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The following story is fiction and it is not a guide to child raising.  It contain scenes of teens in dominant/submissive relationships including both discipline and sex (both straight and gay).  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Of course, one should practice safe sex more carefully than my fictional characters.  Need I tell you that you should read Part 1  first.

The story also talks of prefects in British public (UK usage) schools.  This is done only as a means of indicating the sort of authority and power that one of my characters has in his American private (American usage) for the rules are very different.  Also, please note that I talk of grades in the American system (kindergarten through high school senior which is twelfth) and not British forms where sixth form is the top of the heap.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Double Life – Part 2


5.  Summer Vacation

School was over and the gang had a party to celebrate the freedom of summer.  I was there without either Alexei (who went to a different party) nor Tim who figured that he would be snubbed as too young (little they knew about my over-achieving, precocious cousin).  Anyway that is beside the point for we had a blast.  I managed to creep home about one in the morning.  As I was stripping in the dark so as not to wake Tim, he flipped on the light.

"Do you know what time it is, young man." I shuddered knowing how late it was.  "It's far past your curfew."  What was there to say?  I was caught like a deer in a car's headlights at night.  "Finished stripping while I get the slipper."  Tim said authoritatively; his position at school had enhanced his natural talents.  He closed the door and got the slipper.  He was nude and I could not help but to envy his man-sized equipment swinging as he walked back to me.

"Bend over the bed and don't make any noise.  The only thing I want to hear from you is 'Yes, Sir.' and 'Thank you, Sir.'"

I took my position and braced myself.  I had felt his slipper before and knew that it hurt.  He had even boasted that the guys he used it on preferred to get it from any one else – even the bigger guys – because he used it so effectively.  I gritted my teeth for yelling was rewarded with extras in the take it like a man tradition.© YLeeCoyote

"You're getting twelve, boy." he said coldly and definitively.

And twelve I got.  They were hard and I remember them to this day.  At first it felt just like one the spanking that Alexei or dad gave me but then the repeated assault on my flesh caused me to see stars.  I practically bit my lip off not screaming.  The fear of extras gave me resolve.  Then it was over but I did not move.  I was waiting for permission.  And the fuck.  Then I felt Tim hands caressing my flaming butt.  He touched my ass hole.  There was something cool on his fingers to lube my hole.  He was being kind so I would enjoy it more.  Then he pressed his hard cock into my ass.  The pain passed before I could yell and then he was fucking me.  By then I learnt what cumming was as he grunted and I could feel him pulsing in my ass.  Back then I thought that if I was a girl I would have been pregnant now.  I also now agreed that it was nice to be fucked after a slippering.

But he was not through for as soon as he pulled out, he made me lie on my back and put a diaper with a guard inside on me and sat on the edge of his bed.  He called me over and I got another lesson in giving him a blow job.  That was definitely fun and I did it many times that summer.  Then he ordered me to go to sleep and not to touch the diaper until the morning.  I did not dare to say anything even though I wanted to go to the bathroom.  I did go to sleep very quickly even though my bottom was on fire.  I guess that I was tired and just like I had trouble disregarding direct orders from Alexei the same apparently applied to those from Tim.

The next thing that I knew was that Alexei was waking me.  She was telling me to get out of bed, reminding me that I was very naughty boy for coming in so late and that she was going to spank me.  It was then that she saw that I had the diaper on and asked why.  But it was Tim that answered.  "I gave him a very through slippering last night and then put the diaper on him to remind that he just a naughty little boy.  Of course, it protected his butt so he could sleep."

"Well, let's see what your naughty bottom looks like.  Take it off."

I stood up and then discovered that it was soaked.  "I'm wet!" I exclaimed in shock.

Tim stepped forward and tested it.  "Yes, the wittwe ba-ba wet last night.  It's a good thing that I put the diaper on him or the bed would be wet."  I was mortified.  "You better change him before he gets a diaper rash."

