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Thanks to Mike Ward who helped me with British idioms and details.  The narrator is speaking of events prior to 1965 when CP was much more common and we did not worry about STDs.  So, consequently, my characters are not concerned about them and don't use condoms as you should now.

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Dorwick Chronicles - Part 3
The Head Boy and the New Master - (3/3)


For the next few weeks things went on as one would expect.  There were the usual parade of lads to my study affording me the pleasure of whacking and swishing their delightful bottoms.  Of course, I kept close tabs on that most naughty boy in the school, Arts Master Howlett, BA.  After I had caned him in his own study with his own cane, he was extremely deferential to me.  I did some reading in the library to find some answers to questions that I really could not have articulated initially.  I knew that I liked to be in charge and to have others submit to me. When I thrashed someone, I knew that he was surrendering to me; accepting pain and humiliation in deference to my will, my authority and my power.  In my reading I learnt that there are others who like to submit and be dominated.  I decided that Howlett was certainly one of these.

It had been some three weeks since I had last thrashed the wimp and decided that I would try another approach.  That evening I paid him a surprise visit once again.  As I parked myself in the big chair, I said.  "Just a few words, Howlett.  Have a seat." gesturing towards the couch.  He had a choice.  He could follow my directions and sit on the couch or he could hide behind his desk.  He took the subservient place on the couch.  I pressed on. "You have some hot water in the kettle for some tea."  I said it so it was clearly not a question.  He took the clue and immediately offered me some tea which I graciously accepted.  I was delighted at his fawning like a third form boy.

I waited until he was seated with his own cup before I asked about any biscuits.  "Oh, I'm so sorry, I forgot." he stammered and jumped up to get them.  I could not help thinking how the other masters would have had me bare-bottomed and bent over for six-of-the-best for just having the audacity of aiming my backside at that easy chair.

"I'm worried about you, Howlett.  Are you behaving properly or might the Head have to take action for your iniquitous misconduct?"  He turned green.  Obviously he was scared; very scared.  The only action the Head might take would be to fire him and he would be in a most deplorable position if that happened.  "Perhaps you need a little reminder, Howlett." again saying it flat rather than as a question.

Several times he opened his mouth but he neither said anything nor sipped his tea.  I just stared at him.  He yielded in a few minutes.  With his face hidden in his hands, he whispered: "I'm afraid you are right, Mills-ffleming."© YLeeCoyote

I let him stew in his own guilty thoughts while my cock was happily anticipating some pleasure.  "Get the cane, boy, and then get into position."

He jumped up and dashed for the cupboard for the cane.  Then he undressed.  He undressed completely even though it was only necessary to drop his trousers and pants.  I was not about to complain however.  I did make sure that the door was locked.  I slipped off my blazer and flexed the cane.  I felt so powerful; so potent.  The wimp got into position.  I raised the cane and brought it down.  He howled and I watched the tram line form.  I methodically placed the next four cuts with the same pathetic reaction.  I made him wait extra long for the next so he could fearfully anticipate the cut below the first five.  However, when I did the sixth one, I made it diagonal to form a five-bar gate.

As he whined in pain, I opened my trousers and let one-eye see my drawing-by-cane.  He was drooling as I coated him with some lube and I let him inspect Howlett deep inside.  He really enjoyed the trip.  I cleaned up and left.

It was a most memorable visit.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next day I enjoyed Howlett's class for he had the signs of discomfort that a proper caning causes as he moved and especially when he had to sit.  I felt so good that I let a few misdemeanours pass and was softer than usual.  It was young Brine that surprised me that evening.  He waited until close to lights-out time before he knocked on my door.  Once inside he asked if we could talk privately as he had something he needed to discuss.  When I agreed, he insisted that I promise to keep things confidential.  With a minor caveat, I agreed and he started to talk.  He was a bit nervous so I let him ramble some.  I even gave him some tea and a couple of biscuits.

"I already told you that Sam, my cousin, was very impressed by the cane marks you gave me, when they were fresh.  Well, I got to see him again and we were playing with Ken, his school chum.  We got to talk about caning and Ken said that neither of them had ever been swished and wanted to know more about it.  Well, that led to Sam having to confess he had lied to me and then Ken stating that the entire world would have heard him yell if he had been.  They argued about this with both claiming that it would be the other that would yell and he wouldn't.  We were alone in Ken's house and there was a cane available that his pater used on his older brother.  I generously made an offer to switch them to see who would yell."

"That sounds like fun for you." I said to Brine who had the most incredible grin at this point.

"Yes, it certainly was.  We agreed the test would be three cuts.  Ken was first and just bent over but I insisted that it had to be on the bare, so he dropped his trousers and pants.  I gave him the first cut.  He grunted a little and a mark appeared.  It felt great for me but I knew I hadn't done it nearly as well as you do.  I gave him the second one and it was a bit harder than the first but he took it well.  The third cut was the same.  Ken rubbed his bum some but made light of the whole business."

