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Duke Peabody and Sherman


I was an accident.  My folks denied it but my sister and brother were twelve and eleven years older.  Because they were so much older there never was any sibling rivalry between us because they were in a different world and almost like parents when the folks were out.  They were finishing high school when I was just starting school and got jobs far away after college when I was just half my brother age.  I was effectively left as an only child.  Actually that was not the case because my parents had everything figured out by then.  They had worked out the rules and I knew what they were years in advance of there application to me.  I was stuck with what my siblings had worked out years earlier with my parents.  It was sort like getting a job and having to follow the previously negotiated contract.  It was not a bad contract to follow since my siblings were good negotiators.

I was only twelve when Dad got that middle life wanderlust and Mom sent him packing.  Dad moved away but sent the proper stuff – birthday and holiday presents and, most important, the support payments.  The next year Mom met Marco Peabody and they got married.  I gained a stepfather and a stepbrother, Duke and got a new surname.  Duke was four years younger than I and hated his real name.  Mom and I moved in with them and I was no longer an only child and had to share a bedroom with Duke.  It was a big room and, fortunately, we liked each other so that was OK.  The old house was too big, needed a lot of maintenance and was not as well situated.  Again, I didn't have a vote.

My step-dad studied the rules that Mom and Dad had worked out and decided that they were just right for Duke and me so that did not change.  Since I was a brand-new teenager, I was especially cautioned not to pick on my new little brother who was only nine.  As you might guess he was a scrappy fellow with an assumed name like Duke and jumped me the very first time I tried to put him down.  I fought him off but that was not the end of it.  We had made so much noise that my step-dad came in.  The Q&A was brief; the punishment cycle was much longer.

My jeans and boxers were lowered and I was over my step-dad's lap in less than a minute as a grinning Duke watched.  I had not been spanked in a couple of years and my step-dad was either much stronger or just hit a lot harder because I really felt his hard hand smashing down on my ass.  I howled from the very first spank.  This certainly was not a way to impress my younger step-brother with what a big man I was.  After a few minutes, he paused and asked Duke to hand him the flip-flop that was there.  "May I, Father?" he asked.

"Yes, that's very appropriate as you were the injured party."  He was only nine but he was strong and, I'm certain, that he hit as hard as he could.  I howled for each of the dozen spanks he gave me and then his father gave me more.  I was a very well spanked thirteen year old who felt like a little boy by this time.  I cried on my bed for a while.  Duke brought me some ice in a towel to cool my bottom.  He said that he was truly sorry that his father had intervened and spanked me.  I doubted him at first but he went on to say that he wanted to deal with me by himself.  I did not think that he could have but he had given me more of a fight than I thought possible.  He also said that it was great fun to spank me and was looking forward to doing it a whole lot more, preferably without his father's help, to get me into shape.  (He never did explain what that meant.)© YLeeCoyote

Duke told me that Dad felt that punishments were a private matter and never talked about them to others.  He promised that he wouldn't talk about my being spanked if I wouldn't talk about his spanking, er, getting spanked.  "What happens in this room stays in this room." we agreed.  We bonded that day.

Time moved on and I started high school.  I was anxiously looking forward to getting more privileges as according to the established rules.  Unfortunately my body was not cooperating.  I know that sounds strange but's that the way it was.  Age and grade were not the keys any more but puberty.  I desperately needed to grow some pubes.  I asked Mom when my siblings had done that and learnt that they were in ninth grade like I was.

I went through my entire freshman year with nary a sign of an even a little bump of a hair sprouting.  More than a third of my class had some but not me.  My rules of conduct remained the same.  Duke was also interested but when he turned ten (double digits age) he got more rights and privileges.  I had not been paying full attention to my little brother being concerned with the joys of high school.  I was slow to mature sexually although I did not fully know how slow yet, but Duke was quite the reverse.  It hit me one day before winter break.  He normally got home before I did but this day I was early.  I walked into our bedroom and he was stretched out on the bed jerking off, something that was not at all surprising or shocking.  It was his equipment that grabbed me!  He had changed over the last few months and had accomplished what I had been desperately wishing for – puberty!  He had a bush and good size cock.  I stood there and stared as he lay on his back pulling away until he erupted like a geyser – blasting his load more than a foot up.  I was memorized and just stood there – eyes wide and mouth agape as he wiped up the flood.

"Wish you could do that, eh, baby bro?" he asked with a shit eating grin.  "Do you like what you see?"

