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The following story is fiction about domestic discipline of a boy. The story contains scenes of spanking and shaving.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Dominated by the Babysitter


I was looking forward to being fourteen for many reasons like all thirteen-year-old boys.  One thing that I was looking forward to was not having a babysitter when my Mom went out in the evenings.  What, you say, for you know kids stop having babysitters at twelve and some would not have them earlier if not for the state law that requires them until twelve.  Unfortunately, my mom did not think I was mature enough to stay alone even after that so I still suffered the shame of having a sitter at thirteen.  She had, however, promised that if I behaved properly after I was fourteen I would be permitted to stay alone for those few hours.

You can imagine my disappointment when a week after my birthday, Mom introduced me to my new babysitter, Pat.  I started to express my disappointment with "You said…." but she cut me off.

"No.  I said that if you were good I would consider leaving you alone but you got into trouble many times in the last year and I've had to spank you at least twice a month because of that."

I turned beat red as she said all that while Pat smiled.  Then, can you imagine, it got even worse as she spoke to Pat with instructions that I was supposed to hear.  There were two that made me cringe.  First, was that heshe should bathe me as I was sloppy about washing myself and, second, that heshe was authorized to spank me (need I specify bare?) at hisher own discretion.  Again, I started to object but again I was quickly cut off although this time by Pat.

"That is quite enough, boy." heshe started, "Do you want a spanking before your Mother even leaves?"© YLeeCoyote

Now Mother had a strange look – some sort of mix of a smile and a frown.  "Timmy, you are to listen to Pat and remember that heshe is totally in charge and has permission to spank you."  I wished that I could disappear.  It was so embarrassing for heshe was not even two full years older than I.  Mother then left and Pat pounced.

"Timmy, you have earned a spanking."

"What?" I exclaimed.

"Your behavior just now was quite unacceptable.  Now get your butt over here.  Any delay or argument will get you two, rather than just one, spankings." with that heshe sat down on the couch and patted hisher lap.  HeShe totally cowed me with hisher look so I did not dare to object or resist in any way but just stepped over to hisher side.  Since heshe had patted hisher lap, I started to bend over hoping that heshe would forget that Mom had said 'bare'.  Alas, heshe had not forgotten.

"Pants down first, boy." heshe said grabbing my belt and opening it.  My zipper zipped down practically by itself.  HeShe yanked my jeans to the floor exposing my briefs.  "Robin, the Boy Wonder, did not misbehave like you did so he does not get spanked." heshe said as and yanked down my hero briefs.  "OK, little boy, over my lap."

I quickly bent over to hide my still small and bald pee-pee which heshe had already seen.  HeShe got a good grip on my waist and then patted my bottom.  Pat raised hisher hand and brought it down hard; very hard on my rear.  I yelled.  Actually I howled.  heShe spanked harder than Mom did.  Over and over I felt the great pain of hisher extremely hard hand spanks.  I tried not to yell but they really hurt and I could not help it.  Even worse, I was soon sobbing and crying, and then even bawling like a little baby.

Eventually, I realized that I was sobbing standing in the corner with my bottom ablaze with my hands on my head.  I certainly did not want another spanking from was my first rational thought.  Eventually, Pat came over and had me remove my sneakers, jeans and briefs so that I was practically naked.  I tried to rub some of the pain out of my fiery tail but it did not help.  My botty hurt so much that I forgot to care that my pee-pee was on full display to Pat.

Although it hurt to sit, Pat made me while we had dinner.  When Pat told me that heshe would not hesitate to spank me again it immediately made me resolve to prevent that.  After dinner, heshe allowed me some TV time but selected a kiddy cartoon show.  I objected and heshe insisted that it was just the right show for a little boy who bawls like a baby when spanked.  I was afraid to complain.

I was still quite docile when heshe announced BATH TIME.  I figured that I better go and shower before heshe decided to spank me again.  HeShe had very different ideas, however, as I found out as I went to the bathroom after removing my shirt in my room.  HeShe was running the water for my bath.  In response to that I shower, heshe reminded me that heshe was in charge and that heshe was going to bathe me exactly as mother had directed.

HeShe did offer me one option.  I could delay the bath by getting a spanking.  I declined.  In some way it was OK for heshe did a nice job of washing me.  HeShe noted that my pee-pee was small and hairless although it got hard when heshe washed it.  After I brushed my teeth, heshe made me go pee-pee while heshe watched.  Then it was bedtime for the little boy.

I lay in bed – prone, of course, – quite confused and struggling trying to work out what was going on.  I felt like the seven-year-old that heshe had said I was behaving as.  Eventually, I fell asleep.

