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The following story is fiction about several tweens.  The story contains scenes of spanking and masturbation in a CFNM setting.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story was inspired by the Lawless Loki’s “Knows How to Manipulate Boys” series at   Click for external images (NSFW)

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A Day of Surprises


It started like any other sunny, non-school day in the summer but we will see how several lives took unexpected turns.  The tween lass Nicki had ‘date’ of sorts with her ‘boyfriend’ Alex.  It is necessary that we use the quotes since their parents think that they are too young for such a relationship.  That, naturally, does not deter them from an innocent walk through the outskirts of the town.© YLeeCoyote

It is a sparely populated area not yet really developed and with decaying, diminished family farms.  The young couple are heading for Nicki’s favorite spot.  Alex does not really care where they go as long as they are together.  He wants to keep her happy and has become accustomed to doing so.  He knows that they are headed for The Swing and feels good about pushing her to the sky on it as she loves.  Alex does not realize that she has actually trained him to feel that way.

However, this event is not to be repeated this day.  Barely a half hour after they started, Alex’s phone disturbed the singing birds and the two young souls.  The caller was his father and the boy knows that he must respond.  Unfortunately, there has been an accident and his uncle is in the hospital.  Alex must go with his family to give their support.  A pickup point is quickly selected which Alex must rush to and, alas, leave Nicki.  She was disappointed but unfazed and insists that she will find her own way home.  She gave him a zippy potch in tuchus [spank on the butt] along with some good wishes.

* * * * * * * * * *

Nicki had absolutely no desire to return home so early on such a glorious day so she continued on her planned walk alone.  Naturally, she realized that swinging will not be nearly as much fun as with a compliant lad to do the work of getting her swinging way up high as she loves.

Her head got filled with strange possibilities for an alternate way.  She thought first of fairy tales where good witches cast spells making small animals into powerful but docile critters who do miraculous deeds.  All that got her was a big smile and a few giggles.  Perhaps something bigger she mused such as a goat which likes to butt.  If only she could get one that would butt the edge of the seat at the proper times and most certainly not her own derriere.  This one was worth a real laugh.  The mussing made it easier for her to accept that she will have to do her own pumping to swing even moderately high as she continued on.

There were several routes starting in the residential areas that joined and soon Nicki was at one of the intersections.  What made this of interest was that she met Sylvester there who was also alone.  She knew the boy from school.  He was a grade ahead of her and being very observant she knew that he was neither popular, a jock nor a bully.  They continued on together and they soon were at the swing.

Sylvester immediately showed disdain for such a juvenile item when she was all excited to get swinging.  “Please push me on the swing, Sylvester.” she pleaded like an innocent little girl.  When he declined she was shocked especially hearing his silly and phony excuses.  Nicki, however, was not a young lady who was easily deterred so she quickly formulated a plan.  To make it even more enticing she whispered into his ear like it was a secret even with her hand raised to limit the sound spread like they were in a crowd.  The faux drama helped increased his interest especially since there wasn’t anyone else remotely within earshot.

Nicki promised to do something to make Sylvester very happy and then maybe he would reconsider returning the favor.  She gently opened his pants and lowered them.  Sylvester was surprised, to say the least, and doubly surprised when she also yanked his briefs down while telling him to be still.  He was befuddled as Nicki carefully admired his boyhood and extolled its merits excessively.

Nicki knew that boys, like, men don’t have to be modest about their bodies like girls but should relish proclaiming thier manliness.  She was already an expert in putting boys off guard so she could more easily control them.

She had no trouble getting him to lose the rest of his clothes before she was on her knees and gently playing with the best parts of her new boy-toy.  In just a few short minutes he reached a climax and ejaculated with a great cry of pleasure.  To be fair, Nicki was also delighted that he was putty in her hand.

“I need a rest, Sylvester.” she said casually sitting on the swing.  “Would you be so kind as to push a little bit?”  Although he still considered the swing juvenile he wanted to please the young lady who had just unexpectedly given him so much unexpected exotic pleasure and went at the task enthusiastically.  He had wonderful thoughts of repeat thrills.

