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Family Spanker



My family is a bit unconventional.  There is me, my (bio) dad and my step-siblings Danny and Lily along with their bio-dad who is my second (step) dad for my bio dad married their bio dad.  The five of us have been together for several years and we’re a very happy family.  To round out the picture I’ve just started high school and my sibs are two and four years younger.  Our dads are old like Jack Benny – thirty-nine (ha ha).© YLeeCoyote

Until last year the three of us got spanked by both our dads when we deserved it.  Since I’ve moved up to high school I’ve been spared that indignity in favor of other discipline methods.  Sometimes I wonder if that a good thing for spankings are over quickly while other methods drag on.  Of course, if I were still spanked I certainly would not like for my friends and schoolmates to know.  It’s like the rock and a hard place dilemma.

A couple of months ago a new babysitter, Katina, for Danny and Lily was added to this mix although she is here only when needed.  I’m considered old enough to look after myself don’t yet qualified to watch my siblings.  Fortunately she does NOT sit me for that would be especially embarrassing as she is also a freshman in my school.

Since we live in a pro-spanking community she insists on having the right – actually the absolute authority – to spank her charges when they earned it and my dads agreed.  I missed the first set of spanking she administered but I heard all about them at breakfast the next morning.  Danny and Lily were up in arms about what had happened.  Never before had they complained so much after either dad had roasted their bared bottoms.

The kids thought that Katina was mean and too hard and enjoying herself too much.  Our dads thought she was doing spanking better they did and decided to appoint her “Family Spanker” to undertake this aberrant task that they did not like to do.  They called her and she was delighted to accept this post.  She felt it an honor so she insisted on a ‘commission document’ as if it was a high office of the state.  It would be only a month before they regretted this rash decision as you will hear.

It did not take long before Katina’s services in her new capacity were required.  It was just the following Wednesday at school both my sibs got into deep doo-doo.  Danny came home with a note that he was getting a Friday detention for fighting.  Totally independently Lily got a note for being sassy to her teacher which requested parental disciplinary action.

Our dads were furious and called Katina to come over and spank them both.  I kept quiet but was thrilled that there would be a show for me.  I tried not to show that I was smug since I was past spanking age.  Danny and Lily were very unhappy as you would expect.

As dinner was cooking we all were in the family room.  Katina’s scolding was very brief as that was not her forte and then she ordered them both to strip.  When they hesitated she promised extras if they weren’t starkers in two minutes.  This resulted in a flurry of clothes as they complied fearful of the consequences.  They were quite unhappy at being exposed although their worry would change shortly to the pain in their butts.  I was surprised to see that Danny was at least as far into puberty as I was for I had not seen him in a long time.

Danny got it first.  Katina sat on the couch and pulled him over her lap.  She quickly leg-locked him and pushed one of his wrists up to his nape before picking up her hairbrush.  I felt his hurt as soon as I heard and saw the brush violently connect with his helpless butt.  It left its marks as he yelled.  She whacked away at him and he broke.  Initially he was whimpering and then sobbing before the full fledged bawling commenced.  Lily did not fair any better and was even more embarrassed being naked before all of us even Katina another girl.

I was very glad that I was not one of her victims although I throughly enjoyed the show.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was the following Sunday when disaster struck.  Our dads had garden party to attend so Katina was engaged as a babysitter for Danny and Lily.  I was due back at six for dinner but it was after seven before I returned.  Katina decreed that I had earned a spanking.  I insisted that I was too old and that she was not in charge of me.

“I am the Family Spanker and I decide who and when to spank.  You are a member of this family and you were late getting home causing trouble and extra work.”

We were still arguing when my Dads returned.  Of course, I pleaded my case with them but long story short, they agreed with Katina sealing my fate.  In quick time Katina got me naked.  My T-shirt went WHOOSH and then she opened my jeans and yanked them down along with my boxers in a heartbeat.

It was Danny that made me wish that the ground had opened and swallowed me up by gleefully proclaiming: “You’re less developed than me!” when he saw my tackle.

Katina quickly shut him up saying “Even though it’s true, don’t tease your brother, Danny unless you want a spanking.”  But the damage was done as everyone now knew I was less into puberty than Danny.  Lily was most helpful and handed Katina her hairbrush.

In a few seconds I learnt first hand, er, check why my sibs howled so much so when she spanked them.  That fuck’en brush stung like a nest of disturbed hornets on steroids.  You probably guessed that she was holding me in position like she had Danny and it was effective.  I couldn’t get any leverage to move and she was relentless with that monestrous weapon.  I clenched my teeth and set my mind on taking it like a man rather than a little boy as she pounded by ass vigorously.

Shamefully I failed – miserably.  I lasted longer than Danny but she broke me for I soon was whimpering and eventually bawling like a little boy.  When I was sent to the corner, I got a quick look at Danny and he was grinning evilly.  I was no longer the big high schooler to be admired, respected and all that.  That did not bode well at all.

As those novas burnt in my butt, I realized why Katina’s spanking was so intense.  She was on the JV Tennis team and was famous for her hard serves.  Apparently she used the same intensity in her vicious spanks.

* * * * * * * * * *

All this was just the preamble for the main feature.  Katina was displeased with both my dads. They were almost two hours late and did not even have the courtesy to call.  “Your inconsiderate lateness caused me to miss my family dinner and I will have scramble to finish up things and to get a proper rest for school in the morning.”  She paused a bit and finished with “You both have earned a spanking.  STRIP!”

Their arguments, just like mine, were shot down just mine were and they soon capitulated to the young Amazon.  They were stripped like I was and ordered to get over the ends of the couch where she strapped them hard with the belt she pulled from my jeans.  I’m sure that hurt a lot but they took it like men in silence.

“I must get home now.” she said collecting her fee and leaving the three of us extremely well spanked.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 8, 2023

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