What could I say?  It was clear that he knew the answers for I was like every other teen boy wanting to have hair and shoot a load.  "You sure are growing up, Duke."  Of course, we had seen each other naked but being busy with being in high school and worrying about my [lack of] development I hadn't been paying attention to him.  The little binder with the neatly typed rules was open on his desk.  I needed only a glance to know what he had been checking.

He brought it up at dinner.  He just came out with it directly and said that he had achieved the physical maturity to move to a higher level of privileges.  "So early, you're still only ten?  Are you sure you know what they say?" said Mother.

"Yes, Mother;  I'm not a little boy anymore.  Sherman saw me and can confirm it." he said (smugly, I'm certain).

My step-dad looked very proud.  "My boy is growing up, it seems.  Take it easy with your additional privileges for they carry harsher penalties."

"Yes, Father, I will be careful."

Even Mother knew not to ask me about my state because I certainly would not have been keeping it a secret if I had qualified.  I managed to stay calm at the huge lose of status.  Here I was fourteen years old in the middle of my freshman year with a crotch as smooth as a baby's while across the table was my stepbrother – only ten and just in the sixth grade –  with a crotch that needed (well, almost) a grounds keeper and many more privileges for doing things and a later curfew.  I did not realize the worst part of all this then.

Of course, it was not fair to base the rule on something as silly as hair rather than maturity, grades or age but those were the rules and they had been about for a long time.  The only thing that changed was to add a cost of living adjustment for allowance.

Only when Duke and I got back to our room did I learn the true extent of the disaster.  Duke was very nice and he promised that he wouldn't abuse his authority nor embarrass me with any sort of boasting to his friends nor mine about his greater privileges.  "What 'authority' are you talking about?" I asked him.

He was surprised by my question.  "The way you studied the rules, I thought that you would know."  Sure, I knew that he got more money and a later curfew but authority?  He got the folder and looked for it.  "See this bit.  I'm in charge of you when we are alone."  I looked.  I read and almost cried.  He was correct.  He now out ranked me and I was stuck with it.  "Please, Sherm, cooperate with me and your friends don't have to know.  I really understand.  You know how Ms. Oldmaid at school bitches about how young the principal and VP are and that they are always giving her orders.  Cooperate with me and we can keep it private and I won't have to spank you."  I looked at him quizzically.  "Certainly, you know that.  I'll admit that I'm looking forward to taking your jeans down, pulling you over my lap and roasting your butt.  But I promise to be fair."  He paused to let that all sink in and then offered his hand.  "Deal?"

I did not have any better options so I said: "Deal." And I shook his hand.  He had just promised to be nice and that was better than if he was not nice for it would all happen his way in the end and I would be standing.  My step-dad was a very direct and stern man and would readily flip me over his lap and spank me before sending me back to Duke if I had given him trouble.  He was far stricter than Mother was and Father had been but he was fair.  Duke was taking after him.

All was quiet for a while, when Duke broke the silence.  "It's a real bummer, bro."  I nodded.  "One of the worst bits of getting a spanking is Dad pulling your pants down.  It is for me, too."


"You realize that if you've got a spanking due, you're going to get it."  I nodded again.  Damn, he was right about everything.  He must have been planning for ages.  "I'll make a another deal with you.  If you get over my lap without a hassle ready to take what's due, then you can strip yourself."  He saw that I was pondering.  "I'm giving up the pleasure of taking your pants down."  I agreed.  What could I lose?

"Let have a little practice run, Sherm.  I won't really spank you but let's go through the routine.  Sherman, please drop your jeans and boxers and get over my lap."  He said, calmly but seriously.  "You don't have to, but I think it would be good for you."

He got into a good position sitting on his bed, patted his lap and waited.  I'm glad he was patient for it took me a while to get up the courage to do it even knowing that he would not be spanking me.  I moved to his side and opened my jeans I shoved them down.  I started to bend over but he stopped me.  "Bare; you know it has to be on the bare."  I pushed down my boxers and he could see my crotch and that it was totally hairless.  I leaned forward and he helped me into position.  My top was mostly on the bed so it was not as uncomfortable like when Dad did it.  He took hold of my waist and held me tightly.  He was stronger than I thought.  With his other hand he caressed my butt that I had offered up to him and then gave it a few birthday type spanks.

"You did that very well, Sherm.  I hope when the time comes, you will do as well.  Would you like a sample?"  So you have an idea of what you're in for should you deserve a spanking."  He was now caressing my ass again.

