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The following story is parody fiction about Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy in the Hogwarts Universe.  It is set in early May, 1995 when both principals are each almost fifteen-years-old which is the "Goblet of Fire" year.  The story contains scenes of spanking, slippering, caning, magic and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notices.  The Harry Potter/Hogwarts universe is copyright by J. K. Rowling and I'm using it under the parody exception to copyright.  The sexuality here does not imply anything about that of the original characters in the books and movies.

I'm indebted to the late Bobby Watson for his great help with the intricate details of the Hogwarts Universe.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Draco Trumps Harry


Everyone was exhausted from the Triwizard Tournament over the last few months and training for the final task.  Professor Dumbledore decided that there would be a special excursion for all including the visitors from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang to allow everyone to relax for a very long weekend (since no one could properly concentrate on their studies anyway).  The trip to London would be made on a special run of the legendary Hogwarts Express.  Everyone was immediately excited especially the visitors who would get to see the famous (and infamous) historic area and shopping centre known as Diagon Alley as well as modern London and ride the magic train.

Almost all the students were thrilled about the excursion.  Ron Weasley was delighted that his current heartthrob Fleur Delacore from Beauxbatons accepted his offer to be her personal guide on the trip.  Harry felt he could rest better at Hogwarts and looked forward to the solitude.  Professor Dumbledore was secretly pleased since the cloaking enhancement on Potter would continue to be effective at Hogswarts while he could be found by association with a wand of young Hogwarts wizards in London.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was the first morning of peace and quiet.  No roommates.  No classes.  No Masters.  No homework.  Best of all, complete privacy which he was enjoying as he jerked off not having to worry about roommates hearing, seeing or smelling him doing it.  His head was filled with visions of hot, sweaty, horny, young men with hard potent wands anxious to pleasure others as well as themselves.  Harry stroked and stroked his own hard wand pausing several times to prolong the experience until he exploded messing his bed which was still a relatively new capability for him.  As soon as the euphoria passed, he picked up his wand and waved it at the soiled sheet intoning: Tergeo.  The mess vanished before it could soak into the sheets and dry.  It was best not to annoy the house elves who did the housekeeping with extra work.

Harry took the old novel he was reading – A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court – as he wanted to see how magic was imagined by the famous American author for both the Yankee and Merlin.  He stopped by refectory for some breakfast and a bag lunch.  The house elves were still on duty for they did not get any holidays.© YLeeCoyote

Unbeknown to Potter, over in the Slytherin section Draco Malfoy had also prepared to go down to Black Lake.  He had observed that Potter often went the lake frequently to unwind.  He figured that if he could get the shy virgin boy into a sexual situation that he would be able to dominate him in way he could not with magic.  His plan was simple – be where Potter would find him in a sexual situation and then overwhelm him while pressing his advantage with the innocent boy.

Harry's backpack was filled with book, lunch, water, notepad and wand as he wandered down to the Black Lake and his favourite secluded place to read.  After an hour he took a break by getting up for a walk too distracted to take his backpack.  That walk was exactly what Malfoy was waiting for and he baited his trap.  A familiar sound filled Harry's ears.  The one he had heard just a couple of hours before in his own bed – that of a guy pumping away at his hard wand.  Immediately anxious to learn who was doing such a naughty thing and hoping he could watch, he peeked thorough the bushes and saw that it was his arch rival from Slytherin house – Draco Malfoy.  Harry could not help licking his lips seeing the more than respectable wand almost ready to explode.  He quickly decided that he would spoil things for the hated troublemaker.

Harry stepped around the bushes into the glen barking loudly: "Need a hand, Malfoy?"

The apparently surprised Draco suddenly stood up, with his cock still in his hand.  He was steel hard.  His cock was pointing right at Harry less than two metres away like a spear.  Draco did not have any problem being sexual with others unlike Harry who still did.  That was a cornerstone of his trap to overpower the hated half blood who had just blundered into it.

