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The following story is fiction about spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story was inspired by the short video The Spanking at  BTW, it is possible for a cell phone to survive a short bath.  Look it up now and be prepared just in case.

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Evil Sister Gets Her Comeuppance


Their mother listened to her kids squabbling with each other in the bathroom they shared.  She had hoped that they would learn to get along with each other since they were now both grown up teens.  Both the girl, er, young lady, Heather of fifteen and the boy, er, the young man, Jevon, had assured her of that many times.  Neither she nor their father knew what to do about the constant warfare.

Her mussing was interrupted by the racket getting louder.  A door banging.  The girl yelling.  She rushed up the stairs.  She was relieved to see Heather standing rather than sprawled on the bathroom floor bleeding from her head.  Jevon was standing outside his room.  "Why can't you two get along?" she yelled at them.

"He dropped my cell phone into the toilet.  It is ruined!" she shrieked surprisingly without hysterics.

"I did not." he said managing to speak both alto and tenor at once.

He could not say any more as his mother ordered him back into his room to await his father's return.  He tried to speak, but she silenced him with: "Quiet or I'll give you a warmup spanking right now."  He retreated and closed his door.© YLeeCoyote

Mom turned her attention to Heather.  "It's ruined!" she cried holding her phone in some paper towels.  "This happened to Polly and her phone was trashed."  She paused and repeated: "Ruined; totally ruined."

* * * * * * * * * *

It was only an hour later that Dad walked right into his son's room.  He was, to say the least, furious.  Spanking furious and with a folded leather strap in his hand.  He did not let Jevon speak but simply ordered him to drop his jeans and patted his own lap.

Jevon was also furious.  He was innocent and not even allowed to speak in his own defense.  Past and unpleasant experiences had taught him that any resistance to getting spanked made things worse.  Slowly it seemed to his dad and all too rapid for himself, he opened his jeans and lowered them.  He moved to his father's side and lowered his briefs. «This is terribly unjust.  They won't even let me defend myself.» were his thoughts as he got into position.

Dad gripped his waist tightly and then he felt the folded leather strap.  His father always let him feel what was coming.  Then the wait was over as the strap returned to strike his tail with vengeance.  It came over and over.  He resolved not to cry.  He saw his sister gleefully grinning at his bare butt being roasted.  He was being tortured because of her and she was enjoying it.  Over and over the strap connected forcefully and painfully with his increasingly painful butt.

Then it was over.  He was glad he had not cried or yelled but endured the unjust punishment as a man should – in stoic silence.  When his father stopped he pulled up his jeans and lay on his bed.  The only lesson he had learnt, once again, was that the world, and his parents in particular, were unfair and his sister was a sadistic liar.

* * * * * * * * * *

Heather walked in and said: "That was wonderful.  Dad really beat your cute little tail."

"Why did you lie?" he asked, "Why?"

"I was bored.  It was a great show though.  I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did."

"Get out." he snarled and she left.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was very quiet at dinner.  Jevon, most understandably, was not happy nor interested in talking.  His ass had been roasted unjustly because his sister had lied.  His parents professed their love for him but he had trouble believing it.  His still grinning sister was sitting opposite him and he had to see her horrid face as he picked at his food.

It got even worse when their mom told the wicked girl who she believed to have been wronged, that "Dad and I have discussed this and we decided to get you the new phone you wanted."  Heather reacted immediately with a hug.  Jevon is disgusted.

Overwhelmed, Heather gushes with her thanks concluding with "… and if I had known I would have dropped it in the bowl months ago."

Dad, picked up on that immediately.  "I though you said Jevon dropped it."

"That's what I just said." she replied.

"No.  You did not.  You said: 'I did.'" corrected Mom.  "You are in so much trouble, young lady."

"I tried to tell you I was innocent." said Jevon delighted to finally get to say it. "I'm so sorry, son." said Dad putting an arm about his son.

"Like my father always tells me: 'Sorry just does not cut it.'"

The rest of the meal was finished in silence.  "Clear the table, Heather, and load everything in the dishwasher."

"It's his turn." interrupted the girl.

