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The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of humiliation, spankings and sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This story is for Tommy who told me of some similar horrors he was forced to endure until he was well into college.  Another story about Tommy is at Living in Hell.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

This is part 2 of 2.  You should start with Part 1.

The Designated Freshman – Part 2/2


Later, Ruth Ann came to me.  She walked over to me and touched my hot butt.  "You really got spanked Tommy.  Your bottom is still very hot.  I was sent to tell you to come to dinner."  I turned around for she had seen and touched everything just a little while ago.  I was surprised for instead of just being in her underwear, she was wearing a dress.  "Do you like my party dress, Tommy?  I have special permission to wear it for dinner today." she said with a curtsy.

A few minutes later we were all at the table.  Six adults fully dressed.  Four kids under ten in their underwear.  One just eleven-year-old girl in a party dress.  One sixteen-year-old boy with shaven pubes and a hot red ass in his birthday suit, blushing all over sitting between the two young girls.  I did not think that it could get any worse.  I was wrong.  Mother told how two of my classmates – both only fourteen but mature – were helping with my discipline.  "They watch him at school and outside.  They spank and shave Thomas at least once a week.  It makes it much easier for us."

After dinner, the men retired to the football games on TV and the women to kitchen.  I was stuck having to play with my five cousins.  The three little ones were happy with computer games and cartoons but Ruth Ann and Ronnie wanted to play with me.  Perhaps I should be more precise, they wanted to play with my genitals.  I tried to speak with dad but I got shoed away.  I tried to speak with aunt Elizabeth but mom told me: "Thomas, please just be a good host.  Play with the other little children; just do what they want for a couple hours like a good boy.  Or would you prefer another spanking today?"

"Come on, Tommy, we all want to play." said Ruth Ann from the doorway now back in only her underwear.

"Thomas, go; now!" said mother in that tone meaning a spanking could happen in just seconds.© YLeeCoyote

Back in the other room, Ruth Ann announced that they wanted to play 'doctor'.  She was the doctor and Ronnie was the nurse.  I was to be the patient.  I told her that I did not want to play that game but she insisted.  "I heard your mommy tell you to play what we wanted.  If you don't, I'll tell and you'll get another spanking."  I was trapped.

"Please bring in the next patient, nurse." she said opening up her 'play doctor' set and putting on stethoscope.  Ronnie lead me to the chair.  "Good, I see that the patient is undressed already."  She proceed to poke and probe me, to look in every hole in my head like she thought a real doctor does with a toy light instrument.  She listen to my heart and lungs (not that she could hear anything) with the toy stethoscope.  Then I had to lie on the floor with my butt up.  She looked at it and patted it hard.  I flinched.  "Your bottom is very sensitive, patient Tommy.  Have you been spanked recently."

"Yes, doctor, this morning."

"You must have deserved it, boy."

"Yes, doctor.  I was a bad boy." I said getting into the sprit of her game.

Then she spread my checks and touched my anus.  "This looks nice and clean.  It is good that you keep it clean.  Turn over, please."  This is what I had feared.  "See, nurse, the patient is still a boy for he does not have hair here yet."  She took hold of my hardening cock and jerked it a bit.  Ronnie gabbed my balls and in seconds I was rock hard.  "This is good, nurse, see how quickly he is ready for intercourse for his penis has gotten very hard."  The girls played a bit more and I shot again.  As they wiped me off with a towel, the doctor noted: "He makes lots of sperm so he can make a baby."

Ruth Ann rubbed my pubis and then declared: "There is a problem here, this skin is not smooth but rough."  She then leaned over and look at my pubis very carefully.  "It feels like daddy's cheek when he needs a shave.  I saw that you had hair at the beach last summer.  What happened to your hair?"

"Your aunt and uncle cut it off to punish me." I answered sadly and truthfully.  I don't know why I did; probably it was that I always told the doctor the truth.

Then she changed modes without warning.  "Shooting like that is disgusting, Thomas.  Turn over." she said imitating her mother.  I was relieved to do so.  "Naughty boys get spanked."  The both girls started to spank me as hard as they could.  My butt was still sensitive from the beating dad had given me so I winced and flinched to their delight.