"Yes, Duke." I said.  I knew I was nuts but he was so positively enticing that I did."

He gave me three hard spanks on each check and told me to get up.  "All is forgiven, Sherm."  He helped me pull up my pants and then he gave me a hug.  "I love you, little brother."

I was older and bigger but he was absolutely right.  "I love you, big brother." I answered admitting the unpleasant truth.

I was the little brother like I had been when my siblings had been around.  Duke had successfully taken charge.  He was only ten but he was as commanding as his dad.  I could only hope that he would be as nice as he promised or if he would abused his power I wondered if he did, if he would be removed.  Time would tell.

The first test came within days.  Our folks had been on a waiting list for a quicky (three days, two nights) vacation and they got the call.  We were going to be on our own.  There's nothing that will bring siblings together as fast as agreeing that they don't need a babysitter when their parents go away, although they might be at each other throats otherwise.  Duke was very nice, even offering me an extra hour on my curfew should I want it.  He said it was within his discretion to do so.

When my buds were over, we talked about going to the special double feature and I said to him: "I'll be late tonight so don't worry.  If you think, you can tuck yourself in."  He was absolutely cool about it.

"Just as long you get back before the boogie man comes to eat me or my Dad will really be pissed, Sherm."  Everyone laughed.

He was naked in bed when I did get back, and told me to shower and get to bed.  He was obviously joking so I played the game.  Then he made a more serious offer.  "Let's jerk off together."  I hesitated.  "Don't worry, you can dry cum and still have fun with me."  He was his usual seductive self and I did want to see him shoot again.  Duke invited me to sit next to him and we could help each other.  I did and we jerked each other.  I got his spunk on my hand and he encouraged me to taste it and then I licked him clean.  I loved that he made me cum also.  He was a young stud and said that I might do it again, if I wanted to.  He encouraged me to do get it direct from the source.  I tried to resist but, as always, he was terribly charismatic and I did as he wanted me to do.  As I feasted on his cock, he kept telling me that I was his good little brother.

Before the folks returned he had taken me further and I was not just his good little brother but his boytoy.  But he was ever so gentle with me and never pushed me hard.  When the 'rents returned we both agreed that everything went perfectly.  His dad asked directly if Duke has abused his power in any way and I honestly reported that he hadn't and was extremely considerate of my feelings.

Duke continued that way.  He was a very good influence in that he tempered my behavior so that neither of us got spanked by his Dad.  In the first six months he found cause to spank me twice.  Once when the 'rents were away and once when they were not.  Duke had a talk with me about what I did wrong and we quickly agreed that it was wrong and I stripped and got over his lap just like I had practiced.  He was very considerate but he roasted my butt so that I knew, to my inner core, that I had been punished.  I am actually convinced that he was sorry he had to do it but and I don't have any ill will towards him.  Dad frequently worked late so Duke had permission to act in his stead if I requested it.  I was not sure why I asked Duke to do it but I did.  I certainly felt it for days after.  I only got spanked one other time that year.  Not a bad record at all.

Starting the second year of high school I was still waiting for my pubes to sprout.  They did not.  I found that I was always following Duke's lead as well as submitting to him sexually.  Duke's dad died during the year and I think I missed him more than Duke did; Mother certainly did.  Over the following months, he was assisting Mother more and more with the running of the household and even with some of the financial stuff.  His control over me was complete and Mother was leaning on him more and more.

I was in my junior year while Duke was still in grade school that he really assumed the position of man of the house for he became intimate with Mother.  I told him he should not be doing that with Mother.  He got angry and told me that a boy should not have the audacity to tell his mother what to do.  Then he spanked me long and hard.  He even took down my pants himself to show how annoyed he was.  Of course, he reminded me that I was the little brother, that he was in charge and gave me another spanking on that point.  I couldn't sit comfortably for a week.  Mother also told me that such things were not a little boy's business and I had best concern myself with my school work and chores.  I remained silent after that, although Duke went into Mother's room two or three times a week and those nights we did not have sex.  I came to understand that he was truly the man of the house.  Mother also obeyed him just has she had obeyed both my bio-father and my stepfather.

I should mention that Dad left most of his considerable moneys to Duke in a trust with trusted and aggressive managers.  We got adequate money monthly, just like a paycheck.  There were a few months of wide swings in the market and our money managers did it just right.  It was as if we had won a super-dupper lottery.  Duke arranged that we should get a huge condo in New York City – the two top full floors in a high rise.  It was as big as a country estate but in the heart of things.  It was far bigger than we needed but Duke said he had plans for the future and we would fill the space.  We moved immediately and decided to wait before renovating it.

