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The following story is fiction and contains scenes of spankings of parents by their children.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Family Court


It was the alternate Friday and the time for the family meeting.  Everyone was there – Mom, Dad, Nelson, Heather and little Kris.  They had been doing this for as long as the three kids could remember.

The oldest one, Nelson, could remember was something from when he was only eight – literally half a lifetime ago.  Actually, all he could remember was that he had gotten scolded for getting his good clothes muddy.  His crime had been compounded because he had been told to go change when he got home from school and before going out to play.  Immediately after the conference, his clothes got removed once again and he was taken over his father's lap and spanked.  Heather, a year younger, remembered how she used lipstick the very first time.  Her mother was, to say the least, most displeased and she was most embarrassed by being stripped in front of everyone and spanked while over her mom's lap until she cried.  She hated how Nelson had grinned during and after, although she would now admit that she grinned when he got it which was a lot more often.  Kris, now ten, got into mischief so often that he qualified for a wholesale rate.

Today's meeting was going to be very special.  Nelson and Heather had carefully worked stuff out just as diligently as $500/hour lawyers.  They carefully explained to Kris that he was essential to the entire process but only an hour before the meeting.  There was not much on the agenda this day so things went quickly until the call for new business.  This was the time when infractions of the family rules were discussed, prosecuted and sentences decided.

Nelson held the gavel and Heather took the role of prosecutor.  There were two long lists of charges against both Mom and Dad, both as individuals and in conspiracy.  It is not really necessary to explain each and every transgression for they all were the result of careless neglect and wanton disregard for the world. 

Among the crimes were:© YLeeCoyote

Each instance was carefully documented.  The accused two protested a lot and insisted that these were not crimes and they were not subjects for punishment anyway.

These were the tactics that Nelson and Heather had expected. They read the family rules to the two miscreants which said that everyone was equal in all regards.  They showed several cases where others (i.e., Nelson or Heather) had been punished for such crimes from the meeting minutes' book.

It came down to an ultimatum in effect.  Unless the two convicted criminals submitted as the Family Compact required then it would be dissolved.  There would be a great diminishment of stature and (correspondingly respect) for the two defaulters.  An adjournment was taken so that the convicted felons could reconsider their arrogant stand.

A half hour later the two of them stood, shamefaced, and declared their acceptance of the verdict.  Nelson and Heather did their very best not to be gleeful.

Following the standard procedures, the convicts were slowly stripped by their three children.  To prolong the process, it was one item at a time.  Heather started and removed her dad's shirt and then her mom's.  Kris then untied their shoes and had them lift their feet so he could remove them and Dad's socks.  (Mom did not have socks nor stockings on.)  Nelson then removed his dad's trousers and his mom's skirt.  Kris pounced and removed his mom's slip.  It was Heather's turn again and she removed her dad's undershirt.  Just as she started on the hooks of her mom's bra, Mom spoke.  "Perhaps Kris should leave now."

The two older kids immediately laughed but before they could comment, Kris spoke up.  "I know about sex and the differences between men and women.  I've played doctor many times.  There are lots of pictures in my schoolbooks too."  He had been carefully coached not to mention pictures on the web.  Heather continued and handed the garment to Kris who put it with the other items.

Kris had told his older siblings that he especially wanted to remove their underpants because their parents always made him feel so bad when they did it.  Later he reported that it had been the second best fun of the event for he got to see two mature crotches and the naughty bottoms to be spanked red.  The two naked adults were sent to fetch the necessary implements.  When they returned, they were directed to lie over the ends of the couch facing each other with their butts nicely presented to receive their spankings.

Nelson was up first with the paddle.  His father favored his own fraternity souvenir to use on Nelson so this was good turnabout.  The first five pops did not get much reaction but the effect built up and by the tenth and last, Dad showed a definite response for he both jumped and yelped.  Mom was in for a new experience for she had never been paddled.  Nelson actually eased up after the first cut for his mom reacted so much.  He knew how much it really could hurt.  She was sobbing by the time he delivered the eighth pop.  Heather was second.  She had chosen the belt that her mother favored.  She was pleasantly surprised at how much her father reacted to each stroke of the heavy leather.  Of course, he had just been tenderized by Nelson's paddling a few minutes before.  Her mother quickly got to crying again after a couple of strokes and then was out of control by the tenth one.

Kris was watching all this with great delight.  He felt that he was constantly spanked for trivial things.  He was holding a flip-flop.  He had wanted to use the paddle or belt but Nelson explained that this would be more effective because the paddle was heavy and the strap awkward.  He hadn't really believed this but they had insisted.  He swung the flip-flop at his father's already red bottom and was immediately convinced that his big brother was right for his dad jumped like he had for the belt.  Encouraged, Kris went at it systematically, hitting one side and then the other.  When he was finished, he gleefully moved to the other end and gave his mother the same corrective treatment.  This was even more satisfactory because she began to bawl again.  He always cried when he was spanked.

The butt-roasting over, the two well-spanked parents were parked in separate corners for a half hour to contemplate their terrible conduct.  The three children sat and admired their handiwork.  When corner time was done they had a great big hug.  Nelson and Heather explained that they did this out of love, even though it was very painful and they hoped that this would be the last time.

The parents learnt an important lesson and after this most painful reminder of what spanking was, reduced the severity and frequency of their punishments.  The children actually responded having fewer transgressions.  The family was much happier.

The parents kept the pictures of themselves over the couch with hot red bottoms as a reminder of a most treasured lesson.  Eventually, they were even able to show them to their friends and boast how good their children were.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., November 2, 2008

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