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Encounter Trap


I saw him almost every day on the subway.  I guessed that he was a student from the nearby high school and he took the same train that I did.  He was usually with older schoolmates so I guessed that he was academically advanced for his age.  His mates looked like seventeen and so I guessed he was a couple of years younger.  It is obvious that I found him attractive because I kept noticing him.  I don't think that I gave him any reason to notice me mor especially my noticing him.

The first time he spoke to me was when we were jammed together in an over crowded subway car in the evening rush hour.  He had left his mates and forced his way on right behind me.  As the door closed, he pressed hard against my back pressing me into the mass of people which hardly yielded at all.  "Sorry, Sir.  It's very crowded today." he said to state the obvious in his confident deep baritone voice.  He was already at least ​an inch​ (​2.5 cm​) taller than my almost ​five foot eight inches​ (​173 cm​) height so that his crotch was pressed against my butt.  There was not anything I could do to change that.

"It's OK.  It happens all the time." I said back over my shoulder.  I saw that he was smiling.  By then train was creeping between two express stations so there was lots of time for his cock to get hard like those of teen boys normally do ever so spontaneously.  Perhaps I should have turned but that was not really practical so I just had pleasant thoughts.  Some of the most delightful thoughts of taking the young gentleman over my lap after dropping his pants and spanking his bare butt for some imagined misconduct filled my head.  Thoughts of also driving my hard cock deep into his hot red butt.  Of course, that was not going to happen for he was half my age and surely had a stable of nubile young things ready to please him anyway he desired.  I was sure it all would be over at the next station when the crowd was reshuffled.

I was wrong.  Very wrong!

We were both forced to get off and when I got back on I was now facing the front with my shoulder to the door.  As the door closed, once again a body was pressed in by the door.  Yes, the very same lad.  Now he was with his mouth to my ear and with his crotch pressed to my hip.  "You found that very exciting didn't you?" he whispered.  I denied it.  "Don't lie – I could see that your heart rate went up and more."© YLeeCoyote

I wanted to deny it again, but he knew it had affected me.  "No.  It was just being crushed." I claimed looking for an excuse.

"Nonsense!  You even had a hard on which I saw on the platform.  Bet you still do." he said.  "Should I check?"

"No!" I snapped.

"But I will and you will be quiet or you'll be explaining to the vice squad why you're hard with a high school boy."

He was right on all counts.  I wouldn't dare to complain and he quickly confirmed I was erect.

"You're a very naughty boy.  You should be spanked good and hard." he said very authoritatively and absolutely seriously.


"Yes way.  You'll have been checking me out for months." he said calmly.  "Today you'll find out what I am."  I did not know what to say.  "Just be quiet and we'll go to your place and have some fun my naughty little boy."

"No." I said meekly and ineffectually.

"It's just two more stops.  You'll have to be patient, boy."

He was right about that.  How did he know?  And that I lived alone.

At my stop he grabbed my wrist and pulled me.  "Come along, time to get home, boy."  He actually lead the way proving that he had checked me out.  I wondered why was he calling me 'boy'?  It was just five minutes later that I unlocked the door and we went into my apartment.  There was not any doubt that I was excited.  And scared.

"Relax.  I'm not going to hurt you.  Really.  Now go wash up and pee."  I did and when I finished he was drinking some milk that he had helped himself to.

"Stand still, my naughty little boy." he commanded and started to undress me.  "You have behaved badly – perving on kids.  For that you have earned a good hard spanking."  By now I was almost naked, having lost my shirt and my pants down about my ankles.  "Shoes off and then the pants."

Now I was naked in my own pad with a dressed fifteen-year-old youth giving the orders.  I was more excited than I could ever remember.  He was obviously an alpha for he was calling all the shots and I couldn't help myself but to follow his commands.

He sat on the bed and pulled me over his lap.  He put a leg over mine and held one of my wrists high up my back so I was immobile.  Then came the first spank.  It was hard and stung.  "You must not perve on kids, boy."  Then he got going spanking me in earnest for he delivered hard spank after hard spank.

"Stop.  Please stop." I yelled but, of course, he continued to spank.  Over and over he smashed his hand down on my butt and then I lost it.  I couldn't take any more and started to cry.  But he did not stop but continued spanking.  I was bawling like a baby when he finally stopped.

He got out from under me and pulled me onto my bed where I continued to cry.  The next thing I knew was he was getting on top of me.  His hand was rubbing my butt hole and then his finger slipped in.  "No. No." I cried but it was pointless for obviously he would continue to have his way with me.

"You're almost ready, my naughty little boy." he said as he continued to work his fingers into my hole.  Then he stopped.  I knew what must be next and that it did not matter what I wanted but only what he, the alpha male, wanted of his red assed boy.

Then it happened and he was laying on top of me and driving his hard man shaft deep into me.  In just a couple of minutes he climaxed but continued to fuck me good and hard.  I came and then he did a second time after which he withdrew and went to the bathroom.

When he returned I watched him dress still not comprehending exactly what had happened.  "See you around and be good boy." he said and left.

I was in a daze.  I was having trouble wrapping my head around what had happened although I picked up the condom wrapper from the floor and put it into the trash.

Hours later my butt still was red and hurt.  I was certain that it had been the best fucking I had ever gotten.  I kept thinking about him all night.  As I made my way to work the next morning I realized that I did not know his name but I wanted more.  I needed more!

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L. July 29, 2015

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