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The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of humiliation, spankings and sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This story is for Tommy who told me of some similar horrors he was forced to endure until he was well into college.  Another story about Tommy is at Living in Hell.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

The Designated Freshman – Part 1/2


I was almost sixteen and it was the second week of my freshman year of high school.  I had started late because I was very sick when I was eight and dropped back a grade.  Because I was short I was worried about being hazed by the other students.  I was very relieved when during orientation I heard that hazing – even off school grounds – was strictly prohibited (on penalty of suspension).  It seemed to be an effective policy since during the first eight days, I had not seem or even heard of any hazing; not even a single case of a freshie being stuffed into his locker.

This eighth day of school, two of my classmates, José Rodriguez and Herb Stone, had come home with me to work on a term project.  Normally I would have gone to one of their houses but it was a special day for my parents.  Father had a day off from work and he and mother were going to visit some friends who lived a couple of hours away.  Mom had even left my dinner in the fridge as they were not going to be home until eight – a very important consideration for me.

We had come into the house through the back door, raided the fridge and were half way up the stairs to my room when I heard what could easily be mistaken for a rutting bull moose bellowing.  "THOMAS STEVEN HANSEN!"

It was my father.  "Good afternoon, father.  These are my classmates, José and Herb who came over to work on our school project.  Is something the matter that you're home so early?"

"Good afternoon, Mr. Hansen." said José and Herb in unison politely.© YLeeCoyote

"Good afternoon, boys.  The matter, Thomas, is your clothes.  You have been in the house at least five minutes and you should be out of your street clothes by now."

Let me explain.  My parent are, to put it simply and directly, crazy.  They believe that not only children should be seen and not heard but that they don't wear clothes in the house.  Ever since I was out of diapers I have been required to strip to my underwear when I came inside the house.  The same rule applied to my cousins as well and since with my parents and their siblings it was very much mi casa es tu casa the most any of us kids wore in any of our homes was underwear.  Just like it's hard to believe in Santa Claus and not in Jack Frost, there were other things.  We youngsters frequently lost our underpants also.  In the summer after playing in the sprinkler when they were wet – off they came as we came back into the house likewise for many transgressions and always until the next morning if we were spanked.  It was particularly embarrassing after I reached puberty and my girl cousins (five and seven years younger) not to mention my aunts saw my pubes.  My parents said that we were all just kids and were to be treated the same.  That I was significantly older did not matter to them; we were all the same younger generation.  But let me continue.

I tried to change the subject.  "Father, my classmates are here to work on an important school project with me.  Please can we discuss this later?" I pleaded.  I was hoping that the extreme emphasis on school would distract dad from where he was going.

"COME HERE THOMAS."  It was not working; I was going to get it in front of my friends, once again.  My parent are also big believers in making punishment humiliating as possible.

I handed my book bag to José, and went back down the stairs to where father was standing.  "Thomas, don't be impertinent.  I'm very disappointed in you.  Your mother and I thought that you could follow the rules without being constantly watched but evidently we were wrong."  He then grabbed my T-shirt and started to lift it off.  I knew better than to resist and docilely lifted my arms.  "Remove your shoes."  I bent over and did so carefully placing them next to the chair where dad had just sat down on.  He then reached for my belt and opened it.  I did not dare to do anything as I had been through this before – many times before – as my classmates watched in stunned but amused silence.  Little did they know what a show they were going to get.  At this moment I was praying silently that all father would do would be to strip and spank me to tears.  As humiliating as that would be, my parents liked to inflict other punishments that are even worse.

He finished opening my jeans and pulled them half way down and then completely off as I lifted each foot on command.  He did the same with my briefs; I was now naked except for my socks.  Then he put me to his side and pulled me over his lap.  The prologue over, Act-I started as he proceeded to beat my little butt with his big bear-like paw and strong arm.  I knew that I would cry and embarrass myself even more before my mates for he would not stop until I did.  If I cried too soon I would look like a wimp and too late I would be in pain for days.  I lost track of both the lecture and the count of the spanks as the pain overwhelmed me and I cried.  At least I was not bawling.

Dad then took me upstairs to the bathroom and stood me in the tub for Act-II.  It had been more than a month since they had punished me like this so I actually had a respectable looking bush.  Dad took the hair clipper he uses for his mustache and mowed down my bush as my classmates watched in astonishment.  A lot of guys get spanked but this was very different indeed.

