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Decisive Battle


Frank was one miserable young man.  He had just gotten a long bawling out from his father at the dinner table in front of both his brother, Paul, and their mother.  He was grounded – totally – until school on Monday morning and it was now just Friday evening.  The combination of the infractions and failing at school plus the rowdiness after school had gotten his father to threaten that if he got into any more trouble he would take down his pants and SPANK him like the little boy he was behaving as.

At fifteen years old he had lots of plans for the weekend – two parties, a football game and a movie on the agenda – just to mention the most important ones.  Reading a book and writing a book report, studying history and two weeks of math homework were not what he wanted to do.  That attitude (and being left back once) was probably why he was in the eighth grade the same as Paul, who was almost two years younger than he was.  They were not in the same classes for Paul was in an accelerated program.

Paul was the apple of his parent's eyes.  He was truly an outstanding young man for he excelled in both his studies and sports.  He was much more mature than his older brother mentally, physically and sexually.

After dinner Frank was ordered to his room to study and Paul went out.  When he returned he discovered his parents quite upset and packing their overnight bags.  Great-aunt Martha's husband was sick and they would have to go visit.  "You and Frank are coming, so pack and get to bed for we are leaving early in the morning." said father.

"Father, Frank and I are old enough to stay by ourselves and we really don't know aunt Martha's husband.  We won't be able to study on the trip or there, either."© YLeeCoyote

"The boy has a point, dear." said his mother.

"Get ready for bed, Paul.  Your mother and I will talk about this."

Paul went off to shower as his parents worked things out.  A little later there was a conference in the boys' room.  Frank reluctantly agreed to the two special conditions to be left alone.  First, he would continue to be grounded.  Second, Paul was in charge; totally in charge with full authority including disciplining his older brother.  Also, Frank promised to do his homework and not leave the house short of a fire.

Frank hadn't any intention of keeping either of his promises. No way would he let his kid brother be in charge and he certainly would go to the game and the other party.  The words were barely off his forked tongue when he decided that he would tell Paul that if he squealed he would regret it for a long time.

Saturday morning the boys found that breakfast was waiting for them as their parents were long gone.  Paul went to the library after reminding his brother of the rules.  When Paul returned he had to dash for the phone.  It was dad calling checking that all was OK.  "All is well, dad.  I just got back from the library and Frank is working."

A minute later he knew that things were not so good.  Frank was not home.  It was almost another two hours before he returned from the high school freshman football game.  (A couple of his friends were on the team.)  Paul gave Frank a lecture that was even harsher than their father's the night before.  The standard punishment for going out when grounded was an additional full week grounded which Paul immediately decreed.  Then for breaking his word and not working he was going to get a major paddling – right now – just as dad had said.  Frank laughed at the very idea.  Paul stepped towards his brother and Frank took a swing at him.  Paul was prepared and used his martial arts training most effectively.  In just seconds Frank was down and in a submission hold; a painful submission hold.  Paul pulled his brother's arms behind his back and slipped a rope about his wrists.  Then he pulled off his sneakers, rolled him over and yanked his pants and boxers down about his ankles.

Frank was in a daze.  In just a couple of minutes, his brother had completely overpowered and pantsed him.  Now he was being pulled over Paul's lap to be spanked like a little kid and, with wrists tied and ankles hobbled with his own jeans, he was helpless to resist.  "Frankie, I'm very disappointed in you." declared Paul patting his brother's butt.  "You are in serious need of an attitude adjustment." With that he picked up one of Frank's sneakers and began to whack his butt.

The sneaker, driven by Paul, smashed into Frankie butt check for the first time.  The "THWOK!!" did not have time to echo when Frankie yelled in pain.  There was another blur when the sneaker crashed down on target again.  Frankie was in agony from just the first two spanks.  But Paul had just gotten started. 


Frankie was howling like a banshee. "STOP!!  NO MORE!!  PLEASE!!"


"I'b'good; promise." he slurred out through his sobs.  Frank was in shock at the pain.  This was as bad as when dad had spanked him ten years ago.  He was yelling and screaming and even crying.  He thought his butt was burning like if he was sitting in hot coals.

"THWOK!!  THWOP!!  THWOP!!  THWOP!!  THWOP!!  THWOP!!" continued the assault.

