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The following story is fiction about elves and humans interacting in a fantasy universe.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and non-consensual gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Elves Help to Get on the Nice List


We all know that Santa has two lists and what they are for.  It is certainly the desire and objective of every kid to be on right list so that he is the benefactor of the legendary gift givers' generosity.  For kids who live at home, it's relatively simple to discus this issue with parents and obtain some necessary forgiveness perhaps even arranging for a cleansing spanking over the parental lap for penitence.  The issue is more difficult for boys who live in group homes such as boarding school or orphanages.

Each year, just before Beethoven's birthday a glamour of elves is reassigned to assist boys in these group living arrangements before they are required for the last minute wish rush season for toy making at Claus Industries.  Because some assignments are better than others the elves bid, based on seniority, for the assignments.

Vaalyun always got a choice assignment because he was old and thus senior to most of the others.  He chose a small, exclusive pre-prep school.  It was in Boston and the students were from nine to fourteen-years-old and all destined for the associated prep school.  There were never any significant transgressions at the establishment and the minor ones were dealt with promptly so all the boys were already on the NICE list.  Each year, however, two or at max three of the young'uns spoke to Vaalyun because they were worried about non-existent faults.  Vaalyun had learnt that telling them they were OK did not relieve their anxiety so he did not tell them that.

"OK, boy, a spanking will take care of it." he would say cheerfully, "Just let me take down your pants and get you over my lap."  The boy would smile and cooperate as he was de-pantsed and pulled over Vaalyun's lap.  Then a dozen sharp – but not very painful – spanks would do the necessary job of rendering a bun rosy.

"Thank you, Mr. Vaalyun." the cleansed boy would say and leave happy for being confident of receiving his wished for goodies.  Vaalyun suspected that several wanted to know what a spanking was like more than truly believing that they were not on the right list.© YLeeCoyote

Vaalyun had a very easy time and considered the time as an extra vacation and a chance to rest for the hard overtime work to come.

* * * * * * * * * *

Vuduin was assigned to an orphanage somewhere in the Bible Belt of the USA.  These boys were basically well-behaved but because of being yelled at constantly thought that they were very naughty.  Despair had overtaken several and they had become sneaky and would actually have to do some real repentance to get on the NICE list.

The few who came to Vuduin for help who really did not need it were easily deal with.  They each dropped their pants and got over his lap when directed.  A few spanks on each check satisfied everyone especially when followed by sincere promises to be a good boy.

It was a couple of the older, late tweens who were in true need.  Vuduin had to seek them out and offer his assistance.  Only two out of three accepted.  The twins felt that they should get it at the same time as they did everything together (including being naughty).  There was not anything in the Rules that did not permit that, so Vuduin acceded to their wish.  Reading their minds, Vuduin noted that they felt that an old fashioned whipping in the woodshed was the "proper" way so that is where they went.  Of course, the woodshed was just used for some storage currently but it would do.

Once in the shed, Vuduin directed the two miscreants to strip and then bend over some storage boxes that were there.  A bit of elfin magic assured that there would be an old (but limber) strop hanging from a nail on the wall when it was needed.  With the two bent over side-by-side, Vuduin started to swing the strop.  He alternated between each lovely target rump until he had delivered eleven honest cuts to each of them.  As Vuduin was a craftelf he took pride in that the two red rumps were nice and uniform.  He got two extreme heartfelt apologies from the pair and was able to assure them that they were now on the NICE list.

* * * * * * * * * *

Zhoron got a terrible assignment for it was to a cruelly run reformatory.  Unlike the previously described places where the boys were happy, here they were not for they were mistreated at every turn.  Most were not believers and those that were did not expect any bright shinny presents but only hoped for things not to get worse.

Zhoron felt their sadness when he realized that their wishes were as simple as a delicious candy bar that could be eaten before being grabbed by one of the bigger boys.  Even if all wanted to avail themselves of his services, Zhoron realized that there was little hope for them in such a dismal place.  Additionally, he doubted that there would even be sufficient time to spank all those who required a spanking had they requested that.  He felt that he was doomed to failure before he even began.  This gave him concern because he was still on probation working for Claus Industries and there were not many decent employers about.

A couple of ten-year-olds approached him.  They were still optimistic about the NICE list thing but were hopeful.  Marco, the first one, opted for a spanking.  Zhoron followed the glide lines as best he could.  He took Marco's pants and underpants down and got him over his lap.  When the boy was ready he began delivering a moderate to hard spanking that was called for.  Thirty times he raised his hand and brought it down hard on the little bottom.  It did not take very long before the boy was crying.  He was not happy with the spanking nor that there wasn't a guarantee of presents in the future.

