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Diapered Bedwetter


Diapers On Display

I'm Kenny.  I'm twelve but, alas, a shrimp.  I'm already in middle school – sixth grade – just like my big brother, Ronnie.  He's fourteen but only a year ahead of me in the seventh grade.  He's not a shrimp.  As much as I'm taken for a little kid of nine and only in the third grade the world sees Ronnie differently.  He is HUGE and looks like he's a high school sophomore (tenth grade) and sometimes even more.  The way the stories usually go here, is that the narrator tells how wonderful it is to be diapered like a little kid and that there are lots and lots of people about who compete to change him.  Well, this is not such a story.  Nor is it about how the narrator is forced to wear diapers by a nasty sister or brother or aunt or even his (brother's) girlfriend.  This narrator does not wear diapers.

A month ago my family moved to a new town.  The usual deal about 'rents and jobs that you don't care about.  Of course, we both had to make new friends in school.  It was during the second week when I was coming home and saw Ronnie and a couple of guys leaving our house.  I guessed that Ronnie must have been making friends already and Mom confirmed this.  I was not pleased when I got to our room.  Right on my bed was an opened bag of diapers.  It was clear that Ronnie's friends had seen them.  I wondered why they were not in the closet like they were supposed to be to avoid such sightings.

The teasing started the very next day.  At lunch time, several of my classmates called me "Diaperboy" and others even less polite names.  Naturally, I denied it.  "I've not worn diapers since I was three." I insisted.  They laughed.

"My brother saw your room yesterday.  Look at this."  Roger had a printout of a photo showing the diapers on my bed.© YLeeCoyote

I was furious at my brother for letting this get started.  He was going to pay for this. "That's my bed but those are not my diapers." I said and they laughed.

A couple of other guys came up behind me.  I was surrounded.  I was told to show them my diaper or they would pants me and let everyone see.  They could easily do that; probably just one of them could since I'm such a runt.  I figured that it was better to comply then to risk losing my pants and having to run about in my tightie-whites in the lunch room with every sixth and seventh grader in my new school watching and laughing.  (Not that I don't look, er, manly in them but it would just be so gross.)  "I'm not wearing a diaper; not pull-ups either.  I don't wear them."  I undid my belt and opened my jeans.  "See – just briefs.  You want to check out my pubes?"  I was sure they wouldn't take me up on that which was just as well since I didn't have much of a bush – yet.

"So you just wear them at night – you must be a BEDWETTER!" was the response.

"NO!  They not mine." I insisted.

"Your brother told my brother they were yours." Roger said, "And my bro doesn't lie to me."

"Who are they for – your baby brother?" Sammy said with a sneer.

"Or maybe they're for your big brother who looks like he's in high school."  Carl said.  The bell rang and they laughed as they ran off to class.

This was not a good situation.  Of course, by now you have guessed the truth – they were Ronnie's.  Yes, he's a bedwetter and wears them at night.  He had made me promise not to tell so that he would not be made fun of and be shunned by his classmates.  It had never occurred to me that he would lie and say that I wore them.  I had to get my classmates to believe me somehow and get even with Ronnie even if that made the truth come out.  I did not pay much attention to my classes for the rest of the day as I tried to plan something.  Did his lie release me from my promise not to tell?

ODE – Phase 1

That afternoon, I started phase one of Operation Diaper Expose or ODE.  I would have just liked to take some pictures of Ronnie in his diaper but he is very camera shy and wouldn't let me do that – openly.  I needed a way to do it without him knowing.  Since he got his pubes almost two years ago, he hasn't allowed Mom to diaper him so I do it.  One might think at fourteen he could get his diaper on tight enough but he can't and he likes that I fool around with him (something Mom would never do) when I diaper him.  (What the hell do you think happens when I coat his hormone charged adolescent cock with baby oil?)

I experimented with my webcam and learnt how to aim it so that it would get a good view of Ronnie stretched out on his bed.  I made sure that I would not block the view and taped over the red-recording-indicator-light.  When I heard Ronnie finished up in the john, I started recording and then switched screens so it would look like I was surfing.  My webcam image was not as sharp as I would have liked but it would do.  When Ronnie came in, I turned and trying to be nonchalant, said: "Your pubes are getting a bit long.  Time for a shave, big bro."  Ronnie has mixed feeling about being shaved.  He wants his pubes but the oil and power make them messy and he loves how I shave him since I always make him come.  He did as I hoped and got the shaving stuff.  (While on the subject, I admit that I like shaving him because he doesn't look so much more grown up than I do when he is bald.  Now that I'm getting my own, I like it even more.)

Once he was on the bed, I went over and covered him with the shaving foam making sure to get him hard.  (That is a very easy thing to do.)  I carefully shaved his short pubes off so that he was nice 'n' clean: smooth as a baby's ass as they say in the stories.  Of course, he was as hard as a rock and pointing straight up.  A few strokes of my experienced hand and he was doing his imitation of Old Faithful.  To be honest with you, I often go down on him but I did not want that on the recording.  Well, I dried him off and then oiled and powdered him which I certainly wanted on camera.