* * * * * * * * * *

After Pat sat me a second time, Mom made himher my regular sitter.  Over the next couple of months, heshe roasted my bottom several times.  Once because Mom told himher to spank me for backtalk just before heshe came and the rest because heshe decided that I had earned a spanking.  Mom even called on her once to spank me when she didn't go out because she felt that I was much better behaved for days after I was spanked by Pat.  All of these spankings were just like the first with me at least half naked and shamefully bawling like little kid by the end.

Then two things changed within just a month.  First, I started to get hairs down there which was absolutely fantastic.  One had to look closely, however, to see that I no longer looked like a little boy.  I hoped my thing would grow soon.  Second, heshe brought hisher kid brothersister, Sam, who was not even twelve.  Sam absolutely loved being an assistant and delighted in seeing me without pants being spanked and totally naked for my bath and getting to bed.  Sam assisted when heshe could by giving me some spanks which did not hurt much physically but which were embarrassing.  Naturally, what happened in the bathroom was even worse.

Sam said that I was like a seven-year-old in every way.  The way I cried when spanked and with a little pee-pee which was still fun to aim for me.  There was one exception – my developing bush just did not fit hisher image of a little boy and therefore was offensive to look at.  I thought it was great and was hoping to use it to try to get Mom to change her mind about a sitter for me.

Surpringly, I agreed with Sam that I should not be giving such offence and therefore heshe should stay home.  They found a different solution which was quite horrid.

I learnt what their solution was one terrible evening.  Mom had ordered Pat to spank me for trouble in school.  I think that Sam was more delighted than Pat was.  The spanking was as usual with me being over Pat's lap and my bottom getting throughly roasted until I was well past being turned into a bawling little boy.  That shameful state was largely due to Sam using the hairbrush to spank me in addition to Pat's hard hand.

Then the new horror happened.  I did not realize it was even happening because I was bawling.  They had taken an electric shaver to my little bush and buzzed it away which I only found out when I was in the tub.  It was Sam, rather than Pat, that proclaimed "Since you act like a seven-year-old boy you should look like one.  You must NOT have that ugly and offensive bit of hair by your little pee-pee." heshe said and sprayed me with shaving cream.  Those little hands spread the cream around and just a few passes with the razor left me baby smooth.  Sam was super happy doing this terrible thing.  Later heshe told me it only took a couple of minutes with the shaver to prep me for the razor while I was bawling like a naughty little brat.

I was devastated by having lost my long wished for pubes and being bathed by Pat and Sam while my ass was on fire.  As they washed me, Pat also agreed with Sam that I should be kept hairless as long as they were in charge.  That would make pleading with Mommy harder about not having a sitter for she would see that I was hairless when she spanked me.  Telling Mom that I really had hair, would let her agree that my sitter thought I was too immature.  It was doubly devastating.

* * * * * * * * * *

I really had not realized but Sam had been coming with Pat for several months and gradually been actively supervising me increasingly as if in training.  Then one evening, heshe showed up alone and explained that Pat was delayed and would be just a little late.  Mom left as planned after leaving instructions that I was due a spanking.  Of course, Sam wanted to spank me immediately.  It did not seem right but heshe had terrible strong powers of persuading including that refusal was disobedience which, you guessed it, earned a spanking.

I was caught between Pat's hard punishing hand and Sam's hard punishing hairbrush.  It was almost certain that Pat would agree my refusal would earn me another spanking so I obeyed Sam.  Thinking back that was not really so unusual as I had been doing that without realizing it as Pat was always present before.

Sam made me stand in the middle of the room and slowly stripped me totally naked.  I stood quiet in every way as heshe removed every item one at a time.  Sam started on top and removed my shirt and undershirt.  Next went my sneakers.  HeShe left the belt in my pants after opening it moving right to my pants which went down and off along with my socks.  That left me in my Superboy tight-whities which heshe laughed at before yanking them down and off.

"Your little baby pee-pee is still hairless." Sam taunted before pulling me over hisher lap.  Just like Pat, heshe started with hisher hand.  It wasn't as hard as Mommy's but it was close.  Even this spanking brought tears to my eyes and drove me close to sobbing.  A few minutes with the hard hairbrush finished the job leaving me bawling as always when dragged to the corner.  I knew now what a little boy I was as I cried in the corner.

* * * * * * * * * *

What I wrote at the beginning has gotten even worse.  Within a couple of months of the first solo spanking from Sam, Pat stopped sitting me.  Mom was highly impressed with Sam and the deterrence from hisher spankings being so long-lasting.  Thus Sam became my regular babysitter even though I am fifteen and heshe is but twelve.  It is even worse than it sounds because Mom expects me to have a bush before she will considered any changes and you know what Sam does every couple of weeks.  I am trapped!

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 5, 2019

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