As he wet my pubes and covered them with shaving cream, he calmly announced: "Naughty, impertinent, untrustworthily little boys don't have pubes like responsible young men have."  Then he proceed to shave me so that I was as smooth as a little boy.  To make matters worse, as he handled me I got hard.  Sixteen-year-olds get hard all the time but this was in front of my parents and classmates.  I think that my face was as red as my freshly spanked butt.

When he handed me a towel to dry myself, he finished his lecture.  "You know that I will not stand for any of your impertinent backtalk.  Now do your homework with your friends."  As my friends turned, they saw that my mother had also been watching.

We went to my room as my hard on subsided due to my great shame.  On the other hand, both José and Herb were tenting their jeans with their own hot rods.  They insisted on feeling up my freshly shorn pubes which caused me to get hard again.  "We'll never get any work done this way." said José as he opened his jeans and pulled his oozing cock out, "This needs to be taken care of, pronto.  You'll help me, Tommy, won't you?"  He paused and then smiled broadly as he blackmailed me.  "Or do I tell everyone what just happened in school tomorrow?"

Herb forced the same deal as he was stroking his rod.  He had also pulled out a couple of condoms from his backpack and handed one to José.  As they rolled them on, Herb said: "I've got the lubed one, so I get this end." and slapped my butt hard.  They pushed me down on my hands and knees and José grabbed my hair and shoved his cock into my mouth.  Herb had gotten behind me and I could already feel his cock pressing at my hole.  He rammed it in and it hurt but since my mouth was full I could not yell.  They pushed me back and forth until they both exploded in the rubbers.  At least I was safe from any infection.  After we all stood up, they started to wipe their cocks with tissues, when they saw that I had also shot a load on the floor without my cock even being touched.  They laughed as I cleaned that up.  "That's a good little boy; wipe it up before mommy sees."

As we got down to work, they said that they would keep their word and not tell that they saw me spanked and shaved because I was such a good fuck.  I was really surprised until they said that we were going to be really good and very intimate friends (as well as project partners) and that they did not want to share me.  Of course, we won't have to tell, they told me, for in swim class tomorrow everyone will see your red butt and bald pubes.  I almost cried at the reminder of the truth as they both laughed and rubbed my smooth crotch calling me 'little boy'; their little hairless fuck boy.

We had been working for an hour when mom just walked and invited them to stay for dinner.  They both, alas, accepted subject to parental approval which was easily obtained.  Of course, I was naked at the table with my fully dressed, fourteen-year-old classmates, who were a year and a half younger than me, as we ate.  Mother still has real good knack of embarrassing me.  She calmly asked dad why he had spanked and shaved me AGAIN.  That last word was not lost on José and Herb.  Not only did dad explain in detail but he also added that I would not be allowed even underpants in the house until Monday.

I was in full dread of swim class the third and fourth periods the next day as it approached.  I though about cutting class and even about skipping school but I knew that I would be caught and just suffer more.  Anyway, eventually, I would be in swim class.  I'll bet that you guessed what sort of outfits we have to wear.  Yep, birthday suits.  There was not any way that I could not be there for almost two hours naked in the locker room, pool, showers and lockers again without, as Herb noted, everyone seeing that I had lost my pubes.

I tried to delay the horror by being slow and the last into the pool area.  That was a dreadful mistake.  The swim coach saw me come in last and called me over immediately.  I was standing facing both him and the entire class.  "Hansen, there is defiantly a consensus that shaving your head and body will improve a swimmer's performance.  That is why our team does it.  But they also wear suits in meets so that they leave their pubes alone.  This [pointing at my bald crotch] is not going to get you any points here, boy.  Of course, being late will make you lose them.  Now take your place."

"Yes, sir." and I started to join the row of fifteen other guys waiting.  In doing so, I passed the coach.

"Hold it, Hansen."  I stopped and turned to face him, showing the class my butt.  "Did you shower first?"

"Yes, sir."

"Your tail is so red, that I though it was rouged.  Take your place.  On the double."  The class was now concentrating on my butt surely realizing that I must have been spanked.  José and Herb could keep their silence and it would not matter for soon everyone in school would know that I had been spanked and lost my pubes.  They made a deal that cost them nothing and gained power over me with an even bigger secret – that they had fucked me.