And she did.  I had to lie on the bed like a baby while my sister changed me with our cousin watching with a big grin.  I was getting it back many times over for my teasing of him for needing a diaper in the past.  Even though he did wet back then, he always took care of his own diaper – putting it on and removing it (wet or dry) in the morning before his shower.  As Alexei tended to me, everything was so exposed I knew that I was a baby.  She commented on how red and sensitive my bottom was from Tim's thrashing.  With two close watchers, I would have to be very well behaved or I would never be able to sit.

This beginning set the pattern for the rest of the time.  I learnt that goofing off (chores now that school was out) and lying had a very heavy price delivered directly to the seat of the problem.  I not sure about the old saying that the way to a man's heart is though his stomach but I am sure that the way to a boy's brain is through his red hot bottom.  Don't think that I avoided spanking altogether for I did not.  Sis spanked me a lot even all though college.  We never changed the way she spanked me even when I finished puberty and growing.  We tried a few other ways such as bending over and her using a strap or the slipper Tim gave us but it did not have the emotional power of being over her lap like a little boy.  Even that last time she did it when we were just a month from our college graduation I bawled like a baby boy.  Tim, on the other hand, always used the cold, school technique and even though it hurt a lot more, I was not allowed to cry.

Alexei did change one thing and she switched from the hairbrush to the slipper for Tim explained that it was safer and far less likely to cause injury.  Just to maintain tradition she always gave me a birthday spanking with the hairbrush although gently.

There was one thing that Alexei asked me to do for her that first summer just a week later.  She emphasized that it was quite up to me but that she would appreciate it.  It was to play a baby so that Casey her best friend Jill's little sister, could learn to change a diaper in order that she could start to be a babysitter.  "That would be fun." chimed in Tim, "Three young ladies tending to you." before I could even answer.

Alexei said that would be great but she would have to shave him first so as not to scare Casey.  That made Tim withdraw his offer.  My sister then told me that Jill and Casey swore not to talk about the model baby as that would be nasty.  Tim encouraged me to do it saying it would be harmless fun and I owed my sister so much for taking care of me.  How could I refuse, so the next day we went over Jill and Casey's house.  They both said that they appreciated my help and promised not to embarrass me by talking about it.  The young trainee even talked how she had already practiced on her girl friends but since boys are so different in the diaper area that she needed to learn more.  She had watched several boys being changed but their mothers did not want their sons to be her first.

I was instructed to cooperate as I was so much heavier than the boys she would have to handle and to report anything that did not feel nice.  "Let's start by pretending that you just got bathed and now are to be diapered.  Lay on the bed and Casey will start."  I striped and got into position and gave a baby-like goo-goo.  They laughed at that and then Casey got going.  She made sure that my crotch and bottom were dry with a towel.  For the later, I had to raise my feet up.  I felt so exposed with the three of them looking at my private parts.  Even I never got to see what they saw without a mirror.  She carefully spread some ointment (to prevent diaper rash she said) over my pee-pee and nuts and even my crack.  Then she powered me which felt nice.  Really nice for I even got hard from her handling my cock.  Jill told Casey that frequently happen when little boys are changed and it is normal so nothing to be concerned about.

"I know about boys' erections, Jill." Casey said indigently.  I had a horrid thought that this not yet ten year old girl knew more about sex than I did.

I had to lift up my bottom so she could slide the diaper into place.  Then Alexei suggested that I might have a fever and she should check my temperature.  Jill was now standing by my head holding my legs up.  I heard the instructions to coat the thermometer with Vaseline® and slide it in very gently never forcing it so as not to injure the baby.  It took a couple of tries and then we had to wait three minutes.  The thermometer was removed and read.  She then finished up by taping the sides together.

We were done.  I stood up and the result were deemed satisfactory.  I even praised Casey that she was very gentle and never hurt me.  She, very nicely thanked me for being her willing baby.  The girls wanted to wait a while before letting me change back but they nicely provided a nice action movie for me to watch.  That was not bad, I thought, and Alexei owes me one now.  It would only be later that I would think about Jill and I being the same classes next term and she knowing exactly how little I had in my pants.

