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This story is fiction and deals with m/m spanking.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  It is best to start with part 1

Thanks once again to Mike Ward who helped me with British idioms and details.  The narrator is speaking of events prior to 1965 when CP was much more common and we did not worry about STDs.  So, consequently, my characters are not concerned about them and don't use condoms as you should now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Dorwick Chronicles – Part 2
The Head Boy and the New Master (2/3)


After I had caned and shagged Howlett, I was too wound up to sleep so I wrote to my cousin about what had happened.  I was certain that he would enjoy hearing how his favorite nancy boy had not changed.  I was right, for a few days later I got a letter back congratulating me with a very rare "Very well done, cousin!".  He actually implied that I had exceeded his own achievements; something I had long known to be difficult.

It was some three weeks after I had caned Howlett for having the porn magazine that I realized that there was something wrong.  I was studying for the art course with some of my mates and realised that Howlett was not being fair.  He had given me grades that were a whole step higher than I should have received.  (A couple of B's rather than C's and once even an A rather than a B.)  Although this was certainly helpful, it did not encourage me to do my best.  It would have been an embarrassment had any of my mates noticed as we studied together.  I resolved that I must speak to him.

It was a few days later, shortly before lights out, that I made my way to Howlett's quarters.  I encountered Brine, a bright second form lad, leaving as I approached.  "Get the caning you certainly deserved, Brine?" I asked.

"No, Mills-ffleming." he replied and then realizing what he said became flustered. He tried to correct himself but got tripped up.

I cut him off with: "You may see me, Brine, tomorrow for it then." and smiled.© YLeeCoyote

By now he had recovered sufficiently to get out of the trap I had set.  "Excuse me,  I meant that I had not been caned but I was not due one."  It was already well known that Howlett never administered any sort of CP himself.

"Better hurry before you get slippered for being out past lights out."

"Yes, thank you Mills-ffleming.  Good night." he said and dashed off happy not to have been thrashed in any way.  He's a good lad and will surely be a prefect in due course.

I knocked on Howlett's door and immediately entered.  He reacted as I expected cutting off his "Enter" as the door opened and rising, surely expecting to see the Head or one of the senior masters.  I figured that this would unbalance him some.  "Good evening, Mills-ffleming.  I was not expecting you." he stammered.  I sat in the big, leather covered, armchair that was there for him when not behind his desk.  In the same way that an animal tries to look more imposing (and hence more powerful) to his rivals and attackers, I was doing the same.  He sunk back into his desk chair, perhaps a little green around the gills.  He looked very submissive; I could smell the fear of my prey.

"Howlett," I said in my most authoritative voice as if I was the Head, "it has come to my attention that your marking has not been fair."  He looked puzzled so I continued.  "I have compared the marks you gave me with those of others and they are higher for equivalent work.  This unfairness must cease immediately as it reflects badly on me as well as you.  Also, it implies some improper conduct."  I sat back, tall, in my chair and stared at him sternly.

After a few minutes he responded.  "I will be more careful in the future, Mills-ffleming."

He was obviously flustered so I pounced.  "A good slipperring will help you to remember, Howlett." I said sternly.  "I'm sure that you have one here even though you don't use it.  Do be good enough to fetch it."  I stood up.  "Now, without any delay."  He dug in one of his desk's lower drawers for the standard school issued slipper that all the masters and prefects had and handed it to me.  "Come round here and get into position, boy." I ordered as I removed my blazer.

He obeyed me as he had in my study three weeks before and as he had obeyed my cousin more than a decade earlier.  I got into position and delivered the first WHACK as hard as I could.  A lovely red patch appeared on his bum nicely centred on his sit spot.  I repeated the action in the exact same place.  He yelped like a baby.  I switched to the other side and did the same.  I then alternated until I administered six hard WHACKS to each cheek.  He was sobbing by the end.  Need I mention that I was reacting myself, although in a difference place and with pleasure.