When they finished spanking me, they told me to sit up.  "Get a lollipop for the good patient, nurse."  They each gave me a hug and a kiss and thanked me for playing with them and promised not to tell what we did.  We played cards until it was time for them to leave.

After all the other little kids (other than me!) got dressed and we were saying good bye, Ruth Ann pulled me down, gave me a hug and kiss and again thanked me for playing so nicely with her and Ronnie.  This time everyone could hear.

When everyone was gone, mother told me she was glad that I had played nicely with my cousins so that I would not have to get another spanking.  I hope that you noticed that your cousins were polite enough to thank you to show they appreciated your playing with them.

It was the second week in December that I got into trouble again in school.  It was in PE and Ms. Stuckup, the same nasty female coach that did not do anything to Paul and his friends for pantsing me weeks ago, got me for not stopping instantly when she blew her whistle when I was taking a running shot at the basket.  She was about to write me up for a detention when the head coach came over and spoke privately to her.  A minute later she announced that I was to be strapped by Rodriguez for my misdeeds rather than detention.  The strapping would occur here and now on my bare posterior.  That word got a big laugh from the class.  In a minute, I was bent over a vaulting horse with my shorts off and just wearing my jock strap.  Ms. Stuckup wanted the jock off but the head coach said the condition was that my butt was bare and it was.

Herb came around to hold me in place.  Ms. Stuckup was not satisfied and asked for a volunteer to help hold me.  A lot of hands went up but she picked Paul.  Paul quickly took my right wrist while Herb had my left.  "This should be lots of fun, Tommy.  I hope you cry like a baby."

José took his position.  After the head coach said: "Whenever you're ready Rodriguez." he started.  The belt crashed down with a loud WHACK but it did not hurt nearly as much as it appeared.  Paul had to count.  "One, sucker."  José continued until I had been given eight more.  I got a snide remark with each one from Paul.

"One more, Hansen." said José.  They gripped me extra tightly not sure what José was going to do.  WHACK!!  He hit much harder and I really felt it although it sounded just like the others.  "OK, shorts back on, Tom."  There was a round of applause but I'm not sure if it was for me or José or the show.

Ms. Stuckup said it was too easy.  The head disagreed and José kindly offered to demonstrate on her to show that it was real.  Alas, she refused and the class, disappointed, continued.

José, bless his kind heart, had been practicing with the strap.  He had learnt how to make noise or pain or both with the strap.  He said that he expected that I might be in an unfair situation and wanted to be prepared.  Also, he had suggested the strapping to the head coach so that I would not have another detention on my record.

It was the last day before the winter holiday break at lunch time one the usual harassers asked (rather than told me, although I had not realized at the moment) me to be at my locker at the end of the day.  I asked, no, pleaded for a reprieve but he was adamant and insisted.  Either I promised to be there or I would lose my pants – here and now in the lunch room – and they would be waiting for me at the appointed time and place.  I promised.  I was worried that they would really lock me into my locker when the place was deserted so I asked José and Herb to be ready to rescue me.

It was really a big surprise.  A lot of guys and gals were there.  When I got there, the DF marker had been removed from my locker which was strange.  One of them presented me with a scroll.  I opened it and read:


Be it known that THOMAS STEVEN HANSEN has been lawfully impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors and found GUILTY at trial by the Sophomore Senate of Samuel Houston High School this twentieth day of December of the 140th year of the Republic of Texas.

According to that judgement of the Senate said THOMAS STEVEN HANSEN is hereby REMOVED from the office of THE DESIGNATED FRESHBOY and forever disqualified from ever holding that office again.

It was signed by the Sophomore class officers.  I was told that I had become too much of a good sport and it was just not any fun to haze me anymore.  I was also made an honorary Sophomore with all the rights and privileges of that class and with free admission to all their events.  They all shook my hand and said nice things.  They had clued my two escorts in so that they could share my joy.  As we walked out, I asked who was the next DF was.  It was not yet decided for the vote went 40/40/20% split so they would need a run off election between Paul Conner and Roger Jackson.  "Hey!  I'm entitled to vote!" I exclaimed, "Where's my ballot?"  The guys in charge of the election dug into his bag and gave me a ballot.  My vote made it 41/40/19 that was required to avoid a runoff election.

