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The following story is fiction and it is not a guide to child raising.  It contain scenes of teens in dominant/submissive relationships including both discipline and sex (both straight and gay).  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Of course, one should practice safe sex more carefully than my fictional characters.

The story also talks of prefects in British public (UK usage) schools.  This is done only as a means of indicating the sort of authority and power that one of my characters has in his American private (American usage) for the rules are very different.  Also, please note that I talk of grades in the American system (kindergarten through high school senior which is twelfth) and not British forms where sixth form is the top of the heap.  The Diaper Discipline Survey response #98 from the now defunct Deeker's Diaper Page gave me the inspiration for this story.  Show here. 

Original inspiration:
I was twelve years old and my twin sister had just started getting her period and I teased her for it.  My parents put me into diapers.  They changed me publicly wherever I went.  I had to wear them whenever my sister got her period.  When I got home from school I was tied down into a crib in the house.  I was untied in the morning.

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Double Life – Part 1


1.  The Beginning

I know exactly how I got into this situation more than a decade ago.  It was when we – Alexei, my twin sister, and I – were twelve and half and in the seventh grade.  I made the huge mistake of teasing her about having her period – one of her first – and it was not a good thing to do.  She was still learning to use what is politely referred to as a feminine hygiene pad.  I, alas, was still very far from even starting puberty while she was already well on her way to becoming a young lady.  She even had boobs and pussy hair.  I know because she proudly exhibited it at first.  Perhaps if only Alexei had heard me it would not have mattered but our parents heard it also.

It was not the first time that I had been caught teasing, both my sister and others, and my parents were very disappointed in me for acting like a baby.  They expected that since I was almost a teenager who had been lobbying for more privileges that I would act more maturely especially since I had been instructed about this natural event.  Dad's reaction was quite swift.  He grabbed me and yanked my T-shirt off simultaneously.  He then opened my jeans and along with my boxers shoved them down.  He pushed me down on the couch so that he could lift up my legs and pulled off my sneakers and socks and then my pants.  It took him only seconds to get me brand-spanking-new naked leaving me in just my bright red birthday suit.  It wasn't that I hadn't been naked before with my sister but then it was mutual and of my own free will.  This time I had been forcibly stripped and being treated like a little boy.

There was no doubt about what was next on dad's agenda.  Alexei had already pulled the spanking chair into the center of the room without even being asked or told.  Dad sat down and pulled me across his lap like he had done many times before.  And I responded as I always did with hysterical promises to be good and frantic pleas not to be spanked.  What I got was a hard SPANK on my bare bottom.  Dad always gave what he called an attention getter first.  It certainly was.  I was all ears but knew that soon I would be all red hot butt.  I got the lecture about teasing, being a baby, being considerate and then I got spanked.  It was a long and very hard spanking.  Dad was very angry and took it all out on my bottom.  After he had stripped me, I did not feel like I was almost a teenager but just a boy.  Now, with fire burning in my bottom and bawling like a little kid I felt like a little boy; a naughty little boy.

The assault finally stopped and dad stood me up.  I did the spanked boy dance like I was barefoot on a hot grill not caring about anything or who was watching.  It was one of the hardest spankings I ever had.  But I was quickly put into the corner with my hands on my head.  I cried for a long time.  I did not hear the discussion that was going on with my parents and twin making critical decisions about my future.© YLeeCoyote

I think that I spend an hour in the corner as I cried myself out and my future was shaped.  Eventually I was called in front of the family – we called it the family court because my parents thought it was funny – and told my doom.  It was explained that because I was so immature that my sister was now in charge of me at all times whenever we were not with our parents.  I started to protest but was told to look in the mirror and see the little tear-streaked, snot covered, well spanked little boy there.  They were kind enough not to mention my lack of muscles and tiny hairless genitals.  I remembered seeing the other guys (and not just older ones) at the town pool and, yes, it was very much a little boy that I saw looking back at me.

The wide extent of her authority was then expounded – the most important item that she had the power to punish me by spanking and/or grounding.  Also, I was now required to show her respect as I was required to all adults since she was maturing both biologically and emotionally.  No more barging into her room or the bathroom anymore than my parents' but I must knock and wait.  To emphasize my lowly infantile status (they did not say it that way) I was no longer permitted to close my own bedroom door or even the bathroom door.  Naughty, disrespectful little boys don't have any privacy privileges.

