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The following story is fiction about a babysitting youth who charges dominate him.  It contains spanking, strapping, shaving, humiliation, diapering and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Emergency Babysitter


It was an emergency call that I wished I had missed only two days later but I was home and got it.  It was Mr. Conery and it was an emergency on this faithful Monday afternoon.  I had babysat Pat, his eleven-year-old son, several times before.  He was a quite well behaved lad for I had rarely used my spanking privileges.  Although in that matter he had the choice of his parents not being told and being spanked by me or they being told of the misbehavior and taking his chances.  We both liked that arrangement.

The emergency was that Mr. Conery suddenly had to go on a business trip without warning.  Patrick could not stay with a friend because his cousin Kaitlyn was visiting and could not be sent home because her parents were away.  Of course, he would pay extra both for the short notice and second kid.  I couldn't resist the extra money – and with several full days there would be a lot.  At fourteen, there was lots of stuff I wanted that would not fit into the family budget although I had permission to spend my own (i.e., truly earned outside) money for such things although some saving was encouraged.  Mr. Conery assured me that Kaitlyn was as mature as Pat and that I would have an easy time as they had planned what to do for the entire week.  I would be required to take them on those day trips.  It did not take me long to stuff my backpack with some clothes, toothbrush, etc and my laptop and rush over.  Mr. Conery left immediately in the waiting taxi after handing me an envelope with cash, membership cards needed for what the kids had planed and authorizations.  Then I met Kaitlyn.

The young lady, Kaitlyn, was eleven, like Pat, but evidently well on her way to womanhood.  There was little doubt about that for she already had boobs that stuck out under her T-shirt and a neat little butt in her tight jeans.

We went out to dinner and returned home.  After some TV, it was their bedtime and Kaitlyn insisted that Pat go first and he did not argue.  When he was finished in the bathroom, she went.  I was pleased that they did not debate the issue at all.  An hour later I went for my own shower and then to bed.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

It was in the morning that the trouble started.  It was pretty early and I was foggy when I heard a distance voice say: "It worked!" but it was a while before I was awake.  Both of them were there and the covers were pulled back.  My laptop was on the desk and running although I distinctly recalled shutting it down as I always did.  "Do you wet your bed every night?" she asked sarcastically.  "Maybe you should wear a di-di?" she continued.

A quick check showed that the bed was wet as were my briefs.  That meant that they were transparent.  I quickly pulled the covers back but not before they snapped a picture.

"You don't have anything to hide, Mr. Bedwetter, as we already saw."  She was grinning broadly. "Well, nothing in your briefs to hide, although that's not so true of your picture folders.  Oh, and we added a few like this one to your files."  They showed me the picture they just took and scrolled back to show me wetting in several steps.  It was obvious in the pictures what my cock was like.  Also, it was clear that they had gotten into my PC so I regretted not putting on proper password protection.

I was confused.  I had not wet the bed since I was five and yet these two kids had just captured me in the shameful act.  (It was years later that Pat told me they had stuck my hand into warm water and that made me pee.)  I knew something was wrong and this was going to be trouble.

"You better strip the bed and get the stuff into the washer, Mr. Bedwetter." said Kaitlyn in a very commanding voice.  Pat seconded the idea and I actually agreed with it.  Since there wasn't anything to hide, I got up and gathered the sheets and bed pad.  I was glad that there was a mattress protector there so this would not have to be reported.  I put the stuff in the washer and started it.  I was heading for the bathroom to shower, when Kaitlyn spoke up.  "Better put your smelly, wet briefs in also, Mr. Bedwetter."  I demurred explaining that I would be naked.  "You have a lot less to see than Pat does and I've seen his thing many times."  Pat was smiling broadly at that.  Then, without warning they both grabbed my briefs and yanked them down fully exposing me.  I was, to say the least, very embarrassed.  I had only recently started puberty so that my penis was still boyish and I only had a small bush.  I certainly did not want to my charges, especially the girl, to see me like this.  "See, Pat, your cock is much bigger and you got a bigger bush than Mr. Bedwetter who's fourteen."

