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The following story is fiction about brotherly spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Embarrassment Essay


My tenth grade English teacher, Mr. Angerman, set us an assignment for the weekend: five hundred words about humiliation or embarrassment.  It was to be emailed by three pm Sunday to the homework address.  Of course, I was mainly interested in doing other things but I ground out the required five hundred words and sent it at the dot of three.  It was some crap about having my fly open when I was called the front of the room in the sixth grade and everyone laughed.  It is totally dullsville now.

I was confused by the comments I got from a couple of my classmates until I realized that I must have used the teacher/class rather than just the teacher homework addy.  They said that it was a fascinating story, truly embarrassing and I was really brave to have sent it to everyone.  It wasn't until one of my friends said: "Dude, I can't believe you wrote about your brother spanking you.  We [meaning my friends] all know but still to tell outside the locker room is something else."

I took a look at what I sent.

I was horrified!

I had sent the WRONG file.  I should have sent the one I wrote for class – embarrassment.rtf – but I sent the one I posted on – embarrassment.txt.  As my bud said, it was not a secret but there was not any need for anyone but friends to know.© YLeeCoyote

It got worse in English class.  Mr. Angerman praised my work and selected it for some discussion.  Since I had sent it to everyone, I could not argue that it was private.  I was required to read it to the class for discussion.

My Continuing Embarrassment

I'm standing here in the corner of our room with my hands on my head while my brother Vance is happily playing video games with a huge grin on his face.  Of course, he's not playing very well because he keeps looking at my hot red ass and the leather belt laying on my bed that he used to roast it.  Our folks are downstairs and our sister is in her room.  He does not care that he messing up his game because he is relishing the fact that it was he who did the roasting.  It has been more almost eighteen months now that he first did it and the novelty – for him – still has not worn off yet.

The only thing that was good about it was that it was private.  It was just the two of us in our room with the door closed.  He is adamant about not having an audience, especially our sister and her friends.  He's just as strict about keeping his friends and even mine out (although he says that is up to me).  He has discouraged Mom from repeatedly pointing out that this is men's business and she has backed off.  Our dad is the one exception because he is in charge.  He watched once and that was shortly after this started.  He commented that Vance was doing an excellent job and never watched again because it was private and there was not any reason to embarrass me further by doing so.

You are probably wondering why I am unhappy about all this.  By now you have figured out that he has been standing in for our parents and not doing this on his own.  For centuries sons have assisted their fathers with the disciplining of their younger brothers.  It is than last adjective that explains it all – younger.  You see, Vance is the younger brother and it is I who am the older one.  What makes it all the worse is it is my own fault that he gets to spank me.  Incidentally, I never have spanked him and on the rare occasions that he does get spanked he gets it privately from Father and I'm not allowed to observe.  The privacy rule works for everyone.  My brother does not get corner time because Father said he out grew it but my disciplinarian insists on it for me.

It was almost two years ago when Father was on a business trip that it started.  I was late getting home and that was compounded by my not having done some chores.  Mother was not happy with me and ordered me to fetch her hairbrush.  There wasn't any point in trying to get out of a spanking but it was normally done in private.  Mother had indicated that this was going to happen right there in the kitchen so she could keep on an eye on the dinner cooking.  Not only were my siblings going to be able to watch but my sister's friend as well.  I objected to this but Mother was adamant about not putting it off.  I said a lot more than I should have to my deep and continuing regret.

Mother, exasperated, said she would take up my suggestion and asked my kid brother if he could do the job right.  "Yes, Mother, I can properly spank the naughty boy." he said with great enthusiasm and a huge sinister grin.  Before I could object, he ordered me to follow him to our room.  Just as quickly he told Sis and her friend to stay downstairs unless they wanted to get in line to be next.

Less than two minutes later, we were in our room and he had me strip.  When I hesitated, all he asked was: "You want to go back downstairs with the hairbrush and have a big audience while Mom uses it on your bare butt?"  I did not want that, of course, so I stripped and got over his lap for the first time.  He started with his hand which, I thought, was not so bad.  After a few minutes, it became bad for he had switched to a flip-flop which really hurt.  Not as much as Father's hand but I knew for certain that I was being properly spanked.  I'm ashamed to say it but he made me cry.  Then he parked me in the corner until we were called for dinner.

At dinner I looked very repentant, squirmed in my seat and was subjected to teasing by my sister and her friend.  Mother praised him for doing a good job.  My fate was sealed although I did not know it at the time.

It was a couple of days later and Father was still away.  I brought home a nastygram from school.  I had to give it to Mother to get it signed and after she read it, she asked Vance to give me an appropriate spanking.  He was more than happy to assist Mother in this way once again.  A few minutes later, he was spanking my ass and just as effectively as the first time.  How the hell did he get so good at doing this?

