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Day In Court


It was a dark and stormy night but that did not temper the way Mr. Jeremiah Banhart drove the car with his son, Calvin, in the passenger seat.  He was mad but that was the all too frequently state he was in.  As usual he was mad at Calvin and was yelling at him.  He was not, alas, paying proper attention to his driving.  It was a treacherous section of road; a steep decline with a sharp turn at the bottom onto the main road and then an curve onto the narrow bridge over the now swollen and icy river.  Looking at his son and with his heavy foot on the accelerator he could not take the curves properly.  The car went into a skid.  The guard rail was not secure in the soaked ground and collapsed under the impact.  The car plunged into the river.  Witnesses reported that it sank from view in just seconds.

The sheriff's department and the state police searched diligently but when the car was hauled out at noon, the search was terminated.  Mr. Banhart's head had smashed into door frame and one of his broken ribs had cut a major artery.  Calvin's head almost penetrated the windshield; most likely he was unconscious as he drowned.  Some called it a dreadful accident.  Others, more honest, placed the blame directly on Banhart and called it negligent vehicular homicide and suicide.  The distinction would only matter in the local records and not to the survivors.

"Just you wait until we get home, young man." barked Mr. Banhart before he realized that something, no, everything was different.  He was not driving his car but was in an immense room with lots of other people about.  Some sort of petty functionary approached them; looking at his clipboard, he queried: "Mr. Jeremiah Noah Banhart and your son Calvin John Banhart?"

"Yes.  What is place?  I want to see the person in charge.  Where's my car?"  Banhart belligerently yelled.

"Please, there no need to yell.  You will be called when it is your turn.  Please just wait; quietly; you have all the time out of the world.  There are a couple of seats right over there." the official turned and walked away.  For once Banhart was shocked.  This was not how he was use to being treated.  He was so surprised that he did not think to continue to yell at his son.  Something completed him to sit.  There was something strangely subduing about the place.© YLeeCoyote

He watched as people came and went.  They always came in the doors at one end of the great hall and were accosted by that obnoxious official and left at the other end of the hall.  He tried to get up but something kept him in place.  It was almost as if he was wearing steel britches and there was a huge magnet under the seat.  Time passed yet it did not seem to.

Then he heard his name called and jumped up.  It was only then that he realized he had not heard other names called although people near him must have for they had risen and left.  He grabbed Calvin and started to go as the others had.  Strangely Calvin resisted although the boy had always followed obediently before.  "Come, Calvin" he barked and the boy jumped up and followed.  The place was immense and shockingly quiet.  In the corridor another functionary directed him a room.  Things were just as weird here – neither familiar nor quite foreign.  Once inside the room, it gradually metamorphosed into a courtroom and then several others entered.

"I am your advocate, Mr. Banhart.  We have a very brief time to check a few items."  The advocate turned to Calvin as he flipped through the thick file in his hands.  "You must be Calvin Banhart."  The lad nodded and the advocate continued.  "Please take a seat in the gallery until you are called."

Jeremiah Noah Banhart started to argue with the advocate but quickly learnt that the advocate knew everything and it would be best to proceed.  Three judges entered and the clerk called for order.  The prosecutor made an opening speech.  Jeremiah was silent in amazement as the prosecutor said that his life was within human bounds and not worthy of the court's time except for how he treated his son Calvin John Banhart.  Amazement quickly turned into shock at the charges of  homicide and abuse.

A screen suddenly appeared in the court and the prosecutor indicated that this was just before the plunge into the river and transference to the jurisdiction of this most honorable court.  The car being driven by the defendant was shown stopping and Calvin John Banhart getting in and fastening his own seat belt.  Immediately thereafter Jeremiah Noah Banhart was yelling at his son and not paying attention to his driving in adverse conditions which more than warranted extra care and diligence.  The prosecutor paused the display to indicate to the court that the boy was silent, respectful and not causing any distraction.  One might even said he was cowering.  Halfway down the hill, the prosecutor again indicated that and how the defendant was – of his own free will – ignoring the conditions and driving negligently.

At the end, with the vehicle underwater showing the grisly consequences, Jeremiah was holding his head in his hands.  The advocate asked him if there was any extenuating circumstances.  Jeremiah insisted that the boy distracted him because of his misbehavior.  It was quickly established that Jeremiah had of his own free will chose to behave as he did rather than wait a few minutes until he and the boy got home.

The judges quickly agreed in a brief conference and immediately declared him guilty of homicide.

Jeremiah complained to the advocate that this was some sort of a kangaroo court for everything happened so fast.  "No, no, no." insisted the advocate explaining, "all the investigations were extensive and complete.  This charge was extremely simple involving but a single act."  Jeremiah argued that he was not subject to the authority of this so called court.  The advocate no; that since he was here he was.  He fumbled for a moment, you have an expression for it – "When in Rome do as the Romans do."  The conversation was terminated by a judge's gavel and the order to prosecutor to proceed with the other charges.

The prosecutor did not delay.  He gave an impassioned speech about how the defendant, Jeremiah Noah Banhart, willfully and repeatedly abused his own son, Calvin, by using corporal punishment to excess.  To compound the heinous crime he even enjoyed inflicting the excess – both the severity and number of blows – and falsely claimed that his bible authorized it.

