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The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of teen spankings and humiliation.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please stop reading now.

This is a sequel to Raver's story: Girlpower 1989: Pool Alert with his approval to use his characters.  The narrator continues to be fourteen-year-old David who was mistreated at Carly's little pool party in the afternoon before her evening birthday party.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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David Evens the Score and then Some


I was very despondent as I slowly walked home after the five girls had stripped me and jerked me off to my shame.  Years later I would look at this as an adolescent prank and my first orgy.  But then I just wanted to die and in lieu of that hide in my room.  Mom saw me come in and asked if all was right and could tell immediately that it was not.  This was one time when her wisdom showed.

"You can talk about it when you're ready, David, with either your father or me."

It was about two hours later that mom called me.

"Telephone, David.  Mr. Rogers, Carly's father, would like to speak to you, now, please."

I couldn't imagine what he would want, but mother's tone left no doubt that I should take the call.  He started off with an apology and explained that he did not know what had happened but surmised that his daughters were not the polite and gracious hostesses that he expected then to be.  And, further her friends had aided and abetted whatever wrongs were inflicted on me.© YLeeCoyote

He had talked to me as a man, not a little boy, and I'm proud to say that I managed to respond as such.  I confirmed his assumptions and added that the girls had been juvenile, rude, crude and cruel and had caused me sufficient embarrassment that I had left and would rather not talk of details.  (In my time thinking about what had happened, I had found the words to describe it.)

"I'm sure that you feel that they should be punished, Dave."  I agreed.  Then he continued: "Juvenile and cruel.  Perhaps they should be spanked like little kids?"

"That sounds good to me, Sir, very good."  I had no idea where this was going but it was getting interesting.  I was wondering if I should ask if I could watch.

"I think that it would be most effective if you did the job, Dave, as you were the injured party."

I was speechless.  That would be sweet revenge indeed.  Of course, Carly would never speak to me again but I was not planning to speak to her so that would be just fine.  It would also insure that the girls would not talk of the incident to prevent me from talking about the spankings.

"I'm sure you know that a proper spanking is done on the bare bottom but our custom is that the naughty girl is totally naked.  Does that bother you, Dave?"

What a silly question!  My cock practically tore open my pants when I heard that.  "No, Sir.  Actually considering what happened, it seems most appropriate."

A little later I returned to the Rogers' house.  The barbeque was coming along nicely although one thing was strange.  Rather than mixing with the almost twenty guests (friends, classmates and a couple of her cousins) Carly and her little sister, Annabel, where standing facing the garage wall.  They were still in their swim suits.  Mr. Rogers took me inside to discuss what was going to happen.  He explained the how-to of spanking and gave me a small paddle.  He also had spoken to other girls' parents and they all agreed with how he was handling the situation.  When we went out there were five young ladies closely studying the garage wall.

Mr. Rogers explained to the guests that his daughters and their friends had brought shame upon his house and were to be punished – here and now.  He would have canceled the party, but he did not feel that his guests should suffer for his daughters' misdeeds.  Further, since I was the injured party, I was going to get to the seats of the problem.  The guests suddenly put two and two together; they saw the chair, the paddle and five cute sets of buns.  They knew then that this was the party of the year.  The five naughty girls did not know it all yet.

"CARLY RODGERS COME HERE!" roared her father.  Meekly Carly obeyed.  "David is going to spank you for your juvenile, rude, crude and cruel misbehavior earlier today."

She was shocked and embarrassed.  "Oh, please Father not in public and on my birthday." she begged.

"One more word and you'll get a spanking for insolence also, young lady."

Carly recognized that she did not have any options and slowly walked over to me.  When she got to me she whispered: "Tattletale."

"No; this was all your father's doing." I whispered back.  Then in a normal tone, "Please remove your clothes as your father requires, Carly."  I could see the horror and the tears forming in her eyes.  The indignities were being heaped higher and higher.  What could be worse than being punished by being spanked - while naked by a peer in front of other peers and at one's own fifteenth birthday party.  She stood there frozen in horror.

I stood up and turned her around and unhooked her top and let it fall to the ground.  Her hands reflexively went up to cover her breasts.  That made it easy to pull down her bottoms exposing her charms to the group.  She turned red all over.  There was a least one wolf whistle from the appreciative guests.  I resumed my seat and pulled her across my lap.  She did not resist.  I got a firm grip on her waist and caressed her beautiful buns.  I wished that she was caressing me back but that was not the case.  She was a cruel bitch and was paying the price.