I felt great walking home for I knew that when school resumed Paul Conner will be the next Designated Freshboy.  I was really looking forward to it.  Especially in swim class after he losses his pubes for the guys promised me that it would happen – somehow.

It was home room time the first morning back at school after the New Year and the standard school announcement was just finishing with: "The sophomore class would like to thank Mr. Thomas Hansen for being such a good sport as the DF.  However, he has been removed from that exalted position.  The new DF is…." and the bell rang drowning out the name and everyone heard the click of the system being shut off.

There was a bit of apprehension through the fresh class for only the three of us (José, Herb and myself) knew who the new DF was.  The sophs had advised us to not to let anyone know that we knew what was going to happen and to keep it a secret that I was an honorary soph.  It was at the third class break that Paul found out.  Several of us had gone to our lockers and saw the big DF label on his locker.  Paul immediately started to remove it when he was surrounded by a batch of sophs.  "Don't touch that, Conner." ordered a command voice loudly.© YLeeCoyote

Paul did not know when he was out numbered.  He told them to fuck off and started to peal it off again.  Several hands grabbed him.  "That's not a good thing to do, boy." they warned.  "You need to cool off.  Just get into your locker."

"No way, José!" he snapped.  Four guys lifted him and shoved him into his locker and closed the door.  He was screaming to be let out in just seconds.  A lot of us were laughing at him.  He liked to dish it out but it was immediately evident that he could not take it.

The warning bell rang and everyone dashed for class leaving him.  As the sophs left, they were smiling.  "This is a live one.  He going to be lots of fun.  Not like you, Hansen."  I got patted on the back and my ass slapped twice.  Things were definitely going to be better.  Paul dragged himself into class fifteen minutes late and got a detention.  Most of the class, smiled.

It took Paul four days to learn that he had best do what he was told.  Well, about getting into his locker anyway.

Stripping out by the football field after classes was a different matter.  He refused to do it.  That was not a prudent choice for he was greatly outnumbered.  Many hands pulled at his clothes.  His shirt and t-shirt were shredded almost immediately. His jeans were ripped open rendering the zipper useless.  His sneakers were pulled off and then his socks and jeans.  His boxers were ripped off leaving only the elastic waist band.  His clothes were thrown at the far goal with his sneakers and jeans wrapped around the bar.  This was not like was done with my clothes.  I was able to get mine by jumping and just pulling them down.  They had tied some rocks in his pants legs so that they wrapped around the bar like a bola would and hence required a ladder to retrieve.

Then the girls' track team trotted out for practice.  Paul was horrified.  For all his boasting he had never been with a girl and was very ashamed to be naked.  I was just sitting in the stands watching and enjoying this.

The sophs that had stripped him sort of disappeared into the stands and soon he was surrounded by the girls.  They literally ran circles about him so they all saw all of him.  Because he was so ashamed of being naked, his penis wilted and he stood there with his hands over it trying to hide.  The girls delighted in pulling his arms out so they all got a good look.  A few even slapped his butt.  Once they had his arms, they invited him to a warmup lap about the track.  It was an offer he could not refuse.  He was forced to lead the pack so that everyone in the stands saw him.

The girls did take pity on him, and gave him some clothes from their emergency bag that they have in case things rip.  They found a very nice pair of pink panties with black lace trim that was almost his size and slipped them on him.  As awful as the very tight, very feminine panties were they must have seemed a bit better than nothing to him.  Of course, they were so tight so that his basket was well defined.  They also found a powder blue bra and put that on him.

Finally, they responded to his pleas and tears and let him go.  But they kindly tried to make him look better with some makeup including lipstick and gave him a drink of water.  Regrettably, the water girl slipped and got his panties soaking wet (making them more transparent).  He ran off and hid until dark.  He had to sneak home dressed in girls' underwear as he couldn't get his clothes and did not have anything to get the makeup off.