The next event was unexpectedly.  I was watching the flick and just when they showed the factory exploding so did my bowels like I was sick.  If I hadn't been wearing a diaper I would have shit my pants.  The stink was unmistakable so I could not hide this.  I wanted to run to the bathroom but they would not let me.  They explained that they wanted to stress test the diaper application and had slipped a glycerin suppository into me to force me to fill the diaper.  Casey felt my diaper and said she could tell I has messed.  Jill also gave a feel and pointed out that I had sat on it, so that it was squashed meaning it was very messy inside.  Alexei told me to pee and since there was such a mess there was not any point to refuse.  They all checked to be sure that I was not leaking.

Casey was somewhat put off by her next assignment – changing my very messy diaper.  The stink got worse when she opened the diaper.  She wiped my butt with the diaper and then worked hard to clean the rest of me up with at least a dozen baby wipes.  She was a diligent student and did all the proper things with the ointment, power and fresh diaper according to her mentors.  Then she put my shirt, jeans and sneakers back on me.  She even thanked me and apologized for any embarrassment I might have felt and for the suppository trick (which was not her idea).  She finished up with a kiss on my cheek.  Alexei and Jill also both thanked me and Jill even offered a kiss.  I did take that one and it was the first one I ever had from a girl not related to me of my age or more.  I was even mature enough not to worry about girl germs from the kiss as I would have just a year earlier.  I wondered how I would feel back in school in the same classes as Jill knowing that she has seen me so intimately.

I stayed in the diaper the rest of the day.  It actually felt good but only because it was clean, dry and Casey had done her job right.

A few days later Casey called me and asked me to play baby again as she wanted to practice some more.  She said would like to use a suppository again but would only so if I agreed in advance.  After checking with sis I agreed to go.  Alexei said that she would not watch Mr. Stinky again and that I would be OK without her.  It turned out that Jill did not stay around either.

This was going to be a very nice experience.  Casey started all business like as the first time.  When she got to putting on the protective ointment she played with my cock intentionally stroking my hard-on.  I had not encouraged her any but I just lay there and enjoyed it.  Then it got even better and I looked to see what had changed.  She had put my cock in her mouth and was sucking and licking it.  It was a wonderful feeling and I exploded.  No, I did not ejaculate but I had a dry cum (as I learnt later it was called).  Tim would soon reap the side effect of this as I would suck him better now.  She then went back to the diaper stuff.  I told her that I came prepared and she would not need the suppository to get me to poop in the diaper.

She had me wet first to see about leaks and see how wet everything got.  A few minutes later I voluntarily became Mr. Stinky again and she changed me into a nice fresh diaper.

When I reported to Alexei what had happened I told all and admitted that it felt good.  Also, I did not feel embarrassed when I was naked with girls.  At least not dressed girls that were in charge of me.

It was a combination of things that got me into the next mess.  I had planned to spend the day with Benny and he called that he was in quarantine with the flu.  If only he had called a few minutes earlier before Tim had left for I had just turned him down to go to the city.  I was pouting and sulking almost immediately.  Alexei told me to knock it off and act my age but I couldn't get my act together.  Soon sis had more than enough.  She ordered me to strip and get over her lap.  That got my attention but it was too late.  What I did not know was Jill and Casey had just started up the stairs (sis had left the door unlocked for them) and they saw and heard everything including my crying.  It was only when sis started to explain that I was just a naughty little five year old boy who was being impossible that I knew that they were there.

"I'm afraid that with Danny acting like a five year old, I can not go to the mall with you."

"I can watch a five year old." chirped Casey.  "I've done that twice and I don't mind not going shopping.  It will be good experience for me."  At first Jill and Alexei laughed at the idea, but then they accepted it.  Alexei instructed Casey that she should check my temperature and if I had a fever to give me two aspirins and put me to bed.  In any case she was to diaper me and feed me lunch.  There was bread, peanut butter, jelly, milk and fruit in the kitchen.  If I was any trouble she was to spank me.