I raised my hand and brought it down hard on her left cheek and then on her right cheek.  It sounded wonderful; not like when I was across my mother or father's lap and it was my own butt getting spanked.  Far far nicer than even when my kid brother was getting it.  This time I was doing it.  I watched my hand prints form in pink on her white buns.  I felt better already.

But I had a job to do.  I had a responsibility to tan this naughty girl's bottom so that she would be a good girl.  I raised my hand up and brought it crashing down over and over again.  I did not forget the sensitive crease where the bun becomes thigh.  In fact, I even gave it special attention.  I was hoping that she would cry before I used the paddle.  She was making promises and apologies like all naughty girls do when they are being spanked.  My prayer was answered for she started to sob and then cry.  I kept it up; repeatedly spanking and spanking her cute bottom.  Then she broke and went into uncontrollable bawling.  I gave her a few more to be sure.

Then her father said: "That's enough, David."

I stopped and stood her up.  I gave her a hug and lead her back to the garage wall.  "Stay until your father calls you, Carly." I ordered and returned to my seat.  You can bet your last coin that I felt real good about this.  I knew that my hard-on was causing my pants to tent but that did not embarrass me at all.  I could see other tented pants among the appreciative guests.

Annabel was next.  She now knew what was going to happen.  She knew that she would not like it.  She knew that she could not do anything about it.  Her father called her and she got the same lecture.  In one way she had more spunk than her big sister.  When she got in front of me, she removed her own swim suit.  She also whispered to me: "I'm sorry, David; I'm really sorry that I lied this afternoon."  Then she just laid across my lap.  I spanked her just as I had spanked her sister.  The results were identical.  She responded more quickly and bawled louder.  Perhaps it was because she was younger and had been spanked more recently.  Perhaps she was less concerned about the audience because they were her sister's friends.  She gave me a kiss when I stood her up and hugged her.  Then there were two crying girls at the garage wall showing their apple red buns to the world.

Laura was next.  This time I got a surprise.  Her mother had decided that she would spank her rather then let me do it.  Actually, I was glad for I wanted to rest my hand.  It was comforting to hold an ice cold soda can.  It was also a very discreet way of doing it.  Laura's mother evidently was quite experienced at this.  Even as she stripped her daughter, she was able to lecture her non-stop.  Then she placed her over her left leg and clamped her right leg over Laura's legs.  It was evident that they had practiced this routine.  A hairbrush appeared seemingly out of nowhere and instantly began to pound Laura's buns.  The blows came fast, hard and furiously.  The cute buns that I longed to play with turned red very quickly and there were loud yells from the other end.  In less than four minutes Laura was bawling like a red hot poker had been rammed up her bottom rather than it just being spanked by her mother.

Fiona was next and mine to spank.  Because she had been sent home by Mr. Rogers earlier, she was now in a T-shirt and shorts over regular underwear.  She looked at me with her big puppy eyes and pleaded with me not to do this.  She even promised to let me fuck her."  I whispered back that it was too late for that.  I pulled off her T-shirt and undid her shorts which fell of their own weight.  Her underwear was a very nice pink with lace trim.  I reached behind her and undid the hooks on her bra.  I got a face full of beautiful tits.  I lowered her panties and saw her lovely cunt with its light covering of hair.  A gentle tug and she was across my lap.  I started with my hand and got the same response as I had with Carly.  Then I switched to the paddle and found that the response were greater and I did not feel it at all.  But it was not nearly as much fun.  When she was bawling like the others, I switched back to my hand to enjoy it more.  Four glowing red butts were now at the wall.

Lucy was the last.  I treated her exactly as I did Fiona.  Then there were five girls with glowing red buns at the wall.  I started to mix with the other guests.  As you can imagine I was very popular.  This summer was going to be good.

After about a half hour of corner, er, wall time Mr. Rogers had another surprise.  He called his daughters from the wall and told them to read - out loud - a card and then they were to present it to me.  The horror in Carly face did not prepare me for what was to happen.  The two girls pleaded with their father totally oblivious to the fact that there was an audience and that they were starkers with glowing red buns.  Their father finally silenced them with a simple question: "Do you need to be spanked again before you do what I have told you to?"  This got their attention, their father set the stage and they read:

Certificate of Authorization
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is to certify that David Smith is authorized as
my deputy to give my daughters, Carolyn and Annabel,
corporal punishment as he deems appropriate.