I was stunned.  But there was one more thing.  Because I did not understand what her period meant even though it had been carefully and extensively explained, I would have to share it.  How could I possibly do that?  It was quickly explained that I would have to wear a diaper when she had her period.  I was sent upstairs to get one from the supply we had for our cousin, Timmy, who still needed them at ten.  When I returned with it I had to lay on the floor and my sister got between my legs.  She lifted them up, slipped the disposable diaper under my crimson bottom, lowered my legs, powdered my pee-pee and peanuts (the words she used) and then taped the diaper together.  When I stood up and saw myself in the mirror; there was a baby looking back.  Just like the baby that I called Timmy when he put on his diaper only a few months ago.  At least he had the dignity of doing it himself.  I was glad that he was not here to see me reduced to baby.

In disgrace, I was exiled to my room to wait for my BIG SISTER IN CHARGE to come and explain all the details to me.  I threw myself on my bed and cried.  I was so exhausted that even though it was still morning I fell asleep.

The calls of "Danny.  DANNY!  Wake up." roused me.  "You can't sleep all day."  Gradually I realized where I was and who was there.  There was not any doubt that my butt was still on fire.  "Turn over, Danny.  We have to talk."  Then it came back to me.  ALEXEI WAS IN CHARGE!  IN CHARGE OF ME!  Carefully I rolled over and looked at her.  I could not help but to notice her pert young breasts proudly pushing out her T-shirt.  True enough, she was no longer a little girl like I was still a little boy.  "Oh you look awful, Danny.  I'll be right back."  With that she dashed to the bathroom and quickly returned with a wet washcloth and washed my face to remove the dried tears and snot.  "Much better, little one." she cooed.

Then she explained a batch of things to me.  She said that my life would continue as before provided that I was a good boy, did my school work and did not get into trouble.  She expected me to be obedient to her and if I did not she would discipline me with spanking and other punishments.  If I had a problem with that, then she would have dad would spank me and then she would punish me as planned.  The only thing extra was that whenever she had her period I would have one also.  Actually, there was no way that I could do that so I would just have to wear protection when she did.  That, she further explained, meant that I would have to wear a diaper during that time.

I was horrified.  "I can not wear a diaper to school.  The guys would kill me!"  I exaggerated that a little bit but they surely would tease me to death or make me wish that I was.  At least once a week some guy was pantsed (although usually in the boys' room) at school.

"Well," she mussed, "that's probably true.  You can just wear an incontinent pad in your briefs for school.  That's very much like a day pad for me."  She suddenly wrinkled her nose.  "I smell pee."  She looked at me and slipped her hand into my diaper.  "Wet!"  I was flabbergasted.  I had not done anything like this since I was three.  "This morning must have been very difficult for you.  Just a minute and I'll change you.  I was horrified.  I was over twelve and had wet my bed – or would have if I had not been wearing a diaper.  The cruel words I had said to Timmy flashed through my head as I could hear said them me.  Fortunately sis did not say anything like that.

A couple of minutes later she was removing the wet diaper and wiping me clean.  Then she dried me, powered me and put a fresh diaper on me.  Looking back at this, what should have been sexual as a young lady handled my cock and balls was absolutely nothing of the sort; just like wiping my hands.  "That's what happens with a period – one messes and has to clean up.  Now get dressed, come down for lunch and take the soiled pad out to the trash so it does not stink up the house."

"Do I have to make in the diaper?" I asked very worried.

"No, silly, you use the toilet like always.  You just have to wear protection when I do.  The tapes can be reused so you can take it off and put it back after you use the toilet.  Just a few extra steps.

2.  Understanding

After lunch I went to my favorite spot in the park to think this all through.  With my still blazing butt wrapped in a diaper (hidden in my loose jeans) I found that it was easy to stay on topic.  The big question was: Would Alexei stay nice or become a tyrant?  Past experience had taught me that my parents would not change their minds about this without giving it a try.

The other big question I had was: I am really such a little boy?  True, I certainly was not sexually mature.  All my knowledge about sex was from sex-ed class, the family and my boastful friends.  I certainly did not look at girls sexually.  I though about my body and realized that I still had baby fat and a little pee-pee.  Even Timmy – two years younger – had a better body and a larger dick than I did.  Then for the first time I realized that he even controlled how and what we played.  He was always competing and was beating me more and more frequently.  I thought about one incident during his last visit.  We were wresting before bed and he was still in his briefs and I in my boxers.  He had pinned me and I saw that he had a hard-on that must have been at least four inches – much more than I had even now.  Then he made me pay the agreed forfeit and lie over his lap for five spanks on my bare ass.  They were nothing like dad's spanks but just thinking about them made my butt twitch.  I though about how it would be to spank him and I found that I did not like the idea for it felt strange while his spanking me felt like the right way of things.

