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The following story is fiction about a tween being spanked.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Destroyed by a Visit to the Beach


It was a hot summer day and unexpectedly Mother had to do some very important things.  Katie, my nine-going-on-twenty-year-old sister, and almost eleven-year-old me were a problem.  We could not be left alone so we were dropped off, like parcels, at our Aunt Rhonda's place so she could watch and feed us for the day.  We would be with our cousins Anne who was the same age as Katie and Billy who was a year younger.

Right after we got there, Katie and Anne had their usual top secret powwow in her room while I played with little Billy.  It was barely an hour later that I learnt that the plan for the day was to go to the lake for swimming and all.  It was with great hustle and bustle that we rushed into the car along with two of their friends.

After a short drive we were on the beach.  Aunt Rhonda started to strip both Billy and Donny, his buddy, and covering them with sun screen.  The three girls quickly stripped and I saw that they were prepared with swim suits under their dresses.  They also were putting on sun screen.

"But I don't have my swim suit." I protested when my aunt ordered me to strip.

"Don't be silly.  Neither Billy nor Donny have them and there are lots of naked boys on the beach.  Just look around."© YLeeCoyote

I did and she was right but missing an important detail.  "But they are all LITTLE boys.  I'm almost eleven-years-old." I argued.  My aunt does not like anything resembling discussion and derisively calls it 'backtalk' which is a punishable offense.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten that datum in the heat of the moment.

Before I knew it, she grabbed me, yanked down my shorts and pulled me over her outstretched legs after sitting on the blanket.  Then she spanked me.  She spanked fast, hard and furiously.  I yelled at the pain and embarrassment but not only did she not stop but it got worse.  She switched from using just her hand to using a flip-flop (surely handed to her by one of the gleeful girls watching) and even yanked my briefs down in the back.  The flip-flop hurt like the blazes and I was soon crying.

Eventually she stopped and stood me up.  My briefs immediately joined my shorts about my ankles leaving me fully exposed and I was commanded to step out of them.  My T-shirt also disappeared leaving me starkers for my sneakers had been left in the car.

"Now stand still so we can put sun screen on you." she snapped and three girls immediately started to rub their paws all over me like I was a baby.

Obviously, it was clear that I would be spanked again for any resistance.  The girls were more than delighted to handle me all over.  Nancy, Donny's sister, even commented: "His peepee isn't any bigger than those of the other two little boys."  I'm sure that I blushed all over at that.  My aunt pointed that the other boys were happy to be naked and there was not any reason for me to complain.  "Yes, Ma'am." I said fearful of another spanking if I disagreed again by pointing out that I was much older.

As the day worn on, and I was having fun in the water, I gradually realized that I was not constantly thinking about my nudity as I was at the beginning.  The girls were not staring at me having gotten their fill of my body at the start or at least they were being more discrete about it.  When it was time for more sun screen, I was able to accept my sister putting it on me just like the little ones.  In retrospect, I realized that she was acting like a girl with a little brother just as the other two girls were.

When it was time to leave, my aunt told the girls: "Take the boys to the showers and rinse them off."  I had no idea of what was going to happen figuring that I would just rinse off by myself.  Alas, I was terribly wrong.  The girls decided that each would do her own brother.  The little ones were probably used to this but I certainly was not.  I told Katie I could rinse myself and she got all bossy – bossy in a new way from the past.

"Listen here, young man.  Aunt Rhonda said we were to rinse you boys off and that is what I am going to do just like Anne and Nancy are doing with their brothers." with that she gave me a couple of hard spanks with her hand on my still sensitive red butt.  "Do you understand or do you want Aunt Rhonda to give you another REAL spanking for not cooperating again?"  She gave me a couple more spanks to emphasize the point.

It was not right.  It was not fair.  But she was right about what Aunt Rhonda would do.  I most certainly did not want another spanking even more than I did not want my sister to wash me.  I took the easy way and cooperated even letting her dry me.  I had no idea that this was the start of a long term nightmare.  The girls rinsed themselves off, toweled off and slipped on their dresses.  Then they removed their wet suits remaining covered all the time.