It started when the victim was still a small boy.  The screen started to show a party.  It was obviously a child's birthday party as could be seen from the decorations.  A happy Calvin was seen blowing out the candles on his seventh birthday cake.  The happiness did not last long for the child slipped and grabbed the tablecloth which caused the cake, ice cream and soda to tumble down on top of him.  Almost instantly Jeremiah was yelling at the child about the damage and soiling his new party clothes.  And then, in front of everyone, he grabbed the child yanked his pants down and spanked him long and hard.  So long and hard that he ran out of tears.  So long and hard that his red bottom soon was black and blue.  So long and hard that he could not sit or walk easily for a week.

In the gallery, Calvin, was sobbing at the memory.  The very painful memory of that extreme public brutality.

Scene after scene was shown.  After seven score examples even Jeremiah was hanging his head in shame.

The prosecutor called Calvin to the witness stand and started the examination.

"Were the scenes shown true and accurate depictions of what happened?"


"Were those beatings excessive?"

"Yes." Calvin found himself saying.  He wanted to explain but something made him tell the real and objective truth.

"Did you commit the transgressions that you were beaten for?"

Calvin realized that he was counting in his head and then said: "Only about half."

After Calvin was dismissed, the head judge looked at Jeremiah Noah Banhart and asked it he had anything to say.  On the stand all he could do was sob and repeat "I did not know.  I did not realize.  I'm sorry.  Calvin please forgive me, I meant the best."

The prosecutor rose saying: "Please call Mrs. Jeremiah Noah Banhart."  The clerk opened a side door and an old lady walked in and went to the stand.  Both Jeremiah and Calvin stared at the woman.  It took them a long time to realize that she was now some forty years older than when they last saw her.

In answer to the question, she ran on and on.  "I told him he was too strict; too harsh; over doing it but he wouldn't listen."

The prosecution rested and the defense just pleaded for mercy.  The judges huddled and soon pronounced sentence.  As judges are wont to do, they took a long time to say "… a term of 20 standard units."

Jeremiah did not really follow it all except the end.  His advocate explained that converted to 87,124 Earth-years.  The advocate left.

The bailiff started to place him in a holding cage to one side of the court but Jeremiah resisted.  Suddenly there was a second bailiff also pushing him to the cage.  He was not expecting that they would grab his arms and yank him to the cage.  But they did not push him in but just stuck his hand through the bars.  Another piece of steel snapped into place and he his wrists were in clamps.  The bailiffs stripped him in the most literal sense ripping off his clothes.

"A score each." said a judge in a bored tone.  The first bailiff walked over to a cabinet and extracted a paddle.  It was the largest paddle that Jeremiah ever saw.  It looked like a fraternity paddled enlarged at least fifty percent.  As the paddle wielding bailiff approached him, the restraints moved down and Jeremiah was bent over with his butt sticking up by the time they reached him.


Jeremiah howled as the pain swept through his body.  The paddle did not care and struck again and again turning the target into a bruised flaming hot blob.  The howls became continuous and he was bawling like a baby.

Calvin watched, transfixed in his seat.  He could see how much harder these blows were compared to those he had gotten.  For this he felt sympathy but another part of him relished the sight of his tormenter getting it.  Then he noticed something else; when his father was beating him, he always had a hard on.  Now, on the receiving end his father did not.  He felt a stirring in his own crotch.

He watched as the bailiff inflict the twentieth CRAAAAAAACCCCCCCCKKKKKKK and then slowly return the huge paddle to the cabinet.  The clamps holding Jeremiah slowly moved up until he was standing on his tiptoes.

The second bailiff went over with a cat-o-nine tails and swung it.  Jeremiah shirked as the cat cut into his back over and over.  The clamp released him and a bailiff pushed him into the cage.  Jeremiah did not notice that there was not any seat and he grasped the bars tightly to keep from falling.

The advocate who had been sitting near Calvin, took his place at the defendants' table as the clerk called the next case – Mrs. Jeremiah Noah Banhart.

Calvin was surprised.  He understood how his father was guilty but his dear and loving mother? He sat a watched.  Her transgression was neglect.  She knew about the abuse and excess and did not take action; a crime of omission rather than commission.  The defense showed how she constantly pleaded with her husband but to no effect.  The prosecution showed how she failed to turn to get help from her religious advisor or the state authorities preferring secrecy and harm to her only child to the expected shame.  The judges' decision came quickly – 5 standard units – 21,781 Earth-years.  The bailiff locked her in the cage with Jeremiah.

The clerk called the next case – Mr. Calvin John Banhart.  Calvin moved forward.  The advocate opened the gate and lead the youth to his seat.  He took out a very slim folder.  The prosecutor rose and Calvin shuddered.  He knew that he had sinned.  He wished that he had been a better boy.  Then he heard: "No charges, your honors."

The head judge banged the gavel and declared: "Court adjourned."  The judges faded away.

Almost immediately a strange creature came into the room.  Calvin thought that it looked like a Silverback gorilla on steroids; perhaps like one of the trolls from Middle Earth in the LOTR.  It snapped collars about the two convicts and attached leads.  As the troll stripped the woman with a couple of yanks, Calvin noticed the cuts on his father's back were closing.  Then he led them away.  Calvin watched as the two descended a stairway he had not noticed before.

A small platform quickly descended from above.  He recognized his favorite teacher who invited him to join him.  As the lift slowly ascended he watched as the courtroom faded leaving only the stairs which seem to go down forever into a flickering red glow.  Above was a gorgeous blue sky.  He heard birds singing.

He now knew the answer to the question.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., March 03, 2003

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