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The following story is fiction about a spanking in domestic situation.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  It is best to read part 1 at LollygaggingHasConsequences.html first

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My Immature Neighbor
Driving Infractions Have Consequences


It was a few days after I had strapped my wimpy neighbor Teddy which was definitely a pleasure.  I'm certain that it hurt him far more than it hurt me unlike that old saying from a Dad spanking his son and claiming the reverse.  I will confess that I jerked off to the memory several times.  It surely was a very different experience than when Dad strapped me.

I was certainly surprised by the letter he wrote to me thanking me for punishing him and begging me to do it again should he be a naughty boy.  It certainly was a strange request and I could not imagine why he would do it.  That got cleared up after his wife, Lynn, spoke to me on her way out a day later.  "Thanks for spanking my husband for it did him a world of good.  Don't hesitate to do it again should he need it."  Perhaps she made him write it and she certainly approved.  I figured it would be better to wait to tell Dad until after a couple more times so he would not think I was just insolent with an older guy.

Dad has been playing a game with me for several years whenever I'm riding shotgun with him.  It is to spot the bad drivers.  He wants me to comment whenever I see a driver do something wrong.  Things like running a red light or stop sign, not signaling a turn and the like.  At first it was fun catching grownups making mistakes but gradually I realized that it was to teach me to drive properly and to be aware of bad drivers.

This day I saw a lot of infractions as Dad drove us home from across town.  One car stood out because I noticed it four times and although its driver was trying to rush it never got far ahead of us and spent a lot more time siting at red lights than we did.  I commented to Dad that the guy was a terrible driver and if he saw me doing stuff like that my butt would be toast.  Dad laughed and assured me that I was absolutely right.

It was only when we got close to home that I realized that it was our neighbor's car.  As Dad pulled into our driveway, I saw Teddy running for his house so that it was clear that he was the driver.  I resolved that I would do as Teddy begged me to – and roast his butt for such terrible driving.© YLeeCoyote

After my olds went out, I went over to Teddy's place and rang the bell.  He was surprised to see me.  I insisted on entering because we had important business to discuss.  "I'm here because you asked me to come in your letter.  I saw you driving home this afternoon and you broke several laws."  He turned a bit pale.  "You have earned a spanking, Teddy."

He was visually upset and then without any hesitation said: "I am not alone." and asked "Can we put this off, please?"

"You have company?" I asked and then his wife called:

"Who is it, Dear?"

"Your neighbor Kory, Lynn.  I'm here because of Teddy's terrible driving." I said as I quickly headed for the family room with Teddy now trotting behind me.  I greeted her politely.

She responded.  "Has my little boy been naughty again?"

"I'm afraid so, Lynn."  Then I continued with the explanation.  "Teddy, this afternoon I saw you driving home and you ran a stop sign, failed to signal turns and lane changes and even were speeding.  None of it did you any good for my dad made as good as time as you did without any such violations.  You have earned a major spanking."

"Most assuredly." said Lynn.  "Please take care of it now."  (I'll have to remember that to tell Dad.)

I was glad that he was not wearing much and especially was without shoes.  "Stand still, you naughty little boy." I ordered as I began to strip him.  I quickly unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off him.  When I opened his belt and shorts they fell to his ankles.  "Step out of your shorts, boy." and he did.  He was now just in his socks and an ill-fitting pair of tighty-whities.

I easily yanked down his briefs and he raised his feet so I could get them off him.  He looked like a little boy even without the t-w's.  I sat on the couch and pulled him over my lap.  "Since you acted like an immature little boy, you shall get spanked like one." I explained.

I had prepared for this as I had an old flip-flop in my pocket which I pulled out.  It is effectively a small rubber-like paddle so that I would not hurt my hands on his butt.  Just for the fun of seeing my hand print on his butt, I gave him a few spanks with my hand and then got serious with the flip-flop.  That made a big difference.  I could hit as hard as I could yet my hand did not feel it at all.

However, each hard WHACK made a definite impression on the naughty boy.  First his bottom turned red and then the fires of pain built up so that he broke down and was crying like a little boy.  I finished up with lecturing words about driving properly and then ordered him into the corner.

"Teddy needs a man's hand now and then." smiling Lynn said offering me a soda and added: "Spanking is hard work and makes a man thirsty."  I was sure that she was looking at my bulge which is far larger than Teddy's before I left a few minutes later with her thanks.  I wondered when I would spank him again and I'm sure she wants me to get into her pants.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 6, 2019

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