Of course, Alexei was far ahead of me as I already told you.  But did that mean she should be in charge of me?

I was, in a word, conflicted; was I a little boy still or grown up?  Should Alexei be in charge of me or not?  Fortunately by Monday morning Alexei's period was over and I did not have to deal with protection at school this month .

After school, I dropped by a friend's place more to see his father than him.  Dr. Elko was a shrink and a family friend.  We had a special relationship with him so that we could talk out problems with an adult other than with our parents.  He was one that could be trusted to listen, have good advice and was sworn to secrecy.  I was very glad that I spoke with him for he just made me see the rationale of the situation and how I could accept it.  He even said that I had worked it all out but just was having trouble accepting the rational conclusions.  Dad had anticipated that I would talk with him and told him his side of the details including that if Alexei abused her authority it would stop.  I went home much relieved and ready to accept the new situation as he guided me to acceptance on terms I already worked out.  What he did was enable me to put my thoughts together in a rational way.

Alexei came to my room late and spoke with me about school and to emphasize how I must apply myself diligently and prepare for the couple of tests we were getting on Wednesday.  She also wanted me to practice something new – how to get a spanking.  When I objected that I did not deserve a spanking, she agreed and promised that she was not going to give me one tonight but just practice the protocol.  She then instructed me to strip and when I hesitated reminded me that she changed my diaper yesterday and that I had nothing to hide especially from her.  I then removed my boxers and stood before her – just an obedient little boy.  She praised me and then had me lie over her lap with much of my weight supported by the bed.  And then she spanked me with love taps and telling me that how she expected me to behave even when she was really going to spank me and if I did not I would get a lot more.

We both got up and then I got into bed naked as she directed.  "Little boys don't need to hide anything" she explained as she tucked me in.  "Later this week we'll go shopping for your protection for next month.  One needs to be prepared in case it comes early."

3.  The New Order

I slept well no longer worrying about how Alexei was going to treat me.  She seem to be doing things gently and in a way that I could accept.  Maybe I just could worry about my schoolwork.  Of course, I managed to mess up that very first week.  After school I went with Benny, my best friend, to his house but we played computer games rather than study for the tests.  I even got invited for dinner and wasted more time before getting home.  I tried to study before bed but I did not got much done.  Needless to say, I bombed on the tests.

Alexei asked me how I did and I told her "OK".  She looked right at me and said I was lying and that was a spankable offence.  Of course I denied it and she expounded that I might get away with lying to others, even to mom and dad, but never with her.  She even pressed me on how much I studied with Benny.  How could I tell her that?  I couldn't so I lied some more.  And she called me on that also.

"You got two spankings due now, young man; care to try for a third?" and she stared directly into my eyes.  I could not take it and confessed all.  "That's better.  Now strip down for your spanking and get the hairbrush."  That sent a chill up my spine.  Mother had used it on me and it hurt real bad but there was nothing to do but obey.

Soon I was naked across her lap and she was patting my bottom as she lectured me.  I dreaded what was about to happen.  I knew that I had brought this on myself but did not want to admit it.  Then I learnt that I was right to fear what was about to happen as the first SPANK!! connected with my soft exposed cheeks.  I gained respect for my sister as my ass was set on fire as the paddle-like hairbrush connected with it repeatedly.  I was actually crying like a little boy.  Then she stopped and I thought it was over but it was not.  That was but the first and she was taking a break before the second.  I got more lecture as she rested and patted my butt.

Then she started anew and I got the second spanking right on top of the first.  I was hurting like dad had blistered my bottom just a few days ago.  I was crying so much I did not hear what she said but suddenly the hairbrush was pounding my bottom again.  The third part of the spanking was shorter.  When I had cried myself out and could listen again she explained that there is an automatic bonus when I get multiple spankings.

As I did my corner time I thought about the situation that I was in.  It all fit together properly for I was just a little boy.  It was a good thing that my big sister was looking after me.  This was just as the shrink had predicted:  I would come accept what I had already told him was the truth but just did not want to admit.  And once I did, fully and without reservation, I would be happier.