    August 3, 1989

John Rogers

Then Carly was told to apologize to her guests for not being presentable at her own birthday party, to please enjoy it, thank them for their gifts and with her sister to walk slowly to the house.  Then she was go to bed.  Laura's mother took the other three miscreants home.  The party continued without the birthday girl.

It was a few days after the party when I got the call from Mrs. Rogers.  She wanted me to baby sit her daughters.  When I questioned her since Carly is a little older than I, she explained that Carly and Annie are being treated as if they are only ten and eight until they show that they can be trusted.  She and their father had decided that the experience of having me as a babysitter would help them realize that they must change their ways.

I arrived exactly at the time she told me to.  Mr. Rogers greeted me and told me to go upstairs where his wife and daughters were.  When I called out to announce my presence, their mother called me to the bathroom.  Both girls were in the tub and she had a soapy sponge in one hand and Annie in the other.© YLeeCoyote

"I'm glad that you are here early, David.  You can help me wash my babies."  I did not think that it was possible but they both turned redder as they blushed even more.  However, that was the only outward reaction.  I did not know what had happened since the party, but it sure made both girls very meek.  At their mother's direction I soaped up the second sponge and, following Mrs. Rogers' lead, washed Carly as she washed Annie.  Carly was a beautiful girl with a body that I lusted for although her personality had a major fault.  The combination made washing her a wonderful experience.  A wonderful experience for me for it was quite clear that Carly did not like this one little bit.  I got to touch her everywhere and I do mean everywhere.

We washed the two little girls from top to middle and then from bottom to middle.  I'm sure that I enjoyed man-handling her more than she had enjoyed mis-handling me that afternoon at the pool.  I was able to caress her firm breasts and even stroke her little girl pussy and butt.  It was then I discovered that she had lost her pussy hair.  Apparently it had been removed since the party.  The girls were made to stand as the tub was drained and while they were rinsed off with a shower hose.  Then I dried Annie while their mother did Carly.  By this time I had gotten a close up view of every part of both nasty girls.  I'm sure that they really regretted having stripped me.  I, on the other hand, had come to two realizations.  First, it was really fun to have had the girls lusting for me and, second, the payback was more than I could have possibly hoped for.

The girls asked their mother if they may put on their jammies very politely.  She turned to me and asked if I though they needed them on such a warm night.  The babies, in turn, turned to me and pleaded with big puppy eyes.  "It's quite a warn evening," I said, "perhaps just panties would be sufficient."

"And a T-shirt, please." implored Carly.

"And a T-shirt." I added.  There was no point in being nasty, mean and cruel.  I knew how being on the wrong side of that felt.  I was having a lot of fun as it was.  The girls ran off to their bedrooms to get dressed, er, half dressed.

Just before their parents left, they reviewed the rules and set bedtimes.  The best rule was that I was to spank them for any infractions.  Things went well for the most part.  Annie went to bed immediately when I told her to and even asked me to tuck her in.  Then she said she was really sorry for all the trouble she caused.

When I returned to the TV room, Carly asked if she might talk to me as her real fifteen-year-old self.  She sincerely apologized for her awful behavior at the pool party and conceded that she was paying greatly for it.  I assured her that I had not told what had happened and that this was all her parents idea and plan.  The details of which I was not privy to.

"They told me that this will end when I do the "right thing" but they would not explain any further.  What is the right thing?  They said we would both know it." Carly lamented.

I was as puzzled as she was.  I told her that I would think about it, but for now to get across my lap for a spanking.  She hesitated for a minute and then did as she was told.  I just caressed her buns through her panties a little.  "That a good girl, Carly.  I want you to remember how easy it was for you do this when ever I tell you too, young lady."

"Yes, David.  Why are going to spank me?"

"I'm not.  This was just a drill; a test."  I paused a minute to let that all sink in before continuing.  "Did you ever get your birthday spanking?  Would you like it now?"

It was her turn to pause.  "No and Yes."

I put my hand in the waist band to lower her panties and she raised up her hips to allow me to.  I then gave her fifteen gentle spanks and one hard one.  I pulled up her panties and said: "It's your bedtime little miss.  Do you want me to tuck you in?"  I asked facetiously.

"No." she said as she started to go and then she turned and said: "I mean, yes, David.  That would be sweet."