"Sure, Harry Hoofter." said Draco, playing the spider to Harry's fly as he planned.  He paused and then continued:  "I'll even give you the treat you been dreaming of for years.  Get down on your knees and SUCK THIS REAL COCK.  I'll fill your belly with my seed."

Harry was transfixed as he stared at Draco's impressive cock not being able to control his emotions for he had only been able to surreptitiously look at others while Draco was comfortable flaunting his hard wand at him.

The cocksure [pun intended] Draco pressed his advantage.  "Then I'll split your bum and fuck you into paradise."  A huge smirk covered the blond's face as he watched the motionless saucer-eyed half-blood.  This was going to be easy.  He took a step forward.  Harry remained rooted to the spot so Draco took another step, closing the gap with his unworthy rival to less than arm length while simultaneous releasing a charm with a finger flick to activate his camera.

Draco reached out and forcefully pressed down on Harry's shoulders while also squeezing on some nerve with his thumb.  The pain was intense.  Harry dropped to his knees so that his two-eyes were fixed directly at Draco's one-eyed wand just a hand span away.  The dense cloud of musk emulating from the blond true blood was working its biological magic as Harry breathed it in, unable to shift his focus from staring at the pulsing, yet rock hard shaft anxious to enter a hot wet hole.  Draco grabbed the kneeling boy's ears and twisted.  Harry reacted to the pain by opening his mouth wide allowing Draco to plunge his most ample wand deep into the half blood's mouth and throat bruising his tonsils and muffling the yell.

Harry was caught like a fish on a trident.  Long had he had fantasized about strong aggressive youths but never of Malfoy because he had been sure that his rival was under equipped because all of his cocky buster.  Obviously, now he saw that he had been very wrong.  Just like a skewered fish, he did not have a any choice but had to suck, lick and savour the powerful cock that had invaded his mouth and throat.  Several times Draco held Harry's head still, delaying his own orgasm, so as to prolong the pleasure.  When he finally exploded it was a huge load so that cum came out of Harry's mouth and nose as the kneeling boy could not swallow fast enough.  Draco's eagle owl seemed to be watching intently.

Draco stepped back and, after using the Tergeo cleaning charm, as Harry had done earlier, to eliminate the mess and then stuffed his cock back into his trousers.  He dubbed Harry on the shoulders with his wand while softly chanting a spell.  "Arise my cocksucker, arise."  Harry stood and the two faced each other.  Harry saw his rival's wand was in his hand and instantly realized that his own wand was buried in his backpack which he left where he was reading.  He knew he would be at a great disadvantage should they fight although that thought was swamped by all the other emotions he was feeling.

"I see that you enjoyed that." said Draco pointing to the wet and tented crutch of Harry's trousers.  "Let me assure you that we shall do this many times more, my dear cocksucker."  Potter was filled with mixed emotions and wished that it had been almost anyone else but Malfoy.

"No need to thank me, boy, not yet anyway.  We still have the matter of your misconduct to deal with."  Harry looked puzzled.  Certainly it could not be the sex they just shared because Malfoy had fully participated.  "Potter, you intruded on my private space.  That is unacceptable childish conduct for which I shall administer an appropriate punishment – here and now – like you were my fag."

"Remove your trainers."  The arrogant Malfoy ordered and the overwhelmed Harry kicked them off.  Then Malfoy grabbed the surprised boy's shirt and yanked it up over his head and tossed it aside.  He opened Harry's trousers and after they fell pushed his sticky Y-fronts down.  "Step out of them and your socks also." was the order and Harry was now totally naked with his wand at full mast.  Draco was still in his uniform.  It wasn't just being naked that adversely affected Harry but that Draco was in a smart uniform with his snake badge while he was starkers like a beast of the fields.

"You have acted like a little boy, so you shall be punished like a little boy, Potter."  Malfoy stepped to the convenient tree stump where his eagle owl was perched and let his cape fall.  The bird flew up into the tree seeming starting at the pair while Draco sat down pulling the naughty naked half blood over his lap.  Getting a firm grip on Harry's waist, he rubbed the totally exposed bum.  "Naughty little boys get SPANKED."