Need I mention I diapered him nice and tight before going back to my 'puter.  I closed the web cam process being glad that it properly closes the recording file automatically when shutting down even when not on the screen.  I wished I could have checked the recording out then but I would have to wait until tomorrow afternoon when he wasn't around.

I was very pleased with the results.  The webcam managed to show his face along with his crotch so that there was little doubt that it was Ronnie being shaved, that it was Ronnie having a bald crotch, that it was Ronnie coming, that it was Ronnie being oiled and powdered and, best of all, that it was Ronnie being diapered.  I saved the file to CD and made a couple of copies.  I printed a few choice frames.  I also zipped the file and sent it to my friend Jack back where we had lived.  Phase one of ODE was complete.

ODE – Phase 2

I gave Ronnie the envelope as he got off the bus the next morning at school.  Along with the pictures, was a note.  I told him that I was most unhappy that it was common knowledge that I wore diapers at night and that he had better clear up that misunderstanding based on the picture his new buddy had taken and given to his brother in my class.

Ronnie sought me out in the cafeteria.  He looked a bit green about the gills as we had lunch – the huge seventh grader and the pygmy sixth grader.  He made all sorts of excuses and begged me not to tell.  I told him that I wouldn't tell – like I had promised already – provided that I was cleared.

Phase two of ODE was complete.  Phase three was Ronnie's problem.

ODE – Phase 3

On the bus home, Ronnie gave me a note: "We're getting off two stops early with Roger and his bro."  Once we were off the bus, Ronnie tried to explain that the diapers were not mine but for a cousin who wets the bed.  He apologized for letting Ben (Roger's brother) get the wrong idea and asked that the misunderstanding be corrected.  Frankly, both Ben and Roger looked very skeptical.  I'm sure I would have been also if I was them.

ODE – Phase 4

The next day, Friday, at lunch, Roger and Sammy got to me again.  "Do you really think that we believe your brother's story about a cousin?"

What could I say?  It was clear that phase three failed!  I would have to go to phase four.  "I guess I have to prove it to you.  Would you two come for a sleepover tonight?"  They said they would subject to 'rents' approval.  "Have your moms call mine by five."  I knew Mom would say OK because she wanted me to make friends.  If they called by five, I could bike to the market and get essentials like chips and any stuff Mom might need to make two extra breakfasts.

I let Ronnie know his options.  I could diaper him by 7:30 or he could wait until later when my friends were around or he could have Mom do it.  He chose the first options rather than going out.  He avoided having to make lame excuses to Roger and Sammy about why he was ready for bed at 8:00 by wearing sweat pants over the diaper rather than his pj's.  He had the bedroom and my friends-to-be and I got the family room.

My guests were still suspicious of me.  But I got into my sleeping bag just wearing briefs like they did to watch the 007 movie.  They made sure I was between them in case I would try to sneak out to the bathroom during the night.  I cooperated with them making sure that I did not have a diaper hidden anywhere.  We hit it off very well and if not for the diaper thing we would have been friends immediately.

Their alarms went off at 4 a.m.  Both of them had set their wrist watches to check up on me.  They even had their cameras ready to get the evidence.  When the alarms went off we all woke up.  They had their plans.  They got out of their sleeping bag and dragged me out of mine.  They were disappointed that I was not in a diaper.  They carefully checked for a hidden one.  Phase four of ODE was done.

ODE – Phase 5

But it did not stop with phase four.  They went into phase five.  They talked about the problem.  The diapers were real.  I did not use them.  The cousin story was surely fake.

"The diapers must be for someone" declared Sammy most definitively, "but for whom?"

"Your brother screwed you." Roger said.  "Why?" said Roger.

They looked at each other and smiled.  Together they said: "Let's check it out."  I knew that there was only one thing to check out.  I tried to stop them but they were determined to get to the bottom; the diapered bottom.  They were both big and strong enough to physically control me so I had to follow along with them as they made their way to my bedroom where my brother was sleeping.  It was clear what they were going to do.  I told them that they were right and that they did not have to do this, but it was too late.  They had decided that they would go to see for themselves.

Once inside the bedroom, sufficiently lit by the full moon, Sammy gently pulled the covers off of Roger.  He was just wearing pj bottoms.  "I don't think that bulge is his cock but a diaper; let's see for sure." said Sammy.  Ronnie was on his back so they opened his fly and actually saw the diapers.  Roger snapped the first picture and then woke Ronnie.  He just jumped up and his pajama bottoms fell to the floor.  There was another flash.  (Later, I saw this picture and understood why Ronnie was horrified when he saw it for it was clear to those experienced with diapers that this one was soaked.)  They believed me now.  "Ronnie, YOU'RE DESPICABLE!" said Roger doing a fine imitation of Daffy.

