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The following story is fiction about corporal punishment.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Junior Master Harley Hensel, M.S., had worked very hard to earn his degree and secure a post at a small, but well respected school to inaugurate his career.  The school was both very traditional and yet modern.  There was a school uniform but it did not make the students into clowns with a garish design nor shorts claiming ‘tradition’ as it would be appropriate dress most anywhere.

The school still maintained corporal punishment for substantial offences but not trivial things.  Beating a student for, say, the high crime and misdemeanor of walking on the quad lawn to retrieve one’s cap would earn a master instant dismissal without a reference for lack of judgement and abuse of power.  A prefect reporting such a thing would lose his privileged position that very day for similar reasons.  On the other hand, an honor code violation was always a serious matter even if the actual underlying event was very minor.

As with any school there were several dormitories each complete with a housemaster who as required would mete out any CP that was required.  Hensel was not a housemaster as he was a starting master but he was an assistant to one.  His main duty was to provide security when the housemaster had a day off.  If any CP was called for, it would be deferred until the housemaster returned to duty.

Hensel’s first experience with CP after being a student himself was when seventeen-year-old Southworth was caught in flagrante delicto with a town girl on school grounds and he got to witness the punishment.  The housemaster scolded the youth most annoyed that he had been so stupid as to be caught and decreed ten cuts with the strap.

Southworth hung his blazer on the appropriate hook, got behind the chair, dropped his pants and undies, and bent over the chair.  “Ready, Sir.” he said stoically following the prescribed ritual.© YLeeCoyote

Hensel was amazed at how fast the strapping went.  The housemaster raised the strap and brought it down hard on the youth’s butt.  A deep pink stripe appeared in seconds.  This was repeated the requisite number of times spaced to let the pain spread throughout the youth’s body leaving Southworth’s butt flaming red and a major pain center.  His discomfort was evident as he carefully redressed, said the required words of ritual and rushed way.

Hensel also made a hasty departure for he needed some private time to attend to his most demanding hard shaft.  He was even a bit late for dinner.

Then, most inconsiderately, the housemaster had a fatal heart attack on his day off.  The school went to great lengths to keep the details of the bawdy house he was visiting secret as they would bring dishonor to the school.

A couple of days later, Hensel was appointed as temporary housemaster.  This was not the headmaster’s first choice but since there was only a month left for the term he did it as a practical matter while the search for a replacement was under way.  Hensel was excited but understandably nervous although it certainly would be good for his career.

Housemaster Hensel did not have many concerns about the house and the boys he was now in charge of for most things just continued as under his predecessor.  Young Chappell was the outlier.  He had been caught cheating when he was copying another boy’s homework.  The rules were most clear.  It was required that he was to be spanked by his housemaster or in this case the temporary housemaster.

Due to his inexperience and excitement, Hensel was very nervous.  He was not happy with the lecture he gave the thirteen-year-old lad for this horrendous misdeed.  After the boy had removed his blazer, he sat in the sturdy chair and lowered the boy’s pants and undies before getting him over his lap.  The lad seemed very calm but Hensel felt his own heart racing as he got a firm grip of his first ever spankee.

Hensel practically ejaculated when he delivered the first spank with his hand to the bare buttocks of Chappell.  The resultant handprint was an unexpected bonus.  Soon after he was thinking of stopping because his hand hurt when Chappell started crying.  After a few more spanks he sent the boy on his way with an additional warning.  Once alone he immediately locked the door and dropped his pants so he could give his rock hard cock the attention it demanded.  He found that it was an absolutely mind blowing experience.

* * * * * * * * * *

When the end of the term came, Hensel went to visit his sister, his brother-in-law and their two kids for a month.  They had been abroad for a year because of work so they all missed each other.  Both fourteen-year-old Trey and his year younger sister Jackie were delighted to have a chance to get to know their youngest by far Uncle Harley who was a housemaster that they wouldn’t have to fear.

Initially the two brats bombarded their uncle with zillions of questions until their mother told them to back off as they had a month for that.  When both parents were out Uncle Harley effectively became their babysitter although the relationship quickly became more like that of friends such was the camaraderie between them.  Of course, the questions continued but with a limit set by mom to let her kid brother do other things.

The two youngsters were both fascinated and interested in CP which they had not experienced in their schools and their questions reflected that.  They had read a lot about it but their uncle was a real live source of information who had actually experienced it from both sides so he was required to tell all.  Repeatedly.  Actually, they did not learn much from him because of their extensive readings.

