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In these modern times, the wonderfully horrid and scary tales of our folk lore are considered politically incorrect because of the violence and other crimes.  I'm sure that the Brothers Grimm would be quite offended.  Having said that, I will now present a story that is (sort of) PC about a golden hair lass and a red hair lass, a young ursine and canine.  Surely by now you guessed that this is still another story about Goldilocks and the Three Bears combined with Little Red Ridding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf in a well integrated society.  I'm not sure if this is fur/zoo story, about a werewolf and werebear, or the characters have been completely anthropomorphized – you pay your money and you take your choice.

The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of spanking and teen sex (both gay and het).  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Double Date


When Mrs. Björn finished packing the basket she called Junior.  "Yes, mother." he politely replied after coming into the kitchen.

"Here is the basket for Red's granny.  What are you and Big going to do today after you drop it off?"

"Big and me, er, I are going to meet Goldie and Red at the amusement park, mother."

"The girls are going to bring a picnic lunch, Mrs. Björn." said Big.

"Just be sure that you get them home before their curfews and that you are back before yours, boys." growled Mr. Björn.  Both Big and Junior took this warning very seriously.  They had been best friends for many years and Mr. Varg and Mr. Björn had given each other full authority over the other's son.  Many a time the two boys were spanked together.© YLeeCoyote

"Yes, Sir." the two boys responded.

"And no hanky-panky either."

"Oh, no Sir." said the two keeping straight faces as they had just made sure to have fresh condoms in their pockets.  Neither youth could really believe that the old man did not know they were always into hanky-panky with those two easy girls.

The basket delivered, twenty minutes later the two youths were waiting at the park entrance bus stop for their dates.  One hour and six buses later the girls hopped off a bus. © by Y Lee Coyote

"We hope you were not waiting very long." they cooed sweetly batting their long (store bought) eyelashes in a come hither manner.  Both Big and Junior both wondered how they got past their parents wearing their spray-on jeans and tube tops not that they objected.  The boys were both very glad that they were prepared as there was a noticeable stiffening in their jeans.

At the carny booths both boys managed to win cuddly things for the girls. They went on many rides.  On the roller coaster they all yelled but it was a great opportunity for the girls to cling and the boys to show how macho they were by holding them tight.  In the privacy of a cab on the ferrous wheel they got a lot of kissing and very little viewing.  In the tunnel of love they got a lot of kissing and a lot of groping.

Eventually, they had their fill of the amusements and went off into the quieter and more private parts of the town park to eat away from the bustling amusements.  After they cleaned everything up and were sitting talking, the boys brought up what they have talked of several times in the past and what they decided during that long wait at the bus stop.

"Girls, what did we promise you if you were late again?" asked Big and Junior together.

The girls looked at their dates and then each other and realized that the boys were very serious.

"We promised to SPANK you if you were late again.  Today you were a FULL HOUR late."  Each grabbed his date and pulled her across his thighs as they were sitting on the grass.

Even before the first spanks, the girls started to yell "don't" and "that they would never be late again".  But the guys were not so easily deterred.  They began spanking immediately, hard and fast.  Then while the girls were still in shock, they paused for a minute.  Each flipped his lass over, unsnapped and unzipped her jeans and rolled her back into spanking position.  Then a quick hard yank pealed back the denim exposing the now pink cute buns.  There weren't any panties to contend with.

They resumed spanking, however, now they could watch how the firm shapely derrieres quivered, flexed and turned red with each and every spank.  They also pulled the jeans down further which allow them each to slip a paw down between the legs to feel the girls' cunts.  They smiled at each other for both paws returned dripping wet and the scent added steel to their hard cocks.  Of course, the girls were noticing that there were some changes as the boys' erections were pressing up at them while straining to get out of their jeans.  All four of them were emitting pheromones at high levels which raised and kept their arousal levels very high. © by Y Lee Coyote

Junior went for it first.  He got a condom out of his pocket and ripped it open with his teeth.  Then he flipped Goldie over on her back and pulled her jeans past her knees.  He let go of her a minute while he ripped open his jeans and pulled down his boxers.  Then he rolled the rubber over his rampant shaft and plowed into the dripping cunt which had been anxiously awaiting his invasion.

Big preferred a different approach.  After pulling Red's jeans all the way off and putting on the love glove, he mounted her from behind in proper canine fashion repeatedly thrusting his steel-like rod deep into her dripping pussy driving her into ecstasy.