Unfortunately, I was not there to witness what happen when he got home.  The sophs had alerted his brother, Kevin who was in the eight grade, what going to happen and made sure that he had a digital camera.  The report from Kevin was great.  Of course, Paul's parents yelled at him for losing his clothes and being late.  Not only was Kevin absolutely delighted but so was Sally, their little sister.  Kevin got several pictures.  The first one as Paul came up the stairs and then a couple in the family room.  Their dad asked for copies so Paul could not force his little brother to destroy them.  The pics were quickly uploaded Kevin's web site and he emailed them to his brother and a couple of trusted friends before Paul could even try to suppress them.  "Which of your friends would like copies of these?" was the text.

What Paul had not known was that the school newspaper photographer had also been at the field.  She also got a few shots – both of him running nude and in the panties and bra.  Although the former could not be published, the latter was in the school newspaper a couple of days later.  I made sure to get a few copies.  Even Paul's friends had a good laugh.

Paul complained to the vice-principal.  He was told that since he was the DF there was nothing that could be done.  Once it became known that he had complained he was derided even more for being a poor sport.  I bet he would have been congratulated for giving his autograph on the picture for a donation to some charity as a good sport.

Paul was subjected to the 'pants down for three minute on the stairs game' but bolted after only thirty seconds.  He was not stopped but that triggered the plan to teach him obedience.  At the end of the day he was surrounded and his shirt was pulled up and off.  His hands then tied behind his back with wire ties.  A couple of minutes later he was on the fronts steps of the school.  His hands were attached to the side banister.  His jeans and boxers pulled to his knees and then off completely.  Anyone going in or out would see him totally exposed.  A blindfold was slipped over his eyes.

He heard a humming that he could not quite place and then vibration on his crotch.  He could not help but to get hard as his equipment was handled.  This only took a couple of minutes.  The blindfold was pulled off.  Now he could see the appreciative audience.  He looked down in shame and realized what the buzzing had been.  It was a hair clipper like a barber uses and his pubes were now gone.  He looked like a little kid again.  And, everyone knew that he looked like a little kid.  He lost control and tears were coming down his cheeks.

The fifteen minutes he was there seemed like an eternity to Paul when I went up to him.  "I see that you are letting it all hang out, Paul.  Are you trying to impress someone?"

"Please, Tom, cut me free.  Please, have pity on me?"

"You really don't have to worry since you don't have pubes and are just a little boy.  Little boys are allowed to be naked."  I chucked.  Paul pleaded again.  After a while I did was I was there for.  Actually, it was my job and no one else was going to do it.  The other freshies knew they better stay out of this, the upper class guys felt that the sophs were just having fun.  The sophs had designated me for this job.  It was part of my reward for being a good sport.  "It could be dangerous for me, Paul.  Maybe you should just wait for the janitor.  Perhaps one of the girls has an extra pair of panties you can use?" I teased him.

"Please, Tom.  I'll do anything.  Just let me go."

"I'll remember that.  Why don't you salute the flag as a sign of good faith when I free you?"  I found my nail clipper and clipped one tie freeing one hand.  Paul just covered his crotch.

"No, No, NO!  Salute the flag."  Reluctantly Paul saluted and looked at the flag.  It had been replaced by his jeans and boxers.  "Good boy.  I have a message for you and please remember that I'm just the messenger.  You are going to have Kevin, your little brother, shave your crotch twice a week until the end of the year.  You better do it or you'll be here again.  From personal experience I will tell that they have ways of knowing."

"Tom, please release me."

"You did not say anything, Paul.  Are you reneging already?"

Paul knew he was beaten.  "Alright, I agree."

"Say it."

"I'll have Kevin shave my crotch twice a week until the end of the term."

"You better not forget, Paul.  The rest of the message is that next time it will be to have your sister Sally shave you.  If I was in your position, I would have Kev do it."  I then clipped the tie holding the other wrist.  Paul ran to the flag pole and frantically looked for a way to get his pants to the amusement of the other students.  Eventually the janitor came out to lower the flag.  He had a good laugh before getting him his pants.

