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The following story is fiction about CP in public.  The story contains scenes of strapping.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I was inspired to write this story by the image which I found in several places on the web without attribution and a mis-spelt sign which I changed.  Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

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Whipping Post
Delinquents Get Strapped


It wasn't the trip of my dreams but my parents had decided that they were going to see my little cousin in the school play and so was I.  We left early Saturday morning for the long drive to get to my uncle's house by noon for lunch and then the 4 pm show.  There was one redeeming feature to this trip and that was my cousin Shawn who was my age.  He was also a great friend and had promised me a surprise on Sunday morning.

As you would expect I had to be sociable for lunch although the little actress was already at the school for final rehearsal.  After the horrid play, we all went out to a fancy restaurant for dinner.  Back at my uncle's house my parents got the guest room, as you would expect, while I doubled up with Shawn which was great.  We are close like twins and has a great game collection and we talked.  We finished up jerking off together before getting to sleep.

We got permission to go to the park where there is usually a pickup game in the morning before lunch.  Shawn wouldn't tell me anything about the surprise except it would be soon.

It was as we approached the park the surprise came into view.  It was a normal very quiet small town street scene however with an unusual decorations on the telephone pole.  I could hardly believe my eyes.  Two seventeen-year-olds with their hands high above their heads were tied to the pole at their wrists.  They were starkers.  I had never seen a sign like this one nailed to the pole above them. .

Public Punishment

Do your civic duty
and take the strop
to these delinquents© YLeeCoyote

Their glowing red butts bore radiating testimony that it was real.

My cousin explained it was summary punishment which avoided a delinquent record for minor offences just recently adopted by the city council.  It was a rare Sunday morning that the post was empty.  Protocol prevented any questioning or touching and limited punishment by any one person to two cuts per delinquent on the butt.  The razor strop was hanging on the pole.

Shawn started by giving the lad by the curb two cuts with the strop.  They were hard cuts and the lad yelped for each one.  Both Shawn and I immediately developed tents in our shorts.  Now it was my turn and I took the strop from Shawn.  I went for the sidewalk boy and each of my hard cuts caused him to yell.  I got even harder and Shawn said I did well.  It was my first time at this end of the strop and I started to see CP in a whole new light.

I repeated the action with the curb side lad.  The mean streak in me encouraged me and after a hard cut to the center of his butt, I shifted my aim and got just below the mound and on the sensitive crease.  That cut made him yell like his partner in crime had.  Shawn then delivered his second two cuts to the sidewalk lad.  He howled again.

I wanted to do some more but Shawn restrained me explaining that there are watchers as he hung up the strop.  "You best obey the rules, cousin, or you'll find yourself on the other end of the strap."  I certainly did not want that to happen.  Once in the park we stopped in the rest room to relieve the tension before getting into a game.

My 'rents were surprised that I did not complain about the trip even once on the way home.  "It's just that I had a great time with Shawn." I explained.

I'm looking forward to the next trip.

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© Copyright A.I.L. January 30, 2020

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