I tried to regain some control by showing that I really did not care.  "I'm going to shower." I said and dashed off.  They laughed.  I tried to figure out what was going on as I showered but did not get anywhere.  They barged in as I was dressing and told me to hurry.  It did not seem worthwhile to complain about that for they had both seen me naked already.

At breakfast, Kaitlyn immediately showed that she was a bossy, know-it-all.  "We're late.  We should have left an hour ago.  I've got the membership card and cash for the day that Uncle left us.  Let's go."  Before I could even reach for it, she stuffed it into her pocket and headed for the door.  I followed right behind Pat, realizing that she would be a lot of trouble.

"We can all use the same MetroCard." she announced at the subway entrance and quickly brought one, swiped us each in and pocket the card.  We were on the way.  "I love the zoo." she explained as we waited for a train.  The zoo was actually fun.  They knew what they wanted and I did not have any problem letting them lead.  Actually, Kaitlyn was doing the leading for Pat seem to do whatever she said.  I did not have anything to complain about since they behaved like young adults.  When we were leaving, she got us by the rest rooms and said that I should go pee-pee because the trip home was an hour on the subway.  I said that I didn't have to go, and was rudely reminded that I had wet the bed the night before and had two big sodas this afternoon.  "I guess you better take him in, Pat."  He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the entrance.  I pulled away and said I would go.  "You better go also, Pat." she chimed.

I guess that I was lucky that there wasn't a family type facility for then she probably would have dragged me into it.  Pat and I ended up at adjacent urinals.  Pat had no hesitation and pulled out his hose immediately as I fumbled for mine.  "Need help finding it, Mr. Bedwetter?" he asked sarcastically.  I growled at him and got it out and started to drain.  Then I realized two things.  First, Pat's dick was bigger then mine and, second, that Kaitlyn was right about going before we left.  She was not there when we got out and I was worried but a couple of minutes later she came out from the Ladies' Room.  The trip back and dinner were uneventful.

It was when we got back to the house that my world disintegrated completely.  Kaitlyn announced that we were going to be a Little Family until her uncle returned.  Pat was going to be the father, she the mother and I the little boy.  My protests were useless against the blackmail of reporting that I was naughty and refused proper punishment.  "That's the same sort of rule I have." said Pat.  They had the pictures of me wetting the bed and the stuff in my computer to prove things.  They also pointed out that if I was exposed that I wouldn't get paid.  (I wasn't sure of that, but it was possible.)  I realized that they could be monsters for the rest of the time also.  They promised they would be reasonable but that was far from certain.  In less than an hour, I caved and surrendered.  They were in charge and I was their little boy already judged to have been naughty.

The first order of business was to spank me for those naughty pictures I had collected which were most inappropriate, especially for a little boy.  They sat close, facing each other so that their knees and thighs formed a broad lap.  I was required to strip and then get over that double lap.  They each held a wrist to keep me in position since I couldn't slip off the double lap.  They both spanked me hard alternating spanks.  They used flip-flops quite hard.  Each spank resonated and soon I was in agony and crying much to their delight as the pain gradually built up.  Once that happened, I had to respect them more for breaking me.  I felt quite defeated very quickly.  I was sent to get the now dried sheets, and to remake my bed.

I then discovered that they had another horror for me.  The reason that the mattress had a protective cover was that Pat had a cousin who wet the bed.  That meant that they also stocked diapers for a teen boy – diapers that were big enough for me.  I did not like the idea at all, but they insisted.  The suggestion of another spanking this time with a hairbrush convinced me to get diapered.  They fetched a diaper and a batch of other stuff they needed.  Then they made things even worse.  "We have to shave your pubes because they can't be kept clean with the powder, cream and urine."

I pleaded with them and promised to that I would wash very thoroughly and even begged them not to shave me but it did not help.  I was lathered up and shaved as smooth as a baby.  They insisted that I liked it because I got hard.  Well, I get hard at everything but that did not matter.  They even measured me and argued about my size.  Was it closer to three and half inches or to four?  Pat boasted that he was almost four and half inches. Then Kaitlyn applied the cream and the power and taped the diaper closed.  I was tucked in for the night.

I was most unhappy – two eleven year olds had gotten the better of me – a young man of fourteen – and turned me into a hairless, diapered little boy with a well-spanked bottom.  I was not looking forward to the rest of the week.  I cried myself to sleep.

