman's delight.  She was a whirlwind of action that needed a high-speed camera to follow.  Immediately she grabbed the wooden spoon from the drawer and her kid brother from the corner.  In less time than it takes to tell, she had yanked down the lad's shorts and briefs and dragged him over her lap as she sat down on a chair.  The poor lad did not know what tornado had invaded the kitchen.

It was just another blink of the eye before she started wallopping the boy on his bare bottom with the big spoon.  He was howling by the third spank and had thrashed about so much that his shorts and briefs had taken flight by the sixth spank.  Needless to say even though the fires in his bottom were only partly raging, the boy was bawling in pain.

Lindsey's fury was so great that you would have thought that the lad had destroyed her room, embarrassed her in front of her boyfriend and more.  The truth was far simpler in that he was just being an irritation due to boredom.© YLeeCoyote

When she got him up before she could put him back in the corner he dashed away in great fear to hide from the vicious demoness with the wooden spoon.  She put the chair back and added the spoon to the dishes to be washed.  Then she said: "There, that's one more chore well-done, Mother."

"When I said I would like you to help with the household chores, I was more thinking in the line of doing the dishes, dear." replied the overworked woman.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 12, 2020

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