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The following story is fiction about CP and gay sex.  The story contains scenes of paddling, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I was inspired to write this by a brief email from a reader of my story The Coach, the Jocks and the Locker Room Boy which is at: CoachJocksLockerRoomBoy.html.  Reading it first is suggested but not required.

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Fan Hook Up


It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and I sitting in the park admiring the scenery as it passed by.  Then my phone gave me a text alert which was nothing so I checked my email while it was in my hand.  There was a message with the subject line – "Re: The Coach, the Jocks and the Locker Room Boy - Part 1/2 (ASSLR)" – which told me it was about a story on my website.  A nice little treat – fan mail.  It was brief and very much to the point.

Hey can u spank me I'm wearing my briefs. I've been missing class and practice.

Ah, a naughty jock needing correction just like in the story.  Surely he wanted to role play.  What harm can a bit cyber role play be?  Anyway it is usually great fun.  I replied and told him to 'Report' on my IM chat.

A few minutes later, my phone 'binged' and I accepted the contact. "Bunking off again, Mike!"  I said not making it a question.  "That has consequences!" I replied.

"Yes, Sir." he replied showing a real interest in playing.  We chatted for while and found that we both wanted real rather than just cyber action.  It was then that I learnt where he was.  To my great surprise he was not halfway around the world but nearby.  I told him to put on gym shorts and a T-shirt and haul his ass over to the park for a face-to-face meeting ASAP.© YLeeCoyote

For safety I let a friend know what was afoot and when Mike showed up sent a picture as well.  Mike and I talked a while, decided it was a go and retired to my pad.  We agreed that by the time he left he would be a well-chastised little boy just like the jocks in my story.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was now the klutzy towel boy character with the big cock and paddle while Mike was the naughty big jock, behind in his studies and sorely in need of discipline.  My shorts were bulging with excitement.  I could see that Mike was hard too but he did have much.  That was good because jocks think bigger is more manly and it would just give me one more thing to shame him about.

It did not take long to review his litany of fuckups.  He had cut classes three times, skipped practice twice and even had bunked off twice in the last three weeks.  He was as docile as a puppy as I stripped him like the little boy he was inside.  It did not matter that he was nine inches taller than I, for he just stood there without moving.

I lectured him and I was effective because he was drooping like a naughty little boy who is facing the music should.  I had him bring me a paddle from the collection I have on the wall in the room I use for play.  He selected a standard fraternity paddle and I then had him get on the punishment block which put his ass in position.  I turned the lever and the clamps went about his wrists and ankles assuring that he would not move.

He did not have a chance to object to that when I gave him the first three pops in rapid succession.  Instantly his mind shifted so that he was no longer thinking about the clamps but the expanding fire that was building in his naughty butt.  The well-deserved fire that was certainly going to get far more intense very quickly.

When I paused, he started to complain but I told him to shut up and take his punishment.  Another six pops stopped the objections as the pain was intense.  I rubbed some cream on his ass and he thought I was just being nice.  His ass was far too hairy for that of a little boy and the cream was a depilatory that would correct that error.  A few minutes later, I wiped it off and was delighted to see his glorious, now hairless, bottom bright red and already for my most anxious cock.

It was easy rolling the condom on my fucking monster because it was rock hard.  I was kind so I lubed and loosened up his fuck hole before I got going.  I told him to relax and started.  It still hurt him but I took my time as I pumped away with long strokes making sure to pound his love nut.  I exploded first and then I heard him also cum just like a good bottom boy should when he gets well breed.  I gave him time to savor that moment.

Mike was pretty out of things at his point so he really did not notice my removing the side panel of the punishment block.  I did not have any trouble taking an electric shaver to his pubes which were just as inappropriate as ass fur on a little boy.

I was still horny and wanted more.  I returned the paddle to its place on the wall and took the light tawse to use instead.  I let Mike see the two-tailed beast and lectured him some more on how he must not skip classes or team practices any more.  He was promising to be good and begged me not to use it.  "You have been a very naughty little boy, so you will pay the price.  If you don't want to be spanked, then you should not misbehave.  Now you are getting six cuts from the strap." I told him.

I raised the tawse and swung it hard.  I was delighted by his scream.  My hard cock got even harder.  I would have liked to keep hitting him all day but I stopped at six.  I exchanged the tawse for another condom which rolled on.  His butt hole was most receptive and I pushed right in.  As before we both came and I released him.

"I hope you have learnt your lesson and will stop bunking off and all that, be a good little boy."  Of course, I wanted him to be a naughty little boy so that I could punish and fuck him but I could not say that.

"Yes, Sir.  Thank you, Sir." he said and started to get dressed.  "But you said noting about shaving me." he whined, "I did not agree to that."

"Yes you did, boy." I explained, "We agreed that you would leave a well-chastised little boy and little boys don't have man fur."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 19, 2018

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