Even youths run out of steam after a while and after both had come twice they pulled out and laid back.  The girls then 'attacked' them.  First they started to kiss and then quickly went into French kissing.  Two other activities were occurring simultaneously.  The boys pulled the tube tops down and undid the bra hooks so that they could play with the now exposed shapely breasts with their hard nipples.  The girls started to play with the drained cocks.  After a short time, the boys began to recover and the girls changed tactics.  They changed the oral administration from kissing to sucking.  This proved to be irresistible to the guys and the girls had really full months.  Well for a while until the boys shot once again almost drowning both of them.

They cuddled for a while before dressing and heading for the bus to take the girls home.  There it took a while say good night to them.  Kissing can be so much fun and that is not the time a youth thinks about bus schedules.  Unfortunately, they missed a bus and had to wait forty minutes for the next one.  This made them late getting back home.

It was not a good sign that they saw a light on as they approached the house.  Opening the door they saw Mr. Björn sleeping in front of the TV.  They went to bed very quietly not wanting to spoil the evening.  Dealing with Papa would wait for the morning; reliving the day was for now.

In the morning Papa was still sleeping in front of the TV even after they had finished breakfast and Mama had gone off to visit Red's granny.  When Papa awoke, the boys brought him his large mug of coffee.  It was not wise to talk with Papa before he had it.

"What time did you get home, boys?" he demanded.

"12:20 Sir.  We were late." they answered honestly.  The price of being caught lying was far to high to take the chance and explanations redundant.  Big got the strap from the closet and brought it to his weekend father.

"You know the rules and the penalty.  Go do it.  I want to watch the game."  Mr. Björn was addicted to the soccer from Europe via satellite.

"Yes, Sir."  The two boys went to Junior's room.  They had each been strapped many times but had never done it themselves.  One of Papa's most frequent lines was that a man accepts responsibility; a man does what has to be done.  This was obviously a test of growing up.

"This is going to hurt, buddy." said Junior.

"You bet your ass, Junior." said Big with a toothy grin.

They both laughed at this.  It was also a contract between themselves – that they would do what was expected.  They striped down and flipped a coin.  Big laid over the edge of the bed while Junior took up the strapping position.

"Ready, Big?"

"Ready, Junior."  Junior raised the strap and brought it down on his buddy's ass with a loud WHACK.  The pain shot through Big's body as if a lance had been driven through his hole and out the top of his skull.  He bit his tongue and gripped the bed.  He was a man and would not yell like a baby.

Junior raised and lowered the heavy strap another nine times.  The effect on Big was the same each and every time – great pain stoically received.  Both youths realized that there was a sexual element for each of them was hard – just like when they had spanked their girl friends the day before.

When they swapped positions each noticed the other's turgid state.  The question was again asked: "Ready, Junior?"

"Ready, Big."  This time Big raised the strap and Junior felt it like never before; even harder than from his father.  He, too, had to keep from crying out.  The pressure to be macho was even greater as Big had managed to stay quiet.


At the halfway point Big paused as agreed.  Then with a simple one word warning he delivered the other ten strokes.


Big wished that there was a nice hot hole to drive his raging tool into but that was not to be for now.  Even his buddy's butt looked so tempting – bright red like a baboon in heat but he had to switch places with Junior to received the rest of his strapping.  Such was honor.  They switched places again and Junior applied the strap the required ten times.


Junior grabbed a condom package, quickly ripped it open and rolled it on.  He then pounced on his buddy and drove his rapier in with one hard thrust and began to hump hard and fast.  Big was surprised but was humping back almost immediately.  His only regret was that he had not done this to his buddy first.  In less than a minute, Junior exploded into his buddy and rolled off of him.

Big found and put on a condom.  He then mounted on his buddy.  Junior objected but Big knew that he had right on his side and was not disadvantaged by having just come.  He wrestled Junior into position and rammed in.  He, too, fucked his buddy hard and quickly came.

"We better show dad our asses while they are still red hot." declared Junior.  The two of them walked to the living room where Papa was watching the game.  They discovered that Papa was not very interested in inspecting their asses.  He dismissed them after a quick glance and admonishing them to be on time in the future.

They returned to Junior's room and found some Sportcreme™.  After gently applying it to each other's cheeks they dressed and went out.  There was still half a day left to the weekend to enjoy with one's best buddy.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., December 29, 2000

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