We both entered the same exclusive prep school that fall.  Duke was a freshman and I was a senior.  Duke didn't take any gruff from any of the other freshmen even though he did not have the fancy backgrounds they generally did.  His innate leadership ability along with his charisma and charm made him master of any situation.  I did not fair as well with my classmates.  They had, mostly, been together three and more years and I was the new boy.  The second day, I had gym and they saw my bare crotch and I was 'dead meat' as they say on the street.  I was the only one who hadn't started puberty and I was the little boy who had better do as he was told.  A couple of them had brothers and cousins who were freshmen so they knew what was happening there.  They definitely learnt that Duke referred to me as his little brother.  Since it was known that we did not have a father, there was not anyway to explain my red butt which I got during the second week.  They put hand and butt together.  Duke's personal stock soared while mine plummeted even more.

I told Duke that I felt that they were looking to fuck me, especially Reinwall who was the leader of the senior pack.  "He's always patting my ass and saying that when I grow up and have pubes we'll have really fun."  Duke was not happy since he wanted to be the only one to fuck me.  Then suddenly things changed and I was left alone.

I actually did start puberty before the winter break and sprouted a few hairs by the end of it.  The first gym session back, I was jumped but not raped.  They shaved me and did so regularly until I graduated.  When I questioned this, I was told to ask my 'big brother'.

"Well, I made a deal with Reinwall so you would NOT get raped.  To get him to agree not to gang fuck you I promised not to fuck his brother.  But I had to agree that they would get your pubes and I would not tell you in advance.  You waited so long so another four months won't matter, Sherm."

Yes, it was worth it but after I graduated Duke then decided that he did not want me have pubes so he kept me shaved from then on  I went on to college and so did Duke after he finished prep school.  I got a non-consequential job to keep me busy.  Duke also decided to get the renovations done for our condo.  The top floor got three bedroom suites plus the usual stuff for a house.  The lower floor got several bedrooms for the nursery and staff.  The concept was, functionally, like an old time house.

Duke loved to fuck and it was rare that he did not get to do it with anyone he fancied.  Reinwall minor asked him when they were sophomores but told him about the agreement (in part) and said he wouldn't until his big brother released him from the agreement.  "My word is my bond." he explained.  Reinwall minor was incensed and made his brother give the release.  Reinwall minor probably got more than he wanted for he let his big brother's release be known and quickly became everyone's fucktoy.

By the time Duke finished college he had selected a girl, Lara, to marry and start a family with.  It was not just love or chance but Duke had a search made.  I was to marry, Raven, Lara's sister and the runner up.  I did not have any interest in girls.  Actually, I was very happy just being Duke's little boy.  But Duke insisted even though I told him that I did not think I could even get it up for a girl.  "Fear not, my little boy, I will take care of it.  Just think of it as the droit de seigneur full time.  As always, I obeyed Duke.  Now we were five.  Mother had her big bedroom and private bath on one side of the master master-suite which was Duke and Lara's.  Then there was a shared sitting room and the suite for Raven and me..

It was a short time latter that Lara was gravid and a month later so was Raven.  Soon there were two young scions.  In just three years there were two more sets for a total of six.  Mother was delighted being a grandma to such a healthy band of boys  Lara was mother to Ari, Chad and Felix and Raven to Ben, Devon and Eric (he was early).  Yes, they were all boys like Duke wanted for Duke always gets what he wants.  They were housed on the other floor so that they could be rambunctious and there was a nanny to care for them all.  When they got older than five the nanny was replaced by a tutor after school and evenings.  They considered themselves to be brothers and all called Duke "Father" and me "Uncle".  They distinguished between Lara and Raven as to mother and aunt more appropriately.  Paired by age they had double bed/study rooms and shared both a large bathroom and a large play space.  The entire kid 'dormitory' was clothing optional.  Apparently they had gotten used to be naked in front of several caretakers and family and felt comfortable.  So did their friends who liked to be unconventional.  They decided that wrestling naked was more fun than being clothed.  When they were bigger, they got ear protectors and eventually jock straps.

When each lad turned six, he got a book to record his transgressions and punishments in and a list of rules.  As you can imagine Duke was strict and expected his boys to be high achievers.  They had plenty to support them and they thrived.  As would be expected from such breading, the boys had conflicts with each other especially with their pseudo twins.  Unlike real twins, where personalities are usually different they had to have a permanent truce at home.  Outside they were stanch allies and forces to be reckoned with.  They were the big brothers from hell when the littlest ones were bullied.

