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The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of involuntary castrations and strappings and sex.  If such subjects are offensive or uninteresting to you or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please stop reading now.  Also, it must be stressed that the author is NOT a medical expert.  This story is NOT a guide to be taken as instructions to a complex medical procedure and that there are likely to be technical errors.  Don't try this at home.  The new name that Josef gets in the penitentiary is standard prison slang.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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End of the Line


This Friday, the thirteenth was a happy one as the town folk breathed a collective sigh of relief as the jury foreman said: "We find the defendant Josef Frederick Borzakian guilty of all charges."  The judge did not waste any time but immediately sentenced the eighteen year old to castration and to fifteen years in the state penitentiary noting his heinous crimes and past record.  Josef had been the bane of the town for years.  He caused more trouble than all the other kids in town and had been repeatedly bailed out of trouble by his overly indulgent and overly wealthy parents with payoffs and cleaver lawyers.

This time Borzakian had managed to ravish the pre-pubescent Prinz twins – just eleven years old – and the D.A. had gotten hold of Mr. Borzakian's own surveillance cameras disks.  They showed how he forced the terrified boy and girl cycling off the road into the mansion's driveway and then repeatedly raping and sodomizing both in all possible ways over a couple of days.  This time even Borzakian's influence, power and money could not derail justice.

The sheriff, in his wisdom, acted rapidly before his father could act.  Quickly, the youth was moved from the local jail to the state penitentiary that very day.  Arriving alone and in the afternoon Josef Frederick Borzakian immediately gained a new name and a six digit identifier.  He also got a very special check-in treatment.

Three large, strong, mean, experience guards each with a tawse and a mace can took charge of him.  His first lesson came quickly.  He hesitated to strip when the guards ordered him to.  He never saw it coming.  He just said "What" when one struck him in the abdomen with the strap and when he bent over in pain another gave him three on the butt.  When the order was repeated he stripped immediately.  Once naked in front of the dressed and armed guards, he felt smaller.

"We expect instant compliance with all orders.  Any delay is punished.  Bend over that table."  He did not move instantly so that he was encouraged with several tastes of the tawse on his thighs and butt.  Once in position he got ten cuts well laid on his butt.  He would not soon forget the lesson.© YLeeCoyote

He watched them as they pulled on rubber gloves.  He knew that he was going to be searched but he was not expecting what happened.  First, he had to stand with his feet apart and arms out stretched as they felt him all over carefully and thoroughly searching for contraband.  They were particularly rough with his genitals.  They squeezed his nut sack (as if he could hide something inside.  They jerked him to an embarrassing erection and carefully and roughly examined under his foreskin and even in his piss hole.  He was made to piss to assure nothing was inside.  Of course, he had to bend over and 'spread them' so that a finger could be shoved up to check for hidden contraband in his rectum.  That same finger was then used to check his mouth.  He was made to kneel so that his hair could be clipped to stubble.  Standing, a lighter weight clipper was run over his arm pits, pubes and ass crack leaving him hairless although not yet smooth.

He was made to kowtow and a tube was shoved into his asshole.  The guards laughed as the plunger was pushed quickly to fill Short Eyes's rectum and beyond with soapy water.  This was repeated two more times.  He was required to continue to kowtow on the cold cement floor for ten minutes before he was allowed to expel the water and shit into a floor drain.  In the second round they forced four cylinders worth of soapy water deep into him.  The cold water rinse considerately flushed out the soap.

One of the guards opened the door and called "Horse".  Seconds later a most comely young man entered.  He was wearing a tight T-shirt and even tighter short-shorts that hinted about his name.  The impression was all the greater for Horse was only 5′6″ (168 cm).  When he turned away from Borzakian and bent over, Short Eyes sprang a hard-on.  He did not even notice the word 'PRISONER' across the back of Horse's T-shirt.  Again Borzakian was ordered to his knees and the handsome youth wet his head and covered it with shaving cream.  Then, with a straight razor, he proceeded to remove the stubble left by the clippers and then the guards forced Borzakian to his feet so that the procedure could repeated for his armpits.

Borzakian was then required to lie on a table with his legs hanging over the side.  When he was pushed back his prick pointed straight up.  It remained stiff as the youth carefully shaved his entire groin smooth.  He was then required to raise his legs so that his crack could be shaved.  When Horse calmly announced that he was done, Borzakian let his legs down.  For this he was rewarded with several kisses from the guards' tawses.  He quickly resumed position.

"Sergeant, Short Eyes appears to be very stiff.  Perhaps a massage would be good for him." Horse said pleasantly.  Borzakian raised his head to look at the young prisoner.

The guards all laughed and sergeant said: "Good idea; give him a quick one."

Horse quickly open his shorts and removed them.  Borzakian eyes almost popped out of his head at the size of Horse's endowment.  It must have been at least 10 inches (25 cm) and thick.  After rolling an a condom Horse moved forward and rammed his huge shaft into the target.  Borzakian yelled as Horse plunged in and out vigorously massaging his prostate.  Although Borzakian considered himself straight he did enjoy the feelings nevertheless.  But the guards and Horse had planed carefully and Horse came promptly leaving Borzakian frustrated and hornier than before.

