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The following story is fiction about domestic discipline.  The story contains scenes of spanking, hair brushing and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

There are two similar stories in this series.  This one is with female spankers while the other is all male at DoubleHeaderMM.html.  I hope you can enjoy both.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Double Header – FM Version


When his dad, Teddy, married his stepmom fourteen-year-old Tommy expected that there would be changes in his life now that there would be two females in the house.  The first was, of course, his new stepmom Shirley, and the second his new stepsister Janet.  Janet was a sassy twelve-year-old going on twenty-one who was very much like her mother.  It would take a couple of months before he learnt how terrible and extensive the changes were to be beyond the obvious and usual of merged families.

However, it only took a few days before Tommy realized how strict and controlling his stepmom was.  Right after the parental pair returned from their honeymoon weekend he was lectured about the revised rules of conduct and behavior that he would be required to follow.  He was also informed that he would be punished for violations.  His little sister was grinning throughout the entire family discussion and he was distracted by how her tits pushed out her T-shirt, promising to grow much larger like her mother's.

It did not take long before the first confrontation between the youth and the woman.  It was a minor thing that quickly got out of control as the two argued.  Tommy thought that he would triumph but he gradually realized that the woman was gaining ground.  He silently expected that he would be grounded or lose his phone but soon learnt that his stepmom most definitely had retrograde ideas.

"That is quite enough, boy.  You are getting SPANKED."  Just hearing that word never before used except in conjunction with birthdays and fun caused him to freeze both mentally and physically.  His stepmom suddenly seemed to be an Amazon as she grabbed him roughly and sat on the couch.  "You need to change your attitude and learn who is in charge, boy."  He was so dumbfounded as she yanked open his belt and jeans that all he could do was to yell a first.  Eventually he did try to stop her but she was too strong and the hard slap she gave his hand really stung as she ordered him not to resist.

After that she easily pulled down his jeans and even his boxers exposing his junk not only to her but to his stepsister.  In one way being flipped over her lap was a relief as it covered his privates but at a great cost as her hand seemed to immediately connect with his fully exposed behind with great vengeance.  He saw stars and gave a yell.  Janet smiled as she saw her mother's hand print on his fully exposed rear end.  She was excited in anticipation of what would follow.© YLeeCoyote

What followed without delay was a blizzard of hard spanks that soon turned his tail to the bright red of a well-spanked little boy's booty.  He was also sobbing as she lifted him and dragged him into the corner.  "Keep your hands on your head, boy and think about changing your attitude and behavior."

It was not until the next day that he learnt how his sister and a couple of her friends had enjoyed view.  "My how his rear glows with a red light." she quoted one of them.  "We all agreed.  Of course, I watched from the first hand print forming until you were completely red.  It was a great show." she gloated.

Tommy's complaints and pleas to his father about being spanked especially with Janet watching did not do him any good.  "If you don't want her to watch then don't get spanked.  If you don't want to be spanked then do as you are told."  Tommy understood that was true but such comments were not really any help at all and he was surprised by his father's strange new attitude.

As you can imagine, Tommy was spanked every week or two by his stepmother and it seemed that Janet was always there to enjoy the show.  When he objected he was told "Little boys like you don't have to be concerned with modestly." by his stepmom.  He thought that was totally ridiculous.

Things seemed worse when Janet added "You're just like the boys I see when I babysit and they are bathed or changed.  Well, maybe a little bigger but not much but just as bald." she grinned.  That hurt as he was very aware that he was a late bloomer and she was obviously an early one.

It did not help his ego one little bit when his stepmom got him new underwear – generic tightie-whites.  "But everyone is wearing designer boxers or other styles." he protested but again he heard that little boy line when he uselessly objected.  They would be just one more reason that he would be hassled in the locker room.

Tommy had been spanked several times by the time he brought a note home from school about being rowdy and disruptive in class.  Shirley was furious at such misconduct.  Because the school had called ahead, she was prepared and immediately made him strip and get into the corner while she cooled down enough to spank him.

By that time Janet had also returned from school so when Mom was on the couch and summoned him, Janet was there to watch him meekly walk from the corner to the lap of doom.  The young lady appreciated the full frontal view she got this time rather than the more limited ones of the past.  She hadn't any doubt now that he was still a little boy without a single body hair while she was already developing a nice hairy triangle that he had never even glimpsed.