The crying was music to Paul's ears.  Men don't cry like that.  Little boys cry like Frank was crying.

Paul stopped spanking.  He pulled Frankie's pants and boxers off and ordered Frank to the corner.  Then he heard clapping and laughter.  Two of Frank's friends had walked in and apparently saw much of the spanking.  Of course, Frank was mortified that his friends saw that his little brother had spanked him to tears.

"John and I knocked and came in when we heard the noise.  We thought someone was being killed." said Steve.

"Just a very naughty crybaby boy getting spanked for doing what he shouldn't have.  Frank is now grounded for another week and has lots of homework to do so he can not go out at all."  Paul explained, "Besides he won't get his jeans back until Monday morning for school.  As you probably guessed, I'm in charge until our parents get home."

"That's quite obvious." said John, walking over to the corner and feeling the red hot butt of his friend.

"He's quite the crybaby."  The two fourteen-year-old boys laughed.

"I'd rather that you guys not talk about this at school." Paul told the two.  John and Steve looked at each other and agreed to keep the secret.

"Paul, we came over to study math together with Frankie."

"That's great.  Frank, give me your pants and get your math books." he said as he untied his brother hands.

"Yes, sir." he said as he ran to his room.  John and Steve congratulated Paul on how well he controlled his older brother and lamented the fact that they could never do that with their older brothers.  Paul thought how much better it would be if he did not have to.

The three studied together at the kitchen table while Paul did his own work.

When they were finished studying math, John and Steve suggested that they come back tomorrow to work on Life Science.  Paul liked the idea and even Frank was happy with it.  One o'clock was set so that they – John and Steve – could go to the flick afterwards.

The boys studied for a while and then ordered supper after which Paul watched TV while Frank did homework under orders from his brother.  When it was bedtime, Paul went to the utility drawer and found the home haircut clipper, that their mother had used for years to economize on barber bills.  Returning to their room, he plugged it in and called his brother over to him.  "Since you act like a little baby, I think that you should look like one."

"Paul, please don't.  They will laugh at me in school."

"You're lucky that I did not do this when John and Steve were here.  Then they would really talk about it."

Paul took hold of Frank's dick to use as a handle, he turned the clipper on and made a few quick passes over his brother's pubes.  Once that was done, he did the same to his armpits so that he was as bald as a ten-year-old.  Then he ordered Frank into the shower and using dad's razor shaved the stubble from his pubes and his armpits.  Because of the events earlier, Frank did not dare to resist his younger brother who was no longer his little brother but a strict jailer.

Back in their room they stood before the mirror as they had done a couple of years before. Then Frank had a grown a bush and lorded it over his younger brother who hadn't.  He had even gone as far as getting Paul to submit to him sexually.  Paul gently rubbed his brother's bare smooth pubes.  "Is this a familiar scene, little brother?" he asked with a smirk.

Frank blanched at the reminder.  He knew that Paul could do what he had done and that he would be justified.  "Please, don't fuck me, Paul; please."  Paul just smiled and pressed down on Frankie's shoulder.  Frank got the message and dropped to his knees in front of his brother.  Paul's half erect cock got fully hard and with a wiggle of his hips Paul let it strike his brother's face.  Frankie opened his mouth to plead some more but Paul just stuck his rod into the opening and grabbed his ears.

It was Frankie's first time in this position.  He knew what felt good and proceeded to do it much to Paul's delight.  Paul was not in a hurry but he soon blasted his load into his older brother as he had done several times to him.  With Frankie still on his knees, Paul explained.  "I won't rape you, Frankie, IF you don't give me any more trouble.  You give me trouble, I'll ram it in so hard and deep that you'll taste my cum and it won't matter any if John and Steve are here.  Understand?"

"Yes, sir; thank you, sir."

Frankie did not sleep well that night although Paul did knowing that even if he did not control his brother he would not ever have to submit to him as he had to many times in the past.

Sunday brought breakfast and more homework.  At noon Paul looked over Frankie's work and found it to be wanting.  "This is not satisfactory." he said annoyed and indicated why.  "Get me your heavy belt."  Frankie did as ordered and then came another order: "Bend over the bed."


Frankie's butt was red hot from top to bottom and then some for the belt even got the tops of his thighs.  Frankie was unhappy, but he was glad that he did not have to suffer the indignity of being over his younger brother's lap.

