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Doctor’s Orders


Mr. Ruffus was naked in Exam Room #3 except for a paper gown.  Dr. Smith had given him the necessary examination, updated his record and given him instructions.  It was now time to wrap up the visit which meant a discussion with Certified Nursing Assistant Birkheimer.  She was the fierce tyrant in the office who assured that what the doctor ordered would be done.

“Come this way, Ruffus.” she commanded and led the patient to her office.  She read over the doctor’s notes and orders tisking as she read before speaking.  “Ruffus you are NOT being a good patient.  You MUST follow the doctor’s orders to maintain your health!  You must get and take the medications as directed!  You must get the lab tests done.” she scolded the thirty-year-old man like he was just a little boy in elementary school.

Ruffus was intimidated just like many others had been.  With his parents gone and long out of school it had been ages since anyone had talked to him like that.  All he could manage was a week “Yes, Ma’am.”

It was a surprise when she walked around her desk and sat in the chair.  It was even a greater surprise when she yanked him over her lap.  The flimsy gown fell forward over his head leaving him effectively naked over the fierce woman’s lap like a naughty little boy over his mommy’s lap.

Then he felt her hands.  First, it was her left hand on his ribs and then her right hand smacking his bare botty.  The spanks came rapidly and hard.  He really felt them.  His botty was turning red.  Nurse Birkheimer knew how to administer this medication effectively.  This patient required the high potency version so she grabbed the slipper and continued to spank the naughty boy until he was sobbing for then she knew that she had gotten her message through.© YLeeCoyote

Nurse Birkheimer parked the sobbing boy in the corner to contemplate his behavior.  Now he did not even have the comfort of the gown.  She wrote out the doctor’s orders for the medications and gave him the appointment cards for his next visit and the lab.  Then she led him back to the dressing room.  Ashamed to be seen, he rushed out the backdoor and drove directly to the pharmacy to get his medications.

Nurse Birkheimer was certain that for his next visit he would be a good boy although if he wasn’t she had a Plan B.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 23, 2022

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