Malfoy started with a hard spank.  "Like this."  Then, just as a gunner having found the proper range fires for effect, began a long hard spanking.  Very soon Harry's bum turned red and then to a deep, deep red.  Draco was very much pleased with the unfolding scene.  Harry, on the other hand, felt mortified being treated like a little boy and could not hold back the tears yet he was terribly excited being under the control of a powerful male like he was in his fantasies.

As Harry sobbed, Draco switched to just caressing the red hot buns.  He also sprinkled some special, er, fairy dust, on Harry's bum hole to assure that Harry would more then enjoy the next activity he planned.  Draco lifted Harry up and laid him on the ground.  He noticed that Harry was still hard as he raised his legs to his shoulders.  This was the moment that he had been anxious for ever since he felt that Harry was a cock hound.  There was not any need for any lubrication beside the fairy dust and pre-cum for Draco was the irresistible force as he pressed forward.  "Push out, boy, and accept your Master's cock." he commanded.  It did not matter whether or not Harry obeyed, for Draco was going to have his way with the innocent Potter.  Soon he was balls deep into his conquest.

As he fucked hard with long strokes, he watched the true pleasure showing on Harry's face.  Then it happened, Harry exploded from all the pounding on his prostate spewing his semen over his chest and even his face.  "You're mine, Harry Hoofter." grunted the potent Draco as he blasted his load deep into the no longer virginal Harry.  Draco withdrew leaving his seed to work its magic on the still overwhelmed poofter boy.

"Be here tomorrow at the same time for some more fun." commanded Draco before departing.  He was certain that after a couple of encounters Potter would be his totally obedient pussy boy always hungry for his true blood's cock.

Harry just lay there quite confused.  He knew that he had lusted for a strong, potent young male but never expected to be taken like this especially by his arch rival.  Although he hated Malfoy, that did not change how he enjoyed his potent wand rammed deep into his holes.  This was far better than his fantasies and he was no longer a virgin.  Of course, he was worried that Malfoy would spread the word about what had happened but he could deny it and it would just be another outrageous bit of slander.  Harry cleaned up and returned to where he had left his backpack to eat.  He tried to continued to read his book.  He was blissfully ignorant of how Malfoy's true blood, enchanted seeds were working their way into his system.

Draco was very much pleased with how the morning had gone.  The suspicions he had about the half blood turned out to be right – not only was he gay but a total bottom boy.  Even before he got to view the moving photographs taken by his spy cameras carried by his eagle owl he was certain that another couple of sessions would reduce Potter to his slave – no better than a house elf.  The bio-modification and magic charms placed on his sperm would assure that they were absorbed through Potter's rectum and once in his blood stream would seek out and modify his brain.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next morning, Harry was awakened by Draco's great eagle owl delivering a letter.  The moving photo message was brief – a reminder of the time and place for their meeting.  Harry laughed as he had planned to ignore the meeting until he saw the rest.  He was horrified!  It had been taken in the little glen where he had been with Malfoy and clearly showed him dropping to his knees and sucking Malfoy's cock while his trousers were tented and wet with pre-cum.  It then switched back to Malfoy saying: "You know you want it AGAIN, boy.  Don't keep me waiting." over a background of his own well spanked bottom.  It did not have to have an explicit threat for Harry to know he did not have a choice in the matter.  He also realized that he was very horny and desperately wanted, no, needed Draco's wand again.

Draco was peacefully reading when Harry got to the spot.  In response to his greeting, Draco just barked that he should strip and wait.  He was afraid not to obey.  Eventually, Draco stood up.  "I see that spanking you yesterday has improved your attitude, boy.  But fortunately, there are many things that you have not been accounted for in the past years.  We shall address some of them today."  He held up sole from a large gym shoe.  "This is what we shall use today."  Harry remained still as he knew he couldn't resist.  "If you do a good job sucking me, I might take it easy on you."  He smirked.  "Now, on your knees and take out the treat I have for you."