I also got instructions.  I was to listen to my babysitter or else!  If I did not then I would be spanked by both Tim and her and would be grounded for a week.

I was crushed.  First my twin sister was in charge of me and then my cousin – two years younger – shared the duty.  Well at least he was a boy, actually a young man already, who was very high ranking in his school but now a little girl – three years younger.  And if I did not mind her I would be severely punished.  The next thing that I knew was Casey was telling me to lie on my tummy and to spread my legs so that she could take my temperature.  I had a slight fever and she gave me the aspirin.  Then she diapered me and put me under the covers.

I laid there feeling sorry for myself and Casey sang lullabies softly.  I actually went to sleep.  It was lunch time when I woke up and I got served in bed which was a pleasant surprise.  I slept some more.  And I woke up wet like many a stressed five year old does.  Casey cheerfully changed me.  Since she had done it a couple of times before, it did not seem to be strange or really embarrassing.  We watched TV for a while until our sisters returned.

Casey proudly reported everything to both big sisters who thanked her.  They decided that I probably had whatever Benny had.  Alexei spoke with Ben's mom and found that the doctor said to rest for a few days until it passes and take regular OTC symptom relievers.  (She gave them to me just like mom did.)  Jill and Casey left and Alexei let me know that Jill now knew what our special relationship was but had been sworn to secrecy and she would be sure that Casey would keep her mouth closed also.

It was less than a week later that Casey made the request to learn how to spank her charges.  She was very serious and both Tim and sis agreed to teach her.  Need I tell you who was selected as the practice dummy for the class?  Tim surprised everyone, especially Casey, by asking if she had ever been spanked.  He then told her that she would need to be spanked – bare of course – as the first step of the course of instruction.  She agreed immediately.  Tim told me to wait outside as the young lady is deserving of privacy from the gawking eyes of a little boy.  Casey asked Jill and Alexei to leave also.

That part of the instruction was very private but I know from the results that he setup things very effectively when she got to part two – practicing on me.  My first thought was that she could not effectively spank me for she was just a nine year old girl.  After all putting on a diaper does not require physical strength.  I was very wrong.

When I was called back, Casey was standing a box (later she did not need that prop) so that she was effectively taller than me.  She told me that I was a very naughty boy and was going to be spanked.  She then started to undress me and I started to help.  "HANDS ON YOUR SIDE, BOY!" she snapped.  When my shirt was off she made me remove my sneakers and socks and then she took my jeans down and then my briefs.  It felt strange even though she had diapered me several times.

"We'll start with Alexei's position." professor Tim stated.  Casey sat on the bed and I lay down over her lap.  "With a physically smaller boy you could sit in a chair and he would hang down on both sides but note how the bed supports this naughty boy who is to heavy for you otherwise."

"Danny, be very still while I check your temperature.  We don't want the thermometer to hurt you."  Then she spread my cheeks and gently slid the thing into me.  While we waited she lectured me about being good.  "Oh, good don't have a fever, boy.  That means you get the spanking you deserve."

"Now try a couple like Alexei does."  She spanked but it certainly was very easy.  "Now try a couple with the hairbrush."  She did and it hurt more but not really painful.  "And now with the slipper."  That was about the same.  "See how the naughty boy is turning red."

Casey laughed.  "Yes, I bet a hand print would look nice."  They all laughed.

"Try one on the legs.  Be sure to note the effect."  She did and so did I.  It hurt a lot more.

"Danny get up and bend over.  Casey needs to try that position."  After I was in position, Tim pointed out that there were more target areas.  SPANK!!  Tim landed a hard spank right on the center on my bottom.  "In a few years you be able to decorate eight maybe nine year olds like that."

"That a beautiful hand print, Tim." said Casey and a flash went off.

"That a great shot." said the girls as they passed the camera around.

"I'll use it for my wallpaper." said Casey, "It will help me to always remember Danny."

"Let's see you do one medium spank in each area, Casey." said the professor.  And Casey swung the slipper first at my center butt, then a thigh and finally that crease where they met.  That really hurt and I jumped with a howl.