* * * * * * * * * *

They woke me up in the morning and were delighted that the diaper was wet.  "It a good thing you were wearing a diaper, Mr. Bedwetter.  That means that you won't have wash the sheets again."  Again I was puzzled at why I had lost control two night in a row after almost a decade of being dry.  They were anxious to get going and so I did not have time to think about it.  While I was showering, they found reasons to come into the bathroom and see me.  Actually, by now I was sort of use to it for they had each closely examined me when they shaved and diapered me last night.  I literally did not have anything left that they had not already seen.

At the beach, I got to see Pat's tackle as we changed.  Of course, I couldn't measure him – that would have been improper – and beside he was not hard although he did have a bush that was much bigger than mine, er, than mine had been a day before.  Pat was much faster than I was so he encouraged me to change faster.  "Don't worry that your pee-pee is small and you don't have hair yet, Neddy.  You will grow as you mature and nobody cares."  There were a few other lads nearby and they laughed.  "Not all guys get pubes before they are fifteen." he added increasing my embarrassment  The others snickered and I turned red.  I quickly pulled on my suit, tossed my clothes into the locker, locked it and then rushed out.  Pat followed but he was smirking and when we met up with Kaitlyn, told her how I turned red in the locker room.

The day was actually fun – swimming and playing on the beach even though the lifeguard yelled at me twice – until we went back into the locker room and I had to shower.  It seemed like all the boys of twelve had pubes and I didn't.  Being that I was taller than most, it was evident as the locker room was for fifteens and under.  Since I was slow once again, Pat was able to act like he was in charge: "Hurry up, Neddy.  Kaitlyn will be waiting for us."

When we got home after dinner, I was told to shower and wait in my room in the corner (naked, of course) until they come to discuss my conduct for the day.  I started to argue but was quickly reminded that would lead to extra punishment for being insolent to them.  I was actually getting use to this sort of stuff and I tried to think about the stuff I could buy with the money I was earning.  The one positive was that they were very well behaved and I did not have any problems with them all day.  I must have been in the corner for about a half hour when they came to deal with the naughty little boy as they had promised.

I was surprised that I did not feel strange being naked while they were clothed since they had seen me so much.  They, but particularly Kaitlyn, made me feel like a naughty little boy as they discussed my misconduct during the day.  I was at fault for inappropriate behavior in the locker room (looking too much at other boys' crotches), on the beach (shown by being yelled at by the lifeguards) and not finishing my veggies at dinner (Kaitlyn did not go to fast food places).  It did come as a surprise that I was going to get my bottom roasted again.  I would get ten cuts with my belt, ten whacks with the bath brush and finally a second set with the belt while bent over the bed.

To prevent the "naughty little boy from jumping up", they tied my wrists to the bedframe.  This, was very effective since with my arms spread apart I could not roll over to try to get up.  Pat started with the belt.  It hurt a lot even starting with the first cut and I made noise although only the three of us could hear.  I quickly lost count and just lay there bawling as they punished me.  After that was over, I could feel them caressing my hot butt even sticking their fingers into my hole.  That did not seem right but I was crying too much to object coherently.  I saw stars when Kaitlyn started in with the bath brush.  It was like a paddle hitting me and, especially since I was already sensitive, completely lost touch with any other reality but the fire she was pounding into my tail.  I was bawling like a little boy.

I could feel the hands on my bottom again as I cried.  I couldn't fully understand what was said but they seem to say some about "no more strapping" and I agreed.  They continued to finger my butt and hole and I soon I was calming down somewhat.  This was certainly far better that being spanked.  Actually, this felt pretty good especially considering the alternative of the strap again.  It felt different suddenly and Kaitlyn asked: "Is it in, Pat?"

"YES!" he replied and I then felt him lying on me.  The fingering resumed and then I realized it wasn't fingers but Pat's cock in me.  I was being fucked!  He grabbed me under my shoulders and with my wrists tied I could not fight him off.  Worse, I got fully hard myself and was enjoying it physically.  It was as good as jerking off and I know that I came.  Then I heard Pat come and Kaitlyn congratulating him on not being a virgin any more.  My self esteem was pulverized and scatted in the breeze.  What they did not know was that I was still a virgin and he had taken my cherry.  Later, when I was untied, I complained that I had not consented and they insisted that I had.  "We asked if you wanted to be fucked rather than strapped again and you agreed." said Pat.  "I really enjoyed doing it, Neddy."