By the time the third pair was seven they stood up to their big brothers even the almost elevens in a way that I could never stand up to Duke.  It was a priceless moment when Eric told his father that he did not do as well as he should have.  "Bring me the strap after dinner, boy."

"No need, Father, for Ari has given me the strapping already." and showed him his suitably completed book.  "He gave me more cuts than you would have, Father, but that was to make up because he does not hit as hard."

Duke looked at Ari.  "Yes, Father, Eric did not want to wait a day for your return so he asked me, as the eldest, to do that unpleasant duty.  It was my obligation to assist my little brother."

"You both did well." said Duke, "I'm proud of you."

After that the boys frequently dealt with each other rather than waiting for Duke to do it.  The tutor (who was dismissed when the littlest were seven) was not allowed to since Duke said it was his responsibility and could not be delegated.  I just was not the type to do it and the boys realized that themselves.  Although it was obvious that Duke was in charge, we never told them that he also spanked and fucked me.

I had taken the little ones out to see the museum and we were late returning.  They had kept delaying wanting to see more and I let them.  As soon as we got in, Ari and Ben pounced on me and started to lecture me just as their father was wont to do.  The other four just watched.  I did not have any excuses like being trapped in the subway or traffic.  I certainly could not blame the two youngest boys for I should have just told them that it was time to go with a slap on their bottoms as encouragement.

"Being late is worth four." said Ben.

"That's for us; make that six because he's older." said Ari, his big brother, by less than a month.  They sounded just like their father and I cringed.  "We would have to drop 'em and bend over the couch."  We were right near a couch with big padded arms that they were sometime bent over for punishments.

"Right!" said his brother pulling his belt from his pants.  "Position, young man."  They all had the power of command and charisma that their father had.  My heart was racing but I obeyed.  I dropped my slacks and pulled down my tightie-whities.  They immediately saw that I did not have pubes like they expected.

"He's just a little boy; look!" said Devon, "No hair like you two."

"And in tightie-whities too." noted Felix with a giggle.  Ever since Duke decided to keep me hairless, he also required that I wear little boy briefs.

I got into position to hide my hairless crotch.  Ari and Ben each gave me three hard cuts.  All six boys, with big grins, watched me pull up my pants and trousers.  "You better get ready for dinner." said Ari with commanding authority.  He and Ben were not quite twelve years old.

"Yes, Sir." I said even though I was almost forty, just like I did with Duke.  I rushed upstairs to shower and change knowing that another change had occurred – one that I could not undo.  I was not sure that I was unhappy about this change and I knew that in less than four years the others would be strong enough to control me.

At dinner, Ari asked: "Ben and I would like to have conversation with you after dinner, Father."

"Of course, when I stop by to say good night, Son."

"May we converse in your den, please Father?  It would be more appropriate and adult."  Yes, indeed, a boy talks with his father when he is tucked into bed.  A young man sits across the desk for serious discussions of important matters to show that he is to be reckoned with.  If they had any remorse I would have been asked to be there for an apology.  I could only wonder when I would become their fuck toy like I had with their father.

It was a while later that I got called to join them.  The boys were smiling so I knew that Duke had approved of their actions and I must have been summoned to be told something.  Duke was in his chair behind the desk and the boys were each in one of the large visitor chairs.  I was sorry that I had changed out of my suit for they were still dressed for dinner with jackets.  I was forced to stand like an errant child facing Duke and in front of the two sitting boys.  "Were you late setting a bad example for the young'ens?"  Duke asked and I had  to confess.  "Did you accept Ari and Ben's disciplining of you?"  Again I had to admit the truth  (I had a brief thought that perhaps I could have refused but I had a great deal of practice obeying.)  Duke was smiling broadly.

"Let me see your butt, Sherm."  Duke commanded.  I actually hesitated and he noticed.  "We have all seen your sorry butt, boy.  Don't keep us waiting."  What could I do?  I lowered my jeans and tightie-whities, for I still was not permitted to wear boxers like the grown up boys.  "Turn around, boy."  I turned and in showing Duke my butt, I was also showing Ari and Ben my crotch.  There was not anyway to avoid this.  "Wait in the corner, Sherm."  I pulled up my jeans and went into the corner and started to fasten them.  Again, Duke gave me another order.  "Leave them down and put your hands on your head."  I was mortified being treated like a naughty little boy but there was nothing I could do about it.