After Frankie fixed up his homework they had lunch.

Just before one, as Frankie was getting his Life Science book and notes the bell rang.  Paul yelled "come in" as Frankie entered from the other side of the room in just his short T-shirt with his books.

Frankie froze as he saw John's girlfriend, Heather, and Steve's girlfriend, Audrey, standing in front of John and Steve and seeing him pantsless..

"This is going to be so educational, Frankie." said Audrey.

Before Frankie could bolt, Paul got behind him.

"At the party last night the girls said they would like to study with us.  I hope that it's OK.  We even brought some munchies and soda." said John.

"We did not realize is that Frankie's pants would be in the wash." added Steve.

"It does not matter, Frankie." commented Heather, "My brother runs around naked all the time and he's in high school.  You're dressed just right for the subject."

Paul noted that Frank said nothing and he was not going to send his brother's friends away – that was his place.  "Sure, just take seats by the table.

Frankie can use the step stool.  I'll get you some glasses and ice."  As he got the ice, Paul decided that with friends like John and Steve, Frankie did not need any enemies.  Paul decided that the girls were not really surprised and certainly Frankie's status in school was going to plummet which would make him easier to live with.  The seating arrangements could not have been worse for Frankie.  He was at the end of the table (on a high seat) with a girl on each side.

"Frankie, come get the ice for your friends.  By the way, what's the subject for today?"

As Frankie walked away from the table, they all could see that his butt was red from some sort of spanking.

John answered: "Human male anatomy."  John and Steve had cleverly taken advantage of the situation to set up a lab, rather than a lecture, session.

Frankie was unhappy sitting on the high stool at the end of the table with Heather and Audrey on each side of him where they had a clear view of bare pubes and package.  He would have run away but Paul certainly would have done something even with his friends and the girls here.

Of course, the text book talked about pubic hair as a sign of puberty.  Which was better – for them to think that he had not grown any yet or that he had lost them? he wondered.  Neither was very nice.  And what would they tell in school tomorrow?  After half an hour, Heather said she wanted to go to the 'powder room' and Audrey went with her.  It was then that John explained that the girls invited themselves last night and we couldn't stop them.  (Frank doubted that they tried very hard.)  But since you're being so nice, we won't tell that it was your brother and not your father that spanked and clipped you.  I'm sure the girls won't talk if you're nice and helpful.

What Frank most dreaded was on the next page – an illustration of the male anatomy.  When the girls returned, Steve explained that Frank really has pubes but he lost them (along with his pants) as a punishment.  Then there was a careful ten-eyed examination of Frank's equipment.  The girls wanted to match everything shown in the book with the "demonstration model", note the sensitivity and measure everything.  ("Now where did that ruler come from?" wondered Frank.)

Each of them also wanted to do a "test firing" which Frank objected to.  John and Steve "persuaded" him by holding his arms while the girls worked the action and carefully studied its operation.

They caught the "bullets" in a cup so that they could see the volume and compare it with the book value.  Of course, each girl had to do it all.

The book also talked of how important the prostate was but they realized that to get it they would have cut open Frank and that would be far too messy.  Steve said that was not quite the case.  Recently his uncle had been talking with his dad about the doctor's exam.  It seems that the standard procedure is to stick a finger up a man's butt and feel the prostate.  You can see how close it is to the rectum in the picture.

Frankie was even more horrified then when they wanted to feel his prostate.

"My Uncle said it did not hurt at all and it felt good.  That's why some guys like to get fucked."

Frankie knew he had lost the war when the girls started to put on latex gloves.  "Please, don't, please."

"It will be fun, Frank." cooed the girls into his ear.  He had no chance when Steve and John bent him over the table and held him down.  Then they each gave him a few spanks.


"Considering that your dad had given you plenty this morning that will be all." said Steve knowing it had been Paul in charge.  The girls did not have to know everything.

Heather put a glob of lube on his butt hole and started to rub it gently while Audrey played with his cock.  He was helpless but it felt good.  Heather's finger slipped in and he felt it caress his prostate. He moaned in pleasure.

Audrey reported that he was leaking and then he was throbbing like when he was going to come.  "Better stop now, so I can try." she said.