Back at the car I expected to get dressed but my aunt had buried all the boys' clothes in some box and we were required to ride home naked.  I don't think I could have survived going to the beach this way but, as I noted before, I was apparently getting used to being naked with the girls around.

I had expected to get dressed when we got home but that was not permitted.  Everyone had to have a proper shower and it was not a surprise that Anne washed Billy.  I was only able to stop Katie from doing the same to me because I pointed out that we were told to shower not be showered.  She couldn't help smirking and saying that: "I've seen and touched it all already big brother so you have nothing more to hide."  Unfortunately she was right but I did not want to admit that.  It was pointless to protest not being able to dress for dinner as my clothes were in the washer.

I expected that we would be going home after dinner but Mother called and we were to stay another day because she had more things to deal with than expected.  Our cousins each had bunk beds anticipating sleepovers and so there was not any problem about that but even in the morning I was not allowed to get dressed.  The girls did notice but only commented that my butt was not red.

Later in the day it got very hot and Billy wanted to play in the sprinkler to cool off.  The girls changed into their swim wear so there was not any reason to refuse.  I tried to put on the sun screen myself but Katie insisted on doing just like Anne was doing with Billy.  I had to agree with her that I couldn't reach everywhere and that she had done it yesterday.  Just as we were about to get wet when Aunt Rhonda said she was going next door for an hour and said we all should behave properly.  She especially admonished Billy to listen to Anne or he would get a spanking.

While I was fooling around with Billy I got too rough and he fell and yelled.  Anne comforted him and Katie immediately started to lecture me.  I was surprised but I really didn't care what she said.  Until.  Until she said that she'll tell Aunt Rhonda and I would get spanked.

Then she offered me an out saying: "You can get over my lap instead."  I told her not to be ridiculous but she laughed and said she would really enjoy watching our aunt make me cry.  I took what seemed like the better option (i.e., less painful) and agreed to let her spank me rather than telling.  I learnt the hard way that it was not the best choice for the long run.

She sat on a bench and I got over her lap partly supported by the bench.  She rubbed my butt saying that I was just a naughty little boy about to be spanked – good and proper.  I managed to suppress a giggle knowing how much weaker she was.  She gave me a mess of hand spanks that I hardly felt and then I yelled.  She had switched to a flip-flop and that magnified her force many times.  It was not a laughing matter any more for it really hurt.

"Have you learnt your lesson, little brother?" she asked delivering the hardest spank yet.

"Yes.  Yes.  Yes." I yelled.  She repeated that hard spank and stopped.  I rushed into the cool water spray to get some relief and even Billy giggled.  Well, it had not hurt as much as a spanking from my aunt but I knew that I had been spanked and surely so did the girls.

When our aunt returned she noticed that my bottom was red giving Katie the chance to boast: "I spanked the naughty little boy, Aunt Rhonda."  She approved and complemented Katie on her maturity and all which was much to my shame.

Mom was surprised that I was naked but did not object.  "Timmy you don't have to dress if you are comfortable naked." she said after learning how long I had been naked.  I resolved to get dressed as normal as soon as I could.

What was more troubling was that she was told that Katie had spanked me because I was naughty which is why my bottom was red.  She complimented Katie on doing it so well and said "Maybe you can spank him for me."  I thought that she was kidding but Katie pounced.

"Of course, Mother, anytime you wish I'll spank the naughty immature brat."

Mother did not laugh but smiled.  "I'll keep it in mind, Katie.  Thank you."

I suspected that I was doomed.  Later Katie spoke to me saying that she learnt how a sister should deal with her brother and was looking forward to spanking me whenever I deserved it.  It was not comforting that she was patting my butt when she said it.  I sensed then that I was doomed.

That was barely a year ago.  The things I imagined were not as bad as the reality turned out.  Somehow Katie got to be in charge of me with full spanking rights which she exercises freely and even more often than Mom did.  As I said at the beginning, she is eleven going on twenty.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 11, 2019

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