"It was Sam's turn and very slowly he took his place.  I gave him the first one.  He howled and the mark was a bit more.  Yes; I could see that this took practice.  Ken laughed and Sam got up saying that he had enough and conceded that Ken took it better.  Ken would not hear of him quitting saying: 'The deal was we each get three cuts.'  Together we pushed Sam back into position and while Ken held him down, I gave him the other two cuts."

"There was no need to declare the obvious that Ken was the winner.  I told Ken to hold the liar in place for his punishment.  'You get three cuts for lying.' which I gave him immediately.  He was crying when I was done.  Sam soon recovered and apologized for lying, thanked me for doing what was necessary and we're still friends.  Ken said he could take it but would rather not have to."

"How did you feel about all this, Brine?" I enquired.

"That's what I wanted to talk about.  I felt good doing it.  Is that normal?  All right?"

I, of course, told him that it was.

"You like it also, Mills-ffleming." he said flatly, very sure of himself.  I was deciding how to respond when he continued.  "I noticed that in class this morning, Howlett was acting like he was thrashed last night."  He paused.  "And you … you were grinning like a Cheshire cat as you left his class as I was going to it."  He paused to nibble on his biscuit.  "You looked that way the day after we passed outside Howlett's office."  I wondered where he was heading.  He did not keep me waiting long.  "Ken told me that I had that look after I had caned him and Sam."

I told him that it was for some people.  Men like us who are in command.

He then asked me to teach him how to use the cane and I agreed.  He then said: "I want to do it properly when I cane Howlett.  It would be nice to watch you do it too."  I told him he was making an uncalled for assumption but he laughed.  "You haven't denied it and the circumstantial evidence is very strong."  He kept grinning and then thanked me politely for my time.  He rushed off in order to be back before lights-out.

During the next couple of weeks, I gave Brine some instruction in the use of a cane and he practised eagerly.  I regret to have to report that another pillow met an untimely end.

* * * * * * * * * *

Brine was a very determined lad.  I would have been delighted to see him swish someone.  Unfortunately, not even the prefects were permitted to do that officially so there certainly couldn't be a way for a second form lad to do it.  I actually grew fond of him like I would for a younger brother.  Then one night I had this dream.

I'm watching a class in a school gym.  Brine is standing by a horse when Stanton (another second form lad but in longs) leads Howlett into the room.  All the activity stops and the boys all watch the three.  Howlett is wearing the old school uniform for the lower forms – short trousers and school-cap.  Brine, in longs, is flexing the cane and I see the fear in Howlett's eyes.  "You are to get six, boy.  Strip and get over the horse."  Howlett hesitates and Brine threatens him with extra for delays.  His blazer, tie, shirt, vest, school-cap, shoes, knee socks, shorts and Y-fronts form a pile on the floor.  Both Brine and Stanton remove their blazers for the task at hand.  Stanton pulls Howlett over the horse and holds him in place with his rump out and ready.  The boys, whose gym activity has been interrupted, are all smiling.  Several are fondling their stiffies.

Brine gets into position and delivers the first cut.  There is the expected howl and Stanton struggles to hold Howlett in place.  The other five cuts have the same result.  Stanton releases his grip and Howlett slips to the floor.  He is bawling like a baby.  The watching boys are laughing.  Brine and Stanton put on their blazers and leave.  The class resumes.

Howlett grabs his clothes and runs out in shame into the busy corridor where many others see him.

It was a very intense dream for I woke up with very sticky pajamas.  I decided that I had to work out a way for this to happen; well, the caning part anyway.  I also realized that there would be a bonus.  Once Brine had swished Howlett, the wimp would know that his secret would be known for at least the next three years even if the Head Boys did not pass it on.

It took me a while to devise a plan which took advantage of Howlett's lack of self-discipline.  I kept an eye on his mail and was lucky to spot 'a plain brown envelope' that looked so innocent that it yelled SMUT.  I held it for a few days until the class schedules were just right.  I told Brine that he had to be in Howlett's classroom after his class was dismissed without being seen.  He could hide in the bog and return for his stuff, dump his stuff on the floor and have to pick it up, spend some time working on a drawing, whatever, to give Howlett a few minutes to open and start to read the magazine.  He was to see the magazine, act shocked and want to report this to the Head (since the schoolboy code did not apply to masters).

Brine managed to do this when I just 'happened' to walk into the room.  I grabbed the magazine.  "Howlett!  How could you corrupt such an innocent boy?  I warned you about this."  Of course, he was speechless.

"Are men that big, Mills-ffleming?" Brine asked pointing to a picture in the magazine.  "He's as big as a horse."