"Do it and then bring me my hairbrush, Heather Isabel Hollings." finished Mother angrily.

A few minutes later, a very chagrined girl was standing in front of her mother and holding the old hairbrush with a wide heavy oak back that had belonged to her grandmother.  "Pants down, Heather." was the simple order.

She hesitated.  "He's watching." she complained.

"You watched him getting spanked because of your lies.  Do as your mother told you to, girl."  Jevon did his best not to grin to much and certainly not laugh.

Slowly her pants reached the floor and she stepped out of them.  She was about to lay over her mother's lap when she got another order.  "And your panties too."

This time she knew better than to object and to lower those also allowing everyone, but especially her kid brother, to see her naked tail.  She quickly got over her mother's lap to hide her nakedness.

The hairbrush had lots of experience and with minimum guidance seemed to float up into the air and then come crashing down on her bare rump.  She howled for the whack which ignited the flames of pain in her shapely butt.  A dozen hard whacks left her bawling and with a bright red bottom on fire.  She was directed to stand in the corner.  Of course, that meant she could not rub her hot bottom since her hands were on her head.

When she stopped crying, Dad called her from the corner.  She was aghast that her brother was sitting next to him and both could see her neatly trimmed pubes et al.  Practically before her hands could try to cover her feminine charms, Dad snapped that she should put her hands at her sides.

"That spanking was for destroying your phone.  Tomorrow you will be spanked again for lying and causing your brother to be spanked.  Now, get ready for bed and do your homework.  Oh, and you can forget about that new phone."  She ran out less to be obedient than to hide her nakedness.

* * * * * * * * * *

When Heather got home from school the next day she found a note taped to her door.


We hope that you will apologize to your brother for your outrageous conduct yesterday.  If you wish you may ask him for your well-deserved spanking rather than waiting for your father's return this evening.


Heather was not happy with either suggested action, however she was not completely stupid either.  It was obvious that she was expected to apologize to her brother and if she did not the punishment she would have endure would certainly be greater.  The question shifted to what to say.

The second item was far more complex.  What might Jevon do?  Was he told what to do or was it his choice?  Could it be something other than a spanking?

«How am I ever to decide?» she thought.  She worked on an apology and after she was satisfied eventually she got up her courage and knocked on Jevon's door.

He was surprisingly civil.  She spoke her piece and he accepted her apology and asked: "Anything else, Heather?"

She stumbled of the words.  "Yes, I should be punished for what I did.  Would you please do it?"

Jevon smiled broadly.  "Of course, if you wish."  He, too, knew that their parents would expect that he be reasonable and he certainly did not want this to backfire.  "I shall spank you just as you have seen me get spanked."  And then after a pause, "Understand?"  Heather nodded.

"We shall start by my undressing you.  Please stand still."  It was an effort but she did.  When he started to unhook her bra, she became very agitated.  "Be still, please.  You know spankings require you to be naked.  You have seen me get it many times when you peeked and I saw you just yesterday."  He was enjoying this immensely for she was usually only punished by Mom behind closed doors.

Then he lowered her panties exposing not only her cute butt but her sex to his view for the second day in a row.  He had to drive her hands away from covering up which enable him to have her stand naked before him for longer.

"Over my lap, Heather, please." he said and guided into position.  She felt better thinking that her sex was now hidden from his view but more showed than she imagined.  Then he started to spank her with his hand.  He gave her a few warmup spanks and then spanked hard for five minutes more.

He was delighted with the nice red glow he produced before he sent her to the corner to think about her misdeeds.  He took the time to relish the view just like he knew she had admired him in that position.  He was pleased with himself for following Dad's requirement that he be 'reasonable'.  Truth be told, he would have delighted in using a strap on her wicked ass but that would have backfired.

At dinner Heather was required to show her hot red tail to her parents so that they could assess if she had been punished reasonably but sufficiently.  She was delighted to learn that a new phone would be gotten and her phone would be replaced.  She was less happy when she learnt that it would be Jevon who would be getting the new phone and she was to get his old one.  Of course, that was far better than none.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 30, 2018

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