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The following story is fiction about man and a youth.  The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is Part 4 of the story and it is best to start with Part 1.

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Encounter Trap 4


As you can imagine, I was horny and very anxious for Mr. Alpha to come for me again.  Every day after work, I scanned the platform hoping to at least catch a glimpse of him and maybe take me home again.  But days passed and nothing happened.  I was forced to use my toys and to fantasize to try to relieve my yearnings.  Note the operative word there is try.

Then, late Friday evening an email from him popped up on my computer.  Of course, I did not recognize the sender but my mail agent did.  Apparently when he ordered the Thing, he also put "Master" in my white-list.  The message was very brief.  I was to wait for him in the park on a specified bench during a four-hour window the next afternoon.

It was very exciting but also very painful because that caused me to try to get hard which was impossible with the Thing locked about my junk.  The best that I could do was to use the hairbrush to spank myself hard and the dildo to massage my prostate to get some poor relief.  I guess it goes without saying that I did what Mr. Alpha ordered even getting there early to be assured of getting a place on the bench he had specified.  I didn't dare to be late and I steeled myself for a long wait.

I was pleasantly surprised that I had entertainment for my wait.  There was a pack of high school boys playing soccer.  It was probably a pickup game since it was shirts vs. skins.  I must confess that I paid little attention to the scoring and a lot of attention to the beautiful bodies on display.  If it had not been for the Thing that Mr. Alpha had locked on me, I would have had greatly tented pants.  I few weeks ago, I would have been thinking of having my way with several of them after spanking them for losing.  Now I just thought of Mr. Alpha and hoped he would show up early although I feared he would be late perhaps just to test my obedience.

Then almost as if a classroom bell as sounded, they stopped playing.  They each collected their stuff scattered about and left.  All save one who plopped down on the same bench as I was waiting.  I could not help myself but to carefully study this fine specimen of young manhood.  And there was a lot of skin to admire since he was clad only in tight short shorts and sneakers.  He seemed to shimmer and glow from the coating of sweat that covered him especially as he was without a shirt.© YLeeCoyote

A month ago I would certainly have been wishing to have an excuse to take this young Adonis over my lap for a sound spanking and then to comfort him with a lot of TLC as I had my perverted way with him.  I gripped the bench tightly with my hands trying my best not to think at all of that but of Mr. Alpha who would soon appear and take me home where he would spank me good and hard for perving and then have his way with me.  My good resolve was soon to be tested for the young gentleman spoke to me.

"Enjoy watching us play?"

"I guess.  It helped pass the time while I'm waiting for someone." I replied a bit surprised.

"You were watching a lot more intently than that.  Bet you were wishing we had been naked and you were hard also." he said confidently.

"Well, a little…" I confessed, "… but not hard."  (Certainly not with my junk constrained by the Thing locked on by Mr. Alpha.)  "Youth is beautiful, of course, so easy on the eyes."  Truth be told, he was super attractive for he caused my heart to speed up just being close.  It would not be until much later that I would realize why he had such a great effect upon me.

"You like my hard, six pack abs?" he continued.

I wanted to change the subject but he was very unrelenting.  "They are very nice." I said trying to be noncommittal although they were fantastic complete with a treasure trail.  He made it very difficult for me because he rubbed his hand over them and down onto his crotch drawing my attention to his bulge.  He just radiated his masculinity.

"It's not all that's hard." he said with a grin or was it a smirk.

"This is getting very inappropriate, young man." I said hoping to stop it.

"I think your friend would disagree."  I certainly was very puzzled and it must have shown for he took out his cell phone and showed me a picture.  It was Mr. Alpha and he in a selfie.  "We could ask him.  Should I call?"

"I'm sure he would not approve based on what he told me in the past that I shouldn't even look at kids."  The words were barely out of my mouth when I realized that I said too much.  Mr. Beta (to give him a name) also realized it and pounced.

"That's true but I'm not a little kid.  Our mutual friend could not make it and asked me to fill-in for him and check up on you, boy."  He said very calmly.  "It is time to go home and have your, er, checkup, boy."  I was trying to say no but then he said: "Guess who gave me this key, boy?"

I gasped.  "Mr. Alpha did." again saying too much.

Mr. Beta picked up on it immediately.  "Yes, my buddy Mr. Alpha gave it to me so I could check your little pee-pee etcetera, boy, because it is securely locked up so it can not do any harm."

I winced at that.  Mr. Beta apparently knew a lot if not every thing that had happened.  "It does not seem right to go with you, Sir." I said still wanting to avoid taking him home even though he was very attractive.  Not only did it not seem right to get involved with a second youth but Mr. Alpha was probably just testing me.

But I was wrong.  Mr. Beta made a phone call and handed me his phone.  "Mr. Alpha has instructions for you, boy."  I recognized the voice so I didn't need a video confirmation.  The order was simple.  "Obey my buddy, boy."  Now I no longer had a choice.  Two minutes later we were on the way with me lugging Mr. Beta's bag.

Once home, Mr. Beta ordered me to strip and then stand with my hands behind my head for inspection.  He asked if the Thing had caused any problems and looked it over carefully.  Except for doing its job, there wasn't anything to report.  He removed it and then smeared that terrible cream on me to assure that I remained hairless like a baby.

When Mr. Beta returned from washing up, he brought a towel.  After removing his sneakers, he placed the towel over his lap and had me lie on it.  "Have you been a good boy this past week?" he asked.  "Been perving any?"

"I've been good, Sir.  I haven't been watching the little ones at all.  Honest!" I answered like a proper little boy to man of authority.

"In that case, you just get a maintenance spanking today, boy."  With that I felt his hand crash land on my bare bottom.  He spanked hard and I cried out.  He rubbed my aching bottom for a bit while telling me that just the warm up.  I quickly learnt that the main course was being spanked with his sneaker.  That hurt a whole lot more and I was soon crying like a well-spanked little boy should.  Any lingering doubts about who was in charge were certainly gone now.

He stripped as I cried and then I got to see his beautiful body.  It would have been shocking had he not been rampant and he quickly ordered me to give him relief.  I did not waste a second and dropped to my knees and took him into my mouth.  He was delicious.  He held my head still several times before he allowed himself to explode sending large bursts of man cream into my stomach.

Mr. Beta then took me to the bathroom and had me wash and dry the Thing and then wash off the cream off my groin again leaving me baby smooth.  I did not dare to ask that he not put it back on me although I wished he would not.  Of course, he reinstalled it without even letting me jerk off.

"Breeding time, boy." he said and had me lie on my bed supine holding my legs up.  He slipped on a condom and considerately worked his lubricated fingers deep into my hole.  I'm glad that he did because he was thicker than Mr. Alpha.  As we faced each other he looked deep into my eyes with his hypnotic ones.  He was a very experience fucker and quickly had me in ecstasy.  "You are MINE, boy – FOREVER!"  He said as he climaxed really explosively.  I made a mess on my stomach when I unloaded in response although without the joy of a orgasm.

I just lay there as Mr. Beta cleaned up, dressed and left.  It was only then that I realized how excited and anxious I was when we were close.  He had been covered in sweat full of pheromones from his hard playing before and from dominating me.  Naturally I reacted to them even when we first met into park.

I did not have a clue what the future would bring.  Would it be Mr. Alpha or Mr. Beta who would return to make sure I remained a good boy?  Not only a good boy, but HIS boy.  There was something in me that said Mr. Beta was right about making me his.  I would have to wait to find out.  Meanwhile, I would have rely on my toys, fantasies and memories.  Oh, and the quickly disappearing scent of him he left on me and my bed.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 13, 2015

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