The next day the tests were returned and, as I already knew they would, showed that I had bombed.  Even I could anticipate what Alexei would say and knew that my butt could not take another spanking.  As soon as she got home, I went to her and told her and begged that she postpone the spanking I had earned.  I'm glad that she agreed.  Of course, I was not happy the next evening when the reprieve time was up and the penalty was to be applied to my still sore bottom.  I also learnt that I was grounded for the weekend as I needed to catch up on my studies.

After dinner Alexei went out.  I just told my parents that I was going to study and they said that was very responsible.  It did not seem necessary to tell them why.  I also discovered another thing when I asked father for my allowance.  "Oh, Alexei has it.  Now you get it from her."  Another step down.

Saturday morning – early – we went to the mall to shop for the protection I now needed.  In the drugstore I was amazed at the huge array of products – I though a diaper was just a diaper but there were dozens to chose from in many sizes and styles.  There was a similarly bewildering assortment of feminine products as well.  Alexei wanted me to learn about them.  In the end she picked out a couple of types for herself and two for me.  It was a simple big boy/small youth diaper for night wear (similar to Timmy's) and an adult guard (for men with minor leaks) that could be hidden inside my briefs for use at school.  Alexei did not want me to have to endure any teasing about things.  I also learnt that I was going to have to pay for my own stuff from my allowance when we took it to the checkout.

Finished with the drug store, we then went to underwear department in the main store to get briefs as I only had boxers.  I was lucky to find some nice ones that were big enough to hold a guard and yet not look like something from fifty years ago.  But that's not what I brought for sis felt that traditional tightie-whities were just the right thing.  I had started to the cashier with a three-pack when sis stopped me.  You'll need more than that, Danny unless you want to do laundry twice a week.  Little boys without pubes wear briefs and she loaded me down with three more packs.  I was about to protest when she cut me off by pointing to the next rack where they had Underoos®.  "Perhaps you would like some of those fancy ones rather the dull plain white ones."  I picked up the four packs of the tightie-whities and headed for the cashier.

Well that was how the first week went with Alexei in charge of me.  Looking back now from ten years later it really wasn't bad and it could have been significantly worse.  Yes, there were some tough spots but they probably would have happened anyway.

That the sort of stuff that went on for the rest of the year.  Sis was really wonderful about how she kept charge of me.  When mom or dad said even a couple of words I felt that I was being nagged but with sis it was different.  Even if she went on for five minutes, I just listened and accepted her direction.  Everyone, including me, was pleased that my grades improved.

4.  Another Guide

Things were going fine with this arrangement as the family secret.  Only four people knew – our parents, the friendly shrink and sis.  I though about telling my best friend, Benny, but I did not do so until much later.  When I had a friend over Alexei always was very discreet and kept her distance.  Similarly I was careful to be a good boy so she would leave us be.  We really did not make this a formal agreement but she did not want me to have trouble in school being teased.  Then three weeks before the end of the school year, Timmy came for the summer and he would, as he always did, share my room.  His school finished three weeks earlier than mine and his folks were going on a long vacation.  If he had come after school, I thought that it might have been possible not to let him know but in that critical period before final exams I was sure that he would find out.

But Tim (not Timmy any more, please) had changed since the last time we had seen him.  He was now ten and a half (actually almost eleven) and well into puberty.  There was no mistaking him for a little boy any more especially when he used his private school manners.  He was a little gentleman when he wanted to be and president of his class.  (If it had been a British school, he would have been the head prefect of his house.)  He had the poise that I would not have for several more years.  He had even traveled from school to our house by himself even though he had to make several connections as his parents were already on their summer cruise.  He was happily reading on the front porch when Alexei and I got home.  He gave me just a quick but very firm handshake but wowed sis with compliments on her beauty and figure.  We could only convinced him to hang up his blazer because father did not wear his jacket in the house.

Tim was much closer to sis then to me and they had chatted a lot over the web – both email and IM'ing.  She had thus learnt of Tim's exalted position and of his authority over his classmates.  For minor transgression, he was empowered to mete out punishments such as detentions and slippering according to very strict standards.  The real trick, he explained, was to be fair so that the punishment were accepted even by the miscreant.  He even had authority over the guys in all the lower grades and even some over the older ones in the sixth grade.  Alexei, unknown to me, had told him of her authority over me, many details of what had happened and sought his council.  Even though he was two years younger his experience was dealing with immature boys like myself so he was of great help to her.

