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The following story is fiction about public CP of law breakers.  The story contains scenes of strapping.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Note that on trains in the US the conductor and train(wo)men are responsible for collecting tickets while in Britain it is the guards that do it.

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Fare Beaters Beaten


It was a week old tabloid that I found stuck between the seat and the wall on the commuter train that the cleaners had missed.  With little to see through the dirty window, I glanced at the rag hoping for something of interest or perhaps a puzzle.  What I found was the bizarre headline "Fare Beaters Beaten".  Obviously, this was not an article that I or any other spanko could skip.  It told about the new program that was started in the subway to deal with one form of petty crime – turnstile jumping.

I read with great interest how the police were now empowered to administer immediate corporal punishment to the fare cheats.  I was not the only one aroused as it reported that many people delayed their subway trip by stopping and watching the butt roastings.  Not only did they watch but they used their smart phones to record the 'administration of justice without delay'.  How I wished that I could have seen such a wonderful event and, of course, I would go searching for such videos as soon as I could.  The protocol was described and was much like high school paddings except that a short leather strap was used.

Since the article mentioned that the procedure was extended to the commuter rail system as well, I immediately fantasied that I would be lucky enough to see it happen.  Reality turned out far better than my limited imagination.  I was on a train to the city from the outer suburbs which made several close by stops and then ran express into the city.  The car was about a third full this weekend morning and I could see most of the car as I was sitting at front end facing the rear of the car.  Passengers were mostly teens and parents with kids going for a day in the city.

It was after the second express stop that things became exciting.  The conductor had gotten to couple of teens who I had noticed boarding several stops before.  "You got our tickets before." one said loudly.

"Yes, but they were for the previous stop otherwise you would still have seat checks.  You should have paid for an extension of ride." responded the conductor and he asked for payment.  They didn't want to pay up especially with the onboard penalty.© YLeeCoyote

Just then a second conductor, who was working from the other end of the train  entered the car and the first conductor explained the situation to him.  They explained to the fare beaters the new protocol and warned the pair that they would be arrested if they refused to comply.

I didn't hear much else but that must have scared them for in just two minutes they were standing in adjacent rows and leaning over with their hands on the window ledge.  But the most important detail was that their pants and underpants were at half mast.  Their bare butts were sticking up and the conductors now had their punishment straps in their hands.

My trousers suddenly got tight as I watched the two men swing the straps over and over at the two targets.  The two must have swung very hard for both teens howled as they were lawfully and justly beaten.  The conductor then collected the fare and penalty due.  I was certain that they would never attempt that stupid trick again with its great costs.  They probably would have to skip lunch as well with their funds depleted.

There was not much  noticeable action from the other passengers just like my response was quiet.  I certainly did not jump around nor shout although I really relished the sight.  I did hear a couple of lines such as "Damn cheaters." and "Getting what they deserve."  There was one very vocal reaction, however.  A couple of kids with their mom who showed their excitement for all kids find spanking great fun when their own butts are safe.

They reacted to the SLAP of the strap immediately popping up like they were jack-in-boxes.  Their mom kept them from running down the aisle.  They counted every cut out loud which I thought was amusing and probably so did others but surely not the miscreants.  The kids noted that the teens were getting spanked on the bare.  When it was over their mother quieted them down and explained that two were punished for stealing.

At the next express stop a man and boy boarded and sat directly in front me.  They were followed by a young man.  The sort that I frequently dream about although I was sure he didn't have any interest in me even though he chose to be my seatmate.

From the conversation I overheard I quickly learnt that they were a man with his son planing to spend the day at the big game.  They shared their sport excitement and conversation with the conductor.  That proved to be their downfall.  The lad boasted how he had made the team at his high school, well the junior varsity anyway.

That made the conductor ask "Don't you have to be thirteen to be on the team?" and the boy quickly confirmed that.  That was when the 'you know what' hit the fan.

"Sir, do you have another ticket?  The young man is too old for the child ticket you gave me."  I could hardly believe this was happening for he did not.  Another fare cheat in the same car.  I'm sure I was beaming with a broad smile.  I was surprised that the young guy sitting next to me was also smiling.  Later I would learn he was Dexter.

The seat across the aisle was unoccupied and the man was directed to stand there and after lowering his pants and underpants to assume the position.  I was amazed and I'm sure his son was also.  He got twenty hard cuts.  Dexter and I watched happily as his ass showed pink stripes which soon merged into solid dark red.  The miscreant did not take it well and not only did he yell but he was crying by the time it was over.

It must have been absolutely horrid for the man.  It was not just that he was caught cheating and was being strapped but that he did not take it well.  A man – a real man – would not have cried nor yelled so much.  To make it worse it happened before his own son, of all the people in the universe, who actually said he was ashamed of him on the two counts of cheating and acting like a baby.

Unfortunately I could not get a video but Dexter did.  I can't report on other peoples reactions because I was so wraped up in the action that I did not take note.

Luckily there was a lavatory conveniently nearby where I could take care of some very urgent and pressing private business before I embarrassed myself.

"You seemed to have expected this." I said to Dexter when I returned to my seat.

"Indeed I did for I heard him plotting on the platform." he explained and then added "I noticed that you got off on it."  I blushed for he guessed the truth.  All I could do was nod.  We talked, very quietly, about this and I soon learnt that he knew how to deal with naughty old 'boys' like me.  I quickly fell under his spell as he quickly dominated me and even confessed to several misdeeds.

That got me an actual Disciplinary Referral slip.  He made me show him ID and filled it all out just like ages ago when I was in high school.  He was a member of a club that had a play space and we set a time for late afternoon.

By now we had reached the city and he dashed off.  I slowly got my head together and continued with my plans knowing that later would be very exciting.

Find out what happens when he goes to The Club

© Copyright A.I.L. January 2, 2020

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