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The following story is fiction about young man who tries to dominate a youth.  The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Easy Pick Up


I like my boys young so I was in my favorite boy hangout hunting.  I got that special feeling when I saw him come in.  He ordered a soda and went into the courtyard.  Cute is the operative word and my pants got tighter instantly.  I wanted him.  I followed him into the courtyard.  There were several others almost like him but missing that special something that made me to especially want him.  I wanted him desperately.  He did not seem to be interested in the other kids in the place and that gave me hope that he was into older guys like me.  I'm not that old, only twenty-four, but I'm not a chicken hawk either for he was obviously of age.  I like them younger as they are more pliable.  I moved closer and made eye contact. "Hi." he said.

"Hi yourself.  I'm Rick." I replied with a smile.  We moved into the usual small talk and I learnt that Jean was sixteen (legal in my state) and liked "older men".  We let on what we liked and I lied about wanting to plow his cute ass.  Actually, I couldn't decide whether his face or his tail was cuter.  I figured that being at least ​four inches​ (​ten cm​) taller and ​fifty pounds​ (​twenty kilos​) heavier I would not have any trouble having my way with him.

We went to my place and it was less than two hours after I first saw him that we were getting it on, entangled on the couch in my studio apartment.  We quickly moved to the bed and really got comfortable.  I was as impatient as my new youthful friend and soon was ready to move on to the fucking having had enough kissing, cuddling and sucking.  I told Jean that it was time and he objected.  He reminded me we had discussed it and agreed that it was not on the agenda.

"Things are different now." I said and started to push him into position.

I yowled when he fought back hard.  Although he looked like that weakling that got trampled into the sand in the old bodybuilder commercials, he was strong.  To my dismay, he was far stronger than I.  Later, I found out that he was a wrestler and the captain of his school team.© YLeeCoyote

In just seconds not only had he forced me prone but had gotten on top of me so that I couldn't move.  "Be still!" he ordered.  I tried to move and I yelled in pain.  "Be still or I'll hurt you." he snarled angrily.  I stopped trying.

"Since you want to fuck, I'll oblige you.  Should I do it dry or would you like some lube, boy?" I tried to decline but quickly got the message that was not an option.  "With lube, please." I said trying to make the best of things. "That's not clear, boy.  What would you like?" he sharply demanded.

"Please fuck me using lube, Sir."  It was clear eventually had I to beg.

"Don't try anything foolish, boy." he said, as he reached for the lube.  I remained still, like a docile little boy, knowing he could easily regain control of me.  I lay there while he rolled on a condom and worked his fingers into my butt hole.  "Relax, boy.  It will hurt less."  I tried but soon he rammed his ample cock into my fuck hole.  Rather than having my way with him he was having his way with me.

I was surprised at my own reaction for I was hard as a rock even though my cock was trapped between my abs and the bed as Jean vigorously fucked me hard and deep.  Then, even before this dominant, horny teen came, I did.  Shortly after that he exploded filling the condom covering his powerful potent cock that was sunk deep into my ass.

I thought he would leave but had other ideas.  "Ricky you have been a very naughty boy lying to me and trying to fuck me – or should I say rape me?  For that you must be punished."  I noticed that he had used the diminutive of my name.  He paused before getting up.  He sat on the edge of the bed and dragged me over his lap before I knew what he was about.  Once he put a leg over mine, I realized that he was going to spank me.  My objections were summarily ignored and when he forced my wrist up to my nape I was helpless and hurting.

His hand came down hard sending a searing pain from my ass checks to my head and reverberating back to my toes.  Over and over his hard hand driven by his strong muscles crashed into my violated butt turning it into a major pain center.  It seemed like ages that he went on spanking me and I lost control as I began to cry.  Soon I was bawling like a little boy.  I was limp from both the pain and the shame.

"You really are a NAUGHTY LYING LITTLE BOY."  He declared, stopping the spanking.  The next thing I knew was that he was dragging me to the bathroom and had me in the shower.  He got my crotch wet by turning on the cold water.  Naturally, my dick shrunk and he joked about how small it was.  Then he put some shaving gel on my pubes and used my own razor to remove them.  It took a while and he rinsed me with the cold water frequently as he turned me bald like a proper little boy.  I was afraid to object much less resist.

"Now you look a lot more like you act, Ricky.  Like a little boy – hairless crotch, tear-streaked face, hot red well-spanked bottom and fucked."  He made me stand in the corner with my hands on my head while he cleaned up and got dressed.  Before he left, I had to get down on my knees and not only suck him again but swallow his spunk.

"Ricky, thanks for your hospitality.  It was lots of fun playing with you.  I'll give you a call so we can have an encore soon, boy." he said as he left.

I found that strangely erotic and jerked off thinking about submitting to him once again.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 12, 2012

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