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This story is fiction and deals with m/m spanking and sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story is a continuation of Head Boy and the New Master and it will make better sense if you read that first.

Thanks once again to Mike Ward who helped me with British idioms and details.  The narrator is speaking of events prior to 1965 when CP was much more common and we did not worry about STDs.  So, consequently, my characters are not concerned about them and don't use condoms as you should now.

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Dorwick Chronicles – Part 4
Remembrances of a Third Form Fag (1/2)


After I saw The Head Boy and the New Master published in these parts about Giles Mills-ffleming's year as Head Boy at Dorwick I got inspired to write about my own experiences there.  Permit me remind you that Dorwick is an ancient public school, hidden away in a remote, very conservative bit of England, north of Hadrian's Wall with the panelled walls oozing traditions.  This is about the year that I was fagging for William Pridaux who succeeded Mills-ffleming as Head Boy.  Now, before you snort and turn away because that you don't want to read about some whining kid slaving away polishing boots and similar stuff for a stuck up Head Boy, let me tell you that I haven't written about those boring duties.  Sure, I suffered through that stuff but I also learnt a great deal of much more important stuff.

It was actually the end of my second form year, just before the summer holiday, when I start my narrative.  I did not know why I was summoned to the Head Boy's study but Mills-ffleming and a fifth form boy from my own house, Pridaux, were there.  I was not very close to him since he was three years ahead of me but we did know each other.  Pridaux was a top student, wicked on the pitch and seemed to have an eye for boy bums.  There had been some gossip that he had more than just an eye for them.  But I digress.  Pridaux quickly informed me that he was to be the next Head Boy and asked if I would like to be his fag.  I almost dropped my tea cup which would have been disastrous but, fortunately I just said:  "Yes, thank you, Pridaux."

Pridaux immediately started to question me as happens in every job interview.  Eventually he got to: "I expect you to live up to the highest standards in all ways and I shall be very strict with you, especially if I allow you to fag for me.  What do you think fagging will teach you?"

I knew that the way to the very top required slogging through the mud rather than just staying on the highroad with the crowd.  They surely knew for they had been successfully through this themselves.  I had to show that I could defer to him.  "I'm most honoured and will bend over for your considered attention whenever you decide that it is necessary, Pridaux.  I'm certain that it will teach me humility."

"Very good, Brine.  When we return in the autumn, you shall give me a reason that you should be the first one I thrash officially."© YLeeCoyote

I'm not really sure why, but then I said:  "Certainly.  Perhaps I could have a sample of how you use your rod today so I would know what to look forward to?"  I thought maybe that would give me an edge when school resumed in the autumn.  Both of them smiled.

"He canes harder than I do, Brine." said Mills-ffleming who certainly was not a slacker in that regard.

"In that case perhaps only a small sample."  I said.  "But, of course, whatever you consider proper, Pridaux."

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that states "Be careful what you wish for … for you may get it."  I asked and I got.  Pridaux told me to get into position.  Well, I stripped completely like I had been sent for a thrashing.  He quickly gave me the first cut.  It was a hard cut but I held position with only a grunt.  Ditto for the second cut.  I was gripping the desk very tightly so as not to embarrass myself.  Then, instead of the third cut, Pridaux was caressing my bum.  I did not dare to move.  I had volunteered and now I had to be totally obedient; totally docile.  His hand moved all over my bottom and then his fingers began to probe my hole.  This might have been just a test to see if I would object or remain submissive or if he was really planning to roger me.

I will concede that I was not an innocent, naive little boy at this time.  I had played around with my mates and had even been shafted a couple of times, although I did more of my share of rogering.  I waited, my heart racing, for my doom.  Then Pridaux was directly behind me and I knew.  I tried to relax my sphincter as he claimed me.  It was great.  He was firm but gentle.

"Thank you very much, Pridaux.  Your cuts are indeed harder than Mills-ffleming's.  I shall have to be extra diligent not to incur your displeasure while being your most humble and obedient apprentice."

He told me to get dressed and then we talked some more.  Pridaux asked for my true feelings and I told him:  "Master, I am honoured by your interest in me.  I much prefer to give than receive but know I must receive to learn.  The first two cuts really hurt although the third was much nicer.  I look forward to learning much from you."  Immediately after leaving them, I went to the bog and tossed off.

It was a great start for the summer holidays.

I had been thinking about Pridaux's proposition all summer and most especially on the train returning to Dorwick for the new year.  It was rather exciting for it would help me advance to higher positions although it also meant that I would be bending over for Pridaux a lot.  Yes, I'll admit that this had got me hard also.  I was most pleased when I was asked to come a few days early to help the prefects get the new boys settled in.  As I would be working with all the prefects, I would have the opportunity to try to establish some relationships with the young men with power in the school.

I had been thinking what I would say to Pridaux when I got to see him.  I did not have any doubts that in the long run the gains would far outweigh the losses.  I knew that submitting to Pridaux would ensure that my bum would be roasted frequently but that it would also be the best route to getting Howlett's ass again and even becoming Head Boy myself.  I even fantasised that I might actually cane, slipper or spank one of my fellows.