"BACK INTO POSITION, BOY.  That earned you extra."  And when she repeated the spank I just gritted my teeth for I certainly did not want another one.

Go stand in the corner and contemplate your misdeeds, boy." Casey ordered and I was relieved to go.  Corner time although unpleasant did not hurt like those last two spanks.  In the corner, I though about how Casey could hurt me and realized how much more Tim could (but did not) knowing the techniques and being much stronger.

Alexei was also impressed and told Tim that she wanted to signup up for the next course.  Things were getting worse.  After she took the course, sis' spankings were more effective.  But she tended to let Tim do the honors for the rest of the summer when he was around.  She even let Casey spank me.  Casey loved doing it and always put me in a diaper afterwards.  "A naughty little boy wears diapers." she said.  I hated it but she was right.  I can assure you that it made me try to be good all the time.

By this time I had told my best friend Ben.  He found it a bit strange but he said it was my problem and he could live with it.  I had not told him about Casey; how she babysat me, diapered me and spanked me.  He was to find out without warning.  We all went hiking one day using Tim's well developed public transportation skills to get to the state park.  There were the six of us – Tim, Alexei, Jill, Casey, Ben and myself.

The adventure was going great when we go to the pond and we all wanted to swim before eating.  We had come prepared with towels and swim suits and were about to change when Tim spoke up.  "I like swimming nude so if the ladies don't object....  Of course, they may wear suits or not as they wish although I will appreciate their lovely bodies more if they don't."

The ladies did not object and even agreed that it was a good idea.  Ben went along and so I did not dare to object.  Beside they had all seen me up close and maybe I could get a peek at them.  Well, it was a good swim and then when we got out I stared at the girls for they were always very modest in front of me.  It was noticed.  Suddenly a towel was over my head and I heard: "This little boy is gawking at the ladies and even has an erection."  Everyone disapproved.  I was not permitted to dress while they did but was parked with my nose up against a tree.  They powwowed and decided that I should be – surprise – spanked.

I was thoroughly lectured by Tim about how rude and immature I was spoiling the natural actively and showing disrespect to the ladies.  He even agreed with Casey when she said I was like a little seven year old boy.  Neither hairbrush nor slipper was available so I was instructed to cut a couple of switches from a nearby tree.  Each lady was entitled to give me three and the guys two for a total of thirteen.  It was not fun and they started with Casey.  Ben (just slightly old than Alexei) was last but did not want to do it.  Casey said she would and did; most generously with another three (rather than the specified two) because it was from a girl.  She managed to get me in that sensitive crease and made me howl three times.

A little while later a bevy of girls ranging in age from eight to fourteen came by and it was explained why I was naked and had been switched.  I was fortunate that they were not from our town.  They examined me – the older ones interested in the marks and the younger ones in my equipment which it was pointedly noted was, like my behavior, infantile.  Casey was also boasting that she spanked the big baby and babysat me.  They were impressed.  She then said it was time to dress me.  She had come prepared with a diaper and spreading it on the ground made me lie on it and taped it on.  She was applauded by her admiring crowd.

As they left I over heard their leader stated that is how naught little boys need to be treated.  This also changed how Ben treated me although we remained best friends.  He insisted on his way now whenever we did things together.  After all a seven year old boy who get spanked and diapered by a nine year old girl needs to listen to young men.  He noted that Casey acted on her own with the diaper and, alas, that was true.

It was only for the first year that I had to wear protection every month and my classmate never knew.  Starting a year later on they were puzzled that I wore briefs rather than boxers in high school but they will have manage without ever knowing.  After that it was only once a year and when we were in college I did it out of love and respect for her more than her requiring it.  There was something else I never did – and that was to be out of her control.  Once I got use to it I grew to love it.  Now she does not exercise her power very often but I still see her as I did as that little boy I was after that first spanking.