Paul could not get up the courage to have Kevin shave him.  He could not even do himself as was evident in swim class.  Kevin was told about of the deal and confronted his brother.  Paul, admitted that was the deal and Kevin insisted that as a loyal brother he would help to the best of his ability.  I've been told that you'll regret it if it does not happen by tomorrow.  He got their dad's shaving cream and a new disposable razor.  Kevin had a lot of fun for bother has frequently teased him about not having pubes.  Now that he was actually growing his own, it was doubly fun to keep his brother bald.  He even stopped teasing his brother within the week for he saw what a baby and a bully he was.  Kevin resolved to bide his time until he could crush his big brother to get even for all his past injuries.

Paul did not enjoy swim class after that.  Because he was always trying to hide his shaven crotch, the other guys wanted to see it.  For the next week, he was made to stand with his hands behind his back as everyone walked passed him to the showers and say: "After you please, sir."

Even though I was still hairless thanks to José and Herb, I did not care anymore.  No one paid attention to me any more and Paul was always calling attention to his misfortune.

Back home Paul was finding things were changing.  Kevin had talked to their parents about Paul. How he did not want to have pubes so that he was more boy like, how he had stopped bullying like he had been and that he cried about how bad things were.  One of the more interesting developments, was that Kevin had been reminding (telling!) Paul to do his homework and his chores.  Their parents kept close watch on their elder son and soon concluded that he need a lot more watching then their younger son.  They started to put Kevin in charge when they went away even just for a few hours.  By the end of the school year, when Kevin graduated eight grade he was fully in charge of his older, but cowardly and immature, big brother.

After being tied to the school steps naked, there was little point in pantsing Paul for everyone had seen him naked.  However, because he was so unhappy that it was done, he pants got yanked almost as often as he was stuffed into his locker.  It became a simple ritual.  He would be approached and told to drop his pants or lose them.  After he pushed his jeans down to his ankles, someone would yank his briefs down.  (He had been prohibited from wearing the stylish boxers but required to wear briefs by Kevin.)  What he did not notice, was that he was not being watched very much.  After a minute, he pulled them up and blushed for the rest of the day.

It was a Saturday morning at the end of March and José was already at my house to study.  We expected Herb a little latter.  We had to study early because my family was having a barbeque that afternoon.  We had already started to work when mom came in.  She told us that she and Aunt Elizabeth were going shopping and Ruth Ann and Ronnie were staying home to play.  As my dad and my uncle were also out she asked José to keep an eye on them.

It was only a couple of minutes later when José was in the bathroom that Ruth Ann and Ronnie came into my room and insisted that they wanted to play to play doctor being very graphic about how.  I told them we had to work and for a while they stayed away while we did our school work.

A hour later they returned and again demanded to play doctor. Herb pointed out that we were playing a game – we were playing school.  And both Ruth Ann and Ronnie were being very naughty for disrupting the class.  And naughty girls get spanked.  José and Herb each took hold of one of the little girls.  Moving their chairs so that they had room they pulled the girls panties off (all they were wearing except for Ruth Ann's unneeded training bra) and then over their laps.  They spanked them soundly and soon they were crying and bawling.  Even though they struggled they could not stop the much stronger youths.  They also managed to kick off their panties.  I thoroughly enjoy the whole thing for I knew that they were spoiled brats who not only avoided getting spanked but had caused me to be spanked and gloated watching several times.  When the spanking was over, the girls were put into the corners of the hall outside my room and we resumed doing our homework for school.  After that both José and Herb then decided that I should be dressed properly and ordered me to put on my jeans.  I happily obeyed.

When Aunt Elizabeth and mother come soon afterward, that is how they found them.  When the women stopped yelling, José calmly explained that they had been very naughty girls, disturbing our studying and wanting to play an inappropriate game.  They explained in the same explicit language that Ruth Ann wanted to make sure that her cousin could still make sperm, to see if his penis had grown and if he had pubes.  The activities that Ruth Ann suggested were so inappropriate that they could be considered child abuse.  They also stated that it was obvious that I should be properly dressed as other adolescents considering how precocious the girls were.  They even talked that such activities could get me put into a reform school as a sexual abuser of children.  The women were quite stunned.  They did not even argue when they were reminded that the according to the rules, the girls were not permitted even their underwear for the rest of the day.