I learnt of this at the dinner table when he told our parents about his life especially at school.  Dad complimented him on his achievements and noted that he was a real leader.  He hoped that both of us could learn from him.  Dad even said that he was sorry that he had not acted more decisively when I teased Tim about his nocturnal enuresis last summer.  Tim just laughed and said that he had put that all behind himself.  Now he much more concerned with dealing with the eighty or so member of his dorm.  He found it interesting how much they varied – stoics and crybabies; brownnosers who would sell their souls if they could and toughs with bravado; naïve and streetwise.  Then he added that Alexei had already told him of her special authority over me and that was working well and he thought that it was an excellent idea because I was so immature.  I was dumbfounded at how he held such an adult conversation with dad and that dad was treating him not as a kid but more of a grown up.

He even had plans for the summer.  He was going to take advantage of the proximity of the commuter rail to get to the city with its great museums and to read next year's books.  He loved being class president but it required a lot of time and in order to maintain top grades he had to get ahead of his class work.  He said that he seen reproductions of art and they rarely did justice to the art and seeing natural things like dinosaurs and minerals would really be nice.  His dad had even provided him with an ATM card so that he could get the cash he would need for his excursions and not have to depend on his uncle to be a banker.  The only reason he did not have a credit or debit card is that people would not accept one from a kid.

I really felt like a little kid after all this.  Tim, just going into the sixth grade, already had far more privileges than Alexei had been hoping to get when she got to high school.  By his standards I was probably like a nine year old fourth grader.  One thing was pretty obvious to me though – Tim was going to have a lot to say about what I did.

The first clash came at bedtime when we were both naked.  He said he did not care who saw his body and genitals.  He had good reason to show off.  Tim looked me over and said I was still a "wittwe kid" and he could still beat me even one hand tied behind his back.  Even though I knew he was right I went for him.  And he played with me for a while telling me that I had to learn to control my temper.  By this time I was flat on my back with him sitting on my chest.  His cock was hard and even bigger than it was last year.  I couldn't take my eyes off of it and the big bush above it.  "You like what you see, wittwe boy."  He shifted so that it came close to my mouth.  "Give Junior a kiss to show how you like him."  He pushed forward so Junior touched my lips.  I couldn't move away and he continued to press forward.  He gave me a pinch and that caused me to open my mouth and Junior jumped in.  "That a good wittwe boy – making nice with Junior."

It was strange feeling.  "You're going to learn to suck this summer." he said very matter-of-factly.  "Lick and suck Junior and make him feel good."  He was moving in and out a little and I did a little of what he ordered as he encouraged me.  After a few minutes he came and filled my mouth with his cum which he made sure that I swallowed.

He then stretched next to me and soon he was wrapped around me.  It did feel nice and secure.  "Danny boy that was a good start, we have a long time to teach you to do it right and how to get fucked."  His cock, still hard, was pressing into my crack.  You can bet that he kept his word and I learnt how to please him both ways and did it frequently.  It was impossible to avoid him and I was quickly just as obedient to him as I was to Alexei.

It did not take long to learn how strict he was for a few days later I got into trouble in school for talking back to a teacher.  I don't even remember why but it generated a note for a parent's signature.  Alexei had gone somewhere with her friends that afternoon so he saw it before she did.  He quickly went into his discipline mode as class president.  I got a long lecture and then six of the best.  In this case it was from what he called a slipper.  In the UK the traditional slipper used was a Plimsolls – a sneaker – with a rubber sole.  His school had replaced that with a quarter inch thick piece of rubber about the size of a big man's shoe.  It hurt like the blazes when he used it on me.  He made me strip, bend over and thank him for each and every cut.  I actually got nine because I moved and mis-counted.

When it was over, he explained that I had to pay for his efforts.  It turned out that slippering a boy always made him extra horny and there was but one release for that.  Yes, he fucked me that time and every other time he slippered me.  He was always gentle about it though carefully lubing my hole with his fingers first and also his cock.  Then he would hold my hips as he pressed his cock irresistibly into my butthole.  He even told me that some of the lads at school were under the mis-impression that getting fucked reduced severity of the slipping in some way.  That was not true but slippering made both guys horny and the fuck was fun.  That he certainly was correct about.  He had not been so cruel to take my cheery this way.  He had done that much more gently more than a week earlier.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

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