Duke talked with the boys, er, young men would probably be a better term, about how he was proud of them for taking me to task in such a forceful and adult manner.  He was unhappy about one thing, however.  They had not punished me sufficiently.  I knew I was in for more and before I left the room.

"Boys," Duke started, "I was planning to give you this when you turned twelve in a couple of months but I think the time is right now.  This was not really to be a birthday present but more for me to help with our discussions.  But now I see that it can be used in another way.  Take a look in the box on the table."

The boys went over and looked.  It was new to them and Duke explained that it was a tawse and told them a bit about it.  They quickly understood the purpose of the device.  Duke called me from the corner with my jeans and briefs about my ankles and ordered me to assume the position.  He demonstrated to the boys how to use the tawse with a couple of light cuts.  Then he handed it to Ari and told him to give me three – a little lighter than he had done with the belt this afternoon.  Ari happily complied.  I'm sure that he saw how much more effective it was from my reaction.  Ben did the same leaving me with a properly sore bottom.

Ben said the obvious.  "This is much more effective than a belt and easier to use, Father." His brother quickly agreed.

Duke told the boys that they should practice a little on each other but not to use it on their younger brothers.  Obviously, I was the prime target but they were also expected to use it on each other.  "I also want you to keep him clean and smooth with this."  Duke handed them the electric shaver that he had been using on my crotch for years.

"Yes, Father.  Of course, we will do it."

I was dismissed.  I had two new masters and four more were growing up.

I hadn't mentioned this before because it was not significant but with such a large household we had a live-in couple and some day servants.  The boys' nanny/tutor also was resident but that position had been vacant for over a year.  After Ari and Ben dominated me Raven and Duke decided that I should move downstairs to the tutor's room.  Duke and his harem would remain upstairs.  (Yes, he could still keep three women very well satisfied and away from each other's throats.)  Officially, it was so I could keep an eye on the little boys but in reality because the two oldest were now in charge of me and this way they could keep me in line properly.

They were diligent boys and practiced to be sure that they could use their new tool effectively.  They were, like their father, perfectionists.  The two actually traded tawse cuts to practice as their father suggested.  They also agreed that they would punish each other rather than submit to their father.  Their brothers all carefully watched them practice and then actually used the tawse on each other and, of course, on me.  It was clear that they wanted too also and they practiced hoping that they would get the opportunity.

Ari and Ben may have been only twelve, but I quickly learnt that they could tawse me just as effectively as their father could and were quicker to do it.  They were very careful to keep within the strict rules that governed my behavior.  Because of the close living condition that the boys had, they had grown up witnessing each other punishments and Avi and Ben never though that they should treat me special by affording me any privacy.  The boys' area, including their play area had always been a clothing optional area.  They were used to various adults (including servants) seeing them and their friends naked and were quiet comfortable with it.

Previously, I had always been a dressed adult, but now I was often required to be naked.  If I was to be tawsed then I had to undress and report to Ari and/or Ben in the common area.  The others were usually there to witness my punishment which required a confession and then a lecture before the tawsing.  They certainly liked being in charge of me just as their father had been at their ages.  This was true even of the younger ones.

In order to make less of a mess, they used the shaver in the shower so that the hairs could be rinsed away.  Although Ari and Ben did the job themselves for a couple of months, they then delegated the task to the others.  They all enjoyed doing it.  Within a few months, they had gotten creative and, with Duke's permission, experimented with other methods.  The two youngest were the most diligent in this task for they knew that soon they would be the only hairless ones of the six and they relished the idea that a grownup even one of my low status was also hairless.  Eric liked to use a razor (safety, thank goodness)  because he felt that he was actually doing it while Felix preferred a depilatory because it left me super smooth – like a little baby.  Either way, I was hairless as a little boy.  Soon both Eric and Felix sprouted hair and I was definitely the baby even though I was thirty years older then Felix.

The economy took a major downturn and there were changes.  I lost my job, which had never really mattered, and Duke said that I should occupy myself with the house.  There was always stuff to do and it was a job that I was qualified for.  The entire boys' zone was my responsibility; I was now a housekeeper.  I was a housekeeper who was subject to corporal punishment from six youths.  I was required also to meet the standards of the live-in housekeeper who delighted in giving me orders and directions which she knew I had to obey or get tawsed.