A little later my father and uncle returned and my other relatives arrived.  The six adults did not know what to do.  They were not really ready to accept that their children were growing up and were sexual creatures.  José and Herb's logic had been so consistent with everything they had been saying for years that were stuck with the situation.  I was very glad that they had been invited to stay for the barbeque.

We resumed our studying until it was time to eat.  The grown ups could not talk of anything but what José that said to them.  I was not spoken to about being dressed, like a normal youth in a normal home, even once.  Once everyone was served, us kids were shooed away from the main table while they ate and talked.  Ruth Ann and Ronnie were sulking in the back of the yard sitting on the grass with their plates hiding their still hairless pussies.  José went over and spoke to them.  They jumped up, gave him a hug and a kiss (on the cheek) and ran into the house.  A little later they returned, wearing their jeans and shirts.  Then they started to play with my younger cousins.

The change was not lost on the adults nor did they tell the girls to strip to their underwear again.  The very little ones seem happy to have the two girls to play with.  Perhaps José's talk of courts, reformatories and child abuse had scared them.

José, Herb and I hoped that this would become a permanent change in the way I was treated.  I thanked them profusely and said that I was in their debt.  They laughed at that saying that I was their boy and was going to remain theirs reminding me that my parents had given them great power over me.  "That's fine; you two are a lot fairer and less abusive then they are.  And I like your hard cocks a lot."

They laughed and playfully punched my arms.  "That's good because we intend to keep fucking you, boy." said Herb.

"And keeping you hairless so you never forget you belong to us, fuck boy." added José.  We just laid on the grass for a while silently knowing that we all liked the situation.  "By us being strict with you, your parents probably leave you alone more, Tommy.  It does not hurt any that your grades are good and that you stay out of trouble at school."

It was a week later that my parents told me that I was permitted to stay dressed in the house from now on.  Also, that Ruth Ann had been instructed about improper behavior and that I should report it if she wanted to play inappropriately again.  They also asked how I felt about José and Herb having charge of me.

"It would be nice to be in charge of myself but they are good for me." I stated honestly without telling them that I preferred them to my parents watching me so closely.  "I would like it to continue."  Nothing more was said about this which meant that my parents did not like the situation but were going to allow it to continue.

It was the next week and we were back in the gym.  Ms. Stuckup blew her whistle and then got Paul for not stopping.  "That's a detention for you Conner." she gloated.  Paul was horrified for he was at the limit for detentions for the term.

"Perhaps he'll prefer summary punishment" called out someone from the back, "like Hansen got last term."

"I'll be pleased to, ma'am, if you like." generously offered José.  Everyone went silent and watched Ms. Stuckup and Paul.

Paul weighed the options.  "Yes, ma'am, I'll take it here and now."

"OK,  Rodriguez get your belt.  Conner get your shorts down and over the horse."  I rushed to hold him and did one of his buddies.

"This should be lots of fun, Paul.  I hope you cry like a baby." I whispered to him just like he had to me.  José got into position and started.  The belt came down hard on the waiting butt with a loud WHACK!!  Paul yelled like a baby.  It sounded just like it had when José had strapped me in here in the gym but I knew that he was hitting harder.  He did not like Paul any more than I did.

By the sixth stroke Paul was crying like a little boy and yelling to stop.  José just continued as required.  At the end Paul was blubbering like a five-year-old much to the amusement of everyone.  His friends took him out of the gym.

Later Herb and José told me how nicely the belt marks formed on his ass before they merged into one.  He was a very quiet boy after blubbering like a baby in front of everyone.

The hazing crew got him the next morning.  He was by his locker when they came up to him and told him to strip.  He had learnt that compliance was a good idea and was soon just in his briefs.  "Those too, boy."  He took them off.  They put a diaper on him and a t-shirt with the logo «Big crybaby» and told him that was all he was to wear until the end of the day.  "This is your prize for crying in PE yesterday."