I gave her a few minutes and then I was sitting on her bed saying goodnight.  A month ago, I would have been ripping off my clothes and getting in with her but something was very different now.  The animal part of me wanted to, but the man in me said that it would be wrong.  I kissed her gently on the forehead and left.

A little latter, I went to use the phone.  My mother had asked me to call and report how things were going.  Considering how right she had been last time, I had agreed.  But I did not get a dial-tone for Carly was on the phone with one of her girl friends.  I was disappointed.  Her parents has explicitly told her that the phone was off limits.  I cut in and told her to hang up the phone immediately.  Both girls did so.

Up in her room, I told her that I was very disappointed for she had broken two rules - using the phone and doing it after lights out time.  "Do you want me to tell your parents or to spank you, Carly?" I asked simply and directly.  To my delight she chose to be spanked by me.

She got out of bed and waited by it.  I walked over and removed her T-shirt exposing her tits.  I so wanted to kiss and caress them but that would be wrong.  That would be an abuse of power.  Then I lowered her panties and she stepped out of them.  She was standing, passively, in front of me completely naked and docile.  There was not a bit of arrogance in her but complete submission to my authority and the trust that goes with it.  She laid across my lap.  She was much lighter than at the party for some of her body weight was supported by her bed.

I caressed her cute pale buns before I started.  We both knew that she would cry.  I raised my hand and brought it down on the target.  SPANK!  She yelped.  My hand print appeared.  I continued.  I lectured her having learnt from Laura's mother.  Soon she was crying and promising and then she started to bawl.  I gave her a few more and stopped.  Her buns were flaming red.  She would remember this tomorrow.  I picked her up and held her tightly until she calmed down to light crying.  I laid her down in the bed and found some cold cream in the bathroom.  As she laid sobbing, I gently rubbed it in.  She looked up at me and whispered: "Thanks."  She even spread her legs so that I could get between them.  I wondered if she wanted me go further and play with her pussy.  I decided not to abuse my power.  I would not rape her.  I had to live with myself.

The next day she called me.  She had figured out what that special thing was to get out of the fix she was in.  "I need you do to me what I did to you.  I need that to repent."

I gave it a moments thought.  "Yes, that is it but you need it before three other guys in addition to me."

We agreed on her cousin George, my friends Raver and Wiley.  She was to talk to her parents and obtain permission for company.  In a few hours, all was set.

Annie was taken shopping by her mother and their dad planned to stay home.  Carly convinced him that this was something that she had to face without daddy being there.  I fully trust David after how he behaved babysitting me and George is my cousin.  Carly's father left and she came out to the pool as us guys were swimming and joined us.  After a while the plan went into effect.  George pulled her under water and the rest of us attacked pulling her swim suit off.  When she got to the surface, she pretended to yell at us.  Wiley fetched her suit from the bottom of the pool and threw it far away.

She made a run for it but we caught her and stretched her out spread eagled on the lawn.  As she pretended to object, we each felt her up everywhere.  We paid extra attention to her cunt making sure to examine each and every part.  Even though this is what she did to me and this was much more voluntary, she was still very humiliated and embarrassed.

When we stopped she spoke.  "David, I now really and truly understand what I put you through.  I had no idea that it was so terrible.  I'm truly sorry and hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me."  I gave her a real kiss and she returned it.  We had made peace.  We went back to swimming.  Latter she told me that because of the intimateness this was worse that the public spanking at her party.

Carly did not bother to put on her swim suit so we took our off and spent the afternoon swimming nude.  However, we all dressed before her parents returned.  Carly and I explained to her parents that we had resolved our problems.  This had good consequence for Carly as she started to get her lost privileges back and regained them all by the time school resumed in September.

Annabel was still under severe restrictions all through August and I got to babysitter her a couple of times so we were alone at her house.  One hot summer day, I had the job to watch her.  She wanted me to join her playing in the pool.  I wanted to read.  I agreed to read by the pool so that she could swim while I watched as she was not allowed to have any friends over.  She was not happy and was pouting.  I warned her several times, that she would end up in a corner or worse if she did not behave reasonably.  She did not get the message.

She started to jump into the pool repeatedly making a splash as big as she could each time.  As you would expect, she finally got me and my book wet.  "That's it, young lady, you are getting a spanking now."  I grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the water and over to the chair.  She started to plead with me but I told her to be quiet.  I reminded her that she had several warnings also and that if she did not stop fighting me, I would use the paddle.  This calmed her down.

