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This story is fiction and deals with m/m spanking and sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story is a continuation of Head Boy and the New Master and it will make better sense if you read that first.  Of course, you should also read Remembrances of a Third Form Fag.

Thanks once again to Mike Ward who helped me with British idioms and details.  The narrator is speaking of events prior to 1965 when CP was much more common and we did not worry about STDs.  So, consequently, my characters are not concerned about them and don't use condoms as you should now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Dorwick Chronicles – Part 6
Remembrances of an Alternate Third Form Fag


This writing of experiences is most contagious.  After reading Jamie's report, it seems only fair that I put my two pence in for I was his fagging mate.  Just in case you haven't deduced it, I'm Stuart Harrison.  I won't repeat everything that Jamie told you but I will enhance it some and even add some further recollections.

We both had come back to school early to help with the new boys.  When Pridaux got to do the demonstration of how to get spanked and whacked I was really glad that I had been wearing brand new Y-fronts for they prevented my stiffie from tenting my trousers.  Jamie looked delightfully cute in those tight shorts and I was delighted to see him have to strip and get spanked and whacked even though it was all just a demo for the new boys.  They did not yet realize how significant his being in short trousers was, although all the older boys and especially the prefects did.  He did have guts to strip like that.

At that time, I did not know that Pridaux had made him the same offer that he had for me about being his first official caning so I did not have a worry in that regard.  I did not even have a good plan figuring nothing could happen until Monday – the first day of classes.  But, as you know, I was very wrong.  Jamie had come up with an absolutely brilliant idea to get Pridaux to cane him.  Just asking him with a plausible lie for a reason.  As everyone knows watching a caning is fun and I certainly enjoyed seeing Jamie get it along with the rest of the house.  It was also clear that Pridaux was doing this in front of the house to send a message that he would swish and swish hard.  It was when Pridaux announced Jamie was to be his fag that I was very disappointed.

That is why I was surprised when I got the message to report to Pridaux's study.  I was even more surprised when I found that I had not been totally displaced but would be co-fag with Jamie.  I had to create a reason to get caned and the sooner the better to show the Head Boy that I would do as he wanted.  I said a naughty word as if in anger and then asked to be caned as I apologized.  Jamie seconded up my request immediately but he indicated that there was something more and that he had gotten it.  I was not sure what the extra was but I knew I had to match Jamie's submission.  The swishing hurt like the blazes but I held my position and kept quiet.  Then Pridaux quickly started to caress my hot backside and play with my hole.  Like Jamie, I had heard that Pridaux's interest in boys' bums was more than to just beat them and it was clear now exactly what.  He gave me a chance to refuse but then Jamie would be his favourite.  I accepted my first rogering.  It left me with a hard on.

When we left Pridaux's study together, it was clear that we had to work together for anything we did, to hurt the other would have negative consequences for both of us.  We had been very competitive (and at times even nasty) rivals for two years and now we had to work together.  Since we both knew this, we worked it out like gentlemen should.© YLeeCoyote

I really was not surprised when Pridaux found a reason to cane us both and, as Jamie told you, I even asked for it.  That Pridaux had us cane each other was a huge surprise.  Jamie did a fine job and it was almost as good as Pridaux's six of the best.  I wondered where he learnt to do it.  When my turn came to cane him, it was a farce.  I did not have the technique and the result was terrible; actually shameful.  I certainly needed to learn how or I would always get punished worse when Pridaux told us to cane each other.  There was even a worse possibility – Pridaux would cane Jamie and Jamie would cane me.  That would give Jamie an advantage.

I was not unhappy that Jamie rogered me rather than caning me more for it was fun.  I was glad that Pridaux did him at the same time.  When Jamie was teaching me how to cane, we practised that as well.

The biggest surprise was learning about Howlett.  It was great fun spying to find out and then giving him several thrashings.  I certainly enjoyed doing it but not nearly as much as Jamie did.  He definitely liked doing it to an older man much more than I did.