Since it was not a gym day he was going to be in that for some six hours.  He was lucky they did not tell him that he had to wet it.

A few days later we were at our lockers and he approached me.  "Tom, please help me.  I've gotten an order to ask you to stuff me in my locker."  They promised something terrible if I don't do it.  He looked so scared that I couldn't refuse him and did as he asked.  He was totally broken.  For years he had been a bully and when the tables were turned he just crumbled.

I used my influence to persuade the hazing committee to leave him alone.  The next day the DF sign was gone from his locker but he did not get a certificate like I did.  He asked me about the missing sign worrying that he would be in trouble for removing it.  It took a week before he started to believe that it was over and was frequently following me around.  He wanted me as a friend but we had nothing in common except that we both had been the DF and had shaven crotches.  This was not a basis for a friendship.

The friendship that José and I had was really working well.  Herb was still our friend but was not part of the special relationship that was developing between José and me.  We liked being together and really got our work done.  Even the sex got better as he allowed me to be active (although never to fuck him) as well as passive.

We were both doing well at school and he hardly ever found cause to spank me.  I had a great report card and everyone was very pleased.  I told my parents that it was because of all the help that I had gotten from José in applying myself and keep to the strict rules he had set.  José said that it help him a lot also for he had to keep up with me.  Dad actually chucked when he saw that José has signed the card as 'guardian'.  We all agreed that the current setup was good and that it should continue.  José and I did not tell my parents that because we were fucking everyday, we could also concentrate better.

It was then that I asked José to continue to be my big brother and when he agreed, we told my parents.  What we did not tell my parents was that I did not put any restriction on his power over me.  I had promised to be his good and obedient boy and gave him full rights to discipline me in return for guiding me.

A couple of weeks latter I was actually ahead on my homework and José had some family business so I went to the mall alone just to hung for a while.  I lost track of the time in the arcade and when I noticed the time dashed for the bus.  As I rounded the corner, it pulled away.  I paced nervously for twelve minutes until the next one.  The bus seemed to creep through the streets.  I ran the three blocks from the bus stop to my house and got in just fifty-nine minutes late.

I was depressed for I had let José down.  I had earned a spanking.  Another minute it would have been a strapping.  However, if I did not get it tonight, it would be a strapping tomorrow.  There was but one way out.

I got everything ready for the morning and prepared for bed by stripping down to my T-shirt and socks.  Then I went downstairs to see my parents.  "Father, would you please spank me now?"  As you would expect, he was a little shocked and wanted an explanation.  "I was late returning home and the rule is that I am to get a moderate spanking and then do fifteen minutes corner time."

"Very well, son." said dad shifting to side chair.  "I see that you are still shaved."

"Yes, sir; José and I agreed that I'm not ready to have pubes yet."  (Actually, José had just told me and I acceded to his decision.)  Dad pulled me over his lap for the first time in months.  He got a firm grip on my waist, rub my bottom a bit and began to spank me.  It was a pleasure that he missed for he did it very enthusiastically.  Within a minute I was hurting and knew that I must be flaming red already.  Once I laid across his lap, he was totally in charge and was to determine how much to spank me.  I really felt like a little boy again which was not the case when I was across José lap.  The spanks continued hard and I was yelling inside.  The pain was also building up and when it finally bust out, I began to cry.  Dad always spanked me to crying for he said that was when I was learning my lesson.  He evidently though I really need to learn for he continued spanking me until I began to bawl.  A few more hard spanks and he stopped.

He held me for a while I sobbed on his shoulder and then took me up to my room.  He put me in the corner and set the timer.  "When the bell rings, go to bed, son." he ordered.

"Yes, father."

The next day when I told José everything, he was very pleased with me.  He did not think that I could have done that a few months earlier.

At the end of the term José and I discussed his continuing control over me, I asked if he would allow me to have pubes.  He laughed and asked what did I think.  I went to the bathroom, stripped and returned with the shaving equipment and a smile.  We then had a great fuck session.

I'm looking forward to a great summer.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., May 11, 2001

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