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This is a short play about the parental-like public spanking of a teenage boy.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Encounter on the Boardwalk


Mature gentleman [MG] – retired headmaster of a very traditional private school.
Tom – a lad of about 14 in Speedo's, baseball cap and in-line skates.
Dick – Tom's kid brother, about 11; dressed in similar fashion.
Crowd – mixture of people of all ages on the boardwalk.
Voices from crowd – Adult #1, Adult #2, Child #1, Child #2

The center of the Coney Island boardwalk where, due to construction the walkway is narrowed to just 30 feet.  More precisely between the public facilities and the ramp to the subway a hundred feet away.  A summer morning about 9:30; the place begins to get busy by 10.

ACTION:  The MG is out for a walk.  The two boys are approaching him when Tom suddenly grabs Dick and swings him.  Dick crashes into the railing and Tom into MG.

Dick, angrily:  DAMN YOU, TOM.  You promised Dad you wouldn't do that any more.  You should be spanked – again.

Tom, laughing:  Are you going to be a tattle-tail?  Or are you going to do it?© YLeeCoyote

ACTION:  By now all principals are standing up again.

Tom: Sorry, Mister; my kid brother can't skate.

MG, feigning needing help:  Help me over to that bench, please lad.

ACTION:  MG leans on Tom getting to the bench where he sits down.

Tom:  Sure, Mister.

MG, now sitting:  I've been watching you two and he can skate – better than you do, Tom.  And to answer your last question: I AM GOING TO SPANK YOU!

ACTION:  MG grabs the shocked Tom and pulls him over his lap.  He holds him in place with a hammer lock.

Tom, surprised:  Hey!  Let me go.  You have no right.

MG:  Quiet Tom.  How many did he get last time, Dick?

Dick, smiling:  Twenty, Sir.

Dick, grinning:  …  On his BARE BUTT!

MG:  That's the way it should be.  Take your brother's Speedo's down, please.

Tom:  No.  Please don't, Dick, please.

ACTION:  Laughing, Dick pulls down Tom's Speedo's to his ankles, exposing a lovely pair of young buns.  Tom quiets down as he realizes that he is trapped.  Even if he got up, he would be exposed and hobbled.

MG:  In that case, I think twenty-five is right.  You keep count, Tom.

ACTION:  MG starts to spank Tom and with each spank the crowd of happy watches grows.


Child #1:  He's getting it on the BARE ASS!

Tom:  Seven  SMACK Eight  SMACK

Adult #1:  That is what going to happen to you too, young man, if you don't behave; understand.

Tom:  SMACK Nine  SMACK Ten  SMACK Eleven  SMACK Twelve SMACK Thirteen  SMACK

ACTION:  MG hits real hard so that Tom is having trouble counting because he is starting to cry.

Tom:  SMACK Fourteen  SMACK Fifteen sob: SMACK Sixteen

Adult #2:  And that goes for you too, young lady!

Tom:  SMACK  SMACK Seventeen  SMACK Eighteen  SMACK Nineteen

Child #2:  I bet he's hard now.

Tom:  SMACK sob:  SMACK Twenty

Child #1:  I bet he is too.

ACTION: Dick turns to Child #1, gives a knowing smile and nods.

Tom:  SMACK Twenty-one  sob: SMACK Twenty-two SMACK SMACK sob: twenty-three  SMACK sob: Twenty-four

ACTION:  Dick is imitating a Cheshire Cat; Tom is sobbing and his butt is imitating two stop lights.

MG:  You give him the last one, Dick.

Dick, happily:  YES, SIR.

Tom between sob:  Don't you dare!

MG:  Quiet boy or we will start all over.

ACTION:  Dick steps up to plate (so to speak) measures the distance by placing his hand on his brother's hot behind and gives his big, crying brother a slap with all his might on the bright red buns. SMACK!


MG:  He did not count; do it again.

ACTION:  Dick repeats the above on the other check .

Tom:  SMACK Twenty-five.

ACTION:  MG stands Tom up and propels him to the wall on the other side of the boardwalk.  As the crowd parts to let them past, Tom realized that he is exposed.  Embarrassed, he blushes so that all four of his cheeks are bright red.  MG places him facing the wall with his Speedo's still at his ankles, fully exposing his bright red butt.

MG:  Put your hands on your head, boy.  You will stand here for an hour so that you will remember how to behave.

Tom, still stunned and sobbing, mummers:  Yes, Sir.

ACTION:  Crowd applauds.

Dick:  Thanks Mister.  My brother is a real pain in the ass at times.

ACTION:  MG returns to sit on bench and watch both the glowing butt and the passing people enjoying it.

Stage dark to mark end of scene.

Half hour after the end of scene 1.

ACTION:  Dick skates by his brother ands pats his still red ass.  He then goes over to the MG.

Tom:  Hey.

Dick:  Sir, May my brother go now?

MG:  The hour isn't up yet.

Dick:  I know, Sir, but we are due home soon and we'll BOTH catch it if he's late.  He's suppose to watch me and I'm not to run away from him.

MG:  OK.  But tell him that he is on probation and if he gets into trouble again, he'll have to do the remaining 30 minutes.

Dick:  Sure.  Thanks, Mister.

ACTION:  Dick skates to his brother.

Dick:  Cover your cock and ass and let's go home; I just bailed you out.

ACTION:  Tom pulls up his Speedo's and the boys skate away.

Stage dark to mark end of scene and play.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., July 18, 1997

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