Honesty requires that I tell of one embarrassing thing that happened to me which  Jamie has been kind to leave out.  It was my turn to be fag and Pridaux had a couple of prefects visiting.  I was serving tea and biscuits and listening to the discussion.  That, of course, was permitted as it was part of my training.  What was not permitted was to laugh at the issue.  Pridaux, properly, snapped at me and I quickly apologized and made myself scarce.

After the company left, I expected that I would be caned so I got the cane, apologized again and asked Pridaux to please punish me for my dreadful behaviour.  I then stripped and got into position and awaited my thrashing.  He was most obliging and gave me six of the very best for they were harder than usual.  He also lectured me that I acted so childish and without self control and that I deserved a special punishment.  Jamie already told you how Pridaux tugged his pubes once and said how he would look better without them.  Well, he did that to me also and my reaction was pretty much the same.

When he said: "This will have to go, boy." and tugged at my pubes this day I knew what he was thinking and that he was not, unfortunately, kidding.  My arse was already on fire and he was not finished.  It was really difficult to keep silent and refrain from begging him not to.  That, of course, would have been worse than useless for it would prove I was childish.  I just tried to be as stoic as possible and accept his punishment.

He used a small scissor and calmly trimmed my pubic hair to mere stubble.  He then got a bowl of water, some shaving cream and a razor and finished the job.  It was very sensuous and I got a stiffy even though I hated what was happening.  When he was finished, I looked and felt like a little kid.  Rather than him rogering me, he had me suck him off.

Later I returned to the dorm and showed off my gate to my mates.  I had decided not to mention the extra.  I knew it would be noticed but I was not going to make a fuss about it.  I wore short trousers for the next two days until my turn came up to be fag for the day.  When I was dismissed, I asked for permission to speak.  I again apologized, told Pridaux that he had chosen an appropriate punishment for me and asked permission to wear longs again.

"I did not tell you that you had to wear shorts, Harrison, so why are you asking?  Of course, you look very good in them."  He thought that every boy should be in tight short trousers.

I told him I was trying to be penitent and to show humility.  "Are those the only reasons, Harrison?"

"No, Pridaux." I replied without elaboration.  He smiled and I knew that he knew I was doing it to please him.  Then he told me to wear them for a couple of days more, which was reasonable.  By then my mates had noticed that I had been shaved but that came together as a single punishment with the short trousers.  I was sure happy when things grew back.

I do have one little secret that I have kept from Jamie.  I did not tell him because I knew he would be terribly jealous.  One afternoon, when it had been his turn to fag, we had swapped so I was in the right place at the right time.  A first form boy, Haskins, came in.  Pridaux was just about to whack him, when there was some problem and he had to run.  I was there and he said: "Harrison, take care of Haskins."

The boy, still with his trousers and pants down, asked: "Are you going to whack me?"

I smiled and responded: "It would be my pleasure, but I think that I'm to take you back to your dorm and you're to return tomorrow for your whacking."  The boy was not anxious to wait an entire day so he asked again.  "Well, I could take you to Pomfret and explain that the prefects have all been called away for a problem."

"Oh, no.  Pomfret promised to give eight and Pridaux just four.  It's just not fair to be this close and have to wait.  It is like one's hanging being put off because of rain."

The lad had a point.  I decided to risk it and gave him his four whacks with the slipper."  I did a right good job.  Pridaux had already filled out the punishment book so after Haskins signed it, I took him back to his dorm.

In the morning, I explained everything to Pridaux and even said I expected four would be about right.  He really shocked me and let me off.  He explained that I had done things right, showed compassion and that I had been learning stuff like Jamie mentioned (being wise et al).

Like Jamie, I was more than delighted when we were told that the school expected us to continue our great cooperation the next year and that we would get some special title to enhance our leadership role.  All the slogging through the mud, as Jamie put it, certainly was worth it.  The extra swishing this year would mean less next year and we had gained a lot of experience.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., June 20, 2007

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