I started by stripped her as is the custom of the house.  By now she had realized that she had gone too far, and that there were serious consequences for such behavior.  By now she was somewhat used to be naked before me.  She was developing very nicely and had cute little tits.  Then I pulled her over my lap and held her fast with my hand about her waist.  I caressed her sweet little bottom before starting and she spoke. "I'm sorry David.  I did not mean to make you mad."

"But you did, just like on birthday party day.  You're not a baby any more and you must respect other people's feelings." I told her and started to spank her.


Her buns were turning red and she was crying already.  I wondered if she was faking it or she was just learning that she should cry in this situation.  As I continued spanking the naked girl across my lap I decided that her cries were genuine.  As continued the crying became uncontrollable bawling.  I was mad and probably spanked her harder than I should have.  I finished up with a another barrage like at the beginning.


I stood her up and held her until she calmed down some.  She hugged me very tightly as she cried and then just sobbed.  As the sobs faded, she told me that she was sorry and promised to be more considerate in the future.  She even gave me a few kisses on the neck.  In short she was a very contrite little girl.  I wondered if she still fancied me like she had said on the party day.

With my book in one hand and Annie in the other I led her back to the porch.  I put her in a corner and resumed reading my book until Mrs. Rogers returned.  She admired my handy work when she inspected her daughter.  I let Annie explain why she was spanked.  I was asked to bath her which I did.  Annie had gotten use to being naked and treated as a baby by me.  She no longer showed any embarrassment by such treatment.  I'm sure that she did not like it but had just gotten use to it.  In fact she even made it easy for me to wash even her most intimate parts fully exposing them to me.

Mrs. Rogers then put Annie to work setting the buffet for dinner.  It turned out that George (16), his kid brother, Chester (12), and sister, Sue (10), and their parents were coming for dinner and I was staying.  Annie was told that she would not be allowed to dress until the next morning.  At this news, Annie was very upset.

She knew that it would be embarrassing to be naked but she figured that her aunt and uncle would not really pay attention and even George would probably mostly ignore her as usual.  I was sure that it was Chester that she was concerned about for he was her age.  Annie spent the first half hour of the visit doing corner time showing off her still red buns.

Annie worries about Chester were well justified.  He could not keep his eyes off her cute body, particularly her girl bits.  After several warnings, his parents had enough, and his father declared that he was to be spanked.  Mr. Rogers suggest that I do it so they could continue the adult talk and Chester's father agreed.  Us kids went to the family room leaving the adults talking in the dining room.

As you can imagine, Chester was not happy with this turn of events.  I'm sure that he realized that he was going to get stripped as well as spanked before everyone including the three girls.  As I started to undress him, I asked him why he was going to be spanked.  He replied that it was for looking at Annie.  "Not quite, young man.  It was for not obeying your parents when they told you to stop staring.  Part of Annie's punishment was that you would be able to look at her."  Annie blushed at this.  "Just as part of your punishment is that everyone will get to look at you.  Remove your shoes." I then lowered and removed his pants leaving him in his briefs only.  The moment of truth was at hand.

I pulled down his briefs and had him step out of them.  Sue started to chant: "I see Chester's pee-pee."  Carly told her to be quiet and she stopped.  I pulled him over my lap and took a grip on his waist.  I raised my hand and brought it down hard on his boy buns.  SPANK!  He managed to suppress a yelp.  I did it again giving him a quick series of five hard SPANKS!!  Several on the same places and a couple on the sensitive crease.  His machismo was not sufficient to kept him quiet and he yelped to the delight of our audience.  That set him down the road to the objective of all spanking - breaking the spankee.  I continued my assault on his buns and as they turned completely red.  The other end went from sobs and promises to crying and then bawling.

I stopped and stood him up.  After a few minutes he stopped crying.  His little sister wanted to touch his bottom to see how hot it was and I permitted her to.  She was impressed at how sensitive it was.  I whispered to him that he should invite the girls to inspect his front and just get it over with as it would be easier in the long run.  He took my advice and when I turned him around he did as I suggested.  Carly was aloof as a fifteen-year-old could be and just gave him a glance while the younger two did a careful inspection of his developing package.  While this was happening, I asked Carly and George if they though that Annie had been leading Chester on by teasing him.  They agreed that she had.