The coach hung around the shower room and lockers to be sure that there was not any trouble that first day but I was sure that he would not be there everyday.  I heard lots of snide remarks on the bus home.

The first day that the coach did not watch us in the shower Paul Conner, a freshman, showed how great his interest was in my bare pubes.  I was the first heading into the shower and he was behind me.  He grabbed me at the entrance and got me into a full Nelson actually lifting me up and turned to face the guys coming in.  He was much stronger and bigger so my struggles were in vain.  Then loud enough for everyone to hear, proclaimed:  "Little hairless boys like you, Hansen, must wait until the real men with pubes go first."

By the end of the day on Friday, everyone in school knew about how my parents treated me and, explicitly, that I had lost my pubes.  Some of my fellow students already knew about the no clothes and spanking at home from the past and there were also reports from my cousins through various siblings.

The most popular story was about visit the family made to the lake last summer.  There were three pairs of parents, my five cousins and I.  At fifteen and half I was the oldest by far since the next oldest was Mary Beth who was ten.  Unfortunately the story that went around was true.  I'm sure that it was Mary Beth that told it first.

Tommy and his parents were the last to show up at the lake so everyone got to watch what happened to him.  His parents stripped off their street clothes and were soon in their bathing suits.  Tommy was holding back.  His mother told him to undress and go play and swim with the rest of us kids.  He objected that he did not have a bathing suit.  His dad just slapped him and undressed him down to his briefs.  He was soon crying like a little boy of five.

His dad then pulled down his briefs and I saw that he had grown hair about his dicky since last year.  He was hauled over his dad's lap and SPANKED hard until he was bawling.  Then he had to play with us all day.  When his briefs got wet they got transparent and everyone could see how they clung to his little pee-pee.  Even his hair showed.

At the end of the day, his mommy said that because he had been acting like a little boy that he was not allowed to dry himself.  She pulled the briefs off him and dried him all over after just like mom was doing with my little brother.  When she dried his penis it got bigger and stuck out.  That did not happen with my little brother.  She yelled at him that he was a disgusting boy.  Then she put dry briefs on him.  His thing caused them to push out.

Then his father gave him a few hard spanks and he wet his briefs, but it was not pee because it was not yellow.  His mother said he was gross and pulled his briefs off him and they took him to the car buck naked.

Even the grown ups were laughing at him.

It seemed that every one that I saw in school was laughing at me like at the beach.  I was glad that I had not made up any stories but just refused to talk about things.

The next week was very quiet.  It was the fourth week of school that presented the problems.  It turned out that the no hazing rules was not as absolute as I thought.  I was at my hall locker on Monday morning when I was surrounded by a batch of sophs just as I was wondering what the big DF label on my locker meant.  "Hansen, you're the designated freshBOY."  One of the guys pinned a button on my shirt with a DF.  "Get into your locker, now."

"What is this?" I asked innocently.

"I just told you, dummy.  You're the designated freshBOY.  You are to get into your locker when you're told or we will put you in and ask you again tomorrow, little hairless Tommy."  There were six of them.  I got into the locker.  They closed the door and it took me ten minutes to get out.  I got a detention for being late which meant that I had to walk home.

On Thursday, I got together with José and Herb at Herb's house to work on our project.  As you would have expected they had other things on their minds as well as the project.  They insisted that I should strip to my briefs as if I was home.  They threatened that they would tell about what they did and saw at my place if I did not comply.  They even pointed out that they had kept their part of the bargain but if I wanted everyone to know the details…."

I stripped for them.  It was not that they would see anything new that disturbed me but that I was under the control of two fourteen-year-olds.  Then they declared that because of my resistance, that I had earned a spanking.  Herb yanked down my briefs and José pulled me across his lap.  The both paddled me, alternating smacks with a pair of ping-pong paddles.  They did not stop until I was crying like a baby.  Then they fucked me together – one in my mouth and the other in ass.  I did not believe it but I was so excited that I shot on the floor again as they filled their rubbers.  They made me lick it up.