That first evening I knocked on Pridaux's door.  After appropriate greetings, he asked what I wanted.  "Sorry to inconvenience you." I started, "This morning, most regrettably, I was disrespectful and insolent to my pater in railway station waiting for the train.  He was about to take down my trousers and pants to spank me right there in the railway station when I persuaded him to let me get caned here instead."

"I'll deal with you on Friday, Brine."  He told me coolly (but with a smile) and I thanked him.  He had a lot to deal with.

It was actually some fun helping with the new boys.  They were not yet able to distinguish between the prefects and the rest of us which meant that I was treated with great deference.  It was a case of long versus short trousers.  It was a nice feeling even though it was only for a few days until they learnt who was who, i.e., who had authority and power.

On Friday afternoon, Pridaux was explaining about punishments to the new boys and called me to the front of the room.  He had been explaining that physical, i.e., corporal punishments are done in certain ways.  Also, that I had (actually had been) volunteered to play the part of a first form boy who is to be spanked.  To add realism to the demonstration, Pridaux had told me to dress in short, rather than long, trousers and a school-cap.  I certainly felt the part especially since the shorts looked shorter on me than on the smaller new boys.

Pridaux directed me to start by knocking on his 'study' door.

"Knock, Knock."  Maples, one of the prefects, explained that the knock must be gentle and polite not like that of the High Sheriff of Nottingham demanding entry.

"Enter." said Pridaux.  I opened the pretend door, walked forward and stood straight in front of him, with my school-cap in my hand.  Maples continued to explain the details.

"Why are you here, boy?"

"I'm Brine, Pridaux.  Pomfret sent me to you because I was running in the corridor and my socks were not pulled up."  Maples explained why I introduced myself and that the miscreant would be lectured and the punishment book filled in.

"Shoes and pants off, Brine." he ordered.  I obeyed, carefully being neat, while Pridaux sat in the spanking chair.  It was somewhat embarrassing to be exposed and for a brief second I hoped that this spanking would be in lieu of the caning I asked for but I knew it would not be.  He called me over and he guided me into position over his lap.  I thought of my first school spanking and prayed that he would not make me cry like I did then.  I didn't really hear what he told the new boys for I felt his hand spanking me.  He did it hard and it was an effort to keep from yelling and crying.

Then Pridaux stoped.  He told them how well I took it and that they would likely to be crying.  He explained that I did not cry because I was a little older.  He ordered me to get up and show my red bum to the group before getting dressed.  I, as the pretend naughty boy, thanked him and pretended to sign the punishment book.  Next, as myself, I thanked him for having been gentle and not making me cry.  I looked about the room and everyone was smiling presumably having enjoyed watching me be spanked, albeit gently.  One face did catch my eye; that of Stuart Harrison.  He looked like he was auditioning for the part of the Cheshire Cat.  Of all my form-mates, Harrison was my greatest rival and we were not good friends.  Pridaux continued on to explain about the slipper.  Again I was the demonstratee.

The demonstration started the same way – I knocked, entered and admitted my transgression.  He lectured and then decided that I was to get the slipper; i.e., whacked.  When directed, I got in front of the desk, dropped my shorts and pants again and bent over.  Pridaux showed the slipper to the group.  It was a sole from a large Plimsoll.  He gave me six – three on each side.  They were hard and really hurt.  I could not control myself and yelped for four of them.  This was for real.  I pulled up my pants and short trousers when he told me to.  I need not report on how Harrison looked for I'm sure you have guessed already.

Pridaux asked me how it felt.  "It hurt a lot, Pridaux, and still does.  I'm glad you did not demonstrate with a dozen."  The new boys were duly impressed.  Again, he was the gentleman and thanked me for my assistance.  Now I was certain that he would cane me later in his study where he could roger me also.

After dinner he called a house meeting.  Almost everyone was present for classes were to start on Monday.  He announced to everyone that I am to be caned – in front of the house – for being respectful to my pater in public, in lieu of a public bare bottom spanking in the railway station at the time.  Everyone was surprised and the new boys were shocked.  He ordered me to strip and get into position.  This was not what I expected but I certainly could not refuse.  I obeyed, carefully stacking my clothes before bending over the chair he had provided.  I prayed that I would not embarrass myself.  I felt the first cut and it was a hard one; even harder than those before the summer holiday.  I stifled my yells as best as I could.  It became increasingly difficult to keep still and quiet with each cut.  I yelled for the last three, especially when he completed the gate.  My housemates were still smiling but not as broadly as for the afternoon demonstration spanking and whacking as they understood that the cane hurts a lot more and that this was for real.  Harrison had sufficient class not to gloat.