I called Annie to me and told her that she was the one who was at fault although Chester had been the one that had gotten spanked.  She had been teasing him to look and he succumbed to her lure.  Annie protested her innocence but I told her that three of us had agreed.  It was now delivery time; she had been offering and Chester had paid the price.  She was to lie down spread her legs and allow Chester to examine her.  She hesitated just enough for me to suggest that she fetch the paddle.  That changed her mind and she invited Chester to examine her.  He was very through as a twelve-year-old boy would be expected to be getting his first real view of a girl's privates.  George took advantage of the opportunity to get a good look also.  I hoped that Annie realized that her humiliation this day was the direct result of her causing mine a month ago.

Chester's parents were annoyed with him for not being dressed when it was time to go until it was explained to them that, like Annie, part of his punishment was not being allowed clothes until the morning.  His father thought that it was an interesting idea and they were going to adopt it.  Little Sue suddenly seemed less happy with the idea knowing that it could happen to her.

Carly and I dated some for the rest of the summer always ending up with some very heavy petting.  We had nothing to hide from each other at all.  The last weekend before school restarted we finally went all the way.  In retrospect, the summer was a lot better than I had expected at the start when Carly rejected me.

We were in the same home room and also in most of the same classes.  Of course, several of our classmates had been present at the party and knew that I had spanked her and had right to do it again.  Actually, neither of us never gave it much thought as we had both moved on.  That is until one day in late October.

Carly had been a problem in several of our classes this day.  She started with our home room teacher, Miss Turner, at the start of the day and a couple of others later.  Our last class of the day was with Miss Turner.  Carly really over stepped the bounds and Miss Turner called her on it.

"Young lady, this is one of the few times that I'm truly sorry that the school board has prohibited corporal punishment in class.  You are to report to the dean immediately after class and in the meanwhile you are to stand in the corner." fumed our old maid teacher obviously thinking back to the good old days.

"Ma'am," I spoke up, "with all due respect you are quite right that you can not use CP on this disrespectful girl but I can for her father has authorized me to."  I took out the card and showed it to one very amazed teacher.  I think that this was the first time a student had shocked her in decades.  "After the final home room bell so as not to disrupt class any further."

Let me explain that there was a benefit for Carly in my suggestion.  She had already been sent to the dean once this term and the third time meant an automatic suspension.  There was still a long time to the end of the term.  Also, all visits were reported to parents and that would have unpleasant consequences as well.  Of course, I was not being totally altruistic about this.  I would certainly enjoy doing it and she would be embarrassed to the max.  There is a little bit of wickedness in each of us and I still harbored some hurt from that summer day.

The final bell rang and the class did not move.  Actually, several guys from Miss Turner's class not in our home room came in to watch.  Miss Turner called Carly to the front.  "What is it to be, girl?  Do you go to the dean or do you take a thrashing here and now from Mr. Smith in front of the class?

Carly hesitated and made her choice - me.  Miss Turner went digging in her drawers (not those drawers, you perverts, her desk drawers) until she came up with an ancient tool of torture for students.  She explained that it was called a tawse and was quite effective.

"Carly, remove your panties, please and then lean over the my desk." instructed Miss Turner.  It was the first time I had seen even a hint of a smile on her face.  Carly did as she was told and Miss Turner positioned her based on long experience.  When she was satisfied, she then lifted Carly's skirt and clipped it to her blouse.

I took the tawse and gave a few test swings against the wall.  It made a very scary thud.  Miss Turner told me to practice with both hands.  It was equally effective with both hands.  All this time Carly was bent over the desk in the front of the room with her legs pulled apart.  This exposed her cunt to the class, much to the delight of all but particularly the guys.  I positioned myself as Miss Turner directed and gave her a hard stroke from the first side.  THWACK!!  And Carly screamed.  Then I did the other side being sure to look at her charms as I passed behind her.  THWACK!!  And Carly screamed again.

Back to the first side and the second round and then a third for a total of six strokes.  A pleased Miss Turner returned the tawse to her drawer.  She thanked me for my assistance, told the class that it was time to leave and we did except for Carly.  The was a dash once we were out of the room but it was not all to the exit door.  Many of us went to the john.  I not sure what the girls did, but many of the guys were part of that circle jerk.

I caught up to Carly on the way home.  She did thank me for saving her from the dean but wished that I hadn't hit quite so hard.  I offered to do it again lighter the next day, but she did not feel that it was necessary.  She behaved much better in class after that.

