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The following story is fiction about school CP.  The story contains scenes of strapping of pupils both genders.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Equal Treatment for All


The boys' freshman PE class was very surprised by Coach Mance at the end of the Thursday class.  "There is a leak in the girls' pool so we are going to share our pool with several girls' classes until it is repaired."  He quickly consulted his clipboard and continued.  "You guys will be sharing with the junior girls class."  The young boys reacted quickly to the prospect of getting up close with slightly older – and more developed girls – who normally shunned them with great disdain except the few bullies who they wished would leave them in peace.

After the class had calmed down, the coach continued.  "It is expected that you will behave respectfully to the girls.  YOU WILL NOT make any comments – oral or physical gestures – that are rude or suggestive.  Those that do, will have a discussion with our friend Mr. Hardwood."  Every boy knew well exactly what that euphemism meant.

A boy or several would be summoned by the coach acting as judge, jury and executioner to the front of the class.  They would be lectured about what terrible boys they were and told that they would be paddled.  Then they would be required to drop their gym shorts or swimming briefs and assume the position mooning the class for the so called discussion.  The discussion was that the coach would give each boy three to six (up to eight for seniors) pops on his bare tail with Mr. Hardwood.

It was amusing to those being mooned and in the showers afterwards the moonees got to show off their battle wounds of hot red asses.  It was pretty much an accepted procedure not having changed in decades.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

At the next class, the boys eagerly awaited the girls' appearance at the pool.  They had to wait as the girls' locker room was near their pool and not the boys' pool.  The initial view was disappointing because lead by their coach, who had gained the nickname Mrs. Oldgrump, they came in robes which were quickly shed to the boys' delight.

Coach Mance had to call his class to attention a couple of times to continue with his instructions for the day.  Both groups had to do some warmup laps and then there was some free swim time.  That is when the trouble started.  They got close.  The two groups got too close.  And there was contact that was forbidden.

When they were out of the pool, there was payback for the bad behavior the coach saw.  A couple of boys were called out for touching and another couple for having disgusting (the appellation supplied by Mrs. Oldgrump) erections which were so very obvious in their skimpy swim suits.

The four miscreants were dealt with immediately.  They had to drop their swim briefs and bend over.  Mr. Hardwood then barked two dozen times.  His bite left four sets of hot red butts.  As always, the class watched.  Additionally, so did all the girls to their delight and the more fortunate ones got glimpses of boys' privates.

Many junior girls despise freshmen boys for no other reasons than that they are smaller, younger and easy to pick on.  Several of the girls realized that they could see more boy butts even those getting pops just by being flirtations and causing boys to have those forbidden telltale erections.  After class they made diabolical plans to ensnare the innocent young lads.

* * * * * * * * * *

That evening Clifford Pinkerton was explaining to his father why he had gotten paddled in school.  Mr. Pinkerton was an adherent of that irrational policy if you get it at school, you get it at home only today he paused when his son explained: "I got a hard-on because of the girls' teasing in swim class and was paddled for it."

His father's shout of "WHAT!" was heard for miles.  "That is outrageous!" he added.  For once, he was not going to further the injustice.

Meanwhile in another house a couple of miles away, a junior girl was warning her little brother – a freshman – about the nasty girls' plotting to get boys paddled for their pleasure.  Their father, Mr. Aderhold, overheard that conversation and made a couple of calls.  The next morning a group of parents was demanding to see the principal.

When the secretary reported that "Principal Perlen said: 'To make an appointment.'" the response from the group was swift and unequivocal.

"Tell him that he will see us now or we'll be in the court house in an hour filing charges and seeking an injunction."  They were granted an audience.

The Principal defended the paddlings and cited the proper section of the law that allowed a school to use CP.

Attorney Aderhold cited other sections of the law.  The first one prohibited conversion therapy which was intended to stop the abuse of gays by people trying to change them to straights but punishing a boy for reacting to girls who were practically naked was no different.  This was especially true for freshmen boys who at that time of their lives had little control over unwanted erections.  The second was the requirement that all pupils be treated equally REGARDLESS OF GENDER which applied not only to educational and sport opportunities but also to discipline and conduct.

After some discussion with the Superintendent of the school district, the Principal issued new school regulations by noon the next day.  Few understood exactly what they meant and their implications.

* * * * * * * * * *

The changes became evident after the free swim break in the second joint swim class on Thursday.  Both classes were assembled on their own side of the pool and three boys were called out for standard misbehaviors – running, dunking and cannon balling.  After the usual lecture they were required to drop their trunks and bend over for four pops each from Mr. Hardwood.  There were a dozen cracks as he spoke with the four butts which were quickly re-covered.  But not before the girls had a good look at both their fore and aft sides.

Mrs. Oldgrump insisted that a few of the boys be paddled for their filthy minds as was clearly evident by the bulges in their swim suits.  The list that had been generated by a few observers, who had watched the students in the pool both live and on the cameras as the school was concerned about the junior girls' dastardly plans, was handed to coach Mance.  As the pool was used for competitions, it was equipped with underwater cameras.  The coach then called out five girls to the amazement of almost everyone.  Mrs. Oldgrump could hardly believe her ears when her nice young ladies were severely admonished for incorrect, mainly flirtatious, behavior including inappropriate touching other pupils.

The girls practically fainted when told to remove their swim suit bottoms and assume the position to be paddled just as the boys had to.  A couple protested.  "You must follow the rules or you will be suspended.  The law requires that we treat every pupil the same." they were told.

Most reluctantly, they dropped their swim suit bottoms and bent over.  The boys were most delighted and, to Mrs. Oldgrump's, horror most of the boys' swim suits were quickly bulging.  The other girls were not sure if seeing girls paddled was as good as seeing boys paddled but most realized that they too could be among those bent over.

The paddle did its job well leaving five girls with very sore, hot, red bottoms.  The paddlees, who immediately became known as The Paddled Five, lost status as the leading girls' clique.

There was never any more sexual teasing in the pool after that.

* * * * * * * * * *

That evening one of The Paddled Five, Patsy, was fidgeting during dinner and was asked to explain.  When she hesitated, her brother suggested that she tell about swim class.  She blushed.  Her parents persisted and soon she admitted that she had been paddled in swim class.  "It was HORRID beyond words." she said refusing to give any details.

When dinner was over, Patsy's brother asked if he should get the strap.  He wanted to remind his parents about the rule he had long protested was unfair – being punished at home for being punished at school.  Every time he had reported he had gotten it in school, his sister was sent for the strap so it was a polite way to remind his parents of that rule.  He figured that he could not lose.  Either his parents would have to drop the rule or his sister would drop her jeans.  In the later case, he would see his sister getting it as she had reveled in watching his unfair punishment many times.

Patsy's father told him to fetch the strap which he usually used on him.  When he returned, she demanded that he leave as she was being told to drop her tight jeans.

"You stay when I get it.  This is the time of equality." he said.

So for the second time that day, Patsy had to bare her tushie for punishment in the presence of males.  She got six cuts for which she howled loudly as her butt turned bright red once again in a day.  When told she might get up she ran off (half naked) to her room to have a good cry and console herself.

Her brother did not find watching as great fun as he expected it to be.

* * * * * * * * * *

After a few months the main effect of the change of school rules was that a lot fewer boys were given pops than in previous years and a few girls were actually paddled.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 5, 2018

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