Harry dropped to his knees.  He opened Draco's trousers and pulled down his Y-fronts.  The potent wand sprang forward, rock hard as it had also been the previous day.  Harry felt more comfortable as he started to pleasure the dominating Malfoy.  The more that he licked and sucked the more he liked it.  Several times Draco slowed him down by gripping his head before he delivered his tasty cum which Harry greedily savoured and swallowed.

"Thank you." said Harry.  Draco was delighted that all was working as planned.

"Get into position for your whacking." ordered Malfoy pointing to the stump to lean on.  Harry got into position and Malfoy began the pleasant task of using the slipper.  Each whack was as hard as Malfoy could make it and delivered to both of the boy's sit spots.  It was with great effort and will power that Harry managed not to yell as his bum turned fiery red.

The whacking also affected Draco, but in a different way.  He went from hard to rock hard and immediately proceeded to mount his boy as he was bent over the stump.  The only lubrication he used was his pre-cum as he roughly took Harry for the second day in a row.  Not only did he enjoy his own orgasm but he was also delighted with Harry's for only his prostate was stimulated and not his cock.

Malfoy totally delighted with the way things were progressing left the naked Harry to recover and dress as he moved onto other things.  Harry slowly recovered and dressed.  Once again, he had a lot to think about.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next morning Harry was still confused.  His thinking had left him running the in the proverbial circles and he did not know what he wanted or if what had happened with Malfoy was good or bad.  He was certain of one thing, however, and that was that he wanted Malfoy's wand and the nectar that it spew forth when properly asked as his fantasies were now all centred about the pure blood.  There was something that he loved about the forceful way Draco totally controlled their two meetings.  After breakfast he returned to the glen where he had met Malfoy the previous two days.  Draco was not there but, as it still was early, he waited.  He had an itch that need scratching and Malfoy was the one who could best scratch it.

After an hour, Gregory Goyle appeared – one of Malfoy's dumb sidekicks.  "Harry Hoofter, Draco said you would be here more than anxious for some nice juicy true blood cock." he said as he cupped his bulging crutch.  Harry tried to dismiss him but Goyle was not listening.  "I have a message for you from Draco but there is a delivery fee."

"Just give me the letter, Goyle.  Or Malfoy will spank you." snapped Harry.

Goyle frowned as he was not used to smaller guys standing up to him but he was up to the task.  Draco spanking him indeed.  He grabbed Potter and twisted his arms behind him so that he could not defend himself either physically or with magic.  Like Draco had done, he sat on the stump and locked Harry between his legs.  He bound Harry's wrists together and with him struggling helplessly, he opened his trousers and pushed them down.  Next he bent Harry over and began spanking him – hard.  Goyle was strong and his spanks hurt like the whacks of a slipper turning Potter's buns bright red.

"Potter, when you're ready to pay for the delivery just go limp."  then he yanked down Harry's Y-fronts and resumed spanking him.  After a few more minutes, Harry went limp for he could not fight back, his bum was on fire and could not concentrate for a spell.

Goyle stopped spanking and asked: "Ready to pay, Potter."  An affirmative plea was followed by Goyle pushing Harry to the ground and pulling him up to his knees.  Sporting a sinister grin, Goyle opened his own trousers and pulled out his already hard wand.  "Pay up, boy."

Harry began sucking the hard shaft and within a minute Goyle exploded filling Harry's mouth with a load of pure blood cum.  Harry did not have any choice but to swallow it.  Goyle stepped back, adjusted his trousers before dropping an envelope on the ground.  "See you around, Harry Hoofter." he said and pulled the rope end to undo the knot as he walked away.  He had completed his assignment exactly as his mate Draco had ordered.

Harry grabbed the letter and quickly tore it open while ignoring his disgust at his encounter with Draco's brute.  There were two cards in it.  The first: «Report to my study at 3:30.» was like a summons from the Headmaster.  The second: «Please come for Afternoon Tea today at four o'clock in my study.» a polite social invitation.  They were definitely a summons but Harry knew he would go for he wanted something only Draco could supply.