"I'll be back after I help the boy, Howlett.  You certainly have not heard the end of all this.  Come along, Brine."

"Yes, Mills-ffleming" said Brine, not sure of what I expected him to do which was perfect.  Out in the corridor he asked: "That was brilliant, Mills-ffleming.  Did I do it right?  Do we go to the Head?"

"What would that accomplish, Brine?"

He then realized that we would soon be out of the picture and that was not what he wanted at all.  He saw the way immediately.

"We have to deal with him."  I told him to keep quiet about this and see me in the evening.  I wrote a note to Howlett telling him to come to my study at lights-out.  I gave the note to Brine to give to someone going to see Howlett in the afternoon and then I got him to his class.  I let Howlett stew.

Brine was the first of my evening visitors.  He had worked it all out.  "Howlett has to submit to our discipline or to the Head's which means he gets sacked.  If the former, then I want to cane him!" he said.

"You realize that if word gets out, then you will be in trouble so you must never talk about it."  He understood and agreed.  I gave Brine a note to his house master asking him to excuse him to see me late.

* * * * * * * * * *

Brine showed up early and Howlett late.  He was, naturally, horrified when he saw Brine in my study.  "The boy must go, Mills-ffleming." he said.

"He said he'll go to the Head unless he knows personally that you're properly punished."  Howlett looked at Brine who nodded.  "Do take off your coat, drop your trousers and assume the position.  I don't want the lad too late for bed."

As he got ready, I fetched my cane.  It was not a senior one but it would have to do; anyway it was the one Brine had practised with.  With Howlett in position, Brine removed his blazer and took up the cane.  He was superb.  Howlett howled as always.  After the third cut, he stood and I snapped at him.  I then went to the other side of my desk and held him down by his wrist.  It was then he realized that it was Brine using the cane.  It was far too late to stop it.  Brine was beaming and stopped at a dozen which I had told him was the absolute maximum.

I sent Howlett back to his hole.  I regretted that I couldn't roger him as usual but Brine was present.  He was more than beaming.  He thanked me most profusely and told me that he would be forever grateful.  I reminded him to keep absolutely mum about this and sent him off to bed.  I bet he wanked as much as I did once he was in bed.

* * * * * * * * * *

The year was ending and I was shortly to leave my dear alma mater and go up to University.  I told my successor, William Pridaux, about a lot of things.  He found the details about Brine very interesting and said that he would take good care of the lad.  It would be easier for him than it was for me since they were in the same house.

On the last night, we summoned Brine in to see both of us.  After the obvious preliminaries,  William told him: "I expect you to live up to the highest standards in all ways and I shall be very strict with you, especially if I allow you to fag for me.  What do you think fagging will teach you?"

"I'm most honoured and will bend over for your considered attention whenever you decide that it is necessary, Pridaux.  I'm certain that it will teach me humility."

I enjoyed how these two reverted back to a Shakespearean English as if they were a knight and squire who had eavesdropped on Prince Hal and Falstaff.  I'm sure that Pilon, the English master, would have been most pleased.

"Very good, Brine.  When we return in the autumn, you shall give me a reason that you should be the first one I thrash officially."

"Certainly.  Perhaps I could have a sample of how you use your rod today so I would know what to look forward to?"

"He canes harder than I do, Brine."

"In that case perhaps only a small sample."  He paused.  "But, of course, whatever you consider proper, Pridaux."

"Strip, Brine, and get into position so I can see how well you accept my rod."  Brine did not hesitate even a second but immediately removed his blazer and placed it on the back of a chair, put his shoes under the chair and the rest of his clothes on the chair and was in position in what surely was record time.  I gave my cane to William who got into position and delivered the first cut.  It was a hard one and immediately left a vivid tram line.  Brine, to his credit, took it stoically and remained in position.  He accepted the second one just as manfully although he was gripping my desk so tightly that his knuckles were white.

William has more varied interests in boys' bums than I do. He then proceeded to caress Brine's delectable bum, concentrating on the centre attraction.  In a due course, he unzipped and greased up his own rod and then Brine's bum soon felt William's rod for the third cut.  This one took longer and Brine reacted a lot more.  Not until given permission did Brine stand.

"Thank you very much, Pridaux.  Your cuts are certainly harder than Mills-ffleming's.  I shall have to be extra diligent not to incur your displeasure while being your most humble and obedient apprentice."

William told him to get dressed which he did quickly and the three of us had some tea which Brine made and served.  We asked him to relax and tell us what he really thought and felt – nothing but the absolute truth, we instructed him.  "Master, I am honoured by your interest in me.  I much prefer to give than receive but know I must receive to learn.  The first two cuts really hurt although the third was much nicer.  I look forward to learning much from you."

End of Part 3.  Go to Part 4

© Copyright A.I.L., May 13, 2007

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