They noticed that I had grown some pubic stubble and said that it was wrong for little boys like me.  They pushed me down on the bed and shaved me.  This was a lot more sensuous that when dad or mom did it.  They constantly played with my hard pee-pee (as they called it) as they pulled the razor over my pubic mound.  When they finished shaving me, they jerked me off which felt very good.  We then worked on our project while I was naked.  I was allowed to get dressed and had supper with pants on for a change as we ate at Herb's house.

On Friday, the sophs ganged up on me again.  I was lead out to the football field and told to strip.  I pleaded not to be made to do it.  "You have a choice, boy.  If we have to strip you, you won't find your clothes very easily.  When I was naked, they gave me back my sneakers.  One of them threw my clothes on the goad posts at the far end of the field while another wrote DF with a permanent marker on my chest and back.  Then they went to the stands to watch the girls' track team practice.  I hid under the stands until it was dark before running to retrieve my clothes and walking home.  I was rewarded with a spanking for being late and not calling.  Mom noticed that my pubes were still smooth and said that they grew very slowly.

I got stuffed into my locker every week.  The rules were quite clear.  If I did as I was told, that was it for the week.  Otherwise, I got forced in and they asked again the next day.  A couple of times I told them that I had a test and we made an appointment for later in the day.

Pantsings were less predictable.  The first time was on the stairs.  I got pushed up into a corner and my belt and pants opened and pulled down along with my briefs.  I was told to just stand there until they blew a while in three minutes before moving.  You would be surprised at how many though it was cleaver to say: "Hi Baldy."  A few girls played on Mae West's line with: "You don't look happy to see me."

I found out later that it was a very careful setup.  They had blocked the stairs above and below and only let a select few through to see me.  If I had run, then I would have been stripped on the entrance steps and tied to the railing.

It was the pantsing in the coed PE class that was the worst because it was at the hands of another freshman – Paul Conner.  Paul came up behind me in the gym.  Not only did he yank down my shorts but my jock strap also.  Since I was on the 'skins' at that time, I was naked in a class of sixty boys and girls.  I started to run but tripped over my own shorts which were about my ankles and fell on my face.  Paul grabbed my shorts and jock while others were laughing at my bare buns.  I got up and then I was naked for all to see.  I tried to cover my crotch with my hands as I ran to the exit to the locker room.  My way was blocked by Paul and his friends.

They teased me by tossing by shorts and jock about as I tried to grab them in a game of keep-away.  This, of course, let everyone see me, with my bat and ball bouncing, from all angles.  After a while, one of the teachers, Ms. Stuckup, came over.  She told them: "Let him go now.  You've had your fun."  She was smiling as she looked at my crotch and asked: "Do you shave them or are you just like that."  Before I got out I could see one of the guys climbing one of the rope with my jock strap.  The next time in PE I could see it tied to the support bar some twenty five feet up.  It had replaced a bra that had been put there the day before.  It was a week later that Sally actually climbed to the top, in class, and retrieved it.  She then presented it to me saying for all to hear: "I believe this is yours, hairless boy."  She got her laugh.  I got red.

One afternoon, a couple of seniors, actually asked me to help out in their drawing class.  They needed a male model and I had been recommended.  The senior's brother was one of the sophs that was in charge of the hazing gang.  It was clear that refusing would not be a good idea.  So at 2:30 I showed up at the drawing studio and the teacher asked me to strip to my briefs and to get on the posing platform.  The class, half guys and half gals, told me to go all the way.  The teacher reminded the class that pubic hair may not be exhibited.  The guys that invited me told her that was a not problem with me just when one of the gals stepped up behind me and pulled my briefs down.  The teacher looked, and said it was OK.  I was studied for a couple of hours as they all tried to draw a young male body with his balls and cock hanging out.  I was invited to come back twice.  José and Herb made sure that I did not have to worry about having any forbidden hair.

It was in mid October when José and Herb were at my house to work on our project again.  As soon as I got inside, I stripped down to my undershorts while they got some cold soda.  Mom came into the room and berated me for not tending to my chores.  She said she would spank me later for she had some things to do now.  The ever helpful José asked: "Mrs. Hansen, if you like, we can do that for you."  Mother cheerfully accepted their offer of help.  "Lose the briefs, boy." ordered José.  A minute later the three of us were upstairs, with me naked.  They had spanked me before but not with parental sanctions.  That little voice inside told me that this was not a good portent.