I decided to try something new and told him to get up and face me.  As I opened my belt and trousers, I commanded: "KNEEL".  He dropped to his knees and stared at my rampant shaft.  He licked his lips and I pulled his head forward so that my rod was buried deep in his hot mouth.  It was a good decision for I immediately learnt that he was a most proficient cocksucker.  I held off for a bit but soon succumbed to his talents and blasted deep into his throat.  He gently licked me clean.

As I pulled up my trousers and pants, he quietly said: "Thank you, Mills-ffleming."

I picked up my blazer and in doing so, dislodged some stuff which fell on the floor.  On top of the remaining pile was another porn magazine.  I picked it up.  "This is a disgrace.  What if Brine or one of the other youngsters had seen this?  Get back into position.  Immediately!"  As he complied, I went to the cupboard where the canes were kept and selected the senior one.  We were both in the proper positions less than a minute later.  I tapped his already red tail with the cane so that I could admire the colour I had already beaten into it.  I raised the cane and brought it down hard and fast with a loud swish.  He howled, as usual, and I watched the track form for a minute before administering the second cut.  The previous scene replayed exactly the same way.

I continued until I had drawn a seven rail gate on the big target.  He yelled for each of the eight cuts I placed on top of the tender bruises from the slipper.  He would remember this night for sure.  I would enjoy his lectures for days knowing how he was carrying my marks.

* * * * * * * * * *

Young Brine came visiting the next evening.  He was nervous but not in the usual way of a boy who has been sent to me having been caught in some offence of commission or omission worthy of a swishing.  It was some instinct that caused me to offer him some tea and biscuits even though he was so junior.  "It was what you said the last evening by Mr. Howlett's room."  He practically sighed with relief having gotten that much out.  "I've been thinking about it, and I should be caned."

I confess that I was not expecting that remark so I took the easy way and asked: "Why, Brine?  Have you got away with something?"

He took another bite of his biscuit and explained that he had three reasons.  "First, I'm awfully curious about it.  Certainly you remember how it was so fascinating back when you were in the second.  Second, my cousin who is just seven months older boasts about getting it in his school and how bravely he takes it.  Third, I'm considered somewhat of a goody-goody by my mates and if I had the first tram marks of my class they wouldn't think so."  He showed some definite relief that he had managed to say all that.  "And I'm going to see my cousin this weekend so I could show him the marks and do some boasting myself with proof that it was not just talk."

I immediately knew that this boy was going far.  "I can't just thrash you without a reason, Brine."

"I thought about that.  I could say that I smart-mouthed off at you and then refused the slipper as too childish, Sir."

I nodded and smiled. "How many cuts?"

"Oh, six-of-the-best, of course.  We must do this right and proper; no half-measures.  May I have another biscuit, please?"  He was amazingly calm like talking about something as inconsequential as who the president of Freedonia was.

I handed him the plate with the biscuits and opened the punishment book.  When he had finished the biscuit, I told him to make the entry.  He filled it out perfectly.  I'm sure that if (or should I say when) he is Head Boy he'll enjoy looking back at his first entry.  "OK, Brine, blazer off, trousers and pants down and bend over the desk."

"Yes, Mills-ffleming."

I got the cane and tapped him lightly on his cute, virgin (at least to the cane) bum.


Then I gave him the first cut.  He grunted, gripped the desk tighter but held his position like a brave man.  What a difference from that wimp Howlett.  I proceeded carefully placing the next four cuts exactly parallel and uniformly spaced on his bum.  He held his position through them all.  I warned him that the last would hurt the most and SWISH I completed the gate.  "OK, you may get up."

"Bloody hell, that hurts.  Thank you."

I had him sign the entry in the book and he returned to his dorm.  I noticed him the next day and he was surrounded by his admiring mates.  The next week he visited me to report that his plan worked.  His mates here at Dorwick respected him a lot more as he had been the first of his cohort to be caned and his cousin was most impressed.  He was even doubting that his cousin had been caned based on the questions he had asked.

End of Part 2.  Go to Part 3

© Copyright A.I.L., April 21, 2007

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