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The following story is fiction and contains scenes of spankings of men by youths.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Duplicate Errant Fathers


Erik was most pleased that his vacation idea had worked out.  His two pesky, bratty sisters and his mother had gone to visit Aunt Grace and the girl brat of a cousin for the week.  To make things really splendid his cousin Josh, now fourteen like he was, and his uncle Sonny had come for a visit.  Girls might be great for dates but sisters and girl cousins were a major pain in the butt.  Now if only his father, Petey, and his uncle would behave, the four guys would have a great time this week.

After a couple of fun days together, Tuesday got off to a late start and the four of them lingered over brunch talking about guy things that moms and sisters would constantly interrupt had they been around.  After they ate, Erik went to practice with his team and Josh went along.  "Zac is away so we're short a guy so you can fill-in and have fun."  The two adults got their instructions for, visit or no, there were chores that had to be done.  Josh had instructed Sonny to work with Petey and all would be done in time for the evening out.  Both men promised to do their assignments.

At four, the two youths returned.  They were not pleased with what they saw.  The car was not parked exactly where it had been when they left.  "Could something had happened?" they wondered and rushed inside.  There they discovered Petey and Sonny in the family room watching a porn film and guzzling beer.  Looking about it was evident that the inside chores were not done – not the vacuuming, not the laundry, not the dishes – neither were the outside chores done – not the grass mowing, not the hedge trimming.  The two young men had a brief discussion and decided on the proper course of action.  As the first step Erik phoned Nick to make arrangements for the evening.

Erik and Josh walked into the family room surprising their fathers who quickly put off the TV.  They started to make excuses but they were immediately told to be quiet.  Eric took the led listing their faults – vacuuming, laundry, dishes, mowing, trimming, drinking and using the car without permission.  The two fathers stood, shamefaced, with their heads bowed as their sons lectured them about their disgraceful behavior.  Finally their punishment was declared.  "Go get it, Petey." commanded his angry son.

"Yes, Sir." replied the man and dashed to fetch the implement of punishment.  When he returned, he dutifully handed it to his son and stood next to his equally guilty brother with his head bowed awaiting his comeuppance.  The two youths proceeded to undress their equally errant fathers until they were in their birthdays suits.  Then they were each bent over the end of the couch to received ten hard strokes of the tawse on their, now most sorry, bottoms.  Because of the many transgressions, both youths swung as hard as they could so as to maximize the punishment.  After a fifteen minute stretch in the corner, they were ordered to do the inside chores.  The outside ones would have to wait until the sun rose again.© YLeeCoyote

As the two men worked at their previously neglected chores, the youths showered and dressed for the evening.  They could not see any reason not to follow the plans for the evening without their naughty fathers for after all they had not been naughty.  At five, exactly on schedule, Nickolas ran the bell.  Nick was the not quite thirteen-year-old younger brother of one of Eric's friends.  He had been hired as a babysitter for untrustworthy pair.  The two little boys were told that Mr. Nick was in charge for the evening with full authority.  Mr. Nick would monitor their progress on the chores, take care of dinner and bedtime.  Eric and Josh went off to eat out and to see the movie (the last night it was playing) as planned.  It was just part of their punishments that the naughty fathers were at home.

Nick was an experienced adult babysitter but it was rare that he had a gig such as this one with two brothers both sporting dark red bottoms on full display.  He could not help but to watch them work for a while.  At six, he told them to stop, put away the cleaning stuff and wash their hands and faces for dinner.  Once seated, Nick served them each a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, an apple and a glass of [skim] milk.  They wanted something more substantial but Nick was most firm.  "Naughty little boys such as you two don't get steak, potatoes and beer.  That's for very good boys as a treat and grownups."  The two fidgeted on the hard wooden seats and ate their meager dinner while Mr. Nick also had a sandwich.  However, Mr. Nick's thick sandwich was of manly roast beef on rye with mustard along with chips, an apple and a soda.

After dinner it was upstairs to prepare for bed.  In the bathroom, Nick checked to see if either of his charges had grown sufficiently to require shaving.  Josh had said he figured that they both would need a trim and he turned out to be right.  Nick got the shaver from the medicine cabinet.  He had Petey stand in the tub while he ran the shaver over his pubis and then repeated the operation with Sonny removing the stubble.  (Eric said they would get full wet shaves with blades later in the week as part of their regular grooming regimen.)  Mr. Nick watched the two shower and brush their teeth.  Finally, they were required to pee-pee.  They stopped being reluctant when reminded that if they didn't pee-pee they would be put into diapers.  Nick smiled as they dueled with their yellow swords.

In the bedroom, they were each put into their footed flannel sleeper and tucked into bed just before seven-thirty.  With a final admonishment not to talk, Mr. Nick turned off the light and left them.  He went downstairs, turned on the TV and then proceeded back upstairs.  He expected that a pair of very naughty boys would talk.  He only had to wait three minutes before they got into a very animated conversation.  He let them go at it for a few minutes and then he bust into the bedroom.  "YOU WERE TOLD TO GO TO SLEEP AND NOT TALK." he snapped.

"Yes, Mr. Nick.  We're sorry." they whined expecting the end of it.

"OUT OF BED.  NOW!" Mr. Nick ordered as he sat on the chair.  "Sonny, you first.  Here." he barked.

Sonny, afraid to hesitate, dashed to the indicated spot.  "Turn around." was the next order and Mr. Nick undid the snaps allowing the butt flap to drop exposing an already red bottom.  He then pulled Sonny over his lap and got a firm grip on his waist.  Mr. Nick raised the hairbrush that Sonny had not seen and brought it down on the still red, exposed naughty bottom with a loud WHACK which was quickly followed by a howl of pain.  Mr. Nick delivered a dozen hard WHACKS so that Sonny knew that he was a well-spanked naughty boy with a painful hot bottom.

Sonny with tears in his eyes and his hands on his head so that he could not rub, then watched Petey get the same treatment he had just endured.  Petey was crying before he got his entire dozen but Mr. Nick did not slight him he got the full dozen.  After re-snapping the butt flaps, Mr. Nick returned the two naughty boys to bed and reminded them that they were to sleep and not to talk.  They were quiet after that.

In the morning, they were both very repentant even started on their chores very early.  They apologized and begged for forgiveness from their in-charge sons.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., January 15, 2009

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