They decided that they would strap me using their leather belts.  I lay over the bed and they each started to strap me with a folded belt alternating strokes.  They swung hard with the enthusiasm of having delegated parental power over me.  I was soon crying from the pain.  They did not stop until I was bawling.  As they liked to do, they even shaved me again.  And, it goes without saying, double fucked me.

I was still kneeling on the floor as they buttoned up their jeans when mother walked in just in time to hear: "Wipe up that mess you made, boy."  Mother did not see their cum filled condoms, but just my puddle on the floor.  As always she upbraided me for coming when I was being punished and invited them for dinner.  She inspected my butt and told them that they had done a good job.  Then Herb said to check out my pubis for they had also shaved me.  Mother was very pleased and thanked them profusely.  At dinner she told father how they had strapped and shaved me and he was even more pleased than mother.  He told them that: "I worry about Tommy in school.  Do you think that you could keep an eye on him and maybe a belt or two at school?"  Mother seconded the idea and they both happily volunteered to try to be of help in any small way that they could.

"Mr. Hansen," started José, "do you shave Tommy because he is bad or because he so immature?"

"A very good question, young man." dad replied, "  If he was more mature, then he would not get into so much mischief that require punishment, of course, so definitely because he is so childish."

"Unfortunately his body developed sooner than his mind." added mother.  "He can not be trusted about girls yet for he does have the necessary self-control yet."  They both thanked my parents for the insights and promised that they would really watch out for me.

While we were finishing up our project father wrote a letter to the principal explaining the power that José and Herb had over me for it authorized them to take charge of me and even to spank me for transgressions in school whenever they deemed necessary.  He said that he would send it to the principal tomorrow and gave each of us a copy.  Now I was totally at their mercy for father would get me for not obeying them.

In case you have not figured it out, let me explain that "The Designated Freshman" is, in a couple of words – THE SCAPEGOAT.  One very unlucky kid, this time me, is allowed to be hazed without any risk to the hazers.  The sophs have a secret vote and someone is chosen.  The school administration has found that the total amount of hazing is lower and except for that one kid everyone is happy.  Tradition has it that real violence not be used but, likewise, blackmail is standard.  The general form is 'go along with this humiliation or we will force you to do something worse.'  Now to complicate things, I have two guys with parental authorization (even known to the school) that have even more power over me.  My future is bleak indeed.

I few days later a had to agree to a new set of rules that we worked out.  We started with the ones José had to follow which he had written out  in his own hand and signed.  It was pretty much what you would expect with requirements to do school work and chores, curfew and punishment standards.  The curfew seamed early but since José had the same it was not possible to change it.  What I did not know was that it was an old set of rules from when José was in the seventh grade.  Of course, I had to add my crazy parents' rule about no street clothes in the house and continue to wear briefs rather than boxers.

I had left it on my desk without realizing that mother would be in my room so a couple of days later at dinner my parents said they approved of "Tommy's Rules" and thought that they would do me good.

It was only a week later that I got into an argument with another freshman in the hall which turned into a shoving contest.  We were both hauled off to the vice-principal and each of us got detention for two days.  The first day there José and Herb showed up with a note from the principal explaining that they were going to administer CP if they saw fit after talking to me.  I was not able to talk my way out so they decided on ten strokes with a belt on my bare butt.  I begged them to do it after school even offering to take double but they were adamant.  They made an announcement explaining their authority and that I was to be strapped here and now.

I had to drop my pants and briefs and lean over the teacher's desk.  As I got into position the room went silent and all I could hear was the pounding of my heart.  They each folded their belts and alternated strokes as always.  I could hear comments about how the strips were forming across my ass and my balls bouncing.  My two disciplinarians hit hard but avoided the most sensitive crease at the bottom so that I was able not to cry.

When they were finished, I had to turn around, apologize to the other detainees for distracting them from studying and thank the two of them for punishing me.  I guess that I should be grateful that they did not take me over the knee and spank me.  I spent the rest of the hour with my nose in the corner and my hot red butt on display.

Fortunately my guardians stayed to chaperone me home so I was protected from the others who where there.  Actually, we only walked part way home together, but I was given strict instructions that I was to strip completely once I was home in accordance with the 'naked after spanking' rule.  It was a good thing that I did, for Herb called to check on me.  I dread to think what dad would have done if I was wearing my briefs.