Once he was over the parental lap, Shirley started to spank and then paused after a couple of hard spanks.  "Janet please fetch my hairbrush to use on your most naughty brother."  Janet ran to fulfill her mission in minimum time so as minimize the number of spanks she missed.  Once Shirley was wielding the brush, Tommy felt the increased effectiveness of each more painful spank.  A few hard whacks, impelled by her anger, really made a major impression for by the time Tommy was returned to the corner he was bawling.  Both females thought how proper that was for a naughty little boy.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a rainy day but Tommy and his friends continued to play on the slippery and muddy field until it got to dark to see.  When he entered the house he was immediately greeted by a deafening shriek: "Don't enter my clean kitchen dripping mud, boy."  As he stepped back he was told to strip which he did to his tightie-whites.  "Take the muddy things and put them in the washer." she ordered which he proceeded to do.  It was not a surprise that Janet was be there to snoopervise up close.

"Your undies are muddy also." the girl announced.  "Put them in the washer also."  With his angry stepmom standing there and glaring he did not dare to object even to an order from his kid sister so a minute later he was naked before them.

It was then Shirley started to lecture him not only for being muddy but being late for dinner.  She was about to spank him when Teddy also returned home.  Although not muddy, he was also late and she lashed out at him in a similar manner right in front of both children.  "You are as bad as your son returning late without even calling." she yelled.  Tommy could not believe that his father, his head hanging, was silent at this onslaught just like a naughty boy being lectured by his mother.  Janet thought of the quip she had seen on the web several times: "The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys."

Janet was again sent to fetch the spanking implements.  This time it was for the hairbrush and the heavy belt hanging inside her stepdad's closet.  The first was familiar and the second new to her.  Shirley then turned her attention back to Teddy.  "Drop 'em and bend over the couch.  The belt is on the way."  The cowed man meekly obeyed losing even more respect from his son.

"Here they are, mother." said Janet when she returned and handing the belt to her mom.  "Shall I deal with Tommy while you strap dad?"

"What an excellent suggestion.  Yes, you've seen how it is done many times."  Tommy practically fainted at the very idea that the younger and already far to uppity girl would actually punish him with a spanking.

"Get over my lap, Tommy." the girl commanded as she sat down.  He wanted to runaway but to where?  He wanted to refuse but surely his stepmom would force him having just accepted and approved the idea.  The girl patted her lap with her empty hand while menacingly waving the hairbrush with the other.  "Don't keep me waiting, boy.  It's spanking time." she snapped.  Reluctantly, he got into position sensing that things would surely get worse after this.

A few seconds later both spankings started.  Shirley was well experienced strapping her meek husband and swung the belt hard at his exposed butt.  Each cut left a red stripe and they soon merged rendering the target a deep crimson red.  Although the man-boy did not yell, it was clear that he was in great pain after a few cuts of the belt.

Meanwhile, just a couple of steps away Janet was learning how much fun it was to have her stepbrother over her lap for a real punishment spanking.  Like every girl with an older brother she thought him to be an immature brat who always needed to be spanked to be put into his place.  It was this thought that drove her to bring the hairbrush down on his bare bottom (the word she used for little boys' tails) with great vigor.  She had spanked a couple of little five and seven-year-old boys but this was a far greater challenge even with the advantage of the little hardwood paddle called a hairbrush.

She was delighted when Tommy grunted at the first whack of the hairbrush.  She took that as a challenge and hoped that she could really make him react and even cry like her mother made him do each time she spanked him.  Over and over she brought the brush down on his bottom noting how each blow reddened it more and more.  His vocalizations were also getting louder and she imagined him trying hard not to cry.  «I'll break him soon.» she thought thrilled with the high of domination.

Of course, Tommy was having his own thoughts. «How unjust that the brat – his kid sister – was spanking him.»  WHACK!  «Worse, how much it hurts.»  WHACK  «Not as bad as from his stepmom but not trivial either.»  WHACK!  «How it was becoming harder and harder not to cry.»  WHACK!  «Was she trying to make him cry like her mother did?»  WHACK!  Then it happened.  He could not hold back any longer and let out a sob.  Others, complete with tears followed as the evil hairbrush continued to incessantly pound his increasingly sore butt.  Now his thoughts were just of the pain.

Janet was, naturally, delighted with this turn of events.  She had broken her stepbrother with a spanking and knew that he would never forget that she had.  She would be able to treat him as a little boy with impunity from now on.  She stopped spanking and led him to the corner.  "Stay!  Hands on your head, naughty little boy!" she commanded with her new found authority.

Soon two well-spanked males with their hot red tails on display were occupying two corners of the room and a mother was congratulating her daughter on how well she did spanking her older stepbrother.

Both children realized that the family peeking order had changed.  Their feelings about that could not have been more different.

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