After a few months, I tried a different approach to get this to stop.  I complained to Father that I was too old to be spanked like a little boy.  He told me that my brother had also mentioned that and as he concurred it was unanimous.  I called my brother to tell him and he had an immediate response – "I agree fully…"  I breathed a sigh of relief until he continued with "…from now on, you will drop your pants and bend over so I can use the belt to spank you properly."  Father said it was all settled and I was not free.  Well, at least I wasn't going over his lap anymore.

Although, as I said, Vance insists that my spankings are private affairs (for which I am very grateful) and not a public spectacle even though all our friends know that he has this awesome power to spank me.  Although only our dad has actually seen it happen, many of our friends have heard it happen.  Even though Vance is very careful to make both his and my friends wait downstairs and Sis and her friends stay in her room or downstairs, they have heard the flip-flop and belt land on my tail, my yells of pain and even my sobbing from the corner.

Both my friends and his are allowed to see me doing corner time so no one thinks that any of it is fake.  In school, I have to shower with my classmates and they also see my still red butt.  Fortunately the other guys have to show off the same way.  There is, however, a difference in the comments.  For the other guys, the comments are like: "Your Dad strapped you extra hard last night." or "Your Old Man gave it to you again."

I, on the other hand, am a source of amusement for my red tail gets "Your KID brother did a number on your little bottom." or "Did your elementary school brother make you CRY?"  Fortunately the school boy code prohibits talking outside about it.  Many are looking forward to next year when I'm a junior and Vance is a freshman with the hope that he will do it in school and they will get to see.

Although the showers are the worst bit, it is generally humiliating and embarrassing.  This arrangement is to continue at least for two and half more years when I am due to graduate from high school.  If I continue with college, it may go on longer for that is to be decided then.

I tried to be Vince's spanker a couple of times.  He said that he quite satisfied with Father doing the parental thing and there is not any reason to change.  Father agreed and reminded me that I wanted this arrangement and similarly there is not any reason to change since it so effective.  (He is certain that I behave better because Vince's spankings are worse punishment than his in my mind.)

I really hate that my kid brother spanks me instead of Father.

The End

There was some applause and a couple of questions then I asked the question: "How can I stop this horrible situation?"

The class had a good laugh at the wise crack response: "Be an angel and never give cause for a spanking."

Then came a bright reply.  "Your problem is your perception.  Lots of us get spanked and not always in private.  Your brother is not spanking you but is merely a tool of your parents to spank you.  A very sophisticated self-driven automaton.  He does not decide to spank you nor have control of you.  You should thank him for keeping it private."

Well, thanks to my careless goof that certainly is not possible anymore.

The comments I got as I went to my next class proved that theory wrong right away.  It seems that everyone thinks my kid brother spanking me makes him the brother-in-charge.

* * * * * * * * * *

I thought that was all there was to tell about this assuming that you realized that I would be tormented to death until something else became the thing to do.  Vince heard what I had told and even found my story on the Experience Project and posted this response.

I'm the younger brother with the awesome power to spank my big brother.  He's absolutely right that the novelty has not worn off even after more than eighteen months.  It is absolutely fantastic to tell him to "Drop 'em Big Brother and bend over!" while I play with the heavy leather belt that I am about use again.  Then I leisurely get into position and raise the belt high.  I bring it down hard and get rewarded when he yelps and the red stripe forms.  I repeat this until I feel that he has been properly punished which normally leaves him with a very hot red butt and teary eyes.  Sometime even tears.

At the start, I gave him spankings with him laying over my lap like a little boy and I used my hand and a flip-flop to roast his bottom.  These spanking never failed to get me hard as steel as I relished the power.  This feeling persists to this day.

I made a very wise decision not to allow him to corrupt me by going easy in return for some favors.  Not only did I refuse his offer but after I gave him the spanking he deserved as scheduled, I gave him a good dose of extras as part of the spanking.  I also made sure he knew that he had gotten extras.  It only took him that one time to learn not to do that.  I also never spanked him on my own but only when authorized by our parents.  However, I do treat him more severely when he has treated me badly.  Again, it was not something he could complain about so now I have a very considerate big brother.  It simple self-preservation for he has learnt that it a good thing to be nice to the guy that straps your ass.

I've insisted on keeping things private because (to be honest) I felt that would enhance of keeping my position as my older brother's disciplinarian.  Friends knew about it but it was kept quiet until my brother used his post here for his English class homework.  Now the world we live in knows.  That is just fine by me for my status has risen and his has crashed.  Because of that, he appealed to our parents about stopping it but since he was his own actions and not any fault of mine they have refused.  In this case being honorable was a good thing.

Did I mention I that I like roasting my older brother's butt?

So that the entire embarrassing story.  Unfortunately it is not over but continues.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 7, 2014

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