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A little quicky inspired by a painting.  Alas, the SSC is over for my first draft was 498 words.  Remember the Muse does her thing when she wants to.

The painting is Diana and Cupid, 1761, by Pompeo Girolamo Batoni in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  For only those that can not view the image here is a brief description:  It is dusk on a hill top in the forest and Diana is seated with her lower body wrapped in a red robe and her upper body partly in a diaphanous bit of cloth.  She is holding Cupid's bow in both hands away from the mischievous boy-god and looking at him.  Cupid, shown as a winged cherub-like young boy, is on his right knee and left foot at her left side.  He is staring at his bow and his left hand is reaching toward it but it is more than an arm length away.  His right hand is her lap holding a golden arrow.  He is naked except for a quiver of golden arrows at his left hip.

This story is fiction and deals with spanking.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Diana Spanks Cupid


It is quite amazing how many pictures at the Met can be exciting to a spanko.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art is constantly changing and I chanced to see Batoni's 1761 painting of Diana and Cupid.  Who can say for sure exactly what the artist was thinking about (other than the commission).  Why is Diana holding Cupid's bow out of reach?  Is it to tease the lad?  Is she displeased with his selection of targets?  Perhaps she is jealous of his great skill with the bow?  I feel that there is a sinister plot in progress.

Cupid has despaired that the goddess of the hunt will return his bow.  Should he just step away?  I doubt that he would although, perhaps, just to try to fly over her to grab his bow.  But Diana is a skilled huntress – fast enough to shoot down fleeing animals so she could easily shift the bow away from his grasping hand.  No, something less obvious might work.

Cupid, whining a bit, shifts from the half kneeling position so that he is squatting in preparation to standing.  Suddenly, he leaps forward over Diana's lap intent to seize his bow and to then fly off with it firmly in his grasp.  Alas, as Mr. Burns teaches us, "The best laid plans o' mice an' men gang aft agley."  Diana is too quick for the mischievous winged boy-god, and as he leaps forward catches him.  Dropping the bow, she presses him down across her lap.

"Not so fast, little one."

Cupid now knows that he made a mistake.  Diana is angry and now she has him in an unpleasant position.  "I didn't do nothin'; let me go." he wails but to no avail.© YLeeCoyote

"You've been wrecking havoc in my forest and that has to stop.  And to help you remember in the future…" she does not finish the sentence but pats Cupid's bottom menacingly.

Cupid gulps.  The angry Diana is very strong and that does not augur well at all.  It is not only Cassandra that can foretell the future.

Diana raises her left arm and brings it down on the target.  Cupid bites his lip as he knows that many more spanks will follow.  Diana raises her hand once again for spank two and quickly makes a second hand print on the boy-god's bottom.  Over and over she spanks and Cupid starts to plead and beg and then to cry.  The torrent of spanks continues until Cupid is bawling and then some.

Diana stops and lifts the boy up and hugs him tight.  She recites the whole litany of stuff that adults always claim to the child they have disciplined (or from the other point of view, assaulted).  In time, Cupid regains his composure and Diana gives him a kiss on the forehead (like that is where it hurts).  She hands him his bow and the arrow he dropped.

Cupid runs off certain that he will get even.  One of these days the situation will be right and a couple of arrows in the right places – Yes, he'll get even – perhaps with a golden arrow – perhaps with a lead arrow – perhaps with one of each.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., October 17, 2004

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