There are a few other things to talk about.  It was very strange having a period as a pre-adolescent male but I think that it was a good thing for me.  I learnt to understand how other people felt in a broader sense.  Of course putting on a diaper three nights a month felt very strange for Alexei had me sleeping naked the rest of the time.  The empathy was very strong for on many of night there was a small amount of fluid in the diaper.  This was even before I could cum so it had to be piss.  It was like there was just a squirt or two – not like I really pissed.  It never happened the rest of the month.

I also had a strange surrogate family for the summer – Tim was a dad, Alexei a mom and Casey a bossy big sister and I was the little boy.  While speaking of family let me note that except in the beginning I haven't talked about my parents.  Please rest assured that they did not just abandon me to the control of my sister for they did monitor what was happening and I had discussion with them about continuing or not.  At first we did this every couple of months and then yearly with the provision that I could ask to stop it anytime.  What we agreed about very early was that I had an immature side and I was happier with Alexei keeping it in check.  Also they made sure I chatted with the shrink so that I was really happy about this.  Let's just say that parents nag although I also think that Alexei was stricter than my parents would have been but I accepted this.

I was not required to use the diapers that I had to wear as the monthly protection.  Contrariwise, if I had some accident, I had to deal with it myself by changing and showering unless there were some special circumstances.  Basically, no one wished to deal with the mess.  No one except Casey.  Whenever she got to spank or babysat me she put me in a diaper for "that's what little boys wear".  She was allowed to shove a suppository up my butt as a extra punishment (no more than twice a month) but only if she was going to change me.  She did it often enough to show that she liked controlling and humiliating me this way as worth cleaning up the stinky mess.

6.  The Next Year

I did not start puberty until more than a year later when I was in the eight grade.  Alexei discussed it with me when I started to grew pubes.  She though that I was not ready for this yet as I was still very immature so said she would shave me to keep me smooth.  I was disappointed and even appealed to Tim by email but he agreed with her.  He said that he had done it to a couple of guys in his sixth grade class because they were vexing and need to be tamed.  It worked wonders.  The two of them soon had me conceding that this was the right thing to do.  I did not have to change in school so I did not have to worry about my classmates teasing me.  At least not until high school.  Of course, that meant also meant that I was still stuck in briefs and not allowed to wear boxers.

Alexei shaved me at first but then the task was taken on by Casey.  Ever since that day I was sick and she babysat me, Casey not only knew that I was way behind in physical development but that I was immature.  I know that she participated in discussions with Jill and sis about how boys were generally so immature although Tim was major exception.  She definitely subscribed to the idea that if I acted like a little boy I should not be trying to look like a man.  She so loved to do it that she did it every week even though every other week would have been more than enough.  As I watched her body developing and mine hardly changing I wondered it I would ever grow up.

The last shave was to be on Labor Day just before the start of high school.  Casey really put a lot of effort into it so as to get every hair as short as possible without cutting skin.  It was actually enjoyable for she played with me as she worked.  But then I made the mistake that first week by reporting only half the guys had pubes making Casey happy as she got to keep me shaved another year.  I canceled the my plans to get some boxers.

7.  Postscript

I've written my story as a fond remembrance and I showed it my very best friends, Alexei and Tim, who have been guiding me for half my life now.  Out of college a couple of years I am now employed and engaged to be married in a few days to a most wonderful woman, Heather.  I look up to her like I do with Alexei.  To celebrate that wonderful event, the four of us had a private dinner and I learnt several things about myself when Heather asked a few questions.

That little discussion I had with my friend's dad, Dr. Elk, had actually prepared me for my relationship with Alexei and even Tim.  He very carefully enhanced my acceptance of sis being in charge by removing the conflict I had about following a proper leader and just rebelling for the sake of rebellion.  Since rebellion with parents and teacher is normal and useful that he did not touch.  Heather just gave me a hug and a kiss.  Alexei carefully explained that it was I, myself, who decided who I would follow.  A bit of thinking made me realize that I had acted like that with several other people over the years and now with Heather.  Then when Heather asked if I would be happy being her little lamb I did not hesitate to agree wholeheartedly.