It was in January when I was walking home from school with Carly.  We were a bit more than casual friends after the special intimate things we had been through.  As we approached our local convenience store, we saw a girl run out and get chased by a man.  The girl was caught and dragged back into the store.  As that happened, Carly yelled: "That's Annie!" and started to run to the store.  It was indeed Annie and she had taken a magazine featuring a teen star that she was currently ogling.  The proprietress was very unhappy with the young thief who was now clinging to her big sister.  I was able to convince her not to call the police but she wanted her to be severely punished.  She knew what that meant - a paddling - and explained that to me.

"That is easily done, Ma'am." I announced digging in my wallet.  "That scamp will be paddled here and now.  This is exactly the reason that her father gave me this."  I showed him the licence from Mr. Rogers.  "Her sister will confirm that it is real."

"On the bare?" the proprietress asked and then added: "With corner time?"

"Of course, Ma'am."  While the proprietress' son fetched the paddle and Annie confessed to her sister, I moved the chair into a proper position.  "Annabel Rogers, come here." Then when she was in front of me, I asked her the one question that was necessary.  "Did you steal it?"  She nodded.  Further discussion was unnecessary.  There could not be any excuses for such an act.  I started to strip her handing each item to Carly who placed them on the convenient snack table.  Annie showed some unhappiness at all of this, but knew that any other options would be even worse. Soon she was down to the two critical items - her bra and panties.  As these were removed, she started to blush and soon was red all over.

I pulled her over my lap and started with my hand.  She did not want to cry and she knew that she would.  But she put it off for as long as she could.  Of course, I did my very best to make sure that this would be a very memorable spanking.  When she was really crying, I switched to the paddle and used it vigorously to be sure that the proprietress would be satisfied.  I had never seen her cute little buns so red and hot to the touch.  I knew that she would feel this for days.  I hoped that she would remember never to steal again.  Of course, by this time she was bawling totally out of control.  I stood her up and lead her to the available corner.  She stood there on public display for a full hour, her red hot bottom glowing for the world to see and crying for more than half an hour.

The proprietress was satisfied and Annie apologized before dressing and leaving.  On the way home, we told Annie that more than fifty people saw her being spanked (some certainly her classmates) and more than seventy doing her corner time.  It was not a day that she would soon forget.

Several weeks before her birthday party Annie made me promise that I would be there.  She did not want to tell me why she was so insistent, but would only tell me that I was going to be an essential part of the proceedings.  I was going to have to do something that makes a birthday party different from all other parties.  It took me a while to figure it out; the thing that make a birthday party special is the birthday spanking.

The day came and the party started.  The guests were her friends and classmates, Carly, some cousins and me.  Annabel had decided that she was now a teenager that she was going to look like a young lady and she did.  She wore a very nice party dress and looked very grown up and not in jeans like most of her guests were.

At the appropriate time Annabel got up to speak.  She thanked her guests for coming and for the gifts (still to be opened) that they had kindly brought.  Then she got around to me.  "Last summer I did a very naughty thing and David got to spank me for it.  It really hurt, made me cry and was embarrassing as could be.  I deserved it though.  He spanked me a few times since then with the same results each and every time and I thank him for each and every one.  Today I want him to give me my birthday spanking to make me a teen.  I hope that it will be a good omen and be the only spanking I get this year."

"It has to be on the bare, Annie."  I teased.

She was up to it.  "I want you to give me my birthday spanking how ever you think is right, David."

I pulled her across my lap and lifted up her dress to expose her panties.  Then I reached into the waist band and as I pulled them down she lifted her hips to make it easier.  "This is the first birthday spanking I'm giving you, so we have to catch up with the ones I missed."

"Whatever you say, David."

I gave her a light slap and said: "One" and another: "And one to grow on."  The guests caught on and started to count for me.

"One, two, and one to grow on." they said.

Soon we were at the current year after a total of ninety gentle spanks.  For the current year, I changed.  These were much harder.  I wanted her to feel them but not to cry; to have a bit of pink in her cuter than ever buns.  "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen and one to grow on."

We were done with a total of one hundred and four spanks.  I pulled up her panties and stood her up.  As always after I spanked her she gave me a hug but not only did I get a kiss but she said that she loved me.  As this was happening, the guests applauded and sang Happy Birthday as the cake was brought in.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., January 9, 2000

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