Heather reluctantly stopped and withdrew.  Audrey quickly inserted her finger and Frankie's moans told everyone she found the right spot.  This time the girls did not stop.  With Audrey fingering his prostate and Heather his cock, he exploded for the third time in the hour.  They helped him to sit.

A few minutes later, Heather said there was just two more things.  "Frank, please pee for us."  Knowing how he was overpowered twice already, he went to the toilet and drained his bladder for them.

Back in the kitchen the girls thanked him profusely for being such a good sport.  Then each one grabbed one of his balls and very solemnly swore not to tell about this day to anyone.  "That's what 'testify' originally meant to do." explained Audrey.

Paul almost felt sorry for his brother but, he rationalized, this was his own fault.  When his study partners left, he did stop to complain to Paul that he could have prevented the awful experiences he just went through.  "But Frank, did you want me to prove to the girls that I was in charge of you?"  Frank was very quiet and just returned to other studies for that was certainly a no-win type of question.

When their parents returned, Paul went to talk with them after telling Frankie to continue studying until he was called.  He explained that Frank had gone out and thus earned a through spanking.  He even cried like he was a little baby so because of that, he also lost his pubes and pants until it's time for school.

Following your rule, father, Frank's grounding is extended until next weekend.  On the good side, John and Steve came over twice and they studied together Math and Life Science.

"Perhaps you were a bit harsh with your brother, Paul?"

"He was defying your orders, resisting your delegation of authority to me and breaking his own promises.  If I hadn't acted decisively and promptly as you had said on Friday, he would have gone to the party last night and would just now be getting home from the movie now.  He probably would have started to bully me like he did until a year ago."

When Paul returned to his room, he told Frankie what he had told dad pointing out he had not spoken about sexual activities nor that John and Steve had brought their girlfriends.  Dad was very upset that you broke grounding so it probably would be better not to risk making him madder – he might give you more because you were so untrustworthy.

As might be expected, fifteen-year-old Frankie wearing only a T-shirt which emphasized his nakedness was very subdued at dinner.  He answered his father's question with simplest of two word sentences.  Mindful of his brother's warnings he even admitted he deserved what had happened to him.  Dad decided to reserve judgement on the relationship between the boys for a few days.  So far, Paul had done very well and Frank was not objecting.

He slept fretfully that night worrying if his four classmates would keep their word not to tell.  All morning things were quiet and it appeared that they had so far.

Frankie really feared PE class for he would have to strip, change and shower with everyone around.  As soon as he stripped, someone noticed and in less than a minute he was the center of attention.  There were lots of shouted questions, all of which were meant to embarrass him.  It was then that John and Steve stepped to his side and announced: "Frank lost a bet, not that it anyone's business unless you want a shave also."  With that the room became quiet and everyone returned to putting on their gym kit.

"Thanks, guys; I really appreciate that." he told his friends.

"As we appreciated yesterday.  The girls were, er, er, very friendly afterwards." said Steve with a shit-eating grin.

When school let out, he returned home immediately.  Even though he was alone, he stripped to his T-shirt and started doing homework.  Later he was joined by Paul.  When they were called for dinner, Paul told him to put on pants for which he thanked him.  In the dining room, in response to dad's question about his having pants on, he said that Paul had given him permission.  This sent Paul's heart racing for it said that Frankie had accepted that he was the brother in charge.  Now he would have to solidify that relationship.

The next day Frankie was late returning from school and Paul was already doing his homework.  "You're late, Frankie.  Dad will not be pleased."

Frankie pulled the belt out of his jeans and offered it to Paul.  "Perhaps you can take care of this."

Paul used all his will power not to instantly grab the belt and apply it to his brother's butt.  "Dad might not like that."

"You're the one that grounded me for the week.  Please do it, Paul; dad will probably be very rough."

Paul looked at his brother in particular his pleading eyes.  "Lose your jeans and boxers, get the hairbrush, young man, and over my lap."  He could see his brother hesitate at the change of implement and position which would make it less dignified.  "Now, boy, or you can get it from father."  Definitely unsure he had made the right choice, Frankie opened his belt and removed his jeans which were quickly followed by his boxers.  Paul smiled when he saw his brother almost fully grown cock hanging from his shaven pubes.  Frankie picked up the hairbrush and handed it to his younger brother.  Paul patted his lap and Frankie laid down in position.  He balanced on his hands as Paul arm grasped his waist.

