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The following story is fiction about a high school youth's conflict with a young teacher.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Detention Showdown


They did not like each other at all but they did not have any choice but to interact with each other four days a week in the third period History class that Mr. Edgar Garson taught at the local high school.  The sixteen-year-old football jock Kendall Matteson definitely hated the class.  It was now after regular classes and the two were stuck in the detention room for another two hours on a Friday afternoon in the otherwise deserted school.  Matteson was pissed about it because he wanted to be with his friends and Mr. Garson was utilizing the time marking papers as it was his turn on the duty roster for detention.  As the most junior teacher in the school, he always go the worst assignments.

It had been the usual sort of escalation the morning before when Matteson disrupted the class and Mr. Garson had more than enough.  Suffice it to say that harsh words were said by both parties.

"How about we both go home, Mr. Garson?" said Matteson.  "We're the only ones here."

"Not possible.  You got almost two hours of detention left.  Use it to study or do your homework.  You're way behind on that."

"How about you use the strap like happened to you before all this PC crap." said Matteson really anxious to go.  He didn't care a rat's ass about a few licks with a belt on his hard butt especially from a wuss like Garson although pops from the coach's heavy paddle were a different matter.© YLeeCoyote

"I didn't get the strap, Garson, not that it matters any.  And you just got another hour for improper language." said the young teacher making a note in his book.

"That's bull shit." snapped the angry student.  A few exchanges later Matteson was in Garson's face with even more angry words.  "I ought to use this on your wussy butt." This was Matteson's heavy leather belt that he had pulled out of his jeans and offered to Garson to show how serious he was.

Garson made the strategic mistake of backing away from the boy.  Matteson was an aggressive jock and he naturally always pushed his opponents hard both on the field and off.  He never backed away; NEVER!  He might get pushed back by someone like himself but stronger in some way(s) but never by anyone weaker.  Certainly not a wuss like the twenty-four-year-old young first year novice teacher he was facing off with.  He folded his belt in half and pulled it so it gave a loud slapping sound.  When Garson quivered, Matteson's testosterone level soared even higher and, like a great white shark sniffing blood from a wounded fish, he went for his prey.

He grabbed the scared teacher and pushed him down on the desk.  Garson was too petrified to scream.  Matteson raised the folded belt high and brought it down hard on the teacher's bottom.  It elicited a high pitched yelp.  This encouraged the youth who quickly repeated the action a few more times.  Matteson pulled the befuddled Garson up and easily opened his belt and slacks which fell to the floor.  He laughed seeing the tented generic tightie-whities which he yanked down before pushing Garson back down on the desk.

Matteson admired the red stripes that adorned the naked bottom and proceeded to erase them.  Well, more precisely to overwrite them so that Garson's butt was soon one large hot red blotch of a pain site.  The teacher was a blubbering mess laying over the desk.  Matteson replaced his belt.

Looking at his glowing red handy work, provoked more primitive primate feelings in the charged up youth.  He ripped open his jeans and pushed his boxers down.  His hard-as-steel shaft was rampant and demanded a hot hole for relief.  Without any care for the target, Matteson got behind Garson and pressed forward.  Fortunately, Garson had not tighten up to resist so the pre-cum lubed rod slid into the hot fuck hole driven by the irresistible force of youth.  A few thrusts and Matteson exploded.  He was not satisfied and remained hard so he continued until he came a second time before withdrawing from the whimpering teacher.

"I think the detention is over, Mr. Garson." he said and left.

After a while Garson recovered enough to put his handkerchief over his violated bottom hole and pull up his pants.  He ran to the lavatory down the hall to empty his rectum.  On his return to the detention room, he saw that he had made a mess on the desk which he wiped up.  After a while he returned home with a spinning head and red hot tail.

* * * * * * * * * *

His butt still hurt in the morning and he thought about calling in sick.  The first two periods were normal and then it was the feared third.  It started like every other time except that Matteson was not late.  He just sat and smiled in his seat without making any smart ass cracks or asking ridiculous questions.  Even more shocking was that he gave a good answer to a hard question.  There was not a faintest hint that he told anyone about what had happened in detention.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was several days later that Mr. Garson had an unexpected visitor in his small apartment.  It was Matteson.  He stood at the door, not knowing what to say.  "Why don't you invite me in, Edgar?  I would like to talk about the other day."  Then without waiting for an answer he pushed past Garson and went into the front room.

"I didn't invite you in." said the annoyed teacher.

"Would you rather discus the matter in school?  Perhaps in Principal Niven's office?"  Garson shook his head.  "I think that you liked my cock up your wussy ass."

"No!  Definitely not.  Not in the least."

"Don't lie, Edgar.  I know that you came with a big orgasm."  Garson blushed.  "You're just a wussy bottom boy faggot and I got just what you crave and need."  Matteson cupped his package.  "A nice hard juicy cock with lots of yummy cum for my boy."

"I think it best that you leave right now."

"I don't think so.  Now you get over here and show me what a good cock sucker you are or do you want the belt first?" he paused.  "I could report that you had sex with me in school and your next class will be in the state prison and your students won't be nearly as nice as I."  Matteson opened his jeans.  "Now, let's do this the easy way boy."

Matteson stepped over to the scared man and pressed down on his shoulders so that dropped to his knees.  He hooked his pants under his balls and pulled Edgar's head to his crotch.  Matteson knew that his pheromones would have a quick effect as they had on so many wussy boys.  In a couple of minutes Edgar was sucking enthusiastically and soon received his reward.

"You need to be taught some manners about guests, boy.  You didn't invite me in nor offer me anything.  That rates a spanking." said Matteson sitting on the couch.  He had dragged Edgar over and calmly opened his pants and pushed then and his briefs to the floor.  "Step out of them, boy."  Totally cowed, Edgar obeyed and did not resist when he was pulled over the young dominant's lap.  The strapping's redness had totally faded and Matteson was determined to restore it but with just his hand.  He started to spank.  Over and over he raised his hand until each check was bright red almost glowing from the internal fire he had re-lit.  As he spanked he enjoyed listening to the yells and protests from his wimpy teacher.

Of course, all that and the hot red tail made him super horny and he got Edgar on all fours and mounted him doggie style.  He came quickly but continued to fuck until he came another time.  He was delighted that Edgar also came without his pee-pee being touched.

As Kendall walked home, he knew that Edgar was now his boy.  He smiled the whole way relishing the idea and that he had more than two years to go in high school.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 25, 2012

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