He was given some coarse soap and made to shower.  Even this mundane task provided some amusement for the guards as they kept changing the water temperature.  Still wet, hairless, red tailed and shivering he was led to the doctor's office.  He was not surprised at the cursory examination although the rest of the time he would never forget.  He was strapped to the doctor's examination table with his legs up in stirrups like a woman readied for a gynecologist's exam although he did not know about that.  A pillow was forced under his head so that he could see his genitals.  He was too distracted to notice the camcorder also watching.

It was then the Warden walked in.  He and the doctor exchanged pleasantries and then the warden turned to Borzakian.  "The doctor will carry out the sentence of the court and castrate you."  Borzakian turned ashen.  "You will also be circumcised because you don't know enough to keep yourself clean.  The incoming report shows excessive smegma."  As Borzakian started to object, one of the guard shoved a ball gag into his mouth and secured it.  He was going to be forced to watch it all.

The doctor started by washing Borzakian's crotch with an antiseptic and then a few shots to reduce the pain so that he would not faint.  The horny youth was still erect as the doctor forced a catheter down it so that he could drain his bladder.  That done, he taped the rod the to the abdomen.  He then grabbed Borzakian's balls and gave them a squeeze.  The youth did not react to the initial touch because of the shots but felt the hard crunch.  (The last memory that he would have of his balls would be of that painful grip.)  Then he watched in horror as the scalpel cut into his sack and around it.  He heard it drop into the bucket below containing the wash antiseptic and his own urine.  A few touches with the cauterizer were needed.  The warden assisted by pulling each testicle out from the body so that the doctor could ligate the cord.  Then a quick slice and the left testicle dropped into the bucket.  The doctor cauterized the ends and let the cord slip back.  The procedure was repeated on the right side.  The doctor trimmed off the excess sack tissue, closed the opening and bandaged it.  Borzakian was now an eunuch.

The doctor was not done yet.  The trauma was sufficient for Borzakian to lose his wood and the doctor just yanked the tape off causing him to squeal into the ball gag.  Then he slipped a plastic tube over the penis head and pulled his foreskin tight; very tight.  A few quick strokes with the scalpel severed the domed part which joined the waste in the bucket.  Borzakian not only saw this cut but felt it also as the anaesthetic had been applied only to numb the scrotum.  The doctor added a few stitches and he was done.

Borzakian was taken into the sick bay and strapped to a bed.  He no longer worried about the pain in his butt from the strapping but that in his crotch where his balls and sack had been and his clipped cock.  And the terrible realization that he was no longer a full man.  He did not even feel at all hungry until Saturday evening when the trustee-nurse feed him and changed his dressing.

Little did he know how low on the prison pecking order Short Eyes were.  He was even worse off than most for without balls his testosterone level plummeted so that he could not fight off the advances of the others.  Prison would not be a pleasant experience.

At first the town folks were very pleased for the trouble in town dropped significantly and then it started to rise again.  It was like when Josef was fourteen almost five years ago.  The sheriff investigated and after several months determined that the cause of the trouble was Nikolas Kiel Borzakian, the younger brother of Josef Frederick Borzakian.  The result of repeated arrests was the same as with the older brother – not effective at all.  A committee was formed.  A hundred years earlier they would have been called vigilantes.  Meetings were held.  Plans were carefully laid.

There was a party.  Nikolas was not invited but it was expected that he would crash it.  Even though he was under sixteen and did not have a proper drivers licence, he would likely to drive there.  The staged accident worked perfectly – Nikolas squealed to a stop and jumped out of his car and started to yell.  That's when he was hit by the dart; he dropped in seconds and would be out for hours.

Nikolas Kiel Borzakian was placed back in his Jeep (a hand-me-down from his big brother) and the committee head drove it followed by one other car to the special place while the others went off to the Men's Club meeting.  At the special place they hid the jeep and other car and got to work promptly.  The three men would have loved to make Nikolas just disappear but that was far riskier.  They would just have to settle for a few modifications that would tame and render him impotent without trace.

They removed his jeans and boxers.  For the first time they appreciated the ridiculously baggy style as they could easily get them off over his fancy sneakers.  It only took a few minutes to put the safety sensor up his asshole and the catheter down his cock.  The doctor checked that it was in the right place and the microwave generator was started.  It would take a half hour to cook his prostate.  Normal medical treatment only destroyed the inner part but they were going to destroy the entire thing including the nerves; the all important erection controlling nerves.

The other device had been specially constructed from a microwave that originally served in a home kitchen appliance and some war surplus junk.  The microwave power was reduced and fed into a wave guide connected to a clamshell like device.  Once the first treatment was done the second was begun.  The clamshell was put about Nikolas's ball sack.  When the power was turned on, Nikolas's huevos started to be cooked like eggs in a pot of boiling water.  In just fifteen minutes they were toast; burnt toast.

The deed was done.

The damage was permanent.

There were no traces.

They drove him back to where they snatched him.  They hit him on the head with a bar so that it would look like he hit his head when the jeep crashed.  The other car pushed the jeep down the hill and off the road like he missed the curve.  The Committee members were happy that he was thrown out of the jeep.  They went to the Men's Club meeting.

Nikolas's story of the other accident was not believed.  The sheriff's report indicated that the underage driver apparently was speeding, lost control and crashed into the ditch.

It was months before his doctors were puzzled at the total deterioration of his testicles and several months later of his prostate.  A braggart eunuch impotent even with hormone treatments tends to hide.  The town was quiet again.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., March 18, 2003

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