Paul raised the hairbrush and brought it crashing down on the waiting target.  The quiet was broken first by the loud WHACK!! and then squeal from Frankie.  He was just coming to the realization that this was going to hurt more than his sneaker when WHACK!! on the other cheek.


But Frankie barely got out the word when the hairbrush connected twice more.

"No more.  Stop please.  I'll…." when there were a few more hits.  The fifteen-year-old then lost it, started to cry and squirm.  Paul leaned forward and slipped his hand under his brother and grabbed his cock.  He was surprised that it was at least half hard.  He griped it tightly and them methodically applied the hairbrush to Frankie's bottom until it was a uniform cherry red.

Frankie was really bawling by now.  Paul put the hairbrush down and then used just his hand.


The cock he was using for a handle was fully hard even though Frankie was in great pain.  Paul stopped and just rubbed his brother's hot red butt.  He was surprised that Frankie's cock was throbbing.  He give him a few more SPANKS.  Not hard spanks but close to the perineum while he also squeezed the hard cock.  Seconds later Frankie blasted his load into his hand.  After a few minutes, he stood Frankie up.  Paul grabbed Frankie's boxers to first wipe his hand off and then the snot and tears from Frankie's face.  He then parked him into the corner for a while.

Until it was time to go to dinner, they did their homework although Frankie could not concentrate very well.  This time he had to go to dinner in just his T-shirt.

"Frankie, was there a good reason that you were late coming home today?" asked mother.

Frankie shook his head no.

"We'll discuss this later, boy." said dad.

"Father, Frankie asked me to discuss this matter with him and we have.  Show him, Frankie."  Frankie stood up and let his dad see his red hot butt.

"It appears that the matter is settled."

"Yes, father." both boys answered.

After lights out that evening, Paul sat naked on the edge of the bed casually fingering his stiff rod.  "Frankie, would you like to do something to make me feel good?"  Showing less reluctance than three nights earlier, Frankie knelt in front of his brother.  Paul removed his hand and Frankie leaned forward and engulfed the now fully hard rod.  Paul just relaxed and let his tractable brother do all the work and accepted the pleasure.  It only took a few minutes for Paul to gain release.  "Thanks Frank, I really enjoyed that.  It's time to sleep.  Goodnight."

Paul was soon in dreamland where he was in charge of his brother all the time.  Frankie shared the same dream but did not like it; however, he knew that was the way it was and would remain.

The rest of the week was uneventful as Frankie was a good boy until Friday evening.  It was the boys' payday – time for allowance.  This time dad did not give each boy the money but gave it all to Paul.  "I think you know how to divide this, son."

"Yes, father.  Thank you." Paul said putting the money into his pocket, "I'll take care of it right after dinner."

Upstairs, Paul was pleasantly surprised.  As he divided the money he saw that the total was more than in the past.  Dad had raised his allowance to be the same as his brother's.  It was certainly an indication of approval.  He did not mention the change to Frankie.

Paul went out for the evening leaving his still grounded brother. Frankie was still awake and wanted to talk; talk about what had happened on Sunday.  It was very difficult for Frankie to admit what he needed to – that the girls feeling his prostate was great and would Paul do it.  Paul was very agreeable and he got some lube.  He carefully lubed up Frankie's hole at the same stretching it with a couple or three fingers.  Then he eased his rampant shaft in and vigorously fucked his brother.  He banged him hard so as to stimulate the sensitive gland which brought both brothers great pleasure.  Paul was most pleased when Frankie blasted his own load just from the fucking.  Paul sensed that they would be doing such stuff a lot in the future.

On Sunday morning, Paul checked Frankie's assignments and saw that he had done all but his math homework.  "Frankie," he said, "if you finish the math stuff by noon, your grounding will be over."

Frankie really applied himself and finished it by 11:30.  He was able to call and hookup with his friends for the rest of the day.

At dinner, when dad questioned his going out, Paul explained he had gotten 'time off for good behavior'.  Everyone laughed.  Paul realized that their parents did not question his authority to control Frankie any more than did his brother.  He was no longer the "little" brother.  He had won the sibling war.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., December 04, 2001

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