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The following story is fiction about a teen boy being spanked.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I was inspired by a drawing on at to open the image off-site (NSFW).

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Escape Is Futile


It was just another Saturday for the high school freshman Ken.  As usual he found his siblings to be very annoying so he fended them off by doing his chores especially cleaning his room.  Then right after lunch he ‘escaped’ to go to the game that his school was having with its crosstown rival.  He really did not give a damn about such simulated warfare but his father had insisted that he be involved with some sports.

Being the towel boy gave him some pleasure for it allowed him to scope out the sexy bods of the big jocks.  Since they were constantly boasting about their great masculinity both on the field and with ‘the cunts’ as they crudely put it he knew the truth of whom really was horse hung or not.  (Just for the record, there weren’t any in the former category although several claimed to be.)  Although he escaped his family, he had to contend with the harassment of the jocks.  He would rather have been in the library or one of the great museums in the city as he managed to do on other weekends.

The team did not do well on the field.  His disappointment was genuine for a winning team is a happy team and let him be for the most part.  Today they were doubly grumpy for not only had they lost but the coach had bawled them out.  He suspected that there was some truth that the girls were friendlier on their dates when they won.

It wasn’t clear how it started but this day he was subjected to a lot of harassment.  With the coaches self sequestered in the office, the jocks were having their fun at his expense.  One thing they decided was that he should strip like they were.  Not only was he greatly outnumbered but out muscled as well.  Piece by piece his clothes were scattered about the locker room until he was just in his tightie-whities.  That revelation gave pause to the activities as they teased him about those.

They also instituted a new idea: spanking.  “For as long as Kenny’s clothes are littering our locker room and he is in his little boys’ t-w’s, we can give him spanks.” proclaimed one and the others quickly agreed.  He was let go and they started giving him spanks.  No matter which way he turned there was another jock or two ready to play the game and give him a spank or two.© YLeeCoyote

In just a few minutes his bottom was pink.

By then it was getting to be too much.  He had been dodging them and felt trapped.  His dashing about had gotten him into the end aisle near the door to the hall and between two of the big jocks.  “Well are you going to take them off or are you going bend over for some spanks, boy.”  The two big grinning jocks both laughed loudly.

Ken took another option.  He slammed into the crash bar and dashed through the door into the hallway.  The jocks did not dare to follow even in the mostly deserted school since they were naked.

When Ken realized they had not followed him he initially felt relief and then realized why they hadn’t.  He headed for his hall locker to get the spare clothes he had there.  It wouldn’t be much – just a T-shirt and shorts – but at least it would make him decent as he searched for a way back into locker room.

Then he heard voices – girls’ voices – coming from the corridor to his locker.  He quickly retreated and dashed into a different corridor.  That was a mistake; a big mistake for that was exactly where the girls were heading and it was a dead end.

“What do we have here?” said a girl.  He looked up and to his horror saw three girls.  Actually, he saw three young ladies from the cheerleading squad.

“Someone’s little boy has run away.” said another.

There was not any place to hide.  There was not any path to run away.  He put his hands over his crotch and said “Hi.”

They let him explain but they were just amused rather than sympathetic.  They also were unhappy about their team losing.  “You don’t have to try to hide your stuff.  We know what little boys are like, Kenny.” using the diminutive of his name.

He thought he was going to be OK and said: “Good day, girls.” and headed back to the main corridor.  He did not get very far for one of them grabbed the waistband of this t-w’s and yanked upwards very hard giving him a wedgie and abruptly stopping him in his tracks.  “Not so fast, Kenny, you have been a very naughty little boy running about without your clothes in school.  That is definitely a SPANKING OFFENCE!” The other two quickly concurred.

Ken did not know what to do.  He couldn’t run because she had a tight grip on his underpants.  He was even bent forward to ease the pressure on his balls.  Then the situation got even worse for one girl had gotten two things from her locker.  In pain from the wedgie, he could not resist as the two wrapped some rope about his wrists rendering him even more helpless.

“Your botty is already pink.  I see that the nasty jocks started to spank you.” said the wedgie girl.  “A properly spanked little boy’s bottom is bright red.”

“Boys don’t do a thorough job at anything.  Don’t worry Kenny you’ll be properly spanked right now.” said another one.  He didn’t know what to say but just stuttered.  He regretted running out from the locker room for they were at least guys.

They started with hand spanks but never let go of his t-w’s so he could not run.  They spanked as hard as the boys.  They each took two whacks at his mostly bare bottom before the next girl took her turn.  Then it turned worse.  Beside the rope, the girl had gotten a ping-pong paddle and they started to use it.  That hurt a lot more.

After a few WHACKS, he yelled.  They did not like that at all.  They stopped paddling and even the wedgie stopped.  He did not know it yet, but it was like being in the eye of a hurricane.  The wedgie was reversed and his tighie-whities yanked down to his ankles.  He was forced to step out of them.  He was yelling and then his t-w’s were stuffed into his mouth to silence him.

Kenny quickly stopped worrying about being naked as the paddle painfully and repeatedly hit his bare butt over and over.  He could not take it and was soon crying.  It was only then that they stopped.  They led him back to the boys’ locker room but to the regular entrance which was open.

When some team members come to see why girls were calling they saw the pretty three cheerleaders and Kenny being held between them.  “Does this naughty boy belong to you?” they asked.  “We found him running naked in the hallways.”

The boys were laughing and by now most of the team was there.  “Yes.” said one of them, “He ran away.  Thanks for returning him.  COME HERE, Kenny.” he ordered.  The girls released him and he fearfully returned to the clutches of the team.

Naked and surrounded by the dressed team he feared what might happen.  “Running way and leaving your job undone is very naughty.  Do you agree?” asked the Captain.  Everyone agreed.  They also agreed that the running in the hall was a spanking offence.  And showing off his boyhood was also.

Ken was fearful.  His fear escalated as the Captain sat down and patted his lap.  Over here, naughty one.  Several pushed him in the right direction as he hesitated until he was in proper position.

The Captain raised his hand and brought it down on Ken’s bottom.  It was a gentle birthday like spank.  He gave him a dozen more and then one hard one.  “Back to work, boy.” he snared.

“Yes, Sir.” replied Ken and set to work.  He decided that he was not so anxious to get his clothes back on his hot butt.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 4, 2018

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