The shrink also set up another thing.  Because Alexei was inexperience he worried that if she acted on lies I told then real harm could result so he set it up so that a person that I had accepted as a mentor could make me reveal that I was lying with a facial expression.  That phase had only been used twice explained Alexei but it made guiding me much easier.  Tim then spoke.  "Dan," (the first time he did not use the diminutive since I was twelve) "think carefully before answering.  There is no doubt that Heather is going to dominate your marriage so do you want to be her obedient, truthful little boy?  You must answer of your own free will."

We were all silent for a bit as I mussed about how to answer.  I knew that was what I wanted for I remember how good it was when Alexei took over.  It was just a matter of finding the right words.  There I had trouble but I just used the simplest possible answer.  "Yes.  Please give her the phase."  Alexei wrote a few words on a napkin and then Heather whispered them in my ear.

The wedding was a very simple affair with just ten people besides the officials.  Our four parents did not know how I was dressed under my fancy suit.  The others, did know that I was as hairless as a new born and in a diaper ready to embark on a new life with dearest Heather.  It was Heather's two feminist friends who did the honors with a full below the neck application of a depilatory and then put the diaper on me just before the ceremony.

Once we got to the our secret hideaway for our first night together as a married couple, we discovered special, private presents from our best four best friends (Alexei, Tim, and Heather's two girl friends) to be opened then.  We eagerly opened it together.  It was Alexei's hairbrush and the slipper that she had used many times on my little boy bottom.  A whole box of nightie-whites with names tags (like for camp) sewn in, some diapers with action characters, locking mittens, a sippy cup and a couple of baby bottles.  We got ready for bed and Heather took down my diaper, pulled me over her lap and made good use of sis's most wonderful present.  A most wonderful start of our life together.

8.  Another voice

This is Tim.  After reading Danny's autobiography and discussing it with Alexei, we both though that we should add a few words of explanation.

Alexei was both elated with and scared of the responsibility that she suddenly had before she was even a teenager.  She also talked with Dr. Elko who reassured her that she could do the job and gave her guidance with a whole list of dos and don'ts.  The most helpful were that Danny was actually accepting of the idea and knew that he was immature.  The lie-detector thing was help her because, as the saying goes, knowledge is power.  Kids quickly learn that their parents are fallible and he wanted to delay that as long as possible with the surrogate parental status that Alexei was getting.

Danny's concept of his surrogate family is a very good one.  It provided a world where he did not have to grow up beside the real life one where he had to.  Casey was really a lucky coincidence.  She filled the nasty role that Alexei did not want anyway yet was surely necessary.  Danny had to power to stop her anytime; all he had to do was to exert himself.  But he never did.  He evidently had the need to be a five year old at times and she loved treating him that way.  Especially at the beginning when Danny was twelve and she just nine, it was a very powerful thing especially when she really babysat him.

I was a little leery of teaching her how to spank so effectively but I did.  It was because of her need for power.  I feared that she would get brutal and hurt him (and others).  So I taught her the safe ways.  The diaper stuff she found on her own on the web.  Particularly at nine she did not have the intellectual sophistication to know that the diaper lover sites where boys felt that they should wear diapers, girls don't and are more advanced was not necessarily true for all.

Somehow, she was able to think of me as a man so that I did not need diapering.  She never knew that I had a bedwetting problem until the previous year and had to wear them.  I have to laugh at that.  In fact after the spanking I gave her she wanted me to take her cherry.  Yes, she was precocious but did not yet have the body for it.  A year later she did and I did have the pleasure which she insisted that she had saved for me.

Danny was also right that Alexis and I were closer than I was with him.  I probably was too aggressive with him but it was fun and I was young.  Later on he encouraged me so I continued.  One thing we did not let him know was that Alexei and I were getting it on frequently.  We both wanted to, we had condoms and we enjoyed it.  We still do but don't want to marry each other.

We also feel that Heather and Danny will do great together.  He will be able to continue his double life – a regular guy in the world and a naughty little boy with a strict mommy at home.

The End

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