The three of us returned to the basement leaving Ronnie alone.  They apologized to me and said they would tell everyone that I was not the diaper wearing bedwetter.  Roger said he would leave explaining the already public picture to his brother who was in Ronnie's class.  We had been talking about Ronnie for almost a half hour.  I was defending him as a good brother but Sammy and Roger were insisting that he was a stinker for setting me up as a diaperboy.  Yes, he did that but otherwise he really was a great big brother.  Then Ronnie came downstairs; he was just wearing his sweat pants.

ODE – Counter-movement

He looked very serious and sad as he sat down on the end of my sleeping bag.  We were each half in our bags talking.  "Sammy is right," he started, "what I did was despicable."  He went on for a while trying to explain and eventually finishing up with an apology and a promise that he would set things right.  "But, now there is something else to take care of."  He slipped his hand into his sweat pants and undid a belt that was hidden underneath.  He handed it to me and stepped out of his sweat pants.  He was starkers.  Without any further words he bent over end of the couch with his butt sticking up.  My guests were speechless.

I was speechless myself.  It had been sixteen months before when he was watching (NOT babysitting, thank you very much) me and I was bad.  I begged him not to tell our parents and he agreed that he wouldn't if I accepted a spanking from him.  I agreed and he spanked me hard but fairly.  We had joked that the tables would be turned some day.  This evidently was the day.  He did not have to say anything for we were really close.

I doubled the belt and got into position to strap my brother; my huge and older brother as a sign of his repentance.  If he had asked me, I would have not done this in front of my friends but he decided that was the correct thing to do.  I hoped that they would keep their mouths shut.  I gave him ten as-hard-as-I-could cuts with the belt.  He would have been insulted if I had done any less.  I turned his butt red-hot but not how Dad would have.  I'm ever so glad he did not yell or cry or do anything sissy like that.  He took it like a man (what a stupid saying) like in all the stories of brave and macho boys.  Of course, both cameras were used.  Ronnie knew that they had them when he came down and had not said anything.

After I told him to get up, he thanked me for doing what had needed to be done and again apologized.  Then, out of the puddle that was his sweat pants, he extracted a new diaper and handed it to me.  Again, there weren't any words needed.  There was but one thing that he meant and so I put it on him.  The junior Ansel Adams kept doing his thing; Ronnie put on his sweat pants and went back upstairs to bed.

As soon as Ronnie went upstairs, the questions came fast and furious about my strapping my big brother.  I explained about the one time Ronnie had spanked me.  I had helped myself to a candy bar and the shopkeeper saw.  He agreed not to call the cops IF I was properly punished.  I begged Ronnie not to tell our parents and he agreed – provided that I would accept a real honest-to-goodness punishment spanking and then show my red-hot tail to the shopkeeper.  He gave it to me good.  We went into the woods near the shop and found a fallen tree for Ronnie to sit on.  He would not let me take my own pants down but did it for me.  It felt so strange even though we have been naked before each other every day of my life.  Then he hauled me over his lap; he was plenty big enough to do that even then.  He got a good grip on my waist and then used his big hard hand to turn my tail into a blazing inferno.  He really spanked me hard.  It seemed to last forever but it was only a few minutes.  He held me tight and close as I recovered and then helped me dress.  When I was ready, we went back to the shop and I showed my blazing ass to the shopkeeper.  He was satisfied.

I explained that what happened both then and this night was super private and should never be talked about.

"I don't believe this." said Sammy.

"Your bro is the coolest!" added Roger.

"I told you that he's the greatest brother." I reminded them.  "And remember that this is PRIVATE!"

Eventually we had breakfast, and then discovered that Ronnie has gone off to think.  He does this occasionally when he needs to work stuff out.  I insisted that Sammy and Roger delete the pictures they took of my brother and we compromised by putting them into my computer first.  "You or Ron may want them some day." they insisted.

Ronnie wouldn't talk about his decisions and plans at all for the whole weekend.


It was at lunch time on Monday that my brother surprised us. Really surprised me and a lot of our classmates.  I've never been sure exactly why he did what he did but it was a good thing that he did.  He dragged me away from my table to where many of my classmates were.  My two new friends tagged along.  He called for attention and then told them all the whole truth.  "Ken does not wear diapers.  I do because I have a bedwetting problem.  Roger will show you the picture that proves it.  Please don't tease Ken.  Thank you."  He paused and then turned to me: "Ken, I'm very sorry that I let this slander get started.  I hope that you can forgive me."  My classmates were totally stunned and sat there in silence.  He also managed to remind them that we each have short comings and are not perfect.

I was pretty speechless but managed to mumble a "Sure, bro." back at him.

He then headed over to where his classmates were, dragging me and with Roger and Sammy following.  There he addressed his own classmates. "Guys, I have something to tell you all so you don't listen to rumors.  I, unfortunately, still wet the bed and wear diapers to kept things dry.  I'm sorry that I deceived you and let you think that my great little brother did.  I hope that he can forgive me."  I repeated my acceptance.  His classmates were, if anything, even more shocked than mine.

We headed back to our table to eat.  I wondered what the future would bring.  After a while I realized that any guy that razed my brother about bedwetting or his diaper wearing had better be perfect or he'll get it right back that he has some short coming.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., October 16, 2006

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