Nicki was more than delighted soaring high for Sylvester was the best swing pusher she ever had.  Her joy was greatly enhanced because he was naked like a her doggy or, even better, a slave.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was into this idyllic scene that Tammy and Jenny stumbled to the great surprise of all four tweens.  The pair of girls had been taking pictures so that they took a couple of the happy couple but a great many of the naked boy before he was aware of their presence.

“This is a great big surprise!  My extremely shy big brother cavorting about as naked as a jaybird in public.” exclaimed a delighted Tammy relishing the rare sight of her totally naked big brother.

“Is this the boy who won’t even wear swim trunks, not to mention Speados®, in the all together –> altogether out in public?” added their cousin Jenny gleefully.

Sylvester instantly panicked, stopped pushing the swing and turned to run for his clothes which a grinning kid sister was already standing on.

“Sylvester don’t stop pushing.” said Nicki commandingly which added to the boy’s confusion.  In a moment he was blushing furiously and covering his junk with his hands as the three girls laughed.

“What will dad say, brother?” asked Tammy and then added “And, more important, what will he do?”

“Your ass is surely grass.” giggled Jenny.

“Stop hiding your very nice penis, Sylvester.  We all have seen them on many other boys and it makes you look silly.” Nicki declared.

“Do you think your father will use the belt or the paddle on the very naughty boy when you report that you found him gallivanting about in public – STARK NAKED?” asked Jenny.  “Either way I absolutely want to watch.”

“Please don’t tell Dad.” pleaded Sylvester, “Please.”  He worried about how true Jenny’s comments were.

“Well…” mussed Tammy out loud.  “…you have been naughty so you must be punished.  Now if you cut a switch and ask nicely….” she said leaving it for her big brother to finish with the obvious.

Sylvester realized that he was trapped so he dug in his pants for his pocket knife and found a tree that would make the necessary sacrifice.  He returned soon and gave the fresh switch to his little sister.  He hoped she would keep her word.

Sylvester bent over the swing when directed to by Tammy.  She knew that this would be great fun for all except the boy.  She gave a few practice swings and then proceeded to give him six cuts.  Each stroke made a thin stripe across his bottom with a couple on his thighs.  They hurt some and he gave some cries but they were not cuts like those from an experienced adult male would have been.

The switching finished Sylvester stepped away only to be confronted by his cousin who was holding one of his sneakers.  “Not so fast, Sylvester.  I think you have earned more punishment.” she said slapping her palm with the sneaker, “Back over the swing, you most naughty boy.”

She cut off his objections with “We can ask your dad if I’m right if you like.”  Sylvester sighed and bent over the swing a second time.  Jenny went at her self-assigned task enthusiastically and great aim.  In a jiffy Sylvester’s striped bottom was bright red.

Tammy and Jenny said their goodbyes and continued on their walk.  They were most delighted with the day’s events and knew that things would be better when dealing with Sylvester in the future.  They did not waste anytime getting to discuss possibilities both of controlling and spanking Sylvester.  They were elated even at just the thought.

Then the two cousins wondered what a dressed Nicki and a naked Sylvester had done before and what they might do when alone once again with him naked.  They quickly decided to spy and snuck back to see what would happen.  They were well rewarded and used their cameras a lot.

Nicki saw that Sylvester had a problem as he was pointing.  She knew how to enjoy taking care of it and enthusiastically did so to the boy’s pleasure.  Then she insisted that Sylvester get back to his primary duty of pushing her on the swing.

Sylvester mindlessly pushed Nicki on the swing for he was quite perplexed after all that had happened to him in the last hour.  A girl he had just met had gotten him naked and jerked him off – twice – in public which was absolutely fantastic.  His kid sister and cousin had discovered him naked and spanked him which was terribly exciting, embarrassing and painful.  Additionally, being naked even in the presence of three younger girls was far from the nightmarish horror he would have thought it would be a few hours before.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt he was one extremely confused boy.

And what did the future hold?  Was Nicki now his girlfriend?  What would Tammy expect now that she saw him naked and spanked him?  Would she be satisfied or demand repeats perhaps with blackmail?  Would she get bossy?  Of course, the same questions applied to Cousin Jenny.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 11, 2023

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