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I have gotten inspired by a chance remark about a line attributed to Eddie Haskell in "The Leave It To Beaver" TV show.  Although I could not find it listed on the Urban Legends site, I doubt that it was actually said on the show.  So I am now able to oblige those large numbers who felt that Eddie was most deserving of some CP.

The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of spanking.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.  The copyright characters of LITB are used under the parody and fair use copyright rules and are not mine.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Eddie Gets It


Ward was working at his desk in the den when the bell rang.  June responded and discovered that it was Eddie and she was not pleased.  Both adults were still quite fed up with Eddie for his antics during the past weekend when he had stayed over because his parents were away.  He had managed to get both himself and Wally into trouble twice.  The result of first time was that they missed the Saturday night party and the second time, the Sunday afternoon movie.  The two youths spent a lot of time in Wally's room to their displeasure.  Beaver was quite happy that he had been exiled to the guest room so that he could avoid his brother's best friend.  To put it simply, both Ward and June had had Eddie up to "here".

After opening the door, June took a step back.  Eddie, as always, just walked in.  "Wally's not in now, Eddie." said June.

Eddie, never the one to listen to what others said, started in with his saccharine spiel.  "Good afternoon, Mrs. Cleaver.  I just wanted to borrow a book."  He then paused and looked at June carefully.  If June had been more worldly in the ways of adolescent boys she would have realized that he was leering at her.  He continued: "That is really a very lovely skirt you are wearing, may I please see the beaver."

"EDDIE, GET IN HERE, NOW!" roared an incensed Ward.

"Yes, Mr. Cleaver." said Eddie practically tripping over his own feet.  The Cleavers were still quite unhappy with him for the last weekend.© YLeeCoyote

June was about to close the door when Wally entered.  They exchanged greetings and then Wally heard his father yelling at Eddie.  June decided that she had something to do in the kitchen.  Coincidentally, The Beaver started downstairs at that time.  Wally knew better than to interrupt his father, particularly when he was mad.  His memory of being yelled at by his father because of and with Eddie several times this last weekend were very fresh, vivid and unpleasant.  The Beaver just stood behind Wally and listened, smiling.  Whatever was about to happen to Eddie would not be enough and he was glad that his brother was not getting it also.

Ward was quite furious.  "THAT IS NO WAY TO SPEAK TO A LADY, YOUNG MAN."

Eddie was too scared to use sweet sounding words:  "No, Sir,"

After a few more minutes of this, Ward ordered Eddie to give him his belt, drop his pants and briefs and bend over the desk.

"But Sir, you're not my father."

"You, boy, have forgotten what he said last week: 'Just treat my Eddie like you do your own sons while he's at your house Ward.  And you better do as you Mr. Cleaver tells you, Edward.'"

"But, Sir, …."

"No buts.  Give me your belt and get your butt over that desk, now young man."

Eddie did not comply.  He just stood like he was rooted to that spot.  Ward was not patient.  He walked over to Eddie and quickly opened his belt and pants.  As he shoved them down along with his briefs as he sat on the side chair and pulled Eddie over his lap.  The first hard spank had already left its pink hand print on Eddie's right butt cheek as the second one was forming on the left cheek before Eddie know what was happening.  As the spanks rained down on the sixteen-year-old's bottom like he was a little boy of ten he began to realize what was happening.  Wally was amazed at how quickly the scene had changed and The Beaver was absolutely delighted.  It took him great will power not to cheer his father on out loud.  As the spanks continued Eddie began to howl and promise.  He was actually crying and in tears when Ward stopped spanking and lifted him up.

"Now, for the third time, boy: GIVE ME YOUR BELT AND GET OVER THE DESK."

The crying Eddie did as he was told this time.  He leaned over to pull his belt free from his pants unknowingly giving both Wally and The Beaver a good view of his hot red ass.  It was only after he turned and started for the desk that he realized that both Wally and The Beaver were watching.  But the brief spanking had already destroyed any idea of resistance so with his pants about his ankles, Eddie leaned over the desk and gripped the far side tightly.  Ward folded the belt and measured the distance carefully.  Then he brought back his arm and swung the belt hard striking the upturned butt.

The sound of the belt hitting was drowned out by the yell of the struck boy.  Even as the belt was getting set to strike again, the bright red stripe was becoming noticeable on the target even though it was already red from the hand spanking.  Ten times the belt kissed the target and nine times the result was the same.  The tenth time the howls were greater because the belt kissed the more sensitive crease at the bottom of the target bottom.  Eddie started to cry when Ward ordered him to the corner.  It was then that Ward acknowledged Wally in the doorway.  "Your friend was rude and impertinent to your mother.  See that he stays in the corner."

"Yes, dad."

The Beaver realized that he was better off elsewhere and dashed back up stairs as some as their father started to talk to Wally but as soon as his father had gone into the kitchen he dashed back down to admire his dad's painting.  A look from Wally told him a wisecrack was not a good idea so he just looked a couple of minutes before Wally signaled that he should go.

A few minutes later Ward returned and called Mr. Haskell and explained what had happened.  He then told Eddie to go home.

When Eddie arrived home, he found a very angry father waiting for him.  With little discussion he was soon at the sink.  He watched in horror as his dad wet a washcloth and then squeezed a spoonful of dish detergent into it.  "I will not have my son talking like you did to Mrs. Cleaver.  I'm going to wash out those naughty thoughts from your filthy mouth."  He then grabbed the back of his son's neck and ordered: "Open wide."  As soon as Eddie opened his mouth, his dad shoved the soap laden cloth in.  The foul tasting fluid squirted from the cloth as if it had been rung out.  At least, that is how it seemed to Eddie from the awful taste.

This was not enough for this father, for he then proceeded to move the cloth around so as to be sure of coating every surface with the soap.  Then he required Eddie to close his mouth for one extremely long minute watching the sweep second hand of the kitchen clock go around.  It seamed to Eddie that the world was in slow motion.  Then Eddie was then allowed to remove the cloth and expectorate.  He was then banished to his room, sans supper and directed to do his homework.

It was after lights out that The Beaver spoke about it.  "Wally, dad really gave it to Eddie.  He was crying like a little baby even before the strap.  What did he do?"

"He was very rude to mother, Beav."

"What did he say?"

"I'll tell you when you're older; now go to sleep."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., February 27, 2001

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