"It was fascinating watching how a boy gets fucked." add Kaitlyn.  They then tucked me in and said good night.  Mercifully, I slipped into an exhausted sleep.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was glad to wake up dry on Thursday morning.  Pat and Kaitlyn were, as always, anxious to get going and I certainly did not want to discuss the previous evening.  The schedule today was the Natural History museum and we were there when they opened.  Like for the zoo, the membership card was actually in Pat's name so we made a quick entrance.  Of course, we did the dinosaurs, the space show, biodiversity  and human origins.  The latter two because of their great interest in their own development.  They wanted to be photographed next to the model of Lucy and her man and they were already bigger.  As on the previous days, they were most well behaved and I was careful not to give them any reason (excuses, justification) to spank me when we got home.  When Kaitlyn said I should pee-pee before we left, I agreed that it was a good idea and thanked her for reminding me.

When we got off the subway, Pat had a message on phone that his dad was on the way home and would arrive by midnight.  I was welcome to stay or he would take me home.  We had dinner and I carefully ate all my veggies and was rewarded immediately with dessert (and freedom from a spanking later).

Before Mr. Conery returned, they wanted to fuck me again but I declined.  When they showed me the pictures of the previous night, I agreed to blow Pat.  Kaitlyn just wanted to watch and remained dressed although Pat and I stripped.  Pat sat on his bed and I had to kneel and go down on him.  It was a strange feeling obeying my two charges but I was cornered.  In retrospect, I found that exciting.  Pat got hard immediately and I did not do a very good job as this was my first time.  Nevertheless, he quickly climaxed and filled my mouth with his sweet cum.  I was hard and jerked off like Kaitlyn ordered.  We cleaned up and dressed before Mr. Conery returned.

Even though it wasn't very far, he drove me home.  It felt very good to have all that money in my pocket and to be away from those bossy kids.  I did report that they were well behaved.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a couple of weeks later that Mr. Conery called to ask me to babysit Patrick again.  He said that the kids had reported that I did a very good job and were glad that I had been their babysitter.  I took the job and a couple of days later showed up at five to watch Pat for the evening.  We ordered in and then Pat got very serious.  He questioned me carefully and I confessed to skipping a couple of chores and getting in after my curfew once.

"Well, young man, you have acted irresponsibly and need to get spanked for it."  I argued but he reminded me of the pictures he had of the past times and I gave in.  He sat on the bed and after I stripped I got over his lap.  He used the flip-flop again which quickly reduced me to a helpless, sorry, bawling little boy.  He began to probe my butt hole and I knew what he was planning but I was not in any state to object.  He moved me about so I was just lying prone on his bed and mounted me.  Somehow this felt proper that he was in charge.  I don't know why but it did.  I guess that he was a leader while I was a follower and the age difference did not matter.

When he had finished fucking me, he turned me over and shaved me again.  In the almost three weeks, there had been some noticeable regrowth which I was glad of.  "Naughty little boys like you should not have any hair down here."  I knew that I would miss my pubes again but he had the right to decide that I was not entitled to have them.

Afterwards we sat and talked.  Pat told me that he would be twelve next month and then the law would not require him to have a babysitter any longer and that his father had agreed.  I immediately thought that I would be free of him and perhaps find someone my own age to be with.  My thoughts were immediately replaced for he said.  "I have decided that you need more careful watching to make sure that you behave properly.  Your 'rents let you get away with far too much.  We shall get together every week for a review and spanking as required, Neddy."

"Yes, sir." I responded.  I was "Neddy" – a little boy – and not "Edmund" or even "Ned".  He was a young man and had taken charge of me.

Back home, I looked at myself in the mirror as I prepared to shower.  I looked like a ten-year-old boy with a hairless crotch and a little wiener and thought about how Pat was looking like a man.  I did not understand why but I was certain it was the right thing.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 8, 2010

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