The second boy decided that the possible benefits were too unlikely and declined the cleansing operation.  Although he did not say so, Zhoron thought the boy was right.  He did make a mental note to put in a request to the Special Fulfillment Department.

It was a couple of days later that Zhoron was surprised by a pack of five thirteen and fourteen-year-olds whose leader was Kent.  They had an entirely different aura about them.  Of course, at their age it would be unlikely that they were still believers.  It soon became evident that not only were they not believers but that they felt that Zhoron was some kind of pervert running about in a stupid outfit of tights and pointy bootees out to spank gullible little kids, like Marco, and worse.

Zhoron protested these foul accusations were false but the street hardened and wise kids were certain.  "We're here to teach you a lesson you'll never forget." they said as little Zhoron was grabbed and held immobile.  These boys were strong, tough street kids and Zhoron was helpless.  His loud protests accomplished one thing, however, for his silly pointed cap was shoved into his mouth to silence him.  He only learnt that they considered it silly as that's how they described it when shifting it from the top of head to his mouth.

He struggled but he was not a match for the pack.  Kicking would be counter productive with his feet in soft bootees  Of course, once he was being held his magic would not work.  His tights were soon about his ankles and he was being held bent over his own desk with his little rump out and exposed.

Zhoron was not prepared for the next indignity for they started to spank him.  Over and over hard hands connected violently with his tender bottom causing great pain.  They kept yelling: "This is for spanking Marco, Pervert."  He would have howled and yelled but his cap was in his mouth preventing that.  However, that did not prevent his crying when they switched to using belts.  Eventually, they stopped strapping him.

He thought the horrors were over but they were not.  As he sobbed he felt a pressure on his bottom and then a terrible pain as something was driven into his butt.  "This is what happens to perverts here." was what the one pressed up against him snarled.  "They get fucked good and hard."  It was then that he realized all that was going on as the powerful Kent had his way with him.

One after another they each had their wicked way with him.  It seemed like an eternity before they left him – well used and abused.  He collapsed on the floor still crying and his ass ablaze from the rough treatment the violent pack had inflected upon him.  He was so hurt that he did not have the strength to use his magic powers to heal himself so he had to try to recuperate as best as he could.  He remained in a painful heap until the next day when he could start to heal himself

It was in this disgusting state that Faelyn found him.  Faelyn was a manager with the help program.  He demanded a report from the ashamed elf.  Then before restoring him physically but leaving the painful memory he gave him a scathing lecture about how inadequate he was and how he had failed.  What is true for naughty humans is also true for naughty elves, so he was directed to go cut a switch.

Zhoron, his ears still ringing, went into the woods to obtain the necessary item.  He knew that he must select a good switch that would be most effective.  He returned and presented the switch to Faelyn.  He did not have to be told to drop his tights and get into position.  He braced himself for the onslaught.  Elves are not gentle when punishing and Zhoron had to bite his tongue not to yell and shame himself even further.  "Do better, Zhoron." ordered Faelyn as he left.  Although it was possible to stop the pain and reverse the injury from the human inflected spanking this was not possible for the elf punishment so that Zhoron suffered for a long time.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was getting to the end of the next day and Zhoron was looking forward to going home and back to the toy factory when there was a knock on his door.  Perhaps another lad wanted to clear his record.  "Come in." he yelled.

He was not happy to see his visitor.  It was Kent, the leader of the wolf pack, who growled, "I see you're still here.  I guess you want more of this." as he groped his bulging crotch.  "Get your faggot tights down and bend over the desk and you'll get your wish."

Zhoron was ready this time.  He pretended to be docile and walked around his desk.  Then he grabbed Kent and with a combination of muscle and magic had him under control in an instant.  The astonished bully did not know what was happening until it was too late.  His jeans suddenly opened and dropped and he was bent over.  He tried to get up but could not move.  His own belt was in Zhoron's hand.  The elf immediately started swinging it right on the target.  Each cut was very painful for not only was the belt swung hard but there was also some magic behind it.

The youth was quite broken by the time Zhoron stopped.  "Let that be a lesson, boy.  Although it will take many, many more spankings to get you on the NICE list.  Now, get your sorry ass out of here, boy."  Kent pulled up his pants and slunk away.  The elf was pleased with himself.  He would be able to give a better report to Faelyn and hopefully keep his position.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 9, 2016

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