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The following story is fiction about a teen getting spanked.  The story contains a scene of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Delivered On Time


It was Saturday and I was anxiously expecting the delivery today.  I was up early but had to toss and turn in bed for more than an hour until I heard the ‘rents leave as planned for the day as I did not want them to wonder why I was up before noon.  Naurally, I was congratulating myself on how cleaver my plan was.  I had craftily used Dad’s credit card when he could not possibly check things and scheduled delivery for Saturday when they both would be out.  Right after Mom drove off, I was out of bed getting into my shorts and heading for the kitchen and breakfast.© YLeeCoyote

I was excited that I would be getting the new, hotest, koolest game of the year.  I could only hope that the delivery would be early so I could play soon and all day.

I was delighted when I heard the delivery van pull up in front of the house.  Yes, it was exactly as I planned.  I would deal with the driver and the folks would not know I had gotten another game using Dad’s credit card.

I watched as the driver selected up a small package and walked up the pathway to the porch where I was anxiously waiting in the doorway.  “Eugene Lamont Townsend, Jr.”?  he asked emphasizing the junior.

“That’s me!” I said stepping forward to get the most wanted package.

“I need to see your id, please.  The one from your school would be ideal.” he said surprising me.

“Sure, I’ll get it.” I yelled as I dashed for it.  It was quite satisfactory to him and he handed me the package which I ripped open immediately.

The game card I expected was not there.  Just a packing slip.  I started to complain without looking at it but the delivery man told me to read it.

Packing List
0Game #666
1Spanking, Model 9Authorized by Eugene Lamont Townsend

“What the fuck!” I uttered impulsively.

“Watch your language or you’ll earn extras.  Your father ordered the changes and expects that you cooperate with me for one Model 9 Spanking.  He will get a report.” the driver said grinning broadly.

I was speechless.  So he continued “Please stand next to the chair so that we could do this the easy way.  But you will be spanked regardless of whichever way you chose.  I don’t like the hard way so I spank harder, boy.”

It was obvious that running or refusing would only postpone things and surely make them worse.  If there hadn’t been the comment by Dad I could have claimed that it was a prank which would surely aggravate Dad even more.  With a great big sigh, I moved to the chair to await my fate.

The delivery man sat down and yanked my shorts to my ankles before pulling me over his lap.  “We’ll start with a hand warm up spanking, boy.” he said as did exactly that.

He spanked hard and within a minute knew I was just a naughty little boy over a man’s lap like when Dad spanked when I was in elementary school.  I gave some howls and sobs as he roasted my butt.

Then it got worse for he switched to some sort of paddle.  The pain increased and I saw stars that weren’t there.  Those sobs quickly turned into bawling and there were soon two super novas in my butt.  Eventually, he stopped.

He let me cry a bit before standing me up.  He took a picture of my roasted tail and insisted that I sign the delivery receipt.  He returned to his van and drove off.

I retreated inside and saw the damage.  Rubbing did not help.  I got into the shower and even filled the tub with cold water for some immersion therapy.  It only helped a little.

I then used some Sportscreme® and aspirin to ease the pain while I worried about what Dad would say and do when he returned.  That did not ease the pain at all.  The other thing that did not help was trying to figure out where my plan went wrong and how Dad learnt of it.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 16, 2023

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