It was at this time that I made a great big mistake.  I was, simply willfully disobedient.  I was in my room watching a TV show when Felix opened my door and ordered me to strip and to be in the bathroom for my regular hair removal.  Instead of the proper "Yes, Sir."  I said: "I'm watching a show and let's do it tomorrow because I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow."

He immediately growled at me.  "IN FIVE MINUTES, BOY!  OR ELSE!"  I stupidly ignored the second chance and just remained in my room watching the TV.  Seven minutes later Ari and Ben barged into my room and grabbed me.  The pair of them got me into a double hammerlock and propelled me into the common area.

"How dare you disobey Felix?" Ben said.  As they held me the others stripped off my jeans, briefs, socks and sneakers.  My T-shirt was ripped off leaving me naked.  I said I was sorry and pleaded to be released and promised to obey but it was too late.  The big brothers from hell were on me.  "Of course, you will obey, boy.  But first you will be punished!"  I was roughly pushed down onto the floor.  I peeked around and I was at Felix's feet.

"Please, Master," I begged, "I'm sorry.  I'll be obedient; very obedient."  He shoved his foot into my face and I kissed it.  "Please."

I was draped over the couch arm.  I was going to be spanked.  Ari calmly spoke to Eric and Felix.  "Now is the time you've been waiting for – to learn to use the tawse.  You will see it is a very effective tool to punish very naughty little boys.  He then gave me an extremely hard cut; one that made me yell.  He then proceeded to explain how to hold it, swing it and be as effective as possible.  He showed them the wrong way and the right way which made me yelp.  Then he handed it to Felix to try – fortunately not on me.  Eric got the same lesson.

"Like a tennis racket, it can be used backhand to get a different strike pattern."  added Ben.  Again, I screamed at the exemplar.  My butt was already on fire just from the two demonstration cuts and yet there was sure to be more.

Ben then spoke.  "Eric and Felix, each of you give this very naughty and willful laddie ten sharp cuts with the tawse.  That should change his attitude."  They dutifully obeyed their big brother.  I was crying before they were half through and my butt felt like it was stuck in a fire.  They more than made up for their lesser muscle power with additional strokes.

Felix then said: "In the shower in five minutes for your treatment." and this time I sobbed the proper answer.

In the shower I was in great pain as Felix proceeded to cover not only my pubis but my entire crotch and body – my legs; my arms; my chest and my pits – with the terrible cream.  He waited longer than usual before scrapping it off to be sure it was extra effective.

Felix then came up with a new idea.  He was naked, like I was, although by his free choice and was finishing up scrapping the cream off me.  Because he was working on my upper body (my arms and pits), I was on my knees while he was standing.  He suddenly turned around and said: "Kiss my ass, boy."  His tight, small, muscular butt was just inches from my lips.  I was afraid to disobey him, so I leaned forward and kissed him right in the center of his right cheek and then the left cheek.  He turned and I saw that he was smiling.  He patted me on the head and tousled my hair saying: "Good boy."  I felt strange but it made me feel good.  I was then ordered to shower and then spend an hour in the corner with my hands on my head.

It was a long week.  Every night I was required to do an hour corner time and not allowed to watch any TV.  Felix tucked me in each night and offered me the opportunity to kiss his ass.  The first night he just guided my head and, after I kissed his ass told me: "Good boy."  After that he just gave me the choice.  I skipped one time but he did not say anything.  I missed that little two-word phase and his hand on my head so much that I tossed and turned all night.  The next night I was much more enthusiastic and kissed his ass several times.  He tousled my hair and called me: "My very good boy."  I slept very well that night.

After that I sat on the floor next to him as he did this homework or whatever.  Occasionally, he would pet me and stuff.  Sometime I would rest my head on his leg, especially when he was watching TV.  After two weeks, I realized that there was another change.  It was only Felix who gave me more than casual orders, kept me smooth and disciplined me.  I don't know what arrangement they had made, just the results.

Things were stable until the time the two oldest had turned fourteen which meant that they were allowed to use me if they wished.  Need I mention that it was one of Duke's rules although they were permitted and had engaged in such practices with each other and with friends?  Just as I had with Duke, I submitted to them.  I did notice that they never fucked me when Felix was about however.