Pridaux ordered me to stand and face him still naked.  There were tears in my eyes and some rolled down my cheeks.  Pridaux announced that I will be fagging for him.  He was keeping his part of the bargain for I was the first he officially caned as Head Boy.  I wanted to jump with joy and to rub my hot bum but, thankfully, I kept control and just said: "Thank you, Pridaux, it will be an honour."  He told me to dress and report to him later to discuss my duties.  I'm certain that I made a good impression on my mates.

A little later I knocked on Pridaux's door.  He thoughtfully had written out a list, actually a very long list, of my duties and told me that we would discuss it tomorrow.  One duty was not listed, however, but it was the first I provided.  I removed my trousers and pants so that he could inspect the damage that he had inflicted on my bum.  He then considerately greased up my hole before he rogered me good and proper.  In fact he rogered me so good that I shot without touching myself.

I remained in position even after we both climaxed.  I managed not to think about the mess I had made on his desk.  Pridaux then reached around me and gripped my still hard shaft.  I dared not move.  He let go and stepped back pulling out of my bum which he caressed ever so gently.  "You liked that.  You liked it a lot, laddie."  With his other hand he pressed up on my chest so I knew he was directing me to stand.

I looked at his smiling face.  "Yes, I did like it a lot." I confessed.  During the summer, I fucked my friends, Sam and Ken, and they both loved it.  Now I truly understood why they did.  I was also gaining some understanding of how I could be dominant with some and yet submissive with others.

"Do you realize how incredibly good you looked in your tight short trousers this afternoon?" he asked as he fondled my ass and the tram lines he etched into it.  "Even though it is a bit unusual at your age, although not entirely unknown, I'm considering that any boy that fags for me should go back to short trousers."

I shuddered at his words.  "My pater said something very similar last week.  He thinks that I should remain in short trousers until I'm in at least the fifth and preferably the sixth form like he had to.  I wouldn't mind if everyone in my form did but to be the only one would be a problem.  I want to be the leader and it would make it much harder.  Some of the masters might even treat me as if I was younger."  We were staring into each other's eyes at this point.  I was certain that he could see deep into my soul and could divine that I would obey him absolutely but yet would disagree with him at times.  Of course, I wanted to please him as much as I could and even told him that my pater would approve.  "Perhaps, if I wore shorts only when fagging?  Perhaps if all the fags did, it wouldn't be such a problem."

He smiled and I relaxed a lot.  I was confident that he surely would work out a reasonable solution.  He gave my pubes a tug.  "You would look better without these, laddie."  I am sure that I turned green.  He laughed.  "Get to bed, boy."

I dressed quickly and rushed off to my dorm.  Everyone inspected my fresh gate.  Later, in my bed, I thought that I had probably set a record – publicly spanked, slippered and caned and then (privately) rogered by the Head Boy before the first class.  Pridaux had told me that he would humble me and he had certainly started with great efficiency.  I hoped that the future would be better.  In any case, no one would think that he was giving me any special or preferential treatment.

Since it was the weekend and before classes started, we were not required to be in uniform.  As it was still warm, I wore a shirt and school shorts for my after breakfast meeting with Pridaux.  I definitely thought that he would like that.  I was surprised to encounter Harrison also there.  Pridaux explained that we were to be co-fags so that our duties would not consume all of our free time.  He explained our duties and that we were to work out a division of labour although we were both responsible for everything.  I was appointed number one to Harrison's number two because I won the contest to be his first official caning.  Neither of us had known that we were competing other than against the clock.  Harrison reacted badly to this news with a vulgar interjection.

I must give him credit for his recovery.  He realized his fault and saw a way to atone for it.  He snatched the cane from its hook, said: "I apologise for my unseemly outburst, Pridaux.", handed him the cane, dropped his trousers and pants and bent over Pridaux's desk.

"How many, Harrison?"

"Six.  Six of the best, please."

Pridaux looked at me, probably to test me.  I tried to look smart, as in wise.  "Yes.  Certainly the six he has been expecting all summer … and the extra, of course, like I got."  He got the six and took them very well.  Actually better than I did and had a beautiful gate to show off.

Harrison knew to stay in position until allowed to get up so it was easy for Pridaux to caress his welted bum and slide his greased up finger into his hole.  "Ready for the extra, Harrison?"

He actually gave Harrison a chance to decline but it was pro forma because he had to yield to Pridaux's wishes.  He also knew that I had already done so.  "Ready, Pridaux." he said.  This was the first time that I had watched a rogering and was tenting my trousers.  I wished that I could have tossed off right there.

Pridaux caressed Harrison's bum and told him that he would look very nice in shorts and that he thinks that all the fags should wear them.  As Harrison dressed, I waited for his reaction.  He had the same concerns as I did.  We were dismissed and returned to our dorm so that Harrison could change into more casual dress.  We did, however, make a detour to the bog so that we both could tend to matters that had arisen.  We sprawled on the lawn and discussed our common problems.  It took us a couple of hours but we worked out how to fairly split the duties.  After lunch we continued to talk.  We became Stuart and Jamie instead of Harrison and Brine.

End of Part 4.  Go to Part 5

© Copyright A.I.L., June 20, 2007

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