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Deservingly Embarrassed Teacher


Mr. Kimpland had been teaching for many years.  He was new to this school and was considered mean and nasty by each and every one of his unfortunate fourth grade pupils only halfway through the first term.  He had finished making lunch miserable for the first lunch period of the day while eating his own lunch and downing an oversized soda in the teachers' lounge when he was approached by a school guard.  "Mr. Kimpland, Principal Lachman requests your presence in his office immediately.  Please come with me."  The guard did not know why but those were his orders as they proceeded posthaste to the office.

The principal's secretary invited him to sit since Mr. Lachman was now in an unscheduled emergency meeting which should be over in just a couple of minutes.  Mr. Kimpland tried to go to the lavatory but the secretary said he must wait as Mr. Lachman would be with him in just a couple of minutes.  Ten minutes later he tried again but this time the guard pushed him back into his seat.  "Surely, a big lad like you can wait a few minutes." was the sneering comment.  Mr. Kimpland was too dense to recognize his own nasty line that he frequently used in class.  Five minutes later he tried again.  By now he was even pressing his hand into his crotch.  The president of the PTA came in and was immediately ushered into the principal's office.  However, she did comment that was "inappropriate behavior".

A few minutes later, feeling he was about to burst, Mr. Kimpland stood up but the guard just forced him back into his seat.  "I'm sure it will be just a few minutes more." said the secretary sweetly.  It was then that he lost control and the unspeakable happened.  He could not hold it any longer; it was like Hoover Dam had burst.  His trousers were soaked and there was even a puddle on the floor.  Just then the principal stepped out of his office followed by both the assistant principal, the chairman of the school board and the president of the PTA.  "I'm so sorry to have kept you waiting, Mr. Kimpland.  Please step into my office."  It was then that he and the others saw and smelt his disgraceful condition.  "Just run down to the nurse and get cleaned up, Mr. Kimpland.  I can not talk with you in that unseemly condition."  The three bigwigs were shaking their heads.

The guard again escorted him and the nurse treated him like she treated every other wet case, much to the amusement of the fifth and third graders there for minor scratches.  The offending garments were immediately removed and placed in a plastic bag.  The wet areas were quickly treated: to start, they were dried with towels, then cleansed with baby wipes, then some baby power rubbed in, a diaper taped on and finished off with plastic pants.  Mr. Kimpland was so addled that he did not object to all this happening.  When he became aroused, the nurse rapped his member abruptly with her finger causing it to deflate and berated him sharply for improper conduct.  "Luckily, we got the adult size diapers for those big eighth graders that will fit you." said the nurse as she taped it on him.  "Sorry, we don't have any proper slacks for you but you can use these overalls like the big boys do.  They are roomy enough to fit over the diaper."  She held them out, saying:  "Just step into these."  Then the phone rang and she answered it.  "Yes, I am. … Very good, Sir." she said into the phone.  "That was the principal and he said: 'Have Kimpland come to my office immediately."

"Mr. Kimpland," said the Principal, "I have gotten at least one complaint each week for the two last months from parents, the nurse and even the custodian that you won't permit the children to go to the toilet.  That will have to stop or else.  Do you understand?  Their having to go to the nurse is both disruptive and expensive."© YLeeCoyote

"Yes, Sir." he said softly.

Just then the bell rang.  "I believe that it is time for your class, Mr. Kimpland.  Don't be late.  There is not anyone available to cover for you."

Mr. Kimpland proceeded slowly through the halls.  All the students and teachers noticed his unusual outfit.  They all knew that when a student had an accident, the nurse put overalls over a diaper and noisy plastic pants.  The hall was terribly quiet as they all listened for the telltale crinkle.  They were not disappointed.

A very red-faced Mr. Kimpland did not understand quite why his class was so attentive.  He mistakenly thought they were listening to his lecture rather than trying to decide it he had plastic pants on or not.  He did allow all those that requested a hall pass to have one to go to the lavatory from that day forth.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., August 13, 2007

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