I was anxiously looking forward to Felix's fourteenth birthday because I wanted him inside of me.  I would have been happy even a year earlier but the boys followed Duke's rules in this area meticulously.  I wanted to please him so I asked him to 'clean me up' the day before.  After the family birthday dinner, I prepared in every way possible.  I was not disappointed.  He came to my room like he did every night but this time he closed the door and rogered me very thoroughly.  I loved the feel of his teeth on my shoulder as well as his hard shaft inside me.  It was only after he left me that I realized he had given me something very special.  He had wrapped and buckled a leather collar about my neck.  There was a name plate attached:

Boy Sherman
Property of
Mr. F. Peabody

When I brushed and combed myself in the morning, I saw a small padlock on my dresser.  I did not hesitate even a second before I slipped it through the hole and snapped it shut.  There were not any keys with it and I was certain that they were on Felix's key ring where they belonged.  I knew my place for sure, now.

I served breakfast to my six nephews as usual the next morning.  Felix, of course, noticed that I had put on the lock and gave it a little tug.  "Good boy; very good boy."  It took a couple of days but his brothers all noticed and read the name tag.  They each smiled but didn't say anything (at least to me).  But they completely respected their youngest brother's marking.

I could relate many stories of Felix and me but you can imagine most of them.  He was like his father and got what he wanted.  As they all grew up they left the aerie one by one and it was sold for Duke decided to move to a yacht and see the world.  I stayed with Felix and his wife, Karen.  As you can imagine soon there was Felix, Jr.  Just like with his father and uncles, I provided a lot of his care.  Felix continued to be a benevolent master who regularly spanked and fucked me.  Life was good.

By the time Junior was eight, he knew that I was his daddy's pet and began to understand things.  He, somehow, knew when he could be bossy and when he must be an obedient child.  By the time he was twelve, Felix had given him the authority to discipline me.  He was strangely respectful even saying things like: "You have been naughty, Great Uncle and I must spank you.  Please drop your pants and bend over the couch." before turning my tail into a fiery pain center.  He then hugged and comforted me.  We developed a relationship like I had with Felix.


This is Junior.  My dear Great Uncle Sherman died last week and we will miss him greatly.  He told me a great deal about his life and, of course, my other relatives.  It was just thirty years ago that Father put the collar on him and Sherman snapped the lock on himself.  His autobiography was not quiet finished when he knew his end was nigh he charged me with finishing it up.  I'm honored to do so.

Uncle Sherman was everything to me – care giver, confidant, friend, advisor, toy – well just everything.  We did everything such as he did with my Grandfather, Father and Uncles so the details are not important.  Perhaps you remember the poem The Wonderful One-Horse Shay by Oliver Wendell Holmes?  It starts:

Have you heard of the wonderful one-horse shay,
That was built in such a logical way
It ran a hundred years to a day,

Well, Uncle Sherman left us that way although he was only seventy.  In just one short month he quietly shut down and he was not unhappy about it.

We all knew it was going to happen and, as he wished, he was at home in his own bed without tubes and monitors.  Dad and I went to see him and he told us it was the end.  I gave him a hug and kiss which he returned and then he told Father that he wanted to kiss him goodbye in that special place.  Father was tearful when he lowered his pants and so that Sherman could kiss his ass for the last time.  He said softly: "Thank you, Master."

Father wanted to remove the lock and collar but he said "No.  It has been part of me for thirty years and want to be buried with it on."

Dad then said: "You're tired, Boy.  Go to sleep.  There's no reason to wake up." and kissed him on his cheek.  Sherman closed his eyes for the last time.  We both wept.

"This is the time for a change, Father.  You've been running hard for four decades – since you were in kindergarten.  It is time that you relaxed and left running the world to others.  I don't want to bury you for a long time."  I paused briefly.  "Grandpa suffered a long time in the hospital and was gone before he was sixty.  Two of your brothers have serious stress problems and are sick.  All of them are on medications."  I took out the solution and handed the little jewelry box to Dad.  It was a gold necklace with links just large enough to be properly manly with three inch-long flat links.  He took it in his hand and examined it carefully.  I handed him the jeweler's loupe so he could read the very tiny inscription. «Junior is in charge now.»  This collar was nothing like the well-worn one that Sherman proudly wore for thirty years.  "You need to make the decision just like Sherman did."  I paused again.  "He would want you to."

Fathers took a long time and then said one word: "Yes.", handed the collar to me and bend forward.  I slipped it about his neck and fastened it.  Father sighed.  "Did he approve, Son?"

"Yes, Father.  He definitely approved and even told me to talk to my cousins.  I promise to be kind.  I love you so very much and I want you to be around for along time.  I'm sure need your advice."  We hugged.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., February 7, 2008

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