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Early Evening at The Club


Tyler sat in the practically empty barroom of The Club.  His back was to the bar so that he could survey the room, watch the TV and the few men playing pool.  It was early; far too early for action but Tyler was hungry for action.  He raised the bottle and took another swig of the cold brew.  He watched the screen easily identifying with the young stud strung up to the whipping post.  The top with the flogger reminded him of Karl.  He wished that he was with Karl; strung up by him and getting the hard flogging.  But that was not to be tonight for Karl was away for the long weekend.  Tyler's cock throbbed in his jeans as he felt every thud of the flogger on his own back.  The night was still very young and maybe Mr. Right would show up.

Leroy was thinking about being spanked as he walked briskly to The Club.  Leroy loved being spanked and was confident that he would find a hard hand attached to a strong arm to do it.  Leroy was a bottom but he always got what he wanted.  He had a winning smile, a cute butt and did not take no for an answer.  When people talked it was about how he was the bottom in charge.  Leroy was the quintessential pushy bottom.

Leroy entered The Club and immediately checked his warm knee-length coat.  Fortunately the bouncer knew him for he now looked like a boy.  He was dressed in a tight black T-shirt with the words "Yes, SIR!" emblazoned in white across the chest, tight white short shorts that showed off his cute, hot, trim butt and super-shined boots.  He checked out the few members in the barroom.  All but save one, Tyler, were not desirable.  It was only Tyler who had that special something that resonated with Leroy this evening.  Of course, others would show up later but Leroy did not like to wait.  He was impatient and wanted what he wanted now.

Leroy stepped up to the bar brushing up next to Tyler even though there was more than a fathom of clearance on each side and placed his order.  "I'm Leroy and I've been a naughty boy, today, Sir." he said holding out his hand to Tyler.

Tyler turned and looked closely at the man beside him.  Their eyes met and locked together for a bit as Tyler returned the greeting.  There was not anything negative about how he felt but Leroy just was not what he was looking for.  He wanted a top man – not a bottom boy.  He hoped that Leroy would move on but he did not.  Leroy liked what he saw in Tyler; he liked it a lot: a rugged face, a nice body in jeans, T-shirt and boots.  And with big hands; hands big enough to cover his buns.  And muscles enough to spank a naughty boy.  The bulge in Tyler's crotch was a definite bonus.© YLeeCoyote

Since there was no one else to cruise, Tyler made a fatal mistake – he started to talk to Leroy.  He was not capable of resisting the strong personality of the naughty boy.  He was prepared to submit to a top and Leroy took the opportunity that was there for the taking.  In less than a half hour Leroy was leading Tyler into the backroom.  The backroom where play was permitted.

"I've been a naughty boy, Sir." said Leroy standing in front of Tyler.

"You've been a naughty boy." replied Tyler.

"I know that you are going to punish me, Sir.  I know that you are going to spank me very hard on my bare ass, Sir."

"I'm going to spank you very hard on your bare ass, boy."  The conversation sounded like that between Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Empire soldier.  Tyler was confused.  He was sounding like a top or perhaps more accurately as a bottom ordered to be the top.

Tyler pulled Leroy to his side and opened the naughty boy's belt and shorts.  They dropped to the floor.  Leroy had not worn any underpants so he was left bare bottomed.  Tyler noted that although he had man-sized cock and balls, he was hairless like a boy.  Leroy started to protest and promise to be a good boy but Tyler continued along the path previously set and pulled Leroy over his lap.  He quickly grabbed a wrist and pulled Leroy's arm to the center of his back holding him firmly in position.

Tyler caressed Leroy's cute, hot, trim butt with his big hand.  It was nice and smooth and pale.  Tyler knew that was not the way it should be and raised his hand to immediately bring it back down on the target with a resounding SPANK.  As he removed his hand he saw his hand print form as the flesh turned pink.  This triggered a response long buried in Tyler and he started to spank Leroy enthusiastically.  Soon Leroy's ass was flaming red hot and Tyler's hand hurt from the unexpected and unaccustomed use.  He stopped and then noted that Leroy was crying.  He stood the boy up and held him close for a while.

Leroy suddenly disengaged and dropped to his knees between Tyler's legs.  He opened Tyler's pants and jeans to free his hard cock.  Without a word he quickly took it into his mouth and began to suck it.  Leroy was an expert at this and he especially excelled after he was spanked.  He nibbled and deep-throated with everything in between so that Tyler was taken to new heights before exploding into Leroy's hot cavern.

Leroy got up and pulled up his shorts and fastened them.  "Thanks, Tyler.  That was good and you taste sweet too."  With that he walked back through the barroom to the coat check and left with a hot butt, well satisfied.

Tyler sat there in a daze for sometime.  It took him a while to realize exactly what had happened and even then did not believe it.  He closed up his jeans and went out to the bar to have a stiff drink.  As he was waiting, he noted the cum stain on his jeans that surely was from Leroy.  So the boy had gotten off while he was being spanked.  He had had a great cum himself.  He had been under the control of another.  Everything was great except he had not been spanked, flogged or fucked.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., February 27, 2005

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