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Elevators Are a No-No


I was exhausted.  My personal trainer, Roger, had worked me hard and I was exhausted.  I'm not yet old at forty-two but he is a super energetic twenty-four and pushes me hard.  All the same, I felt good after the long, hard workout.  Roger left walking down the stairs to the lobby while I chatted with one of my neighbors.  Once we finished talking I headed for my apartment and a good hot shower to get the funk off.  It was only four flights up – just ​thirty-four vertical feet​ (​ten and a half vertical meters​) but as I dutifully headed for the stairs, the elevator door opened and I yielded to temptation and stepped in.

I commented to another neighbor already in the elevator, that my trainer had worn me out as we headed up.  "Your trainer allows you to use the elevator?" he said, surprised, surely noting I was only going a few floors.  He was right – my trainer had prohibited me using the elevator for such short trips nevertheless I had my excuse and used it.  It was one of many rules I had agreed to along with the consequences for breaking them.  Roger was a most effective personal trainer and that, along with his high fee, was the price for getting him.

I most certainly should have followed the rules for as I got off, I ran into my trainer.  "Keith, what the hell are you doing using the elevator?" he demanded to know.

My excuse seemed even flimsier than before.

"We better talk about this." he said and followed me to my apartment door.  He did not wait to be invited in but pushed right in.  The lecture started immediately in the front room.  It seemed to go on forever as he kept repeating how important it was to stay on course to get to my goal.  That, naturally, required the use of the stairs and reminded me how I had promised.  "This can NOT go unpunished!" he concluded.  Then the big shocker – he was going to spank me.  Well, not like a little kid OTK but like a big one.© YLeeCoyote

At his commanding direction I dropped my gym shorts and briefs and bent over a sturdy side chair, just as I had for my own father so many years ago, even before Roger had been born.  By the time I had gotten into position, he had pulled his wide, heavy leather belt out of his pants and brandishing the now folded belt stepped to his own place.

The first cut stung like the blazes.  Even worse than what I recalled from my father's hard strappings at least a quarter century ago, before I graduated from high school.  Roger knew how to wield that belt and inflict terrible pain with each and every cut to my increasingly red and painful butt.  I lost track of how many cuts I endured as the pain coursed through my body for all that I could think of was not crying like a little baby.  When he stopped, I jumped up and started to rub furiously but he ordered me to stop being a wuss and to get into the corner with my hands on my head to keep them from misbehaving.

"I'm setting the timer for a half hour so that you can contemplate the price for your terrible behavior.  Stay like that on your honor."  Then he departed for I heard the door open and close.  As I stood there, I was glad for that this was club day at my twelve-year-old son's school.  Ned was not due back for at least an hour and by then I would have showered and dressed.

The timer bell rang and with a sigh of relief I lowered my hands and gave myself a good rub to try to expel the pain.  When I turned I saw Ned sitting in the big easy chair with a grin that stretched from ear-to-ear.

* * * * * * * * * *

I got home early from school this day because all the club meetings were canceled for some teachers' conference.  I was in my room doing homework when I heard Dad come in.  I was about to call out "Hello." when I heard the yelling start.  Someone was yelling at Dad.  Soon I realized that it was his trainer who was quite mad that Dad had broken some rules.  I have to say that it was nice that it was not me being yelled at for a change.  I figured I had better stay quiet until these mature adults concluded their immature behavior.

Then Roger ordered Dad to lose his pants so that he could get spanked.  You can bet that I wanted to see this.  I moved down the hall so I could see into the front room without being seen myself.  Hey, if they wanted privacy, then they should have gone to Dad's bedroom so I did not feel like a peeping Tom.  I saw Dad – bare assed – bent over the chair and Roger raising his folded belt to strike him the first time.  A wide red stripe started to form as I knew happened when Dad spanked me with just his hand.  Roger then proceeded to give Dad more than a dozen hard cuts turning his butt red and surely painful from crown to crease.  I was proud that Dad did not yell but took it like a real man.  Roger then ordered him into the corner, set the timer and left.

By now I had long since lost all interest in my homework.  I quietly moved into the room and sat in the big easy chair to admire Dad's bright red glowing ass.  The timer did it thing and Dad rubbed his butt and turned.  He saw me and was surprised.

"What are you doing home so early on club day?" Dad stammered while trying to compose himself because he was embarrassed for obviously I had seen his bright red tail and now his naked front like he had seen mine after spanking me.

"Clubs were canceled for some teachers' conference, Dad.  Roger really gave it to you good.  I guess you don't get dessert tonight."  I said with a laugh. One of Dad's rules was having to miss dessert after a spanking.

"Not funny!  It is not funny, young man."  Apparently, Dad did not see the humor.

"Is that how Gramps gave it to you when you were a boy?" I asked not wanting to provoke Dad any more.

"Yes, but not as hard."

"I'm proud that you did not yell or cry like a wimp, Dad.  I could hear that they were very hard cuts."  Dad smiled at that.  "But I guess you're never to old for a spanking like you said.  And Roger is so much younger than you are."

"You better go do your homework, Ned.  I need to take a shower." "Yes, Dad.  But you better make it a cold one." I said, dashing off before he could cuff me.

Later Dad came to talk.  We went over what had happened and I convinced him that I had not been spying.  "Don't worry Dad, I won't tell Mom or Sis what happened.  This is just guy stuff."  I paused and then added: "But remember, no dessert tonight."

I'm not sure exactly why, but Dad grabbed me for a great big hug and gave me a hard swat on my tail.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 16, 2012

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