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The following story is fiction about man and a youth.  The story contains scenes of strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is Part 3 of the story and it is best to start with Part 1.

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Encounter Trap 3


Again I was left in the dark.  Mr. Alpha had gotten me home spanked and fucked me a second time.  I was grateful that he used a condom but I was confused about everything else.  Twice he spanked me as punishment for noticing him yet at the same time making me feel good with sex and craving more.  Of course, I wondered what he had made me order and when the box arrived it was totally discrete giving not even the tiniest of hints as to its contents or the shipper.  Even more than before my fantasies were all about Mr. Alpha.  I wanted his cock in me even if the price was to get my tail painfully roasted.

To put it simply, I was totally hooked on him.

Of course, I watched for him every day after work waiting on the subway platform.  Occasionally, I would let a train pass hoping that I would be rewarded with a sight of him a bit later.  Of course, I knew that he would decide when I would see and serve him again.  Although I kept looking for him, other eye candy became of less interest.

Then, happily, came the day.  I got off my train and Mr. Alpha was waiting for me.  "You're late, boy.  You skipped two trains.  You are still being very naughty." he said sharply.  He knew what I had done.  "Come along, boy.  You're due for another spanking."  I hung my head and followed him to my pad like an obedient puppy who just been yelled at by his master but nevertheless happy he was paying attention to me.

Once we were inside, he immediately ordered me to strip and to get the box with the thing he had ordered.  "Good boy, you have not opened it." he said with a smile.  "But you have not stopped perving for which you shall be punished."© YLeeCoyote

"Yes, Sir." I said knowing it would happen no matter what.

He took out what proved to be a small barbers' clipper from his bag and told me to stand with my hands on my head.  "You don't act like a man, so you should not have hair like a man." and with that immediately plowed into my pubes.  Practically before I knew what he was doing, my pubic hairs were mostly reduced to stubble.  Then he smeared some stinky cream on my crotch without another word.

Mr. Alpha stripped and I immediately focused on his tasty lollipop and was practically on my knees before he commanded me to suck him.  I happily obeyed and was soon rewarded with his delicious man cream filling my mouth and sliding down my gullet.  He got a card and paddle out of his bag.  He handed me the card and ordered me to assume the position holding my ankles.  "Say what's on the card after each pop, boy."

Then he swung.  He swung hard.  I saw stars and yelled.  I did not remember to say my line until he prompted me.  "I promise to stop perving." I said.

"Say it with more feeling, boy."  And before I could respond he swung that hard paddle.


"I promise to stop perving."

Mr. Alpha gave me eight hard whacks with the paddle and I repeated my line each time although it was increasingly difficult as he quickly reduced me to a pitiful sobbing mess.  He dragged me into the bathroom and made me wash my crotch to remove all the cream.  I was left totally smooth and with a hard on.  I wanted to get relief but of course Mr. Alpha did not permit that and lead me back to the main room.

Mr. Alpha opened the box and fussed with whatever was in the box without my seeing what he was doing.  I felt totally vulnerable when he had me stand with my hands behind my head.  An unexpected rap with a couple of his fingers on my anxious rock hard shaft caused me to wilt instantly from the shock and pain.  He put some stuff around my junk and then there was the loud snap of strong metal parts driven by a powerful spring engaging.  When I was allowed to look, I saw that he had locked on a chastity device on me.  "That will protect the little ones from your perving since you cannot do anything with them now, boy."

Mr. Alpha handed me a condom and ordered me to put it on him.  Since he was super hard and rampant, it was easy.  Then just like the previous time, he ordered me over the end of the couch and mounted me.  His hard vigorous fucking certainly felt good but I did not climax.

As always, he dressed and left after telling me that he would see me regularly and hoped that I would get over my perving ways.  I discovered that I had messed the couch once again for I had unloaded even without cumming.

Within a few days I was super horny for I could not jerk off nor even get properly hard and even that was painful.  Nevertheless, Mr. Alpha remained the center of all my fantasies.  A probing digit helped to relieve the pressure so I got a dildo.  That was far more helpful as I could more effectively stimulate myself inside.  When I imagined that it was Mr. Alpha doing it, it was most effective.

The Mr. Alpha I was imagining when I used the dildo scoffed that my tail was NOT red and throbbing in pain and I was perving again trying to pleasure myself.  Strangely, I knew what I had to do.  I got my hairbrush – the big wooden one with the bristle part as large as my hand.  I got on my bed on all fours naked except, of course, for the locked on thing and used the hairbrush like a paddle on my bottom.  I gave myself ten whacks on each side.  I could not hit as hard as Mr. Alpha could and did because the position was awkward but I did my best.  Then I used the dildo and it was much more effective.  It now actually relieved me (well, some) and I got my juices out.

Oh, how I missed Mr. Alpha.  I thought and dreamed about him frequently, er, constantly. That terrible thing he had locked on me was a most potent reminder of how he was controlling me yet I wanted to please him in every way he required.  I kept wishing he would appear once again soon to again have his way with me.

End of Part 3.  Go to Part 4

© Copyright A.I.L. August 9, 2015

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