By lunch time the next day it seemed that everyone knew that José and Herb not only had jurisdiction over me but would exercise it publically.  I did get one benefit out of this – the second day's detention was canceled.

Thanksgiving morning I spent doing heavy chores – cleaning out the garage and yard work.  After hours of this heavy work, I was allowed to take a hot soaking bath.  Just as I settled down to relax my muscles, my relatives started to arrive.  Since there we two sets of them, they were able to interact with each and leave me alone.  That was until six year Stevie spilt chocolate milk all over himself.  In a couple of minutes Aunt Elizabeth and mom barged into the bathroom and mom told me that I was going to have to share the tub as Stevie was put into the tub.  His mother washed him and his big sister Ruth Ann, who had tagged along, volunteered to dry him.  She stood him on the toilet and started to do so.  Definitely mommy's little helper.

Aunt Elizabeth was kneeling by the tub with only, to her, one kid in it.  "Let me help you, Tommy." she said picking up the washcloth.  Ruth Ann giggled as she slowly dried her little brother.

Instead of saying something like «Thank you, Aunt Elizabeth, I would appreciate your scrubbing my back which is hard to do.»  I said: "Thank you, but I can wash myself now, Aunt Elizabeth.  I'm not a little boy anymore."  If I had, maybe she would just have done that.

"Don't be silly, Tommy.  I've bathed you lots of times." with that she started to do my back.  Actually, that was nice because it is hard to reach.  She looked behind my ears, and laughed.  "I see you still miss back here," scrubbing hard to correct my oversight, "just like the little boy you are."

Just then eight-year-old Ronnie walked in.  "I've brought Stevie's fresh underroos."  The two girls put them on Stevie who ran off to play.  They stayed to watch aunt Elizabeth bathe me.

"Stand up, Tommy." ordered my aunt.  I pleaded with my eyes but I got that look that clearly said 'do as you are told or get spanked and then you will do it'.  I stood up as my cousins stared at my crotch.  Aunt Elizabeth proceed to wash my legs and then my behind.  She made me spread my checks first so she could she if there any excessive deposits before using the washcloth.  "Notice, girls, that washing Tommy is the same as Stevie except that there is more to do."

Then she proceed to wash my cock and balls.  "I see that you're still a little boy here, Tommy.  You don't have pubic hair."  (Apparently she forgot she saw my pubes last summer and that mother told her she and dad shaved me several times.)  Ruth Ann and Ronnie giggled.  "Don't laugh girls.  Some boys are slower than other to develop.  Your cousin's penis and testicles are growing normally.  You can see that they are proportionally larger than little Steven's."  All this talk, interest in my equipment and handling by my aunt, had caused me to get hard.  "Thomas!  You should be ashamed of yourself for having an erection in front of your young cousins and myself."  She sighed and the two girls came closer.  "Well, we might as well take advantage of it.  Girls, see Tommy has gotten an erection.  As I explained to you before, his penis has filled with blood and gotten hard in preparation for intercourse.  Of course, that is most inappropriate now.  When he gets older he'll also get hair over here called pubes."

"May we touch it, mother?" asked Ruth Ann.

"Oh, yes, please, may we?" chimed in Ronnie.

"No.  Definite not." I said firmly.  (Hadn't she heard about 'good touching and bad touching'?)

"Thomas, this is your own fault.  If you had not gotten erect we would never have even started this conversation.  Please cooperate for this is an important lesson for the girls."  They took that as permission and both reached forward.  They grabbed and pulled on my cock.  Their little hands were hot and they pulled a lot.

I was losing control.  "Please stop." I cried, "please."  They did not and I shot.  My cum went right between the girls and hit the wall.

"THOMAS STEVEN HANSEN! how could you do such a thing!  You're just a disgusting animal."  The girls had stepped back and my erection collapsed.  "Thomas has ejaculated.  Ruth Ann, go ask uncle Sandy to come and spank Tommy."  As the girls ran to get dad, she added: "Your mother is right; you should have your balls removed."

In about two minutes dad was sitting on my bed and I was over his lap.  Everyone watched as he spanked me.  First he used his hand and then his belt.  It was a very long spanking and I was bawling just like little Stevie does.  I was parked in the corner and told to stay there until I was called.  I was glad to hide my face.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

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