* * * * * * * * * *

Just before the time, Harry made his way to the unfamiliar part of Hogwarts – the dungeon level rooms that housed the Slytherins.  Although he was nervous, he did not have any trouble for a house elf was waiting and lead him directly to Malfoy's study.  Well, actually, it was just a dorm room but Malfoy's roommates were away.  As soon as he entered Malfoy was on him.  "Potter, You still need to repent for so many transgressions over the years.  Strip and get into position over my desk." he ordered sharply.

Malfoy stood and flexed a cane into a semi-circle as Potter stood frozen.  "Do you need help, Potter?"  Harry remained still and was about to protest when Malfoy picked up his wand, pointed it at Harry and spoke a disrobing spell.  Harry's clothes flew off leaving him leaving him naked.  His excitement was quite evident.  "Now, into position Potter." he ordered punctuating it with a SWISH as he sliced the air with the cane.

Harry obeyed the aggressive Malfoy as he had the previous two days and bent over the desk.  He gripped the far side tightly and braced himself for the first cut.  Malfoy surely had practised and Harry felt like a red hot bar had cut into his bum.  It took all his power to remain in place without yelling like a demon.  Draco delivered four more terrible cuts with similar results.  "Don't get up until I give you permission, Potter.  This will be the last one."  It was a brutal cut on the diagonal making a gate and a deep impression both in Harry's mind and on his bum.  Draco would treasure the photo of that for a long time.

Harry was breathing hard as he fought to maintain his position.  Draco quickly opened his trousers let his great wand spring free.  It was ready for action as it was already oozing pre-cum.  He rubbed it on Harry's hole and pressed forward.  Harry yielded anticipating pleasure as he had the previous two days.  He was not disappointed as Draco skilfully fucked him hard repeatedly ramming his prostate.  Harry, for the nonce, forgot about the pain of the caning and enjoyed the pleasure as best as he could.  "CUM, boy."  Draco barked and Harry did.  One might question if Harry was obeying or Draco just timed his command perfectly.  In either case, Draco also came depositing a large load of his modified semen deep into Harry.

Draco withdrew, used the Tergeo cleaning charm once again and fixed his clothes.  "You may get up, boy, now." and Harry did.  Following a magic word and a wave of his wand Harry's clothes returned neatly piled on a chair.

"I'm so pleased that you accepted my invitation for tea, Harry.  Please do sit down." said Draco when his guest was dressed as if he had just arrived.  "The tea will be ready in a minute.  Do you take milk?"  As they made small talk, Harry was totally unaware how Draco's little charmed baby makers were fighting their way into his blood stream so that they could modify him with even more potency than the previous two days.  Malfoy knew that a face to face magic duel with Potter would be disastrous for him so he was silently infiltrating his enemy with microscopic bio and chemical agents programmed to modify his brain.

Eventually, Draco got to the point as Harry fidgeted on his sore bum.  "I want to thank you for your direct approach a couple of days ago which allowed us to start developing our close relationship.  I sense that you are liking it more and more and I can assure you that I am.  I want it to continue.  I think that you have paid for past transgressions so future punishments will only be for future lapses."

Harry was confused but it all seemed so terribly right.  It had been such a wonderful feeling with Draco's wand in him that he could not understand how it could be.  Even now he did not want another biscuit but that wand.  Draco sensed this and hinted that he could.  In just a second Harry was down on his knees opening Draco's trousers and going for the wonderful goodies within.

Later that day Draco wrote to his father.  "Our plan is going wonderfully.  Potter is a total bottom boy and is succumbing to my bio and chemical agents as he is defenceless against them."

* * * * * * * * * *

Two days after the excursion Hermione said to Ron:  "Harry seems changed as he is constantly looking at Malfoy the same way that you looked at Fleur."

"This is something that we need to investigate." Ron replied.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 4, 2014

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