They were disappointed when he described his spanking of Chappell almost totally devoid of emotions both past and present.  “Wasn’t it exciting?” they pressed, “Especially the first time?”

It must also be reported that they were also interested in the rules that the boys were subjected to.  Most of them were familiar but the honor code part was not.  They found it interesting that it applied to everyone at the school since it was the proper way of life.

* * * * * * * * * *

Trey and Jackie actually had one spanking experience together but it was private and did not involve either their parents or schools.  They had gotten into a disagreement and turned it into a bet.  It took a couple of trips to the library to search out the definitive yet authoritative answer but eventually Trey conceded that he was wrong.  Jackie told him to say the required words when he was ready.

“Jackie, you were correct and I was wrong.  Please give me the SPANKING that a pigheaded ass like me deserves.”

“Of course, my dear brother.” she replied to the boy standing in front of her and started to strip him.  She slowly removed every item he was wearing working from both ends until he was in his blushing pink birthday suit.  Of course, she got to see his now not-so-private privates.  Then it was over her lap for the spanking.

Later she would confess that she was super excited as she spanked her big brother.  She was delighted that she saw all the things that were mentioned in the stories and spanking reports.  Trey’s bottom gradually turned crimson starting with pink hand prints which blurred into a rosy bottom and then to the deep rich red.  She then pushed the boundary by switching to the hairbrush (which had not been mentioned when setting the bet) she inherited from Grandma to finish the spanking.  She even made Trey cry.  She answered Trey’s complaint by insisting that is how women spank.  He never would make another bet with a similar payoff which meant he could never get even.

* * * * * * * * * *

One fateful day Harley was working on his diary and carelessly left it on the table in the garden.  Trey found it and could not suppress his natural curiosity.  Harley used a dated page (like an appointment book) for each day.  The book fell open to a page with a big red heading


That sure did not sound unemotional like he had said and the entry proved it.  He had written that it was fantastically thrilling and had jerked off immediately with a fantastic outcome.  He even recorded that he had jerked off a couple of times more when he was in bed that night.

When he showed Jackie, the diary again fell open to the page with the report showing it was popular reading.  “He lied to us!  Just as I had thought.” she grumbled.  Her instincts had made her wonder if her uncle was being completely truthful about giving his first spanking from the beginning.

A moment later Trey made another observation. “He broke the honor code!  He has earned a spanking.”  The question now, of course, was how.  “But before we get there another problem, Trey.  You read his diary which is an invasion of his privacy.  That is certainly a spanking offence.  Remember how you howl when mom even just gets near your stuff?”

“But it was an accident and it shows a real offence.” the boy pleaded in his defense.

“True so that mitigates your sharing of the facts but not the initial offence.  Please get over my lap and it will be over quickly.”

By now Jackie had gotten into position and her brother, suspecting she would be reasonable, lay over her lap.  “Naughty boys get spanked on the bare bottom.” she declared and lowered his shorts after reaching under him to open the button.  She also pulled his undies down in the back before proceeding to spank him with moderate spanks for just three minutes.  Trey took the spanking bravely.

“Now lets go see Uncle Hardly.” she said lifting him up.

Their parents had already gone out so they confronted their uncle.  “We found your diary and it falls open to your first spanking entry.  You LIED to us as you found it most exciting rather than routine.  That is an HONOR CODE VIOLATION!  You have earned a spanking!”

Harley objected and said he was only protecting his privacy but the kids would not accept that.  “You have earned a spanking!” they insisted.  He ran off to his room but Jackie followed and got a death grip on his ear.  Because she twisted his ear the pain let her drag him back to the family room to continue the discussion.  After a while he conceded the point.

Trey sat on the sturdy chair he had prepared and ordered his uncle to strip like Chappell had done and then get over his lap.  Harley was somewhat slow but he was soon in position.  Trey spanked away as hard as he could with Jackie watching closely.  Of course he started with his hand but Harley had a hard tail so he soon switched to using a flip-flop.  That made it far easier on his hand and he quickly turned Harley’s butt a deep crimson by the time he stopped.

Trey said that it was over.  Harley got up and quick pulled up his pants.  He was about to dash off when Jackie reminded him that he was supposed to say thanks to his disciplinarian and shake hands.

After that ritual Harley immediately dashed off to his room.  His erection left little doubt what he was planning to do.  Jackie confessed to being wet and could not help noticing her brother’s tent pole.  They grinned at each other and quickly retired to their own rooms.

All three wondered what the future would bring.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 9, 2022

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